The Who / My Generation super deluxe


Five-CD box delivers demos, mono mixes, new stereo mixes & more

The Who’s debut album My Generation will be reissued as a five-disc super deluxe edition box set in November and will feature a wealth of material, including unreleased songs, recently discovered album demos and new stereo mixes…

The set comprises five CDs, with the first disc featuring 2016 remastering of the original mono mix of the 1965 album. The second CD delivers a stereo remix which was created using new overdubs from Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. To ensure this was done  sympathetically, Pete used exactly the same guitars and amps as the original album and Roger used same type of microphone. Until now, these mixes have only been available via iTunes, so this box set is the physical debut of these mixes (which were created in 2014).

CDs three and four contain 44 bonus tracks in mono and stereo and between them include 27 previously unreleased alternate mixes and a further four that have only been available digitally.


The final fifth disc contains the demo recordings. Pete apparently discovered these demos in 2015 during a break in touring. These include three totally unreleased songs that The Who have never revisited: The Girls I Could Have Had, As Children We Grew and My Own Love.

Of these demos, Pete commented “Gathering these demos for this collection has been enjoyable; it’s wonderful for me to have these tapes made fifty-two years ago to listen to. I hope you enjoy them. They have a naiveté and innocence, a simplicity and directness, and an ingenuousness that reveals me as a young man struggling to keep up with the more mature and developed men around me. What an incredible group of strong, talented, young and engaging men they were!”

Who super deluxe editions always deliver excellent books and the 80-page tome that comes with this set looks to be no exception. It features the usual ‘rare’ photos and new notes from Pete Townshend and images of period memorabilia.

This 79-track super deluxe edition of My Generation will be released on 18 November 2016.


CD1: Original album (mono mixes)  

  1. Out In The Street
  2. I Don’t Mind
  3. The Good’s Gone
  4. La-La-La Lies
  5. Much Too Much
  6. My Generation
  7. The Kids Are Alright
  8. Please, Please, Please
  9. It’s Not True
  10. I’m A Man
  11. A Legal Matter
  12. The Ox
  • Originally released 1965
  • Re-mastered 2016

CD2: Original album (new stereo mixes)

  1. Out In The Street
  2. I Don’t Mind
  3. The Good’s Gone
  4. La-La-La Lies
  5. Much Too Much
  6. My Generation
  7. The Kids Are Alright
  8. Please, Please, Please
  9. It’s Not True
  10. I’m A Man
  11. A Legal Matter
  12. The Ox

Previously unreleased on CD or vinyl. Released on iTunes 2014.

Remixed by the band in 2014 – Pete used exactly the same guitars and amps as the original album, Roger used same type of microphone.

Recorded at Pete’s home studio and Yellowfish Studio.

CD3: Mono mixes – bonus tracks

  1. I Can’t Explain
  2. Bald Headed Woman
  3. Daddy Rolling Stone
  4. Leaving Here
  5. Lubie, Come Back Home
  6. Shout And Shimmy
  7. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
  8. Motoring
  9. Anytime You Want Me
  10. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
  11. Instant Party Mixture
  12. Circles
  13. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (French EP Mix)
  14. Out In the Street (Alt guitar break)
  15. Out In the Street (Alt early vocal)
  16. I Don’t Mind (Full Length)
  17. The Good’s Gone (Full Length)
  18. My Generation (Alt version)
  19. I’m A Man (V2 – Early vocal)
  20. Daddy Rolling Stone (alt. take)
  21. Lubie (Alt Mix)
  22. Shout And Shimmy (Alt mix)
  23. Circles (Alt Mix)
  •  Tracks 1–12 originally released 1965-1966. Reissued 2002.
  • Tracks 13-23 remixed in 2000, previously unreleased
  • Re-mastered 2016

CD4: Stereo mixes – bonus tracks

  1. Out In The Street (Alt – Take 1)
  2. I Don’t Mind (Full Length Version)
  3. The Good’s Gone (Full Length Version)
  4. My Generation (Instrumental Version)
  5. The Kids Are Alright (Alt – Take 1)
  6. I Can’t Explain
  7. Bald Headed Woman
  8. Daddy Rolling Stone
  9. Daddy Rolling Stone (Alt version)
  10. Leaving Here
  11. Lubie, Come Back Home
  12. Shout And Shimmy
  13. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
  14. Motoring
  15. Anytime You Want Me
  16. Instant Party Mixture
  17. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
  18. Circles (New Mix)
  19. Daddy Rolling Stone (Alt Take B – New Mix)
  20. Out In The Street (Alt Take 2)
  21. I’m A Man (Alt – New Mix)
  • Tracks 1-17 previously unreleased on CD or vinyl. Released on iTunes 2014.
  • Tracks 18-21 previously unreleased.
  • Re-mastered 2016

