The Tears For Fears ‘The Seeds of Love’ deluxe box set is available again

Second chance to grab the acclaimed box set reissue

Tears For Fears / The Seeds of Love reissue unboxing video

The previously out-of-print Tears For Fears The Seeds of Love box set is once more available to order.

One of the reissue highlights of 2020, this set features four CDs and a blu-ray audio and offers the remastered album; all the edits, remixes and B-sides; and two CDs of unreleased content, including the superb ‘Townhouse jam sessions’.

The blu-ray features a Steven Wilson lossless 5.1 surround sound mix along with stereo versions of the original Bob Ludwig 1989 mastering and the new remaster.

As most of you will be aware by now, I was deeply involved in this project; I co-compiled the track listing, wrote sleeve notes and interviewed band members, producers and collaborators for an extensive ‘in their own words’ history of The Seeds of Love which features in the 36-page booklet which comes with the box set.

The Seeds of Love box set is available again now.

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Tears for Fears

The Seeds of Love - 4CD+blu-ray box set


The Seeds of Love
– 4CD+blu-ray box set


01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26


01. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – 7" Version: 5:43
02. Tears Roll Down: 3:16
03. Woman In Chains – 7” Version: 5:28
04. Always In The Past: 4:38
05. My Life In The Suicide Ranks: 4:32
06. Woman In Chains – Instrumental: 6:30
07. Advice For The Young At Heart – 7” Version: 4:49
08. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Instrumental: 4:18
09. Music For Tables: 3:32
10. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix One: 6:22
11. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix Two: 5:55
12. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – US Radio Edit: 4:04
13. Woman In Chains – US Radio Edit 1: 4:42
14. Advice For The Young At Heart – Italian Radio Edit: 3:40
15. Year Of The Knife – Canadian Single Version: 5:40
16. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams: 4:17


01. Year Of The Knife – Overture: 1:47
02. Year Of The Knife – Early Mix – Instrumental: 8:50
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Alternate Mix: 7:22
04. Tears Roll Down – Alternate Mix: 4:07
05. Year Of The Knife – Steve Chase 7″ Remix: 4.29
06. Badman’s Song – Early Mix: 7:56
07. Advice For The Young At Heart – Instrumental: 4:56
08. Year Of The Knife – The Mix: 06:55
09. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams – Mix One Edit: 3:43
10. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Early Mix – Instrumental: 6:40
11. Woman In Chains – US Radio Edit 2: 4:19
12. Year Of The Knife – Canadian Single Version – Instrumental: 5:40
13. Famous Last Words – French Radio Edit: 3:07
14. Woman In Chains – Reprise: 6:39


01. Rhythm Of Life – Demo: 5:12
02. Advice For The Young At Heart – Demo: 4:52
03. Swords And Knives – Demo: 3:51
04. Famous Last Words – Demo: 4:12
05. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Demo – Instrumental: 6:06
06. Badman’s Song – Langer / Winstanley Version – Instrumental: 7:30
07. Woman In Chains – Townhouse Jam: 7:06
08. Broken – Townhouse Jam: 1:37 Tears For Fears
09. Rhythm Of Life – Townhouse Jam: 3:09
10. Badman’s Song – Townhouse Jam: 8:17
11. Badman’s Song – Reprise – Townhouse Jam: 2:50
12. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World – Townhouse Jam: 9:09


Steven Wilson 5.1 MIX

01. Woman In Chains: 6:30
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:55
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:20
07. Year Of The Knife: 6:55
08. Famous Last Words: 4:11

Original Album Mix (Bob Ludwig 1989 mastering)

01. Woman In Chains: 6:31 (Original album master)
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32 (Original album master)
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19 (Original album master)
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50 (Original album master)
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33 (Original album master)
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12 (Original album master)
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08 (Original album master)
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26 (Original album master)

New remaster (by Andrew Walter at Abbey Road)

01. Woman In Chains: 6:30 (New remaster)
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32 (New remaster)
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19  (New remaster)
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:55 (New remaster)
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33 (New remaster)
06. Swords And Knives: 6:20 (New remaster)
07. Year Of The Knife: 6:55  (New remaster)
08. Famous Last Words: 4:11 (New remaster)

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Damn! Box set arrived, tks…but final Courier charged me an extra “cost” of 20€!! This is ridiculous!!
Thankfully Paul was kind enough to inform all of us about the risk….I just did not expect such an amount!!
I guess this Brexut will have an impact on my purchases in Uk from now on….
All the best.

Paul, on your own shop the set is listed as sold out but the widget acts as if it’s still available. Is this a bug?

Jeff Dee

Just received mine. Thanks, Paul!

Chris hudson

I will pick up my copy 5 years from now, for seemingly no reason… Just to give you a taste of your own medicine TFFs!

All joking aside – another great collection done right. All of the TFFs reissues are well worth picking up.


