The Style Council / Long Hot Summers: The Story of The Style Council

The Style Council / Long Hot Summers: The Story of The Style Council

New ‘best of’ • 2CD and 3LP vinyl editions

Long Hot Summers: The Story of The Style Council is a new Style Council greatest hits that is scheduled to be released next month.

“Endorsed and co-compiled” by Paul Weller himself, this collection features all the hits you might expect and includes two unreleased tracks: a demo of the top five single ‘My Ever Changing Moods’ with strings, and an extended, five-minute plus version of ‘Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse’ (a shorter version features on 1984’s Café Bleu).

3LP edition of Long Hot Summers: The Story of The Style Council 

The two-CD edition features 37 tracks, while a 3LP vinyl package offers 32 tracks across six sides. The unreleased tracks are on both.

The release has been scheduled to tie in with a new Sky Arts documentary about the band which will be broadcast in the UK on 30 October 2020, the same day Long Hot Summers: The Story of The Style Council comes out.

Long Hot Summers: The Story of The Style Council 2CD set

1. Headstart for Happiness
2. Long Hot Summer
3. My Ever-Changing Moods
4. Walls Come Tumbling Down!
5. Party Chambers
6. Wanted (or Waiter, There’s…)
7. Shout to the Top!
8. It Just Came to Pieces in My Hands
9. Come to Milton Keynes
10. Why I Went Missing
11. Waiting
12. Ghosts Of Dachau
13. Down in the Seine
14. The Paris Match
15. Boy Who Cried Wolf
16. Life at a Top People’s Health Farm
17. Homebreakers
18. Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse (Extended version) *

CD 2
1. Speak Like a Child
2. The Lodgers (Or She Was Only…)
3. Money Go Round
4. You’re the Best Thing
5. How She Threw It All Away
6. A Man of Great Promise
7. The Piccadilly Trail
8. A Solid Bond in Your Heart
9. All Gone Away
10. Sweet Loving Ways
11. Promised Land
12. Have You Ever Had It Blue
13. It Didn’t Matter
14. Spin & Drifting
15. Here’s One That Got Away
16. A Woman’s Song
17. Changing of the Guard
18. My Ever-Changing Moods (Demo) *
19. Shout To The Top (Instrumental)

Long Hot Summers: The Story of The Style Council 3LP vinyl

LP 1
A1. Headstart for Happiness
A2. Long Hot Summer
A3. My Ever-Changing Moods
A4. Walls Come Tumbling Down!
A5. Party Chambers

B1. Wanted (or Waiter, There’s…)
B2. Shout to the Top!
B3. It Just Came to Pieces in My Hands
B4. Come to Milton Keynes
B5. Why I Went Missing
B6. Waiting

LP 2
A1. Ghosts Of Dachau
A2. Down in the Seine
A3. The Paris Match
A4. Life at a Top People’s Health Farm
A5. Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse (Extended version)*

B1. Speak Like a Child
B2. The Lodgers (Or She Was Only…)
B3. Money Go Round
B4. You’re the Best Thing
B5. How She Threw It All Away

LP 3
A1. A Man of Great Promise
A2. The Piccadilly Trail
A3. A Solid Bond in Your Heart
A4. Sweet Loving Ways
A5. Promised Land
A6. It Didn’t Matter

B1. Have You Ever Had It Blue
B2. Spin’ Drifting
B3. Here’s One That Got Away
B4. Changing of the Guard
B5. My Ever-Changing Moods (Demo)*

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Gareth Pugh

Coloured vinyl set back in stock – again – at Sound of Vinyl

Bill Cliffe

Does anyone know if the vinyl version includes MP3 download?

Clemens Gerlach

yes, with download code, i got my copy today

Nigel Croft

Coloured vinyl back in stock (surprise, surprise) on recordstore and sound of vinyl.


Long Hot Summers: The Story of the Style Council is on Sky Arts channel this Saturday (31st) at 21:00.


Can I pre- order a copy of the coloured Vinyl anywhere, looks like everywhere has sold out.


I won’t buy this music again until there is some remastering done.


Who needs just another Style Council best of? There are plenty of them already in the market. What would be great is having deluxe editions of Café Bleu (which was originally planned as a double album but scrapped by the record company) and Confessions of a Pop Group. The Jam have had all their studio albums repackaged as deluxe editions, while The Style Council have only had Our Favourite Shop given the deluxe treatment.


I too would love to see a deluxe of Cafe Bleu. Not sure there is enough stuff or interest for Confessions. I heard there wasn’t a lot of stuff laid down in those later recordings. However there is definitely a ton of tracks from the early years still unreleased.

