The Velvet Underground / The Complete Matrix Tapes / 8LP vinyl box set

The Velvet Underground‘s 1969 live set The Complete Matrix Tapes is coming to vinyl this month.

The Complete Matrix Tapes is a limited edition, 8LP box set that features recordings that have been mixed down directly from the original in-house multi-track tapes and marks the first time all the available tapes will be released on vinyl.

Content-wise, this is identical to the 4CD set from 2015, although pedants might note that at 43 tracks, this set has one more ‘track’ than the CD package due to the 37-minute version of Sister Ray needing to be split into two parts, on LP 6!

The Velvet Underground toured extensively in 1969, but choose to do a residency in San Francisco in November and early December over 18 nights over four separate engagements, the first at the Family Dog, the rest at the fabled North Beach club the Matrix. Over the course of their residency, which began November 11th, the club’s four-track recorder was rolling through much of it capturing the highlights of two nights (26, 27 November).

Literally containing live versions of all the ‘hits’, it shows the band – then containing Doug Yule, who’d recently replaced John Cale, on guitars and keyboards – in full flight, performing tracks from each of their albums. The vinyl box will come with a 16-page booklet.

The Complete Matrix Tapes is released 12 July 2019. As you will see below, you really need to shop around for this set. Amazon Germany’s listing has disappeared (!) so Amazon France is probably your best bet, although their listing suggests you may have to wait a few weeks for it.

Compare prices and pre-order

The Velvet Underground

The Complete Matrix Tapes - 8LP vinyl box set


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The Black Angel’s Death Song
Venus In Furs (Version 1)
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Side 1
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Side 1
I’m Waiting For The Man (Version 3)
What Goes On (Version 2)
Some Kinda Love (Version 4)

Side 2
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New Age

Side 1
Rock & Roll
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White Light/White Heat (Version 2)
Sweet Jane (Version 2)


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paul wren

Yep my order placed via Amazon Italy just now. Good tip off – thanks.

Robin Rimbaud

I ordered through the German Amazon when you first shared the link here so hope it’s still going to be on the way then, since it’s disappeared from their store now.. I’ve never bought from Amazon in another country and followed the entire transaction in German so fingers crossed :-)

Bruce Kelso

question. how come the doors don’t do the same. all the have given is random tracks from various shows. will we ever see all the shows they played there in one nice cd/lp box set ?? sadly I think the answer is no.

Rich G

Bruce, the Doors had a website only release thing maybe 10 years ago covering many full gigs. Many were 1970 full gigs (from the Absolutely Live tapings). Some were issued more widely. This seems to have stopped with the 50th Anniversary Boxes, but maybe some of those are still available on 3rd party listings. Rich

Jarmo Keranen

Everyone should listen What Goes On (Version 1). I hear it first time in my life last night, when i listened it from YouTube. 11 minutes of pure magic. Rhythm guitar playing don’t get much better than that. Same goes for drums and organ. I’m almost hypnotised!


Hi, you can also order the boxset online on French fnac.com for 82,99€ (don’t bother if the listing wrongly claims to be a 9-lp boxset !).

John Murray

I bought the CD set on release and have played this dozens of times since – every VU album was different from its predecessor, but for me, this live set is the best encapsulation of this fabulous band.

Highly recommended at this price for all vinyl aficionados out there.


“pedants”? You are talking about 80 to 90% of the people visiting your site. Is it wise to insult them?


especially those pedants that would spot the missing e on note! “although pedants might not that at 43 tracks”. I didn’t see it as an insult, more a badge of honour (in the way its ok to be a geek, but not a nerd!).

It might be worth ordering from France and Germany in the short term, and see if France honour that price. Amazon France had the CD at 236 euros, might be worth thinking of selling that before they reissue it!

SDE Hall of Fame

Erm… how does a hypothetical ‘pedant’ having a hypothetical disagreement with a hypothetical third party about the amount of tracks on this vinyl box set insult any actual real person? That sentence exists to pass on useful information (the fact that one track is now split in two). I’m confident that most people understood that.


pedant: a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning.

Yup. Concerning physical content regarding music and deluxe sets, that’s me in a nutshell. I’m not offended. In fact, I take the term as a compliment. Write on, Paul!


aka trainspotter that’s me as well.

I’m offended that it was assumed i’d be offended.

nah, it’s all good wheeeeeeee


How much was the 4CD box when it was released ? – just curious

John H

The 4CD box was £29.99 on release.
The Velvet Underground 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition 2CD contains music from the box


I got the CD box from Amazon UK in June 2016 for £29.99. Apparently there was a licensing snafu soon after, because it quickly went out of print and wasn’t repressed, hence they’ve been £100+ recently on Ebay


I got the 4xCD on the release date for around 30 euros in Amazon Spain. In the UK probably they were between the GBP 25-30 mark.


£30 pre-order from Amazon UK.


Above it says 236 euros


I ordered from amz.fr last Monday when it still showed the same status and it shipped last Thursday.

jeff ferguson


Chris S

I ordered from Amazon.fr last week after reading about it on another forum. It was ‘in stock’ at that time & shipped immediately. I suspect others did the same & they are now awaiting further stock. Release date was 21 June in France for some reason, as shown on the listing. Cost was €74 with tax removed.

Chris S

Update: The box from Amazon France arrived downunder today, well packaged & just over a week shipping time, much less than predicted.

Mr P

the leap in price from the French to UK version is outrageous!!