The box set is available online at several sites now. AMZ.fr, JPC.de and through some 3rd party sellers on the AMZ sites.


Received TFF box today. I now know what I’m doing this weekend….
Many thanks for making this possible Paul!

Kevin Aston

Paul, i should receive it later thanks, is it in any way different to the original release, great site by the way, visit it several times a day

Stuart S

Received today.

Many thanks Paul!


This is a superb deluxe edition – although some points are not well done here:
– The booklet does not include the lyrics
– The booklet does not show the original cover on the front page (would be more logical)
– There are no live versions / recordings of the songs, although the tour promo booklet is included. I saw TFF on the tour and the show was brilliant

Still one of the finest albums in pop history.

Agree on all points. As for the latter, I still hope & pray that there will be a remixed & re-edited standalone audio/video combo of the “Going to California” concert at some point…

Nigel Day

Elemental next please. A much better album imo.

Ray Fischer

It’s still available at jpc.de (at least they say so)

Richard John

Apparently mine shipped today. Feeling giddy as a school girl.


I hope they continue with Elemental which is my absolute favorite TFF album (the first three are brilliant in their own ways).

Steven Roberts

Paul – any word of a re-press for the Lennon Gimme Some Truth CD/blu-ray SDE? If anything that seems even harder to come by than the TfF….


any chance of re-releasing the Big Chair and Hurting boxes? would like to complete the set.


Clearly not enough – still sold out.


They repressed both SDE of Songs From The Big Chair and The Hurting in march last year. I guess it was a kind of preparation for The Seeds Of Love box set. Most TFF ans have already bought all 3 box sets now.

I doubt they will repress more copies now. Maybe in 5 years or before the next SDE of Tears For Fears.

One thing they could do though is a kind of 80s Super Deluxe Editions of Tears For Fears with all 3 SDEs in one single box set for Christmas or for RSD.


Apparently HMV have the 1999 CD Deluxe Box Set back in stock for £75.00.


Can’t say I thought much of the 5.1 mix. Bonus tracks are great but the 5.1 is just too subtle for such an overblown release.


About six hours ago, Thorsten said: “The new edition is not in stock yet. What you see now [on Amazon] are third party seller prices.” …

…and then two minutes later, Paul says: “People can wait and see of course, but what’s not clear is who will get new stock and who won’t.”

The SDE store link currently says, “Sold Out.” Does that mean sold out of the first pressing — because you haven’t gotten the new ones Thorsten was referring to — or are the new ones now sold out as well?


It just seems that Universal don’t get that TFF sold millions of copies of their albums and the fans are in a demographic that buy physical media on CD.

Steven Roberts

I think Universal must just worried about having leftover stock filling up warehouses somewhere, so they prefer to go for more limited runs (because it is the case generally speaking that fewer people are buying physical media).

Personally, I’d like to them repress Mike Oldfield’s Crises SDE at some point.

Mark McCrite

Is it really already sold out again? The “available again” article carries today’s date!

Mark McCrite

Thank you so much Paul – I jumped right on it when you responded and it looks like I got my order in!

Eric S

5 minutes before work today I checked my email and saw that this was back at your site. I immediately jumped on it as I missed it the first time around. I was relieved that you accepted PayPal which sped up the process. I even made it to work on time. Thanks so very much Paul and I’m looking forward to this.

Shelby Guinn

I got the set the first time around as this was a must have for me. The 5.1 mix is @ treat to the ears!


The only thing I’m disappointed in with all three box sets, is that none has the original album lyric sheet. very small thing I know! They are all stunning otherwise.


Ordered this last august from Amazon nl at 18.99 euro! Could not believe it when it was shipped at that price.


thanks paul,

appreciate the notice.

this was never big on my list of things to get, so i let it slip by.

now, i’m in a more comfortable position, so its a lot more
reasonable getting it now.



Paul A

Ordered – thanks Paul ! I also missed this the first time around and had been waiting hopefully for a repress.

I remember being especially struck by Oleta Adams’ vocal on ‘Woman in Chains’ when this was first released. She released ‘Rhythm of Life’ the following year, so it’s great to see the TFF demo version included. I may still have the CD single tucked away somewhere…


For that amount of money, you could put the discs in plastic trays to prevent scratching, rather than cardboard sleeves, which guarantees scratches and fingerprints.


I wish UMC could repress the previous Simple Minds box sets like they did for TFF last year


The Kinks / Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) is another SDE that could do with a repress.

Stan Butler

I have to add the Sensational Sweet box from 2017, to this list.
Fool that I was, dithered at the time, hoping for a price drop and instead it rocketed skywards.
Been impossible to get it anywhere near a normal price for ages now.

Derek Langsford

NGD used the same 5.1 as the DVD-A which included two non discrete 5.1 mix tracks that stick out like sore thumbs. SITR initially had a mono DVD which had to be replaced. OUAT had some tracks with dodgy audio (e.g. All the Things She Said Extended Mix) for which better versions already existed but which UMC denied were problems.