Ron Theobald

That’s cus the Jam,were on a Different League to SC


I still have a copy of the 5cd boxset that I’ve never played since buying it, so i think I’ll give this one a miss…


Can someone let me know which, of the many Style Council CD compilations, is the best one to get? Too many of them for me to figure out which is the best deal. Thanks.

Wayne UK

Sweet loving ways. If you can get it. It’s a great 2 CD set. If you want big, then the 5 CD set, the complete style council.


I got a copy of the coloured vinyl ordered from Sound Of Vinyl, but it wouldn’t be the first time they cancelled an order on me, claiming they didn’t get enough stock in to cover preorders.


The Style Councils Sweet loving ways is a great compilation if you can get hold of it.

David White

Thanks shippy – coloured vinyl duly ordered!
Have many fond memories of the style council, releasing a number of excellent non album singles , before they even released cafe bleu
They were particularly good live – I recall seeing them live in Birmingham in 1984 and they broke away from the “normal” support act and main act routine … the SC came on first and did a 20 minute set , then the support act , then the SC came back on , another support act and finally the SC again!
This may be just “another style council compilation“ but believe it will allow listeners to experience on vinyl (More expensive admittedly but the 3 LP version does look preferable to the cd) some extraordinary b sides a young Mr weller wrote at the time , particularly Ghosts of Dachau
I hope an SDE of cafe bleu will be released someday ; am sure it would be up to the same standard of the only other SC SDE release Our favourite shop



Just ordered from a company in Germany udiscover i was late trying to get a copy in UK.
They still have the coloured release available.
Like many on here I have all the other versions but couldn’t resist this.
Regards kev

Graham Hooper

Whilst we’re all chipping in with suggestions for re-releases from this period of Weller’s provocatively diverse career, can I suggest an SDE of the album Confessions of a Pop Group.

It’s the record I turn to most of the Style Council’s output and is, in my view, a vastly overlooked gem.

Only two tracks from that album make it onto this new collection (Changing the Guard and Why I Went Missing) and, very good that these songs are (especially Changing the Guard), it’s a real shame COAPG doesn’t get a slightly bigger platform here.

Nonetheless, this is a really good reflection of the Style Council’s eclecticism during the 1980s and, for those not so familiar with the genius that is Paul Weller, will act as an excellent introduction to the great man and his wonderful music.

Once a mod, always a mod…


I worked as a cocktail waiter for a season in Crete in the late 80s in a bar only had three cassettes, which I was forced to listen to on rotation for the whole summer: “A New Flame” by Simply Red, “Various Positions” by Leonard Cohen and “Confessions…” by The Style Council which I came to particularly enjoy, even though it had just been roasted by the UK press.

The main problem is that Weller’s voice wasn’t strong enough for his own material on that album (a couple of guest vocalists would have gave the album a kick), and that the sequencing lacked variety. Other than that, it’s a pretty good record, and Weller has said on more than one occasion that it’s his favourite of his own albums.


Agree re Confessions album, How She Threw It all Away and Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm are also included making it four tracks featuring.

Andy O'brien

Turns out the ‘demo’ of Ever Changing Moods tagged on the end is actually a TV performance – also may i recommend their DVD ‘Style Council On Film’ a 2-disc exhaustive round-up including the much maligned Jerusalem film. This and the ‘Complete Adventures’ box set are all you really need.

Mark G

Oh, is that with Bobby Valentino doing his violin thing all over it? Yeah, I have that on one of my VHS save tapes. Didn’t like it much, violin too loud.


more Paul Weller solo LP’s on vinyl please!!!

Dave H

I think in the Dennis Munday book ‘Shout To The Top’ he wrote that he found The Style Council’s version of ‘Harvest For The World’ after the ‘Complete Adventures’ was compiled.

A pity it couldn’t have been added to this compilation as it still remains unreleased on CD and can only be found on DVD when they performed it on ‘Three of a Kind’


Does anyone know which of the albums were released as Deluxe issues?


Our Favourite Shop!

Larry Davis

Cafe Bleu & Our Favourite Shoppe


Only Our Favourite Shop has been released as a deluxe edition so far, and that was back in 2007.

Mark G

OK, well I like the non chronological playlist approach, and the gentle insertion of the non obvious versions.

I would say that it should have included “Big Boss Groove”, a 12″ extra track that they even did on Live Aid – maybe even that version.

But, hey.


Some good choices there beyond the obvious picks. Would have liked Heavens Above, possibly Luck and The Cost (the alt/12″ version of The Cost Of Loving) but that debate could go on and on. Tracks on the CD version but not the LP are Boy Who Cried Wolf, Homebreakers, All Gone Away, A Womans Song and the Instrumental of Shout To The Top.
The box set of The Complete Adventures Of needs supplementing with some of the Here’s some that got away compilation for you to have all of the songs and still leaves numerous 12″ versions, alt and instrumental versions unavailable on CD. Would apreciate a 2 or 3 cd supplement to slip into the original box but very unlikely. Agree that Cafe Bleu is due a deluxe version, coupled with the “Introducing” material and the EP’s / singles it makes for a really strong era by anyones standards. Does a recorded studio or demo version of Up For Grabs (unused original of that era) exist or just the live version?


