The Waterboys / Good Luck, Seeker

New studio album • 2CD deluxe • coloured vinyl • signed editions

The Waterboys / Good Luck, Seeker

The Waterboys will release a new album, Good Luck, Seeker in August.

This will be the band’s 14th studio album and comes hot on the heels of last year’s Where The Action Is.

The strident (and rather good) ‘My Wanderings In The Weary Land’ is the first taste of the new record – listen below.

The album is available across a number of formats, including a two-CD deluxe edition which offers a bonus disc of alternative versions of songs on the album. You can order this from the official store with a signed A4 lyric sheet. A coloured splatter vinyl edition is also available, and this comes with a signed art print of the album cover (again, from the official store).

There are the usual bundles available and also some signed test pressings (limited to 50 copies).

Good Luck, Seeker is released on 21 August via Cooking Vinyl.

The official store offers coloured splatter vinyl with signed art print

Good Luck, Seeker Vinyl LP

Side A

1. The Soul Singer
2. (You’ve Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two
3. Low Down In The Broom
4. Dennis Hopper
5. Freak Street
6. Sticky Fingers
7. Why Should I Love You?

Side B

8. The Golden Work
9. My Wanderings In The Weary Land
10. Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime
11. Good Luck, Seeker
12. Beauty In Repetition
13. Everchanging
14. The Land Of Sunset

The Waterboys / Good Luck, Seeker

Good Luck, Seeker 2CD edition

CD 1

1. The Soul Singer
2. (You’ve Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two
3. Low Down In The Broom
4. Dennis Hopper
5. Freak Street
6. Sticky Fingers
7. Why Should I Love You?
8. The Golden Work
9. My Wanderings In The Weary Land
10. Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime
11. Good Luck, Seeker
12. Beauty In Repetition
13. Everchanging
14. The Land Of Sunset

CD 2 (Alt. Versions)

1. The Soul Singer (inst)
2. (You’ve Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two (inst)
3. Low Down In The Broom (gtr/vocal)
4. Dennis Hopper (Demo)
5. Why Should I Love You? (inst)
6. My Wanderings In The Weary Land (vocal)
7. Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime (inst)
8. Beauty In Repetition (inst)
9. The Soul Singer (demo)
10. The Land Of Sunset (inst)

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I’m a fairly recent Waterboys fan after getting/hearing the brilliant “Out of all this Blue” (the 3LP deluxe version). Obviously I was aware of them back in the day (Whole of the Moon), but they never came through as anything great to me then. I’ve listened to a number of their albums now (still Like OoatB the best and was disappointed in it’s followup, Where the Action Is). On a first listen to Good Luck Seeker it is an eclectic mix that might require a few rotations to absorb (which is usually a good thing).

Murray Robbins

Splatter vinyl arrived today from TM stores in Burnley but the art print was not signed. Offices are closed until Monday but their phone number is 01254 880140 for anyone else hitting what is a scholboy error of customer service.

I’ll certainly be checking the signatures of what comes in case it is a knock off job by somebody to keep me quiet!


Murray – I ordered from official artist store (which is also through tm stores). I received an email beforehand indicating that the signed album prints were delayed a week but they included an unsigned one as an extra for the initial shipment. My guess is you’ll receive yours next week too.

Murray Robbins

Thanks Matt
Sounds promising but I’ll ring them anyway on Monday

Murray Robbins

Apologies to TM. As per Matt’s message they had emailed to say there was delay but the mail had gone into Spam.
Thanks to TM!


I once saw them live, at the Fleadh in Finsbury Park and really enjoyed what I heard, but still to this day have never bought anything by the band. Probably a bit late to start now!

David Fisher

Ooh I have to stop you there! It’s not too late to start. Mike Scott is an amazing, passionate craftsman of songs. Start with the transcendently rockin’ THIS IS THE SEA and maybe the beautiful ROOM TO ROAM to get the different polarities of his broad range of styles. Or if you want a compilation then THE BEST OF THE WATERBOYS ’81-’90 CD is currently on amazon for less than £2 second hand.

