The Verve / A Storm in Heaven and A Northern Soul super deluxe box sets

Super Deluxe Edition box sets for the first two albums

The Verve‘s first two albums, 1993’s A Storm in Heaven and A Northern Soul from 1995 will both be reissued by Virgin/EMI in September as multi-disc super deluxe edition box sets…

Both albums are remastered by Chris Potter (co-producer of the band’s Urban Hymns) and both of the new box sets feature previously unreleased studio recordings, BBC sessions and various B-sides / extra tracks from the singles of the era.

The super deluxe of A Storm in Heaven is a 3CD+DVD set and includes all the pre-album E.P. tracks, associated B-sides and acoustic versions, as well as two previously unreleased BBC radio sessions and two unreleased studio tracks – South Pacific and Shoeshine Girl.

The DVD features a 1992 Camden Town Hall concert, the USA promo video for Blue, unseen footage of the band in New York in October 1992 and a video for the unreleased South Pacific, made up from footage of the Sawmills recording sessions as captured by producer John Leckie.

The super deluxe for A Northern Soul is ‘just’ a three-CD set with the audio content following a similar pattern to the aforementioned Storm in Heaven set. So it includes of all associated B-sides and two previously unreleased BBC radio sessions as well as offering an impressive seven unreleased studio tracks, including early versions of The Rolling People and Come On (later re-recorded for Urban Hymns) as well as Mover and Muhammad Ali (both of which would be revisited for the band’s 2008 reunion album, Forth).

Both of the super deluxe editions are in lift-off-lid boxes (presumably like Tears For Fears/Simple Minds) and contain posters and postcards. The booklets feature interviews with the band (but not Ashcroft). The Northern Soul box is covered with silver ‘mirri’ board as per the original 2LP vinyl

Both of these will be issued on 9 September 2016 along with gatefold vinyl editions.

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The Verve

A Storm In Heaven box set


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The Verve

A Northern Soul box set


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The Verve

A Storm In Heaven [VINYL]


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The Verve

A Northern Soul [VINYL]




CD1: The Remastered Album

  1. Star Sail
  2. Slide Away
  3. Already There
  4. Beautiful Mind
  5. The Sun, The Sea
  6. Virtual World
  7. Make It ‘Til Monday
  8. Blue
  9. Butterfly
  10. See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)

CD2: B-sides, E.P. Tracks

All In The Mind (9/3/1992)

  1. All In The Mind
  2. One Way To Go
  3. A Man Called Sun

She’s A Superstar (22/6/1992)

  1. She’s A Superstar
  2. Feel

Gravity Grave (5/10/1992)

  1. Gravity Grave (Extended Version)
  2. Endless Life
  3. A Man Called Sun (live)
  4. Gravity Grave (live encore)

Blue (10/5/1993)

  1. Twilight
  2. Where The Geese Go
  3. No Come Down
  4. Blue (USA Mix)

Slide Away (29/9/1992)

  1. 6 O’Clock

CD3: B-Side, Radio Sessions, Unreleased Studio Tracks

Slide Away cont. (20/9/1993)

  1. Make It Til Monday (acoustic)
  2. Virtual World (acoustic)

Originally issued on the compilation ‘No Come Down’ (B-sides and out-takes)

  1. Gravity Grave (live Glastonbury 1993)
  2. Butterfly (acoustic)


Radio 1 Session – 7/02/1992 (previously unreleased)

  1. Slide Away
  2. She’s A Superstar
  3. Already There
  4. Brake Lights

RADIO 1 (Mark Radcliffe) Session – 7/12/1993 (previously unreleased)

  1. Star Sail
  2. A Man Called Sun
  3. Six O’Clock
  4. Gravity Grave

Unreleased Sawmills Studio Sessions (previously unreleased)

  1. Shoeshine Girl
  2. South Pacific


Promo videos

  1. All In The Mind
  2. She’s A Superstar
  3. Gravity Grave
  4. Blue
  5. Slide Away

Live at Camden Town Hall – 23/10/92

  1. Slide Away
  2. All In The Mind
  3. She’s A Superstar
  4. Staring Stranger
  5. A Man Called Sun
  6. South Pacific
  7. Already There
  8. The Sun, The Sea
  9. Gravity Grave

Bonus content:

