The Trojan Records Box Set

Trojan Records Box Set

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Trojan Records, a massive 12-disc super deluxe edition box set has been put together.

Launched in the summer of 1968, the label was instrumental in introducing the sound of reggae to the world and within ten years or so, they had enjoyed over 30 mainstream chart hits by performers such as Desmond Dekker, the Maytals, Bob & Marcia, John Holt, Ken Boothe, Dave & Ansel Collins and the Pioneers.

The box set contains six CDs featuring over 130 tracks (with 69 on them on the format for the first time), four vinyl LPs showcasing hits and rarities and two seven-inch singles with previously unreleased and new recordings.

You also get a book on Trojan album sleeve art, slipmat, A2 poster, a patch and a wooden seven-inch single adaptor.

If you buy this box set from the official Trojan Records shop it is bundled with an exclusive 8-track CD of ‘rare and unreleased’ tracks (track listing not available). You don’t get this CD with the standard retail version (although that is about £15 cheaper in the UK, right now). On the official store there is also a box set bundle which comes with another book, a 224-page hardcover tome: The Story of Trojan Records. The book can be bought separately elsewhere too, so bear that in mind.

The Trojan Records Box Set will be issued on 27 July 2018.

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the story of trojan records - 224-page hardcover book

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Trojan Hits Vol.1 (LP):
Side A:
1. Red Red Wine – Tony Tribe
2. Return of Django – The Upsetters
3. Skinhead Moonstomp – Symarip
4. Long Shot Kick De Bucket – The Pioneers
5. Liquidator – Harry J Allstars
6. Sweet Sensation – The Melodians

Side B:
1. To Be Young Gifted and Black – Bob & Marcia
2. Monkey Man – The Maytals
3. Love of the Common People – Nicky Thomas
4. You Can Get It If You Really Want – Desmond Dekker
5. Black Pearl – Horace Faith
6. Double Barrel – Dave & Ansel Collins

Trojan Hits Vol.2 (LP):
Side A:
1. Rain – Bruce Ruffin
2. Pied Piper – Bob & Marcia
3. Black and White – Greyhound
4. Monkey Spanner – Dave & Ansel Collins
5. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah – The Pioneers
6. Moon River – Greyhound

Side B:
1. Give and Take (Give a Little, Take a Little) – The Pioneers
2. I Am What I Am – Greyhound
3. Suzanne Beware of the Devil – Dandy Livingstone
4. Big Seven – Judge Dread
5. Everything I Own – Ken Boothe
6. Help Me Make It Through the Night – John Holt

Dancing Time (LP):
Side A:
1. Sufferation 1969 – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes & Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
2. Dancing Time – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
3. I’m Shocking – The Ethiopians
4. (Baby) I’ll Be Yours – The Gaylads
5. Lick It Back – Winston Samuels
6. Easy Come, Easy Go – The Pioneers

Side B:
1. Do the Boogaloo – The Maytals
2. Soul Love – Joey & Group & Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
3. Reggae to Jeggae – Tommy McCook
4. Terrible Mistake – Eric Morris
5. The Lesson – The Teacher Man & Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
6. Mettle – The Pioneers

Reggae Goes Pop! (LP):
Side A:
1. What Am I to Do – Tony Scott
2. Got to Come Back – Delano Stewart
3. Feel a Little Better – Lloyd Parks & The Techniques
4. Fire and Rain – The Gaylads
5. Lonely Man – Dave Barker
6. Weep – Bob Andy

Side B:
1. Funny – Rupert Cunningham
2. Working On It Night and Day – The Aces
3. Suzanne Beware of the Devil – Nicky Thomas
4. A Little Bit of Soap – The Pioneers
5. Lord Pity Us All – Martin Riley
6. Come On Girl – Jackie Edwards

1. You Have Caught Me – The Melodians
1. The Little That You Have – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes

1. Real Reggae Music – Reggae Roast Soundsystem
1. Real Reggae Music – Reggae Roast Soundsystem

Trojan Mix 1 (3CD):
1. Thunderstorm – Karl “King Cannonball” Bryan
2. This Life Makes Me Wonder – Delroy Wilson
3. Mind Yourself – The Royals
4. Denver – Clyde McPhatter
5. Pickney Gal – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
6. Bread On the Table – Count Suckle & Freddie Notes & The Rudies
7. Sugar Cane – Richard Ace & Charles Ross Allstars
8. Montego Bay – Freddie Notes & The Rudies
9. Off Limits – Charlie Ace & The Aquarians
10. Sir Collins’ Special – Lloyd Charmers & Sir Collins
11. Brandy – Scott English
12. Chopsticks – The Deltones
13. Hysteriacide – Count Prince Miller
14. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 – The Neasden Connection
15. Big Six – Judge Dread
16. Think About That – Dandy Livingstone
17. Ain’t It Groovy – The Buster Pearson Band
18. Big Eight – Judge Dread
19. Behold – The Setters
20. We Are Not the Same – The Cimarons
21. Passing Strangers – The Marvels
22. Crying Over You – Ken Boothe
23. This Monday Morning Feeling – Tito Simon
24. Running Over – Freddie McKay & Danzak
25. Nothing Is Impossible – The Interns (aka The Viceroys)

1. The Voice of the Father – Glen Washington
2. Nyah Dread – Lester Lewis
3. White Bird Come Down – Thunderball
4. Show I the Way – Jah Woosh
5. Fight Down I – Lizzard
6. Another Moses – The Ethiopians
7. We’ve Got to Part – Trevor Shield & The Beltones
8. My Love for You Is Over Now – Doreen Murray
9. I Don’t Want to Be a Beggar – Rudolph Mowatt
10. Jah Jah I – Diego & The Sons of Jah
11. African Woman – Winston Fergus
12. Key of Keys – Michael ‘Bammi’ Rose
13. The Slave Trade – One Love
14. Peace Pipe Dub – Joe White
15. Stranger in Love – Eli Emmanuel
16. Happiness – The Dingles
17. Dignity & Principle – Big Joe
18. I’m Still In Love With You Girl – Alton Ellis
19. Opportunity – Earl George (aka George Faith)
20. Segregation – Tony Sexton
21. Right Road to Zion – The Jahlights
22. Let’s Spend the Night Together – Teddy & The Discolettes
23. Tell the Children the Truth – Jimmy Riley

1. Barberman Bawling – Well Pleased & Satisfied
2. Nothing Gained (From Loving You) – Marie Pierre
3. Why Won’t You Come On – Bim Sherman
4. Liquid Horns – Vin Gordon & The Corner Shots
5. Ghetto-Ology – Sugar Minott
6. We’ve Got to Make It – David Isaacs
7. How Can a Man Be Happy – Tristan Palma
8. Fight, Fight, Fight – The Sowell Radics
9. Take Five – Val Bennett & The Revolutionaries
10. Time Is Important to Me – The Viceroys
11. Give to the Poor – The Majesterians
12. Killerman Jarrett – Winston Jarrett
13. Sensi for Sale – Sandra Robinson & The Tuff Tones
14. Pirate – The Ethiopians
15. Dancing Shoes – George Dekker
16. (Who Is He) What Is Man – Vivian Weathers
17. Jailhouse – Private Tabby
18. Original Man – Andrew Tosh

Trojan Mix 2 (3CD):
1. Ska Beat – Rico & His All Stars
2. Who La La – Glen Brown
3. Party Tonight – The Silvertones
4. Girls Galore – Phil Pratt & The Caltone All Stars
5. Time Marches On – David Isaacs & The Race Fans
6. Creature from the Moon – King Horror
7. Too Experienced – Owen Gray
8. Girl I’ve Got a Date – Winston Francis & The Rudies
9. Green River – Anonymously Yours
10. My Desire – The Yardbrooms
11. Dread It – Glen Walker
12. Tennessee Waltz – Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers
13. Do the Moonwalk – The Rudies
14. Hey Jude – The Dynamites
15. Deep in My Soul – Rick
16. Sycilidin – Sir Collins All Stars
17. Wide a Wake In a Dream – Al Barry
18. Bush Beat – Lloyd & The Prophets
19. Just My Imagination – Dave Barker
20. Soul Inspiration – Glen Adams & The Hippy Boys
21. Loving Feeling – I Roy
22. Old Man River – Ansel Collins
23. Lonely for Your Love – Nicky Thomas
24. Niki Hoeky – The Marvels
25. You Have to Pay – Linval Thompson