After the SFY box flop, I can’t imagine UMC have any more appetite for issuing Simple Minds boxed sets.


So funny that literally this morning I was discussing with a mate that I’d missed the first run and that it was possible that there might not even be a second run. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the email. Huge thanks to SDE for bringing this to us! Bought and cannot wait for its arrival.


I like to have a copy of The Hurting boxset, it’s the only one (out of three) I missed from TFF.



What is the format of the 5.1 Surround mix?
It’s not usally Losseless…?

Derek Langsford

It’s 48kHz/24bit so not full 96/24. Still sounds great though. I wouldn’t make the decision on that fact alone.


If you’re listening to music and worrying about the bit rate then you’re not doing it right.

Jeff Dee

Ordered! I was hoping this box would get reprinted. Thanks, Paul.


Would love to see the other ones released. I missed out on The Hurting box.


I had my Hurting box set canceled by Amazon right as the pandemic was starting. I would love for it to be re-issued again.

Timm Davison

I am glad I decided to buy all 3 last year when they were briefly in print. I didn’t realize that even cd box sets were now going out of print so quickly – they must really be hedging their bets on how many copies to print up!


Thanks Paul !!! Is this going to get a wider second press or are these extra copies that have made their way to you after the first press ?


In the same boat with The Hurting. Wish I’d just gotten it from the get-go.


The lower US shipping you referenced is not showing up for me:
There is one shipping rate available for … United States.

Royal Mail Tracked at £35.00 GBP


I am in the US and ordered a copy and it was 16 pounds for me.

Antonio Cunha

Great, Paul! Congratulations for all the insight! :)
Miss only the first Tears fo Fears boxset… I find these to be very handy, as opposed to the ridiculous big boxes of other bands and groups. Just like those of Simple Minds this is the format I love the most.

Dave Amber

Thanks Paul. I’ve bitten the bullet on the SDE. I already have the Mobile Fidelity vinyl issue from several years back, so this completes the collection. Looking forward to hearing it!


Somehow this ended up under the tree for me this year. I can’t even imagine what my family paid for to get this set. That being said it was well worth the effort as I enjoyed the exploration of the early versions of the songs – only solidifying the final (original! ?) version of the album for me. More kudos to Paul for the extensive work to pool all the sources together on the project, and for helping us find away – AGAIN- to get our own copy.

Nathan Thomas

I bought this on a whim when I was passing through my local HMV last year (before everything shut down) & it’s a really great set. Thanks for all of the hard work you did on it Paul – the care & attention to detail is clear to see !


I’d like to see the Simple Minds’ Once Upon a Time box come back into print. Missed out on that the first time around.


When? I missed it too on the first wave. Tks for any info

joe connelly

Same here!! “Street Fighting Years’ box too. So bummed Simple Minds were off my radar when those were released. They’ve gotten back on my radar and I’ve picked up the x5 box, the Rejuvenation box, and the ‘Sparkle In the Rain’ box. Digging them all. Oh, found the Silver box on ebay too for a decent price and picked that up. I enjoy the selections on that box but the sound is horrendous (copy control version).


Order placed! Glad its available again. Ebay prices are terrific.
Shame i missed it on first instance. Looking forward to receiving it soon!

Kevin Henry

I treated myself to this (and the Vienna box set) for Cristmas and bought it from HMV for £60.

A truly great set and album.

The Podcast Rockenteurs with Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt with Roland Orzabal from 31 January was very interesting.


@Kevin Henry:

Thanks for making me aware of the podcast, but just to keep others from searching in vain, it is called Rockonteurs…

Kevin Henry

Yes it is. I listen to it via iTunes. Every guest has been interesting and varied.


Purchased! I was afraid I had missed out on this one as I have the other two. I waited around and never got it. Glad I was able to snag one! Thanks Paul!


Anyone who is hesitating on this, just buy it. It’s worth it just for the 5.1 version.

Mister Stick

“…just buy it.”

Well, when you put it that way, what choice did I have?

Ordered from SDE, and thanks, Paul.


Looking at the Amazon Prices, that‘s what I call inflation.
So I consider it a bargain to have bought it for 45Euro at the time of the Launch.
Thanks Paul for your offer at such a reasonably price at the SDE Shop.

Nathan Thomas

The ‘Amazon prices’ you mention are all 3rd party marketplace sellers, as the set was out of print – so not really ‘Amazon prices’.


The new edition is not in stock yet. What you see now are third party seller prices.

Derek Langsford

I think this set was the last purchase I made from Amazon UK that had the £3.08 shipping price to the US. The £16 shipping is reasonable compared to Amazon UK which now charges £13.44 to send a single CD! I wouldn’t wait for it to come up on Amazon UK if you are in the US.


Agree on that point re US distribution. Live in the Seattle, WA area and only saw one copy in the shops around here. I asked around and they were all gone within a few weeks of release.