  1. A Man Called Sun (N.Y.C. Flatbed Truck – 1992
  2. South Pacific (Sawmills footage filmed by John Leckie)
  3. Blue (USA Mix (promo video)


CD1: The Remastered Album 

  1. A New Decade
  2. This Is Music
  3. On Your Own
  4. So It Goes
  5. A Northern Soul
  6. Brainstorm Interlude
  7. Drive You Home
  8. History
  9. No Knock On My Door
  10. Life’s An Ocean
  11. Stormy Clouds
  12. (Reprise)

CD2: B-Sides 

This Is Music

  1. Let The Damage Begin
  2. You And Me

On Your Own

  1. I See The Door
  2. Little Gem
  3. Dance On Your Bones


  1. History (radio edit)
  2. Back On My Feet Again
  3. On Your Own (Acoustic)
  4. Monkey Magic (Brainstorm Mix)
  5. Grey Skies
  6. Life’s Not A Rehearsal

CD3 – Unreleased Studio and BBC Sessions 

  1. Brake Lights
  2. Mover
  3. Funky Jam (aka he Rolling People)
  4. Echo Bass
  5. Muhammad Ali
  6. Come On
  7. King Riff (aka This Is Music)

BBC Radio 1 Session – 28/6/1995

  1. On Your Own
  2. So It Goes

BBC Radio 1 Session (19/6/1995)

  1. A New Decade
  2. This Is Music
  3. Life’s An Ocean
  4. Come On

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[…] with the last year’s Verve box sets this super deluxe includes a 56-page hard cover book, a poster and five […]


Is it just me being picky, or when it says ASIH “includes all the pre-album E.P. tracks, associated B-sides and acoustic versions”, does anybody else wonder about the live version of She’s A Superstar (Live at Clapham Grand – 17/07/1992) taken from the b-side of the 10″ version of Gravity Grave (cat. no. HUTEN 21)?


A Storm in Heaven box set is currently 21,99£ at Amazon UK.


As a big Verve fan myself also, I am going to go against the grain here and say I’m pretty disappointed. For me it represents very poor value for money for what is mostly gimmicky.

Oasis released something very similar minus the paraphernalia at half the price representing excellent VFM. All I’m actually interested in is the music. Not posters and postcards and huge booklets rattling around inside a huge box.

I really hope one day that they might repackage the remastered albums in a more nicely condensed manner like with the Oasis remastered albums, omit the postcards and posters and instead have photographs and information etc inside a mini-booklet that’s part of the actual hardback cardboard sleeve with separate pockets for all CD’s/DVD’s, and knock the price down by half, just like with the remastered Oasis albums.

Then I will definitely buy it. I prefer this more condensed style of presentation, I’m all about space saving these days anyway. I’m not a collector of pointless paraphernalia which would just stay inside the box anyway including the poster (which is for pinning on walls) as I wouldn’t want to separate anything and make the huge boxes look even more pointlessly empty. I’m afraid the box sets are way too gimmicky for me. Drop the gimmicks and the price.

Chris Charlton

Will the DVD be region free?

[…] Only last week the super deluxe edition box sets of The Verve‘s first two albums were announced. With these new photos we can get a better feel for the contents… Above shows the disc designs, poster and postcards within the A Northern Soul set and below you can see the same for A Storm in Heaven, which features an additional DVD. […]

Steve Burke

Chris Potter did the mastering on the “This Is Music” compilation, all those old tracks were pretty slammed and it did not sound good. I’m a little apprehensive about this set, hoping all the radio and studio sessions and non-album stuff is all mastered with dynamics fully intact.

I’m not excited at all about the vinyl, given the COMPLETE and utter lack of information about the source material used, who is doing the cutting, where it’s being pressed, etc.

Very excited about the Camden ’92 DVD.

Paul Wren

Thanks for confirming the original, high quality silver finish (and not a cheap silver ink effort) will be on the Northern Soul vinyl reissues – this is an important detail for all us anoraks out there!!


I remember being at Glastonbury for that performance. Incredible. A few months later I saw them again supporting Smashing Pumpkins on the Siamese Dream tour, and they were even better. Nick McCabe & Richard Ashcroft have to be up there with being one of the greatest partnerships in rock music. I even enjoyed the comeback show at the Roundhouse in 2007. No support, 19 songs, over two hours. It was a religious experience.