CD5: The Demos

  1. My Generation (V 3)
  2. My Generation (V 2 – fragment)
  3. The Girls I Could’ve Had
  4. It’s Not True
  5. As Children We Grew
  6. Legal Matter
  7. Sunrise (V 1)
  8. Much Too Much
  9. My Own Love
  10. La-La-La- Lies
  11. The Good’s Gone

CD5: The Demos  

  • Track 1 previously released as 45 rpm flexi-disc with ‘Maximum R&B’ book (re-mastered 2016)
  • Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, & 11 previously unreleased demo versions
  • Tracks 3, 5, & 9 previously unreleased songs – ‘The Girls I Could Have Had’, ‘As Children We Grew’, ‘My Own Love’
  • Track 10 previously released on ‘Scoop’ (re-mastered 2016)

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Steven Morgan

Down to £44.99 on Amazon.co.uk attime of writing.

Dean T

Another high quilaty set by the Who…fabulous book and presentation…sits well with the others and hope to see more like it (who sell out …who’s next..) well worth the Black Friday price paid so thank you Paul.


Anyone suspect this may go back to December 9th? That’s what Amazon.com are showing and they are usually ahead of the game updating dates, unless the US release is later than the UK.


I was wrong, it did come out and is excellent. The best surprise is the Pete Townshend demo disc which plays like a great long lost album


The Who Polydor Singles 1975-2015 (Vinyl) is reduced to £70 today on Amazon UK, still expensive but a it was £108. Hopefully part of a lot more deluxe edition price reductions over the next few days.


You guys know quit a lot, I am truly thankful to your sharing in this comment. I will seek this out.


Roger may well be using the same microphone to record these overdubs, but he won’t be using the same vocal chords. Maybe I’m being pernickety, but I wouldn’t be able to comfortably listen to – let alone buy a new stereo version knowing that it had received a post-hoc brush-up half a century later. 51 years in a person’s life is so big a gap that it would be as authentic to get his milkman to do it and then turn up the autotune.

I lost a lot of my regard for “Live at Leeds” when it became clear after it’s superdeluxification that pretty much half of the original album was recorded at Hull.

Same with the Stones and Springsteen reduxes; Ignorance is bliss. If you have to do these things to make them releasable, I’d sooner be cheated.

Nick R

Agreed. To what end are new overdubs necessary?


I would appreciate it very much if “The Who – Live at Royal Albert Hall 2000” finally appear on Blu Ray too. This Concert deserves it. I think excellent source material for HD should exist. Is there a Chance….?


I would appreciate it very much if “The Who & Special Guests – Live at Royal Albert Hall 2000” finally appear on Blu Ray too. This concert deserved it. I think excellent good source material for HD should exist. Is there a Chance ….?


how does it compare to the japan “collectors set” issued a while back?

Dean T

Be quick … At the moment Amazon uk have the yet to be released 2lp live at Leeds for £12.99.
Out in November I do believe.

Dean T

Please bare in mind the two lp set is the stereo album and the three lp set the mono album,also the two lp set is a web exclusive .Both are a good price,I will be ordering the mono set for sure and will think about the stero set or the super deluxe .That book looks mighty tempting .


Didn’t know that. Thanks Dean for the heads up regarding the mono and stereo versions. I will go for the mono too.


Wonderful release this one! I have the Tommy and Leeds box. Still waiting for Quadrophenia price to drop. Not so sure about Disc 2 here. Roger and Pete overdubbing the old Who! Certainly interesting idea, but maybe a blow for purists. I have a rather old and beaten US vinyl of My Generation. Too much distortion and needle skipping already. Might be time to update. Paul, do you know if there’s going to be a “poor man’s” version of this release? Thanks!

