The Waterboys return with a new album, ‘Where The Action Is’

Available in two CD formats, and on black and/or marbled vinyl.

The Waterboys have detailed more information about their upcoming album Where the Action Is.

Released in May through Cooking Vinyl, the album’s ten tracks have a variety of influences with nods to The Clash’s Mick Jones (‘London Mick’), Robert Burns’ poem ‘Green Grow the Rashes-O’ (‘Then She Made The Lasses-O’) and Kenneth Grahame’s famous book The Wind In The Willows (‘Piper At the Gates of Dawn’) which was recorded all in one take at Real World studios last Summer. The set features regular cohorts Steve Wickham and Brother Paul, and occasional Paul Weller producer Simon Dine worked on ‘And There is Love’.

The first glimpse of the album, the single ‘Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side Of Love)’ can be previewed below.

Where the Action follows up the top ten success of Out of All This Blue. Essentially now just Mike Scott and friends, it’s his 15th album, and will be available as a ten-track CD, 21-track two-CD deluxe (with remixes) and on black vinyl. The official store offers a selection of exclusive signed bundles and red/black marbled vinyl.

The band will be touring the UK across May, and Europe over Summer, as well as popping up at the odd festival such as Hay, Cropredy and Skye Live. More details here.

Where The Action Is released on 24 May 2019.


Where The Action Is / single CD

1. Where The Action Is
2. London Mick
3. Out Of All This Blue
4. Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side of Love)
5. In My Time On Earth
6. Ladbroke Grove Symphony
7. Take Me There I Will Follow You
8. And There’s Love
9. Then She Made The Lasses-O
10. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Where The Action Is /2CD deluxe

CD 1as standard edition

CD 2 – Where The Action Is – Mashed:

1. Where The Action Is (Mash)
2. London Mick (Jess’n’Zeenie Mix)
3. Out Of All This Blue (Soul Choir)
4. Right Side Of Heartbreak (Box & Vox)
5. In My Time On Earth (Scott & Wickham Mix)
6. Ladbroke Grove Coda
7. I Will Follow You Take Me There
8. And There’s Love (Mashtrumental)
9. Then She Made The Lasses (Mash)
10. Where The Action Is (Reprise)
11. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Instrumental)

Where The Action Is / vinyl LP

Side A
1. Where The Action Is
2. London Mick
3. Out Of All This Blue
4. Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side of Love)
5. In My Time On Earth

Side B
6. Ladbroke Grove Symphony
7. Take Me There I Will Follow You
8. And There’s Love
9. Then She Made The Lasses-O
10. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

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[…] The Waterboys will release a new album, Good Luck, Seeker in August. This will be the band’s 14th studio album and comes hot on the heels of last year’s Where The Action Is. […]

Jim D.

Was fortunate to see them at the Roundhouse on May 24th as me wife and I from Pittsburgh, PA(US) were in London for our 25th Anniversary. Just an awesome show. New album has some very good songs. Hope to see them in the US in the fall.
Locals in the UK… be very fortunate what you have in Mike Scott and the band. Loved them since the 80’s.

Norman Reid

Just home from the Waterboys Belfast gig. The new songs are terrific played live especially Out Of All This Blue and In My Time On Earth. Looking forward to the album, but as somebody said, we need another live album!!


Superdry males’s Germany Trophy Sequence t-shirt.


Do you know if the vinyl has the ”extra” tracks as a download please?

SDE Hall of Fame

don’t think so.

Carl Parker

That album artwork is the worst I’ve seen for a long time.
The song is OK, but doesn’t have anything that identifies it as “Waterboys”.

Shawn C.

Agree Carl. The font used on the titles is particularly terrible.

Tom m hans

Huge fan here since The Whole Of The Moon. To me their/his nadirs are Fisherman’s Blues and Room to Roam…. Saw Mike Scott solo in Dublin – Bring em all in and thoughts of Dylan came to mind. I admire his dedication but I lost track of him. Bought the previous 3cd version but I did not like Nashvillisation of his Celtic sound. Not as fun of drum machines either. On the fence with the video above. Need to play it more often, I guess. Kudos that he does his thing, though. Will unearth the Fisherman box and then his rendition of Purple Rain. Peace.


I’m with you. Waterboys has a unique sound in the early days, but that’s all long behind them. The video above is just generic pop. I think I’ll go and play Fisherman’s Friend to clean the palette. Honestly, that new song is an inch short of terrible, imo.

David M

Don’t think you know what nadir means ….

Chris Lancaster

I ordered the vinyl/CD signed bundles from the official store when it was first announced a few weeks ago, and am really looking forward to it; “The Right Side of Love” is excellent, so hopefully it’s a good sign for the rest of the album.

I’m also wary of the disc of remixes, etc. I’d much sooner have seen a live disc, as they are such a great live band, and seem to have such a brilliant time on stage, something that’s really reflected in the performances.


I am not sure they are remixes as such. More like different versions or different mixes – the last album had a similar disc and it was definitely worth having.

Mic Smith

Preordered the 2CD edition over a month ago. A confirmed fan since the release of A Girl Called Johnny. It’s about time Mike did a multi disc career overview of rarities including the APF, DNV and Funhouse stuff.

Richard Seedhouse

I would also love to see a CD release for APF, DNV and Funhouse songs many of which are full of passion, anger and melody which compliment the first three Waterboys albums. I asked him about this a few years ago (during the launch of his biography) and he said he had gathered the tapes together to do something…..but we’re still waiting….a marriage, child and two new albums might have something to do with the delay!


agreed . I used to have a lot of that stuff on tape, but mostly lost or disintegrated. And then there’s the unreleased virgin album


I am the person who instantly thought ‘Tiswas’?


Loving “Right Side of Heartbreak”.


Another vote here from a now long in the tooth fan, as if I remember correctly The Waterboys were my 1st live band experience, North Wales around 1986 or so.

Mister Stick

The release of a new Waterboys album is always great news. “Right Side of Heartbreak” is terrific, and comes off as one of those “Spring is finally here, thank Jah” songs.

I just wish they played the states more often. When they are here, in the right marketplace anyway, they go over pretty well. No amount of groveling was enough to score my ticket last time.

Mark F

Looking forward to the album, and seeing them live later in the year. I’ve no complaints over how prolific they’ve been in recent years, but the thought of a remix disc fills me with dread. I’m always interested in demos, alt versions, etc, but I’ll be getting the single disc, or vinyl, of this.