1. Having a Party – Dennis Walks
2. Nana – The Slickers
3. You Know What I Mean – The Inspirations
4. Burial of Longshot, Part 2 – George Lee & The Rudies
5. Whisper a Little Prayer – Audley Rollen
6. Angel – The Vibrators
7. Piccadilly Hop – The Hippy Boys
8. Everytime – The Itals
9. You, Yes You – The Reaction
10. Don’t Play That Song – Delroy Williams
11. Equal Rights – The Cables
12. Crazy Rhythm – Winston Wright
13. Love You the Most – Lloyd Clarke
14. I’ll Be Right There – The Sensations
15. Little Boy Blue – Verne & Alvin (aka The Maytones)
16. Africa Is Paradise – The Conscious Minds
17. A Little Love – Jimmy London & The Impact All Stars
18. I’ll Be There – Alton Ellis
19. Lollipop Girl – Derrick Harriott
20. Bogus-ism – The Cimarons
21. Sounds of Babylon – Samuel the First
22. My Best Dress – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
23. (Woman) Don’t Try to Use Me – Horace Andy
24. You’re the One I Love – Dorothy Russell
25. Darling Dry Your Eyes – Barrington Spence

1. Donkey Returns – Brother Dan All Stars
2. The Bullet – Rico Rodriguez & The Rudies
3. Fire Corner – King Stitt
4. Put a Little Love in Your Heart – Marcia Griffiths
5. Wear You to the Ball – U Roy
6. You Can’t Wine – The Kingstonians
7. She Want It – Dave Barker
8. Satisfaction – Carl Dawkins
9. What Greater Love – Teddy Brown
10. 54-46 Was My Number – The Maytals
11. Blood and Fire – Niney
12. East of the River Nile – Augustus Pablo
13. Follow the Leader – Greyhound
14. Mother and Child Reunion – The Pioneers
15. The Further You Look (The Less You See) – John Holt
16. Money In My Pocket – Dennis Brown
17. Lonely Woman – Horace Andy
18. S.90 Skank – Big Youth
19. Stalag 17 – Ansel Collins
20. Fire Burning – Bob Andy
21. None Shall Escape the Judgement – Johnny Clarke
22. Love Is Overdue – Gregory Isaacs
23. Hurt so Good – Susan Cadogan
24. Sad and Lonely – Ken Boothe
25. Keep It Like It Is – Louisa Mark

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This Trojan box just arrived today and it is truly scrumptious… what a beautiful package!


my box set came this morning, very nice it is too

Paul Mortimer

Last weekend, this Trojan box cropped up repriced momentarily on Amazon UK, for just over £84, delivered, Prime. It was £120 previously, and £100 when first listed.

It was very late night (Friday), sorry I could not alert y’all; the price had reverted to £120 on Saturday morning.

I had promptly and joyfully pressed the ‘one-click’ order tab, and look forward to 10th August arrival.

People who think they know would think I had quite enough Trojan stuff. They really don’t know me at all ;)


I bought a whole stack of Trojan themed 2 CD sets going cheap in various supermarkets over Christmas, and I feel that collectively they add up to what I need. All going for around a fiver on Amazon if you want a look!!


The book arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous and highly (or should that be Haile) recommended.

Steve F

Pre-ordered directly from the Trojan website including the book but mainly to obtain the 8 track Unreleased/Rarities CD as well.