Philip Cohen

The main audible overdubs in the 2014 mix are:
The guitar solo on “My Generation”
The tambourine on “Can’t Explain”
A brief, 1 to 2 second vocal overdub(immediately before the start of the instrumental section) on “La La La Lies”

Everybody: Don’t panic over the reported overdubbing on the 2014 remix. It sounds great and has much better stereo separation than the 2002 mix.

Dave H

It also replaces Shel Talmy’s clean and bright sounding CD with a sound more reminiscent to the original release.


pr-order the 3 LP set for the same price as the double LP at sound of vinyl £21.99 – sorted :)


I was never happy with the pseudo deluxe treatment from 2002 and would be glad to upgrade it. This seems a tad excessive though! I’m sure you could wack all of this on a double disc! Sure it’ll have an ace booklet ,beautiful packaging and all but….l’ll probably buy it though.


I sure hope some re-release in the future has these with plastic c.d. cases. Cardboard slipcases and digi-packaging are the WORST!! They cannot be used ONE time without them getting wear and tear on them! This is intentional “planned obsolesce”!


Why oh why does Queen Productions does not treat their albums like this? All we get is shit. The Who knows how to do a super deluxe set.

Philip Cohen

Despite the fact that Queen had four songwriters, it was generally decided (at the rehearsal room) what songs to bring into the studio. The extreme re-construction methods used on the posthumous “Made in Heaven” album(which includes creating new “rock” backing tracks for 2 songs from Freddie Mercury’s disco-flavoured solo album “Mr.Bad Guy”) suggests that the group doesn’t have much unreleased material.
There are some more songs from the “Hot Space” sessions, they’ve got good vocals from Freddie Mercury, and they’ve appeared unofficially. No doubt, Brian May & Roger Taylor will finish them for some future project.
Quuen(and producer Mack) recorded at least 10 songs in 1979, but the group released a live album that year, so they opted not to release a studio album that year. Then, in 1980, Queen and Mack recorded at least 10 more songs. So, then Queen released a 10-song album “The Game” and a non-L.P. B-side. Most of the remaining songs were later used on “A Kind of Magic” & “Made in Heaven”, hence the occasional production or co-production credit for Mack, long after he stopped working with the group.
In short, the group doesn’t have many more unreleased songs.


You gotta laugh at Amazon’s continued piss poor Product Details and Tracklisting section. This is never the fault of the contributor but Amazon’s erratic html script. You never know how it is going to come out.

Thank the stars for SDE’s extended info.

Dean T

Just been over to What Records to price this up and it would seem there is going to be a 3 lp set released in February next year .has a good track listing ,if you like vinyl check it out ,


Substitute stereo mix?

Philip Cohen

A stereo mix of “Substitute” is unlikely. That song and “version 2” of “Circles” were recorded at Olympic Studios when that studio only had 2-track. It is not known whether Olympic used that 2-track as a multitrack, or for “Sound on Sound” (dubbing back and forth between the two tracks to build up overdubs).

I’m aware that WHO historian Rich “White Fang” Weiner claims to hold a tape of a stereo mix of “Substitute”, but the excerpt I’ve heard suggests that it has the original mono mix on one channel, and some later (years later) added parts on the other channel, I.E. that it was created by methods similar to the ones used to create the stereo version of the Beach Boys song “The Lonely Sea”. In that song, the background vocals(on the right channel) were a later addition. The original recording is on the left channel.


Phil, you indicate Olympic only had 2-track capability at the time, but my understanding is they had a 4-track machine. Where did you hear they only had 2-track?

Mark Novak

I’m not sure I want Townshend “fixing” “A Quick One” with the “same” instruments to make it sound thicker.

Philip Cohen

Pete Townshend once explained the group’s early “tinny” sound, saying that the kids in England had poor “tinny” sounding phonographs. He said “We made them tinny to sound tinny. If you made(the recordings) Hifi to sound tinny, you were wasting your time”. As poor as the sound is on the album “A Quick One”, and the singles from that period, it is what The Who and producer Kit Lambert intended.


That’s how it should be. No overlap of titles as the Stones mono box, no DVD or blue ray that no one wants both. Just simple 5 different CDS. Well done, and now for a decent sounding A Quick One.


Point taken re the small amount of High Numbers tracks but I still think whatever’s available should have been included here. (Not sure I agree about them being a separate group though)


The mono single cd remaster was only £5.99 a few years back


I’m waiting for an improved remastered edition of “A Quick One”. The 1995 edition sounds very thin!