I saw The Waterboys first at the Brixton Academy supporting U2 on their UNFORGETTABLE FIRE tour. I was instantly blown away, dropped U2 and started seeking out everything by Mike Scott – his earlier band 7″ singles, bootleg tapes from the Kensington Market, etc. I’m old and cynical now but still get a thrill from listening to the band occasionally, always buy the new albums and see them whenever they tour.

I was introduced to Mike once and he was very charming, we talked briefly about poetry. I have jammed with a few former Waterboys and have had the pleasure of two ex-members play on my own songs but the mystique is still there for me.

Go on – dip your toe in the water! :-)

Wayne Klein

Thanks Paul. Sadly the signed print with the vinyl was gone by the time I logged in so snagged the CD. Hopefully this,is mastered better than the crap mastering the last album received. For some reason Mike prefers masters that have digital clipping and harsh compressionon lately.


Going by a very recent tweet from Mike the next album after this one is pretty much finished already also (he was asked about an unreleased song not appearing on this album and replied that he couldn’t fit it in the next album either)


Oh my, but Mr. Scott loves those bonus discs. That said, sometimes the alternate versions are cooler than the album versions! Onto the purchase list it goes…


Vibrant cover. Gonna imagine Philippa York as the brilliant cyclist. (*worth a quality google)

There is a YouTube video by a patient dance genius. Works with ,why should I love you, creates perfect.

Me and my best friend from kiltality saw waterboys play first ever uk concert at wishaw heathery. (Supporting band Ricky ross’ woza)

John Chamberlain

Ordered the splatter vinyl & deluxe CD bundle;
Thought the last album was magnificent after the disappointing “Out of All This Blue” (which followed the very strong “Modern Blues”);
The first track sounds wonderful so pretty excited about this one;
Been a fan for 35 years, Mike is still one of the most exciting musicians out there and he’s on a roll right now.

Electric Sydney

How does Mike find the time to write songs? He better watch his carpal tunnel, if he’s going to sign all of his product for the duration.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

As a Waterbys fan from before Mike Scott formed them (Another Pretty Face) I was underwhelmed with `Where The Action` is. I bought the LP and Deluxe CD from The Waterboys store. I played the LP once and sold it the next day. I have never played the Deluxe CD, I only kept it to complete my collection.

However I love `My Wanderings…` which does remind me of `Ther Return Of Jimi Hendrix`, I`m also going to play the `A Rock In A Weary Land` album because this new track obviously has a connection.

Mr. Scott my faith is restored.

CJ Feeney

Flippin’ ‘eck, but that’s a skinny bike

Norman Reid

Signed vinyl and deluxe CD and signed lyric sheet ordered. Thank you Paul!!

Mark Causer

Looks like mike’s been busy in lockdown!

paul wren

Oh yes, quality tip off by Paul about a quality artist/band. Instantly I like the new song, the sleeve artwork and I’ve ordered this on the splatter vinyl. This has made my day!

Liam Bastick

This reminds me of one of the hidden gems in my vinyl collection, Hymns From a Haunted Ballroom by The Skids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx53flSzdOQ. It wasn’t even a proper B-side! I like that and I like this.

Joseph Bartram

Always excellent worth seeing live


Thanks again and again for your heads up Paul – love the splatter vinyl, looks really cool. Ordered !

Richard Seedhouse

The last two Waterboys albums were, in my opinion his/there best since Fishermans Blues and the classic Big Music LPs , so I am keen to hear it. However I do wish Mike would use lockdown to go through his “Another Pretty Face” tapes and give us a full anthology of his pre Waterboys (but sounding just as passionate) band.

Andrew Greenwood

I was going to order the 2 CD version through the band site, but then I discovered the postage for the CD was £4.50 which feels a little like taking the mick


Where is it coming from Australia ?

Michael Burns

Thanks for the heads up. Sounds great, very much in the style of ‘The Return of Jimi Hendrix’…

Henrik Tronstad

Thanks Paul. Ordered the vinyl and the deluxe cd. Like me some of those waterboys. :-)