I agree with this. I have “Complete” & “Got away”. I wouldn’t mind if they scooped up all of the other 12″s, etc & did a remixes & rarities type collection. Or Deluxe albums, as I would like demos.

Brian Smith

I thought they would have Did You ever Have it Blue? From the Absolute Beginners soundtrack.

CJ Feeney

Track 12, CD2. Track 1 side B of LP3 Doesn’t say if it’s the 7″ or long version. I’d quite like the 7″ version as I only have the soundtrack version.

Larry Davis

Interesting comp, I’ll buy it…I used to have the “Complete Adventures” box but I sold it because…I think…the individual albums got reissued (at least the first 2 did) as deluxe 2CD SDEs with stuff not on the box, and I hate duplication…well, I never did get those deluxes, and not all of em got that treatment, so I may as well get that box back cuz yes, it is pure gold…and I do enjoy that “Modernism” house record and it’s on there in full…hope I can get it back for somewhat cheap…

Rare Glam

I have the Style Council 10 x CD ‘Keeps On Burning’ Japanese mini LP CD box set from some years ago which I very much enjoy. I assume that must have everything officially released at the time on it (along with the ‘Greatest Hits’ CD of singles which is unique to this box I think).

Larry Davis

Just looked up that 10CD box from Japan and it looks awesome but a seller on Discogs is selling it for $680US…no thanks…looks like it’s all in that “Complete Adventures” box, which has all that content squeezed into 5 discs & I got a copy around $70, best price I saw…and what’s strange about the new comp…Amazon US doesn’t have the CD up yet, just the vinyl and free streaming…have to say, I got the newest Weller “On Sunset” and I have to get used to it, as I didn’t really like it at first, but I feel it might be a grower, it may have potential…but the photography is fantastic, PW looking cool in his mod suit, in the LA sun, driving a classic GTO convertible…always had style, Mr Weller…


The 10 CD box set includes the Here’s Some That Got Away comp, plus the live album, In Concert, neither of which are represented in The Complete Adventures… box. It also includes all the original artwork, plus all the original single mixes, some of which were not used for the Complete box.


Also have this. Totally fabulous and a complete gem in my collection! Think I paid around $200 for it when it was released. I’d totally break my bank if they did a similar LP box set containing the same material.


the style council has like literally tens of greatest hits compilations released over the years. I wonder why their record company would release yet another one.


It’s a slightly surprising compilation. They never had the kudos they deserved… The Jam never progressed as much; arguably they were never allowed to. TSC moved through jazz, soul, r and b, house with thread of pop all the way through . At their most original I loved the counterpoint of jazzy chords and heavy political lyrics. It would nice to see a reissue of the box set or maybe an extended version.

Gian Luca

What we need now is a reasoned and chronological playlist of songs, a double cd set, with all the single version and where exiting 12″Versions or Alternative versions; too many compilations without a criterion about Style Coucil were issued.


I have the boxset the Complete Adventures… and the 1989 The Singular Adventures (best compilation). Would’ve liked 7″ mixes for several of the tracks instead of the album versions.


Greatest Hits from 2000 uses the single mixes, and is compiled in chronological order.

Gian Luca

From Greatest hits 2000:

Do you think that:

Money Go Round Parts 1 And 2 7:42
You’re The Best Thing 5:40
The Big Boss Groove 4:40
Shout To The Top 4:16
The Lodgers 4:56
It Didn’t Matter 5:45

are 7″ Versions???


No, they’re the 12” mixes, but they are single mixes as opposed to the album tracks referenced in the post I was responding to. The Singular Adventures… also used newly recorded vocals and completely different mixes for several tracks, too, so while Greatest Hits doesn’t use the shorter 7” mixes of the songs you listed, it is the only TSC compilation to date that collects all 17 singles in chronological order as actual single mixes. And really, I’m not sure what the benefit of the 7” mixes of those tracks is. They’re all kind of odd edits. “Money Go Round” certainly isn’t improved by being cut in half, and the 12” mix is just parts one and two without the break.

Gian Luca

The benefit lies in the fact that many of these 7″ Versions and 12″ Versions are still missing in digital format, while having for the umpteenth time the usual album versions adds nothing to what is already available. ;-)


Interesting that Weller chose the tracks and shows even he doesn’t care for Modernism! There is more to that era than Promised Land. I fourth the box set being excellent. Brilliant band though and much underrated. My Ever Changing Moods is still one of the greatest pop songs of the 80s in my opinion.


