The Very Best of the Blow Monkeys


BMG’s Metro Select imprint are continuing with some newly compiled ‘best of’s, including this Very Best of The Blow Monkeys, due in June.

Still waiting on a confirmed track listing at this moment in time – although if the Thompson Twins set is anything to go by, you can expect all the hits, some extended mixes and more – but what we can say is that this is exceptionally cheap at the moment, being priced at less than £5 in the UK.

This double-disc compilation will be issued on 3 June 2015.

Update: Track listing now added below!



CD 1

  • 1. Digging Your Scene – Blow Monkeys
  • 2. Wait (feat Kym Mazelle)* – Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle
  • 3. This Is Your Life – Blow Monkeys
  • 4. It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way – Blow Monkeys
  • 5. Celebrate (The Day After You) (feat Curtis Mayfield) – Blow Monkeys
  • 6. Be Not Afraid (feat Cheb Khaled) – Blow Monkeys
  • 7. As The Dust Settles – Blow Monkeys
  • 8. Choice? (feat Sylvia Tella) – Blow Monkeys
  • 9. Fat Cat Belusha – Blow Monkeys
  • 10. Reflections ’89 – Blow Monkeys
  • 11. Springtime For The World – Blow Monkeys
  • 12. Forbidden Fruit – Blow Monkeys
  • 13. If You Love Somebody – Blow Monkeys
  • 14. La Passionara – Blow Monkeys
  • 15. Slaves No More (feat Sylvia Tella) – Blow Monkeys
  • 16. Out With Her – Blow Monkeys
  • 17. Heaven Is A Place – Blow Monkeys
  • 18. In Too Deep – Blow Monkeys

CD 2

  • 1. He’s Shedding Skin – Blow Monkeys
  • 2. It Pays To Belong – Blow Monkeys
  • 3. Let The People Dance – Blow Monkeys
  • 4. Checking Out – Blow Monkeys
  • 5. Man From Russia – Blow Monkeys
  • 6. Atomic Lullaby – Blow Monkeys
  • 7. Wicked Ways – Blow Monkeys
  • 8. Trashtown Incident – Blow Monkeys
  • 9. Wildflower – Blow Monkeys
  • 10. Squaresville – Blow Monkeys
  • 11. Bombed Into The Stoneage – Blow Monkeys
  • 12. I Nearly Died Laughing – Blow Monkeys
  • 13. Aeroplane City Lovesong – Blow Monkeys
  • 14. I Backed A Winner (In You) – Blow Monkeys
  • 15. The Other Side Of You – Blow Monkeys
  • 16. Come On Down – Blow Monkeys
  • 17. Rise Above – Blow Monkeys
  • 18. 18.Sweet Murder (feat Eek-A-Mouse) – Blow Monkeys

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Pity this is yet another compilation that leaves off “You Don’t Own Me.” Are the rights for it REALLY that much of a mess?

Paul H

You’re getting what you pay for here, but who is going to buy this? Any fans will have the earlier and better complications. It’s just a very lazy release which even at a fiver is irritating for completists (ditto the Associates last week)


I have some of their albums and will get the others as the deluxe editions and that will be just as good as this 2CD compilation…..if fact better as 12″ versions and mixes included that are not on this double disc set.

Auntie Sabrina

If only The Rolling Stones would do the same


I think I saw The Blow Monkeys live back in the day as many times as they’ve now had best of’s released – At least a dozen!!

Love ’em to death but the world does not need another BMs compilation.

Auntie Sabrina

The track list is almost identical to the previous Music Club release, the only slight difference being the exclusion of Vibe Alive/Reflections ’89 and This Is Your Life (1988 mix). Still good value at £4.82.


The sleeve designer might have been going down the naff 80’s retro route but that is a truly awful album cover.

Auntie Sabrina

Very simillar to the music club 2cd release… Good price though.


I’ll think about it, only if it includes the Choice? 12″ Short mix, the one with the “Yeah! Woo!” sample…


Hate to be pedantic, but I think you’re actually referring to the Woo! Yeah! sample (I know – you say potato…).
Is there still no way to get all of the “This is your Life” mixes properly mastered?