The Who / Live at Leeds reissue confirmed as a triple vinyl LP


The forthcoming The Who Live at Leeds vinyl reissue will be a three-LP package that features the FULL setlist, as played on the night.

This will be a half-speed mastered 33RPM pressing and unlike the two-CD deluxe edition issued in 2001, this new vinyl release will feature the 33-song set in the order that the songs were performed on the night (Valentine’s Day 1970!)

This is packaged as a six-panel gatefold with three inner bags. SDE ran a deal alert for this last week (now finished), but even the non-deal price of £25 in the UK is pretty good for a triple vinyl, half-speed mastered set that celebrates this landmark live album.

This will be released on 25 November 2016 (Amazon UK still doesn’t reflect this).


Side 1
Heaven And Hell
I Can’t Explain
Fortune Teller
Young Man Blues

Side 2
Happy Jack
I’m A Boy
A Quick One, While He’s Away
It’s A Boy

Side 3
Amazing Journey
Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
The Acid Queen

Side 4
Pinball Wizard
Do You Think It’s Alright?
Fiddle About
Tommy Can You Hear Me?
There’s A Doctor
Go To The Mirror
Smash The Mirror!
Miracle Cure
Sally Simpson
I’m Free
Tommy’s Holiday Camp

Side 5
We’re Not Gonna Take It
Summertime Blues
Shakin’ All Over

Side 6
My Generation
Magic Bus

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fingers crossed a reissue will appear, already sold out and crazy prices on discogs :-( I think I’m gonna quit buying vinyl if it’s only for the elite,pay the artists yes,pay useless morons that got no life : NO

Keith Lambert

Still no news, as far as I am aware, about a ‘corrected’ download of this set which is a real shame. The last communication I had from Angela at Push Entertainment was that she had passed my comments to the label (who are ultimately responsible for which download is offered). The vinyl sounds fabulous and as such, even an MP3 download to reflect this new release would be more than welcome.

Keith Lambert

I finally got around to playing my vinyl today and WOW!!! (the download is another story, I’ve been having many an e-mail exchange with Push Entertainment around that). It really does sound tremendous, one of the best re-issues I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in a long, long time. Thanks again to Paul for that amazing deal alert. When you consider the quality of this release including the packaging, it was one helluva bargain…pun intended.

Jorje Chica

The download code that came with mine doesn’t work. Anyone else experience this?

Jorje Chica

Okay, so after trying for a few days my download code finally worked, but what a disappointment! The download consisted solely of the 13 songs from the regular set, and not what I had hoped for–the complete concert with the original running order restored (i.e., Tommy in the middle and not at the end). In other words, we get a digital download of the first CD from the 2001 deluxe edition, which I already own. Why bother? A big lump of coal for Christmas.

Steve Bliss

Got mine a couple days ago, dispatched from Indiana. Not sure exactly where that is located in the UK…

For anyone who’s still wondering, there is no ephemera as per the original LP. The cover is glossy, not matte. The inside gatefold is a collage of newspaper clippings. Good liner notes; i believe they’re a subset of the 2001 liner notes. Nice obi-strip :)

My question is: did they correct the crackles, or leave them in?

Ian Stafford

Mine arrived yesterday and fantastic it looks to. All for £12.99. At a time when it seems that vinyl lovers are paying more and more it comes as a welcome bargain and all thanks to SUPERDELUXEEDITION, cheers once again for the alert Paul!


Received my copy today…….” I call it a bargain…..the best i ever had ” Many thanks for the alert Paul extremely grateful ….

Dean T

Just turned up ….a little late and was starting to worry it was lost in transit ..but it’s here now..happy days..


Been told that they will be despatching 6/12 after the status had been at despatching 25/12 and 29/12 …delivery by 1/12 previously….


anybody actually got theirs yet? my revised delivery date is 23 Dec!


Just arrived! Well packaged as well. I haven’t played it yet but if it’s any good it’s the deal of the century! I’m still waiting for Soundgarden’s Super Deluxe Box Set of Badmotorfinger to come down and I’ll be officially a blubbering mess in the midst of a post orgasmic comedown.