I’ve bought a number of Trojan Box Sets over the last few years including “The Story of Trojan Records” and “Freedom Sounds”. More recently I bought the 4 CD “The Treasure Isle Story” Box Set too. Always beautifully illustrated and presented with informative liner notes. I’m always happy with the sound quality and of course, and rarities and unissued recordings that they manage to unearth are an absolute joy to hear. Great that another 69 tracks that would otherwise only be available on Vinyl will be making their CD debut on the two 3 CD anthologies that will be included.

As for the 7″ and 12″ Vinyl, I’m selling them to a mate for £50 including postage and he can buy me a pint next time I see him. As “Hot Chocolate” might say… “Everyone’s a winner baby..”


Does anybody know about the sound quality of the set? I have a few Trojan samplers on CD, and they all sound really shoddy. So…Any pointers? Paul? Anyone? Thanks a lot.

elliott buckingham

for the content included this is a amazing price take note rip off gnr and leppard


Cds + Vynils in the same box, why?
I want only the CDs, and it makes the boxset overpriced for 6 of them.

Besides vynils boxes are so big, it’s a problem (for me) to store them.


Fair point but can we still moan about the included unwanted tat ?


Sure we know why but that doesn’t make the criticism any less valid, and in the event that a few labels and artists do read what’s posted on here then I think that the comments sections should provide a space for contributors to express their annoyance and frustration at the practice which can, after all, often be the determining factor in whether hardcore fans of an artist make a purchase or not.

Paul Case

Sell me the LPs?

Adam Shaw

Great box set but I’ve got most of it on the clam shell boxes from a few years ago .
Still , very tempting.
Does anyone know what happened to the Trojan web site that Universal had running , as I’ve got credits not used from buying on it ?


Universal’s license agreement with Trojan expired which is why their 7″ single series came to an end. I was much happier seeing rare and unreleased back catalogue stuff being issued rather than yet another compilation with Young Gifted and Black and the same old hits on it…

Adam Shaw

The 7” singles were good though


Dat a wan good box an’ book. Tun it up!

Chris Squires

This is in my wish list, waiting to be pounced upon.

The 6 LP Trojan box set “This is Trojan” from RSD 2016 is an absolute treasure. Barely a week goes by without one of the LPs getting a spin. I guarantee you will be able to singalong with 75% of the tracks and you won’t know how you are doing it as you haven’t heard it since 1979 but most are so ingrained into UK society. You will then fall in love with the remaining 25% that you hadn’t heard such as Bruce Ruffin “Rain”.
As soon as I can justify this to SWMBO with even a small price drop it’s in the basket. Utterly brilliant label with utterly unforgettable songs.


Hi Chris. As i’m not a native English speaker your comment gave me some headache.

SWMBO: She who manages box-set orders?

Chris Squires

Ah-ha. That works too. Nice.

She Who Must Be Obeyed


Oh thanks.

Like in the Haggard novel i suppose? The German title is only “Sie” (She), so i wasn’t thinking of that possibility.


If I had the money I’d order this in a heartbeat!


Paul, do you know if the CDs are a continuous mix or are they individual tracks.




Some years ago I stumbled across a numbered limited edition Trojan box set, “Trojan- A Jamaican Story” that contained the first ten volumes of the now deleted Trojan mini box sets. Each clam box contained three discs with liner notes on the sleeves, and encapsulates what Trojan was all about. I also have the book Young Gifted And Black – The Story Of Trojan Records which itself also came with a free CD, along with countless other collections both on vinyl and CD. So in short I don’t really need this set, although it does look really nice.
What would be welcome however is a collection featuring the original Jamaican mixes of those tracks (many of them major hits) that were then smothered in icky strings to make them appeal to whitey.
I’m sure sometime ago I did see a double LP of these original mixes but maybe I was just dreaming. If such an album does exist I’d be very grateful for any further info… Ta!


If anyone should be interested in the 30cd-set Simonf is writing about there is one for USD 240 on Discogs currently (still sealed). But i think p&p for this will be a pain in the arse, at least for those not living in the US of A.