The Who / Live in Hyde Park 3LP vinyl

New coloured vinyl set of 2015 London concert

The Who Live in Hyde Park will be reissued as a coloured vinyl 3LP pressing, in June.

This is the band’s June 2015 London concert which saw them play in front of a 50,000 strong crowd. It was originally issued across a number of formats in November of that same year.

These triple vinyl package is in Mod-like red, white and blue coloured vinyl, although it’s worth noting that there is no DVD included with the vinyl this time around.

Nevertheless this is features a cracking, hit-packed setlist and is well-priced for a three-LP package.

The Who Live at Hyde Park will be released on coloured vinyl on 5 June 2020.

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LP 1

Side A

1) I Can’t Explain
2) The Seeker
3) Who Are You
4) The Kids Are Alright

Side B

1) Pictures Of Lily
2) I Can See For Miles
3) My Generation
4) Behind Blue Eyes

LP 2

Side C

1) Bargain
2) Join Together
3) You Better You Bet

Side D

1) I’m One
2) Love Reign O’er Me
3) Eminence Front

LP 3

Side E

1) Amazing Journey / Sparks
2) Pinball Wizard
3) See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You

Side F

1) Baba O’Riley
2) Won’t Get Fooled Again

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bruce S kelso

the WHO as a group should of stopped after keiths passing,they are now a brand not a band. why wont they start issuing archive live shows, I am sure the tape vaults are full of suprises.

Wayne Olsen

So, to summarize, the gig was brilliant and awful. Roger sounded great even though he has no voice. And somebody’s mad that they didn’t do “Athena.”
I definitely belong in this group.


One of these rare cases where colored vinyl does ‘make sense’ ;-)

paul wren

Two submissions here from people who attended the show – one thought it was great and one thought it was bad. Undoubtedly Daltrey’s live voice is past its best and why not given his age? One thing I do know is that we’ll miss them when they’re gone forever.

Jarmo Keranen

I don’t miss The Who without Keith Moon and John Entwhistle. I’m glad there’s a records and videos to listen and watch when they’re were young and in their prime!


I second Ian H’s comments. I was also there. Standing in a fantastic spot (and not VIP either!). Fantastic sound, fantastic crowd. Fantastic atmosphere. Fantastic line up of bands to prime us all up before the main event. All fantastic. (And my daughter successfully found me on the cover.) :)


Snap.. Superb day out…


wow i love it when colored vinyl matches the sleeve in a good way. i also love the Union Jack colors.


I’d still rather have SDE’s of the first three Entwhistle lps…

Jeff G.

Hmm, Amazon UK won’t ship this one to the US, and Townsend Music is charging £18/$22 shipping to the US. Hopefully this colored version will show up on a US site soon.


Jeff, I’ve noticed since the Covid19 that none of the Amazon countries are shipping to other countries. I also noticed that US isn’t shipping to Canada and i’ve purchased many albums from states in the past. So I am assuming this is a temporary situation.

Uncle Meat

The Who died with Keith Moon, in 1978.


According to this release, they did not. People die. Band members change all the time. The new Who album is fantastic. Rock is dead they say. Long live rock.

Tim Abbott

I saw The Who in Hyde Park nearly 24 years ago performing Quadrophenia and they seemed ancient then!

Love them to bits (far more than The Beatles or The Stones), but I can’t get excited about this. Roger Daltrey’s voice has got far better in recent years (as the new album demonstrates), but a live gig without their original rhythm section and a bunch of extra players isn’t going to challenge Live At Leeds as an essential live album.

Paul Taylor

Apologies if I’m telling you something you already know but there’s a credit on the new album for Roger Daltrey’s “voice production”.

Mark Wilson

Regarding the “voice production” credit on the new album, I think Roger recorded his vocals separately from the other sessions with a different producer, and that’s all it means. Believe I read it in an interview just before the album came out when he was asked how they conducted the sessions.

andrew R

Yes this is a weird one apparently Pete and Rog phone their bits in from separate studios and arrive separately for gigs and leave separately .There is no contact even interviews are done separately. Is it a band or simply a brand name ? I know the answer even though I wish I didn’t as they meant something to me way back .

Tim Abbott

The voice production thing is unusual, but Rog has had Billy Nichols as a vocal support for years (even back in 1996), and isn’t hiding it – just one of those things that happens as you get older, I suppose.

On a more positive note, I was at two of the recent Who acoustic gigs in Kingston, and despite reading the same reports about the pair of them doing everything separately and avoiding each other, they had a genuine rapport and camaraderie up on the tiny stage, interjecting into each others’ stories and lightly ribbing each other with good humour. The sets were an hour each, but they spent almost as much time chatting and telling stories as playing. I guess they just know how much they can tolerate each other after 55 years in each others’ pockets, and keep things on an even keel.

Matthew North

I was there and having seen the who about 20 times since 2004 this was the worst gig u had been to. It was too big , the crowed were awful the sound was poor and some of the bars were sponsored by stub hub. Thankfully the Albert Hall Tommy gig restored my faith in one of my favourite bands of all time.

Dave H

I was also there but fortunately I was in a good position sound wise. It seems to be a problem with large venues like Wembley Stadium where some people complain about the sound but for other its fine.
I was fortunate enough to get a ticket for the Kingston gig this year. A stripped back acoustic gig but enjoyed hearing Substitute with acoustic guitars rather than electric. There is some youtube footage around of the four shows.

John Barleycorn

Andrew R, I sadly have to agree. I had the two CD and DVD set and I sold it. It was really difficult listening and the crowd seemed really half hearted too. This is what happens when your ticket prices are so high (gold circle types who are there for the heritage) and Pete also says something like “you are a long way away but we will reach you” referencing the physical distance between band and audience. But the metaphor works too.


I have this on 2cd and dvd package. Its a great concert and the dvd is very well done. For myself Rogers voice isnt too bad. Townshends though is completely shot nowadays.

Ian Hartley

I was lucky enough to be at this concert. My Wife treated us to VIP tickets for my birthday. The line up on the main stage was; Gas Coombes; Johnny Marr; Kaiser Chiefs; Paul Weller; The Who. The sun was scorching, the beer was cold and everyone played an absolute blinder ! Possibly the best afternoon and evening I have ever had in London. I got the CD/DVD set as a memento and am very tempted by the vinyl which looks superb. The Who’s set is first class and recommended to anyone who is a fan- I know there are many Who live sets out there now, but this really is a late period classic ! Looking forward to the time when we can all see live music outdoors in the sunshine again. Stay safe and stay strong everyone.

andrew R

Nice package ,but is it me or is Rogers voice
well past its best? I find them virtually unlistenable
in this current form.


I was in the cheap ‘seats’ that day Ian, have seen the who many times before, I have to agree it was a top line up and a great day out :-)

Dave H

There isn’t many in their 70’s that can still sound as good as they did when they were in their 20’s. It just something you accept when you go to see these classic artists, it’s all about past reputation and past glories but knowing you’re seeing them in the flesh whether it’s Paul McCartney or Elton John, the voice may not be in its prime but it doesn’t matter.