Keith Lambert

Yep, received mine too for the amazing price of £12.99 delivered. Many thanks for that deal alert Paul! I haven’t played it yet but it’s a beautiful set.

Nick Clancy

Mine arrived too …. as per the original £12.99 deal alert


Received my copy for £12:99 – however they sent me an additional copy for no extra cost!!! Their mistake!!! Christmas present for a friend then :-)

Paul Wren

Received my £12.99 Live At Leeds vinyl today – brilliant!!

Simon R

Just been delivered and on the RCM as I type. A bargain… thanks to Paul/SDE. My wife won’t appreciate this :)
Many thanks


Arrived at 14.04 hours..as described ..thanks Paul

andy t

Being despatched at 12.99 for a triple – mental mental mental – thank you Paul – Christmas has come early, and boy will the neighbours know about this. Quietly and respectful volume for playback it will NOT be! Merry Christmas Paul.

Arr Gee

Dispatched and arriving tomorrow! Thanks to SDE!

Arr Gee

Picked it up about 45 minutes ago. Looks absolutely superb!

Dean T

Preparing for dispatch…looking forward to this….

Chris Squires

The Vinyl has disappeared on Amazon UK…unavailable. I hope the £12.99 stupid deal is still honoured….

Simon Taylor

I honestly don’t think they’d cancel now, they’ve had ample opportunity to do that and even in my mail suggested the expected delivery date:

We have good news! One of your pre-ordered items is now eligible for release date delivery and has been upgraded at no additional charge. Your new delivery estimate is:

Who, The “Live At Leeds [VINYL]” Estimated arrival date: November 25 2016

Its the “Upgraded and no additional charge” which both surprised me and made think this will happen. Looking forward to playing this.

Steven McLaren

Just received an email from Amazon saying delivery date is unknown. At least they haven’t cancelled it. Everywhere else says 25/11/16. I love a good mystery.

Steven McLaren

I got that one today.



Gerry Menzies

I got the same email today saying the 25th November 2016, few days after I had the previous one of unknown release date. On checking the Amazon app regarding my orders, it is saying will dispatch on 23rd November and arriving Fri, 25 Nov by 9pm.

Arr Gee

£26.99 at Who website but with a very expensive P&P of £6.50 for UK


Questions about the actual content of the 3LP set: does it have the original vocals and bass? In other words, does it have any of the re-recorded Daltry vocals and/or Entwhistle bass overdubs recorded prior to the 2001 deluxe version?

Steven McLaren

Up to £42.99 now on Amazon and HMV. Bargain keeps getting better!


£64.71 now


I understand the 2014 ITunes version is the entire show in order (like this) which is what they should have done for the 40th Aniversary collectors edition instead of lazily putting the 2001 CD deluxe discs in (apparently they are ever so slightly tweaked) along with the then unavailable Hull discs. This vinyl release and the seperate later Hull CD release render the 40th redundant IMHO. I am now hoping for a new SDE CD box of the entire Leeds performance in order. What are the chances?


Amazon.uk price is incredibly growing up day by day.
Now it’s 35.36 £.
The original 12.99£ price is definitely the deal of the year!
I took it for 25, a very good price for a triple LP edition.


So will we finally get the entire show, i.e., with the Spoonful portion of Shakin’ All Over left in?

Euan shanks

I can’t thank SDE enough for this. To replace the copy with this is amazing. I also let my friends now as well. Thank you for the alert. And thanks for running such a great site too.

Paul Wren

Paul: Give your self an instant pay rise and promotion – at £12.99 this has to be the best deal alert that I have seen from you. Thank you very much and keep them coming……………..

elliott buckingham

i just hope they manage to fade the sides in and out correctly the amount of live vinyl I have brought where it seems exceptable to just stop the crowd cheers dead without any hint of a fade


If you use your head there are ways*** of getting Amazon to honour their deals.

***I will not reveal my method, it’s all above board, no underhand methods. Just, as I said, use your head.

Neil Jones

So happy I went for it last week at £12.99. Thanks Paul. Now how about a deal alert of the My Generation box set? £29.99 would suit my pocket. Can you sort that out Paul? :) Or have I already missed the deal on that one?