Philip Cohen

“A Quick One” was poorly recorded. It always sounds thin, even on the Japanese 2-disc SHM-CD….and also on the 96Khz/24-bit download.


Never heard a decent version of AQO


Thirty six years on from buying the excellent Who Phases vinyl box (it included MG) for about £30, here I am again buying MG for the umpteenth time in what looks like an excellent package. The coincidence is that I also got a Stones Decca albums box a couple of years later that was quite cheaply produced in comparison. Back then box sets were few and far between. So in a couple of months the same two bands have done the same(ish) thing all over again.

David M

I think I got the Velvet Underground 3rd album box set for about 40 pounds. That also had some duplication and the book was nothing special. However it did contain quite a lot of stuff I hadn’t heard over the 6 CDs. This is priced too high for actually a pretty average album with loads of stuff that we have heard before.


Problem is people keep buying these box sets at extortionate prices which encourages other bands to jump on the bandwagon i.e The Human League in particular. It doesn’t help either that whoever sets the prices on Amazon seems to be on waccy baccy or something most of the time.

Nicholas Love

I have the 2002 deluxe edition and I would much prefer to listen to the sometimes incomplete stereo mixes on that set rather than the ‘tinkered with’ versions on this set. I bet no one expected to listen to a 70 year old man add parts to a song that said “I hope I die before I get old” 51 years ago. The only thing I’m interested in is getting a decent mono remaster, does anyone know what would be the best mono remaster I could get without dropping $100 on this set?


@Nicholas: I believe you can find the Classic Records early 2000s vinyl reissue for a reasonable price. Certainly under $100. It’s quite good!


They released a single cd mono remaster a few years back for a fiver

Martin Maslowski

Forget it. It’s said to have bad mastering, cheap packaging IIRC it was exclusive to the UK, Holland and Japan, it had NO bonus material AT ALL to fill the 80 mins of music on the CD. No properly mastered stereo version of the album or issue it with the 2002 remaster, I’d be more forgiving towards that cheapo release. Download the mono version thru iTunes plus and/or HDTracks, you’ll thank me letter, or get a somewhat clean Virgin 80s re-issued Vinyl. Just IMO.
-Martin “big Who fan”

Martin Maslowski

You like to download or have a decent Record Player? You’d have to download it through iTunes or go more for HDTracks and Pono in higher quality, better quality under 100 with bonus material which is included on all releases, except the “awful, to-be-avoided like the plaque” 2012 UK/Holland/Japan Single Disc master with no bonus material and bad packaging IIRC. Your choice?

Ditto for buying a somewhat clean VG cheap Virgin 1980 vinyl version of “My Generation”, which I have not heard, but do have to wonder if Rich Werner “WhiteFang” of thewho.info is right in that it IS the best vinyl with the mono mix.
When it comes to downloading or owning raw w/o the guitar/tambourine/handclaps version of Who Stereo mixes without “proper overdubs”, I and others like that other stereo “I Can’t Explain that’s only on the 2002 Deluxe, 2008 My Generation Mono/Stereo Japan Box (very loud, high price) and the 2012 (little loud, but decent if expensive) My Generation Mono/Stereo set with bonus material from Japan. Forget any stereo versions of “My Generation” and “A Legal Matter”, just IMO.
-Martin “big Who fan”

Paul E.

@Martin…about PONO, the music store is no longer selling music. Just the Toblerone shaped thing to play music. Neil sends his apologies I’m sure and still supports the format wholeheartedly.


i just grabbed it for £62.56 shipped to the US, about $80 USD


The High Numbers were technically a separate group. Unsure but maybe some type of licensing block it from being included – or Pete has some plans for them.
Just checked the US link. Now gone up to $170 at this time.
For 5 CDs? No thanks.


Gisabun – Don’t despair ! If you order it from amazon.uk for shipment to the USA it will run you about 65 quid or $80 at the current exchange rate of 1.22

Being a POF (See The Times this morning), I am all over this and the order is in


Ha Ha meant to say BOF not POF – proof indeed of my aged status

Let me tell you about when I saw them at the Oval in 71 , blah blah blah


I considered £75 to be a bit steep and thinking about it I still do. The problem is, is this a limited run? Could be due to the high number of unsold box`s that are still on the market – `Tommy Super Deluxe` for £35-40 anyone? If I was in charge*** at UMC it would definitely be limited, the number depending on previous sales.