There is an exclusive coloured 3LP vinyl available on Sound of Vinyl for £35 if you’re interested:



Exclusive Triple colour vinyl available from recordstore.co.uk

Kevin O.

1. Amazon’s streaming/MP3 page for this collection adds a little more detail for some tracks:

Headstart for Happiness (early version)
Long Hot Summer (extended version)
My Ever Changing Moods (extended version)

Party Chambers (single version)
Hard to get any more vague, since both versions (“Speak Like a Child” B-side and à Paris track) could technically be labelled “single version”.

The Paris Match (early version)

Life at a Top People’s Health Farm (extended remix/Um & Argh mix)
I guess even Weller can’t avoid the temptation to throw an oddball into the mix. At least it isn’t “Spank”…

The Lodgers (Or She Was Only a Shopkeeper’s Daughter) (single version)
Money-Go-Round (single edit)
Promised Land (radio edit)
Have You Ever Had It Blue (extended version)
It Didn’t Matter (single edit)

2. The “triple colour vinyl” is not exclusive to recordstore.co.uk or Sound of Vinyl. I ordered mine from Universal (udiscovermusic.com) in the US.

3. The Complete Adventures of The Style Council was well-intentioned, but horribly executed. The audio was the squashed and midrangey remastering that would appear on the album reissues two years later, and, as with the Jam box set, Polydor made some unfortunate substitutions (e.g., the Bert Bevans “alternative remix” of “Money-Go-Round”, the Bert Bevans remix of “Soul Deep”, the “Um & Argh mix” of “Life at a Top People’s Health Farm”). Of course, because the overuse of compression and limiting subsequently got much worse, it doesn’t sound as overcooked now—but the original releases still sound better. (Even the 2010 Japanese SACD version of Café Blue sounded better—except for the opening track, which should have been dialled back a few dB, as it is noticeably louder than the rest of the album.) A proper box set with all the singles and LPs in their original form, remastered without added compression is well overdue.

4. I’m glad to see they’ve finally got away from using the international orange from The Cost of Loving. It’s always baffled me that so many of the posthumous compilations have either used that color in the design or relied on photos from that album, given that it wasn’t received very well. (I still remember the tagline for Q magazine’s review: “Droney”.) Use of the Café Blue era photography for the album cover is a welcome change.

5. The 1996 Style Council Collection compilation has several of the 7″ versions.

6. I’m puzzled as to why they’d go with the instrumental version of “Shout to the Top”. On the other hand, at least they didn’t go with the so-called “USA remix”—which I don’t recall ever being released in this country.

Mark G

Ah I see “Shout to the top” is to be a streaming bonus final track, along with the normal one earlier in the listing.

steve jones

Great comments and i can clearly tell you are very well versed in Mr Weller and the vast plethora of releases ,we could sure appreciate you’re skill in such details on our PAULWELLERFORUM.COM


re. Point 2.

The three you mention are all the same company in different guises.

Paul Corser

The Paris Match must be the Tracey Thorn version from Cafe Bleu if it is the early version, which is a shame as Weller’s version is sublime.

The ‘drum’ version of Shout to the Top is the US remix version isn’t it? Much prefer the heavier bass usage version. How do we know which version is on this compilation?


“The Paris Match” was first on the A Paris EP in 1983, just as “Headstart for Happiness” was originally a b-side on the “Money Go Round” 12,” so those are likely the early versions on this compilation. Tracey Thorn’s version on Cafe Bleu wasn’t released until 1984.

Roberto R

Also available as + Exclusive Pink, Light Blue & Orange Vinyl

andrew r

The Jam are quite correctly lionised, but the Style council
are equally if not more important to Mr Weller’s musical vision
They were genuinely genre busting and they are deserving of a
multiple disc box set not a simple best of ,in my opinion.


That multiple disc box was already issued in 1998 as ‘The Complete Adventures of The Style Council’. You might want to check that out. Some great stuff on there.


Agree re ‘The Complete Adventures’ box set being great: it’s one SDE I seem to keep returning to and managing to find some gold that originally passed me by.

Andrew r

Thanks i must have missed that one . Is it still in print?

Geoff Wint

Check out the Complete Adventures of The Style Council a 5 disc set from around 20 years ago .


I’d like to have a Deluxe Edition of their debut mini-LP on CD ;-) :-)

Henk from Holland

I would love Café Blue togheter with their debut EP to be reissued in a deluxe package and remastered with top quality sound and all b-sides and studio leftovers to come out around this Christmas……..instead we’ve got a fine long version of Dropping Bombs at……….H