The 3lp + DVD Hyde Park set deal (£10.81 – thanks Paul) was honoured. This one should be too. I took this price reduction as an apology-cum-enticement – it was only for a handful of days?

Dean T

I agree ,people need to chill a bit about the price ,even if it goes up its still a tremendous set,let not forget what we’re getting here …the ful set in correct running order..that’s a first…abbey road half speed master on quality vinyl …not to be sneezed at …and a great looking trifold sleeve(I love trifolds).come on guys even at the current price that’s a deal ,just check the price of the other abbey road releases…just pay up and enjoy a piece of rock history..

Bruce nicholson

I’m always confused by people taking up the deals then immediately posting that they hope Amazon fulfil it. They have a 100% strike rate with the stuff that i have ordered through the deal alerts and i have ordered alot of stuff. I’m confident it will be fulfilled. And even if its not worse things happen in life.

Ian Whiteford

Unfortunately Bruce, they have a record of not fulfilling the deal. As proven by the recent Graham Parker box set I ordered. Got notified after three weeks that the price had risen by around £30.

Peter Yarrow

Fingers crossed that the £12.99 price is honoured


I wish Amazon would clarify exactly what this “Who” product exactly consists of.
Today, I’m still confused because ‘one disc’ is advertised for this vinyl LP reissue on Amazon UK, Canada and USA, although the promo image shows three vinyl discs and the song selection list would certainly suggest this is a multiple LP set. Aside from that, I still don’t know if this deluxe edition will feature the original “Live at Leeds” ephemera included with the original 1970 vinyl release (i.e. business communiques, handwritten notations, promotional poster, postcard, etc.)? If it does, that would be brilliant! Any update on this?


Thank you, Paul. I wasn’t questioning what you posted, but what Amazon had posted. My hope was that the additional items included with the original LP would also comprise this new deluxe edition. Regardless, this is still a wonderful vinyl release, and I look forward to hearing the entire Who concert in the same song sequence it was performed in back in 1970. I enjoy your website immensely!

Simon Taylor

Amazon now saying 1-2 months delivery, understandable the price has increased. Expecting a cancellation email from amazon sometime within the next week but even if that happens i’ll be tempted to go for the full price version or put it on the Christmas list to Santa. If the £12.99 deal comes off then i’m very happy.


Thanks for letting us know about the deal. That was my hope to have the complete show so this news has me smiling ear to ear.

Stan Butler

Crikey, Christmas has come early. 3LPs, the full set, in the correct running order and for £12.99! Again wouldn’t have known about it but for SDE. Thanks Paul.


Paul any more info about what’s going on box set.


True Richie, too true. It really would be too much to expect a reproduction of the pictures, letters, invoices and poster that were in the original version to be included in this version, especially at such a price. It was just wishful thinking…

elliott buckingham

ill be surprised if they don’t honour it I mean they honoured the £1.24 price for around the world in a day


Don’t know how you do it, but thanks for the tip Paul.

Kirk Mulligan

Wow,at £12.99 thought it was worth a punt even if I just ended up with a new copy of the original release,but to to get the full show is fantastic,thanks Paul


With the current exchange rate the amazon.co.uk price is a real bargain ever for delivery on the continent. I will pay 18 Euro incl. VAT and postage. Great. So thanks lads for Brexit ;-)


Don’t thank me Joachim, Brexit is a bloody disaster , that’s it political rant over.

Mark Novak

Thanks Paul for keeping tabs on this, the patient ended up getting a good deal!


….. and now a four week wait to find out if Amazon will honour the deal price!!!!

Stan Butler

Fear not. They’ll honour it. This isn’t a mistake like Around The World In The Day (£1.94). It was a deliberate low price enticement. Remember Maiden’s 3LP Book of Souls has been listed almost as low in the past and that went through ok.


£1.94 for around the world in a day! You were robbed, I only paid £1.79 ; ))

John Hirst

Fantastic. Got the £12.99 order as well. Thanks for the deal alert.


Wow! A bargain. How glad am I? Half speed mastered too!!! Thanks for the tip off Paul.