I pre-ordered this, depending on the content, could they not have put more on the CD`s, BBC sessions etc? I probably will buy this, you lot know what it`s like!

***I would ensure that all reissues, box sets would be high in quality re: Jethro Tull, XTC, Yes and reasonably priced but I`m not and we`ll continue to be screwed, Amen.


Hi Paul
Do you have many more info on the Live at Leeds (Half Speed)…It’s due in a week, but there doesn’t seem to have been much advance news.. Cheers.

Philip Cohen

And how much “High Numbers” studio music do you think there is? Only three songs were recorded at The High Numbers’ sessions(at Philips Studio) for Fontana Records. These 3 songs(“I’m The Face”, “Zoot suit” & “Here ‘Tis”) have all appeared on the “30 Years of Maximum R&B” boxed set. Contrary to a liner notes error in the booklet for that boxed set, the group did NOT record a version of “Leaving Here” at the Fontana sessions.(the version of “Leaving Here” in that boxed set is a slightly different alternate vocal take of the Shel Talmy production recorded that the “My Generation” album sessions at IBC Studios).
As for other pre-Brunswick recordings, two songs survived(via acetate) from the group’s audition for Pye Records. Those two tracks(versions of “Baby don’t You Do It” & “Leaving Here”) were released on the expanded edition of “Odds & Sods”.
As for the group’s failed audition for EMI, producer John Burgess said that he’s fairly certain that the tapes were erased and re-used following EMI’s decision to not sign the group. A group of backing track-only demos was bootlegged a few years ago, and some fans have speculated that they MAY be from the EMI audition. But then again, maybe they aren’t.
And as for the two songs(“It Was You” & one other song) that Pete, Roger, John & early drummer Doug Sandom(sometimes spelled “Sanden”) recorded at a home studio owned by friends of Townshend’s parents, the tapes have never been found. The group “The Natrurals” who covered “It Was you” may well have learned the song from a Townshend solo demo or from sheet music.
And, by the way, the 2014 stereo remix of the “My Generation” sessions was also offered on 96Khz/24-bit download. Don’t worry about the 2014 overdubs. The only noticeable ones are the lead guitar on “My Generation” & the tambourine on “Can’t Explain”. Those re-recorded parts were neccessary, because of live-during mixdown overdubs on the original mono mixes. if you want to hear stereo remixes without the 2014 overdubs, you can hear them in the stereo mixes on the 2002 “My Generation(Deluxe Edition)” 2-CD set.
I’ve got the 96Khz/24-bit download of the 2014 stereo mixes. Believe me: they are a dramatic improvement over the 2002 mixes.

Martin Maslowski

Hi Mr. Philip Cohen, thank you for all your hard work for ICE Magazine, a fascinating line of magazine issues I wish I had gotten physical copies of (I have only heard about through Steve Hoffman’s and Rich Werner’s thewho.info, uh, reading excerpts from the magazine) and your work on the Yardbirds, Small Faces, Humble Pie box sets. I also saw you promoting a CDs of the Pete Townshend “Lifehouse Chronicles” of Demos on one of your older sites, and have to ask if you are involved in the compilation, the mastering of this box, which I may want to purchase, seeing the other box of similar material, that Japanese 2012 box of Mono/Stereo My Generation is OOP and Pricey. While you and Pete have some fascinating alternative versions of My Generation/My Generation session early ’65 to I guess early ’66 tracks and demos.

I have to ask why you couldn’t press Pete and I assume Jon Astley who was involved in previous masterings of The Who’s work since ’94 for the Maximum R&B box, why while I feel it’s no skin off my nose that the stereo version “I’m The Face” and I guess the original mono is a fold down, correct? Mono version of “Zoot Suit” are not included which can be purchased on the in-print iterations thru download/CD of “The Who 50” compilation and HDTracks ’14 Master of “Odds and Sods (Expanded)” Why maybe a new (without No Noise, which I heard was applied to the old ’94 Master on the R&B Boxset from 1994) for the stereo “Here Tis” and I would have loved a No Noised version of the stereo mix of “Zoot Suit” could not be included aside from obviously not being part of the sessions despite the fact there’s a demand for more possible High Numbers material like the stereo versions of the ’64 sessions as well I guess un-satisfactory, soon to be released (?) High Numbers performance at the Marquee Club in ’64 (the possible October 20th, 1964 show) that was recorded with a somewhat decent soundboard of “Gotta Dance Just To Keep From Crying”, “Young Man Blues”, “Green Onions” and other covers/instrumental jams.

