The Who / Live at Shea Stadium 1982 on blu-ray and DVD


Eagle Vision will release The Who Live at Shea Stadium, a concert film documenting the band’s 1982 tour, in June 2015.

The North American tour was promoted the It’s Hard album and was the last to feature Kenney Jones on drums. The footage was shot on 13 October 1982 and the visuals have been restored and sound newly mixed.

This will be available on blu-ray (an ‘SD’ blu-ray with upscaled standard definition original material) and DVD. The DVD has DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1, while the blu-ray boasts DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM stereo sound.

Live at Shea Stadium will be released on 29 June 2015


SD Blu-ray



Track listing

1) Substitute
2) I Can’t Explain
3) Dangerous
4) Sister Disco
5) The Quiet One
6) It’s Hard
7) Eminence Front
8) Behind Blue Eyes
9) Baba O’Riley
10) I’m One
11) The Punk And The Godfather
12) Drowned
13) Tattoo
14) Cry If You Want
15) Who Are You
16) Pinball Wizard
17) See Me Feel Me
18) Love Reign O’er Me
19) Long Live Rock
20) Won’t Get Fooled Again
21) Young Man Blues
22) Naked Eye
23) I Saw Her Standing There
24) Summertime Blues
25) Twist And Shout

Bonus Features
Bonus tracks from the first night at Shea Stadium:

(1) My Generation (2) A Man Is A Man (3) 5.15

Format: Region 0
Screen Format: 16:9 PB
Sound Formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, LPCM Stereo
Running Time: 140 mins approx.
Certificate: E
Subtitles: None

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I’m glad this is finally getting a official release. I attended the October 12 show, and stood 25 yards from the stage. David Johansson was on the bill as well as the Clash, who in my opinion absolutely blew the Who away and were hard to follow. Still waiting for the official DVD release of the Clash at Shea

[…] Who‘s recently announced Live at Shea Stadium 1982 blu-ray is due for release later this month and fans can take advantage […]

Phil Cohen

Amazon.co.uk always lists DVD’s & Blu-rays as region coded(even if the discs aren’t). Eagle Rock Bluray discs are NEVER region coded, and are worldwide compatable.

Herb k

Why is there no preorder for USA?


Know this question isn’t to do with this item but anyone know if we will every get The Beatles Live at Shea Stadium on Blu Ray?

Robert Atkin

I seem to remember watching the Who doing a live performance around 1982 and they looked washed up and pale to their former years. I remember being truly disappointed.

I could be wrong, but I suspect the increase to £20.00 could be to encourage people to sign up to Amazon Prime.


In Germany they rose the amount from 20 to 29 euros to get free delivery now. Back to the topic: sounds interesting this bluray. If the price is right i’ll buy it.

Mr Tim

On the 1st of May. A nice little earner for them… esp for those of us ordering singular items of course. They are pushing the Prime service…alot.


Just orderd with Amazon, when did thay start charging P+P for orders under £20.00?

little ern

Amazon started charging P+P for orders under £20 a few days ago,but if you spend £10 or more on books it’s free delivery!



All of the Amazons listed have this as a PAL region 2. Amazon Japan has it as an A/1, at twice the price. Are these going to be region specific or is this a typo by Amazon? Is there going to be a U.S. release? Is the Japanese Blu-Ray any different from the others? Thanks.


Weren’t these the shows that the Clash opened ?
I lived in New York at the time, although only about 12, and I seemed to recall the Clash opening for the Who around this time.


You are correct Robert !


Yes they did and they were great. I love the footage of them walking off(?) the stage. I saw that show and it was great. The Who were on fire that night. It was an amazing show with them playing under those gigantic WHO letters. How striking.


Saw them a few nights before Shea in Toronto. Was a great show. I’m surprised Athena is not in this set.

Ian Gilchrist

I saw the Toronto show as well… was that the one Joe Jackson opened (the Clash couldn’t as they had to honour a non -compete clause, if I’m recalling correctly)?

David Olstein

Odd. According to the Who Tour Archive, 5:15 was performed both nights at Shea, and the tracks that were performed on the first night but not the second were: My Generation, A Man is a Man, Athena and Magic Bus. Kind of lame that Eagle Rock didn’t include the first night performances of Athena and Magic Bus in the bonus features.


Sister Disco, awesome. Wish they’d do that these days. I know they did it in Australia in (I think) 2008/2009?

Roel Glas

You are correct Pim. Saw them in Perth, Western Australia. First time I heard Sister Disco and immediately went out an bought the album. Great track.