Their Glastonbury set was legendary. From memory, I think that the Velvet Underground were playing on the main stage at the same time, so there wasn’t a massive crowd – but they delivered in every respect.

The first time I saw Verve (as they were then, without the ‘The’), at Manchester’s Hop & Grape (now called Academy 3), they were supported by Acetone. Third on the bill – and second support – were a little known band from Burnage called Oasis…

Voyager One

These two look like a prelude to an inevitable super deluxe edition of ‘Urban Hymns’ for 2017, when the album will turn 20. Nice track listing but I agree with those saying a 2CD set would have been neater. I would have preferred a 2CD+DVD format actually: disc one the album, disc two non album singles, b-sides and studio outtakes, and DVD promo videos plus a live performance from the era. I’m looking forward to the remastering of ‘A Storm in Heaven’, it is my favourite Verve album and like all their earlier material sound a bit dated, they alreday did a great job with the 2004 remaster for the singles compilation, hope they won’t screw the proper album remastering.

Anyway, there will be a vinyl issue for the first album too? There’s no link for that. Do you know if the vinyl will replicate faithfully the original pressings?

Chris Brown

The Sound Of Vinyl store is offering a bundle of both albums on vinyl for £33 so I guess they are being released.

Rik K

Pity that neither of these includes a 5.1 mix. For me, that has become an essential motivator to buying any new digital release of archival material.

Carlton Fisher

I need these. They look amazing. I hope we’ll get something similar for Urban Hymns, but I really hope they’ll add a 5.1 mix for that one. I think that album would sound amazing in surround.

Lee Taylor



Thanks for the tracklistings. Apart from the original albums I only have one of the pre-Urban Hymns singles plus the Verve EP so this saves me from tracking down the singles.

Looking forward to these.

Wayne Klein

The second disc and third could easily have been combined into a single disc for Urban. Even though this is decently priced, this could have been a nice two CD set (and at less cost). Oh well I guess I can’t complain too much as they could just release NOTHING. Wonder how they got Ashcroft to agree to this since a lack of an interview implies to me he isn’t too happy or didn’t want to be too involved.


oooh , some more boxsets to buy me thinks , and a decent price and no vinyl either ! Good times

Mark Carroll

I personally thought this lot were better than Oasis… A LOT BETTER…then they broke up.. oh well, Northern bands eh ??

Dan Yesindeedy

Looks Great,will get in the future!
I also am dissapointed that ‘NS’ doesn’t have a DVD but like the above comment,I like how the Deluxe doesn’t include Vinyl.You only want a Vinyl if you want to revisit the 80’s or a limited color one can be cool to hang on the wall!


wow, great…and no vinyls…and price is pretty good


Great news! A Northern Soul is my favourite Verve album, but I guess I’ll end up buying both of them.

Sylent Syd

I’ll probably just stick with the vinyl reissue of A Northern Soul for now. If the box set had a DVD with it, it would have seriously swayed me over. (Not that I’m ruling out a potential purchase, however).

Lee Taylor

One hopes this is a precursor to a super deluxe of Urban Hymns…

Phil Wilson

Though on CD3 of NSIH, I would have put the acoustic Butterfly at track 3, and Gravity Grave at 4, keeping all the acoustic tracks together, then into the blistering 9 minute Gravity Grave, then the session tracks.

Steve D

“The booklets feature interviews with the band (but not Ashcroft)”.

Verve fans are obviously not deemed worthy of words from the great one…

Phil Wilson

These look good and thanks for getting us the tracklistings. Have had them on preorder from Amazon for a month or so, hoping that I’d be impressed with them. Whilst I have all the singles, its nice to have all the tracks in one place, remastered, and the unreleased BBC/bonus tracks. the live Gravity Grave from Glastonbury has appeared a few times (other than No Come Down, it was on the Glastonbury live CD (In a field of their own 2), and it has been on a free NME CD, but it is amazing, brilliant song, brilliant version, brilliant recording. Looking forward to the unreleased tracks, and I wonder if the live at Camden recordings are the same as those on the Voyager 1 LP?


Great news!Two great albums.


The live version of Gravity Grave is class.


Argh! Literally just completed my collection of their singles to get all the bsides.

Ah well. This is great. Looking forward to the BBC stuff, out takes & the DVDs.