Why the other 2002 released versions of the raw without handclaps/tamborine/guitar overdubs version, which some (like myself) actually loved, of the stereo “I Can’t Explain” with decent quieter mastering, easy on the ears masterings of the Pye Records acetate recordings of “Leaving Here” and “Baby Don’t You Do It” (Jon’s previous attempts to master the recordings were alright, just LOUD!) Alternate released 2002 stereo instrumental of “My Generation” recorded the same time as the master mono track that’s only exclusive to the My Generation 2002, 2008 and 2012 re-releases of the album, The Who’s re-recorded without Shel Talmy produced version of “Circles” which was a B-side to “Substitute” in some territories, the alternate US version of Substitute” (I know the previous two tracks mentioned where recorded in early ’66, but I liked when for the Sell Out remaster in 1995, they included early ’68 tracks like “Melancholia” to fill space and go by “School years” including music from summer or Spring of say ’65 to Fall ’65 to June ’66, if you get my drift) are unfortunately not included, at least to, you know fill space.

Where are the properly mastered Townshend demos of “Call Me Lightning”, “Things Have Changed”, “The Kids Are Alright” from the Scoop series, the 2 demos of “My Generation” (one shows up on the 1982 Maximum R&B flexidisc bonus for the book of the same name), acetate of demo “Do The Strip”, “It’s Not True”, “La-La-La Lies/ Instant Party (i.e. “Party and Lies”), and nicely, BETTER masterings of their BBC sessions from ’65 were not included either to fill space. Could you please, if you are allowed to, hint that much more is coming, I heard Townshend and The Who’s catalog of music will be re-issued with new masterings in the future, heck the former was supposed to come out this year ON DISC. You know more about this? Just curious, thank you.

P.S. Sorry, I got another quip with the box, how come no DVD or Blu Ray with 96/24 masterings of all the audio with the “I Can’t Explain”, “The Kids Are Alirght” promos, their TV appearances on Ready, Steady, Go! – July ’65, Shindig – Aug ’65, the filming of their FULL appearance of at the Richmond Jazz Festival August 6th, 1965 (does their survive a much LONGER print of the band doing their cover of “Shout and Shimmy” which IIRC from Brian Cady’s Who “internet liner notes” for TKAA, indicate the track went on for 3-5 more minutes than the 2 mins included in the film?), “A Whole Scene Going” episode from January 5, ’66, the French – Music Hall de France, Issy-les-Moulineaux show/concert/performance from March 31st, 1966 and the “Popside” Swedish TV performance show from June 3, ’66 and the “Take Thirty in London” Canada TV Clip Of “My Generation” July 9, 1966.

Where all not included or/are to be restored aside from the two previous promo films for “Can’t Explain” and “TKAA”, or are their rights issues, Pete, Astley, yourself and the label didn’t want to deal with. Only curious; I like that unearthed Pete demos are included, properly mastered mixed stereo and mono Generation album and unreleased/single-only sessions tracks are included, the box, rare photos and respect are all welcomed, but I feel I maybe too spoiled with the other British band’s big box with CDs AND Blu-Rays of all sorts of goodies, the “Early Pink Floyd” one. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing what you know, clearing about what happened to the other High Numbers early ’65 Who recordings, Mr. Philip Cohen.
-Martin, “big Who fan”

Philip Cohen

Wow, you have a lot of questions to answer! I did indeed compile boxed sets by Small Faces, Humble pie & The Yardbirds. I have never been involved in any WHO or Pete Townshend CD release, though I did briefly chat with Jon Astley by telephone in the 1990’s.(Astley was understandably unaware that there were stereo versions of most of the songs from The WHO’s 2nd album “A Quick One”, since the original 1966 Uk vinyl release was mono-only.)
The original 1964 mono single versions of “Zoot Suit” & “I’m The Face” were not fold-d0wns. The stereo mixes were done later. “I’m The Face” was mixed for stereo in 1974(for the rarities collection “Odds & Sods”). “Zoot Suit” appeared in stereo in the 1994 boxed set “30 Years of Maximum R&B”, and was likely mixed for stereo at that time.
Jon Astley made plenty of mistakes(specifically the use of incorrect takes) during his tenure as The Who’s compiler, but the only one of his efforts that was (Glaringly) a “loudness wars” effort was the corrected 1995 stereo CD of “A Quick One”(corrected after I and WHO historian/memorabilia collector Rich “White Fang” Weiner made Astley aware that he had released the CD of “A Quick One” in needless mono. All of the songs from the UK track line-up except “See My Way” exist in true stereo.)
I’m aware of some criticisms of the disc of Pete Townshend demos to be included in the 5-CD “My Generation” box, but some of the seloections that people are clamoring for actually belong to the “A Quick One” period.(they date to the time after the group parted ways with producer Shel Talmy). The split with Talmy was quite costly for the group. He had signed the group to a 5-year contract in 1966. In the end, he gets half the artist royalties (to this day) on all WHO albums up through and including “Live at Leeds”.
Collections of video material have been problematic for The Who. When the “Who’s Better, Who’s Best” video collection appeared on DVD & “30 Years of Maximum R&B” video collection appeared on DVD for the second time, the contents had to be changed, with songs that had appeared on the VHS & Laserdisc editions omitted due to licensing problems. Replacement selections were added, but the DVD releases were highly unsatisfactory. Yes, I know that the first DVD edition of “30 Years of Maximum R&B” did contain the original contents complete. It also had video “blocking” artifacts from very poor MPEG encoding. I held onto my 2-Laserdisc set and transfered it to DVD-R.
As superb as Pink Floyd’s “The Early Years” will undoubtedly be, I’m still quite disappointed that one day after the set was anounced, the originally scheduled 5.1 surround mixes of “Meddle” & “Obscured By Clouds” were dropped from the project, apparently due to internal band politics(reportedly a dispute over whether David Gilmour’s prefered surround remixer Andy Jackson or Roger Waters’ prefered surround remixer James Guthrie had the “right” to remix 1970’s Pink Floyd recordings. Jackson did the mixes, and it is rumoured that Guthrie and Waters complained….hence we may never hear those two albums in 5.1 surround). Granted, Pink Floyd,lowered the price of the box (from $700 US to $550 US), but I wanted the surround mixes in my collection.
As for The WHO’s BBC sessions, better sounding sources for many of the songs were later found. Perhaps in the future, we’ll get an upgraded WHO BBC collection. It is being considered.

Martin Maslowski

Hi Mr. Philip Cohen, thank you for reading all of what I had to say, answering my questions and responding back. There is so much that I didn’t know until now, aside from murmers on various messageboards and magazine, thank you for the insight. Yes, I am I fan of Floyd also and will *try* to get over the lack of inclusion of 5.1 surround mixes of “Meddle” and “Obscured By Clouds”. Glad to know better sounding sources survive of the BBC Material, hoping Townshend and I assume Astley who is still working on these releases works on these the best they and others can, as well as maybe a nice in-print properly mastered version of “A Quick One” in stereo with the mono mixes like the out of print (On CD) Mono Mixes of “Whiskey Man” and a nice sounding stereo “So Sad About Us”. Am fine that US Single Version of Substitute and the re-recording of “Circles” showing up in the future or at least an explanation of why they weren’t included, just love to have properly mastered versions of the tracks on CD.

Shame that licensing issues, take it the visual video/film inclusion “Clearance issues”, licensing issues involving money, rights, etc. are why they weren’t not included, hope the future provides Who fans with a much better prospect if they are ever resolved and the surviving films are properly stored or issued whether on DVD, streaming (yeah, I know, but maybe things may look *worse* in much higher def if there isn’t much money to put into it) or Blu Ray, like with the new “The Beatles 1” sets.
Oh, and the Early Years is a excellent box, not fantastic seeing there’s no new Stereo master of “Apples And Oranges” (which I and others loved) and proper transfers from surviving tapes to mono, not stereo of the mono mixes of “Piper”. Keep up the good work and again, thank you. Glad you had the time to respond back.
-Martin “big Who fan”

Philip Cohen

The U.S. ATCO single version of “Substitute”(where the line “I Look all white, but my dad was black” is replaced by “I try walking forward, but my feet walk back”) has appeared on the bonus (3rd) disc included with some copies of “The Who-The Ultimate Collection”, and also in the Japanese 2-SHM-CD set “A Quick One:For Collectors Only”.

Version 2 of “Circles” has appeared on the rarities collection “Two’s Missing”(MCA), and also on the UK CD “Rarities 1966-1972 Vols. 1 & 2″(Polydor) and on the Japan 2-SHM-CD set “A Quick One:For Collectors Only”

The stereo mix of PInk Floyd’s “Apples and Oranges” was included in the 3-disc edition of “Piper At The Gates of Dawn” released by EMI about 5 or 6 years ago.


And no marbles.


Nice, but I’m still waiting for the deluxe box set treatment of “Who’s next”.

Philip Cohen

A “Who’s Next” boxed set is unlikely, because the 16-track tapes for half of the album are missing.



Dave H

If the multi track tapes were around, I’m sure Pete Townshend would have definitely produced at 5.1 mix of the album.


Absence of multitracks shouldn’t be a box set showstopper, should it?


Hi Phil, I read an article of yours somewhere about your views on the small faces ‘Autumn Stone’ where you say Rob Caiger hadnt handed anything in to Charley Records for 2 years etc. i can tell you thats untrue so not sure where you got your info from? I received quite a few items from Charley Records only this week, one which was a Small Faces release plus 3 more vinyls that included Small Faces, PP Arnold etc and ALL where projects of Rob Caiger. I run the Official Steve Marriott Fan Club and also PP Arnolds fan club along with a Small Faces fan page so im involved with Universal Records, Cherry red and Charley and I can assure you Rob is doing his best to get the Autumn Stone released, its just needs Decca to pull their fingers out. Cheers … Mick


Its a shame that this is going to get lost in teh mutitude of high Quality reeleases happening this christmas, ordinarily this would be an autobuy but this year


How does everyone all evaluate this?

If each CD was to be sold separately, no artwork, would you give rate it £6/£7 each? And the 80-page book… what would that be in the shops if sold separately… £10? £15? So you could argue that the value is £7 x 5 + £15 = £50. Chuck in an extra £5 for the generally perfunctory memorabilia and that makes £55.

It’s only MY guide I know but you do need some yardstick by which to measure the value of the entire box and by mine it is about £20 too high at current Amazon UK cost of £75.


Since when is “reasonable” a word used on this site? ;-))

Dave H

As it happens, the first of the super deluxe box sets from this current run “Live at Leeds” is the hard one to find at a reasonable price. At the time of its release, it was the only place to find “Live at Hull”
It didn’t take long for this to be out of print. I have no idea if less copies were produced compared to “Tommy” and “Quadrophenia” but the other two are still easy to find at retailers.
So £75 now seems reasonable compared to the prices you’ll find for “Live at Leeds” super deluxe box sets.

Ian B

About ten years ago, I bought ‘The Lifehouse Chronicles’ from Pete’s now defunct website. Six CDs in cardboard sleeves, an informative (paperback) book, all held in a heavy cardboard fold-out sleeve and contained in a thin cardboard slipcase. Cost me about £50, as far as I can remember. Taking inflation into account, £75 doesn’t seem that much for this set. Plus, once these things go out of print, they’re potentially worth a fortune. I’ve seen the Lifehouse set up on eBay for £1,000 plus. I don’t tend to buy stuff as an investment, I buy it to listen to, but it could be an added incentive to those who want this, but think it’s overpriced. Just wait about five years and then it really will be.

Having said all that, I won’t be buying it, I’m just not interested enough in the extra content over the Deluxe edition of it I already own. It’s like the Superdeluxe edition of ‘Tommy’ they brought out. I’ve already got the 80s double CD release, the single disc remix/remaster from 1998, the SACD double from 2004 (“BONE!”), plus the live versions on Leeds, Hull, and Isle of Wight. Enough, already. I don’t need any more.

To those that do, fill yer boots. I’m sure those five discs will be jam packed with basic Shepherd’s Bush entertainment.


The non inclusion of the High Numbers tracks is baffling and a possible deal breaker for me.


Not a deal breaker for but SMH over the non-inclusion :-O