The Who / Polydor Singles 1975-2015 / seven-inch box set


Universal Music will issue The Polydor Singles 1975-2015 in May, which is the final set in their four volumes of classic Who singles…

To date we have had boxes celebrating singles on the Brunswick, Reaction, and Track labels and this new set will contain 15 seven-inch singles released in the band’s Polydor Records era, which spans 30 years (1975-2015).

As well as familiar hits such as Squeeze Box, Who Are You and You Better You Bet, this contains a seven-inch of Eminence Front which was scheduled for release in the UK (with sleeves printed) but never issued.

As with previous boxes, the records are pressed on heavyweight vinyl with card picture sleeves (where applicable) reproducing the period graphics front and back. The vinyl is housed in a rigid ‘lid-and-tray’ outer box and this comes with a 20-page colour booklet with liner notes about each release and period memorabilia.

The Polydor Singles 1975-2015 will be released on 6 May 2016.


1. ‘Listening To You/See Me, Feel Me’ b/w ‘Overture’
2. ‘Squeeze Box’ b/w ‘Success Story’
3. ‘Who Are You’ b/w ‘Had Enough’
4. ‘Long Live Rock’ b/w ‘I’m the Face’, ‘My Wife’ (live)
5. ‘5.15’ b/w ‘I’m One’.
6. ‘You Better You Bet’ b/w ‘The Quiet One’
7. ‘Don’t Let Go The Coat’ b/w ‘You’
8. ‘Athena’ b/w ‘A Man Is A Man’
9. ‘Eminence Front’ b/w ‘It’s Your Turn’ (This single was scheduled for release in the UK. Sleeves were printed but it was never released. It was to have been Who 7.)
10. ‘Twist and Shout’ b/w ‘I Can’t Explain’ (Both live)
11. ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again / Bony Maronie’ (Live at Young Vic)
12. ‘Join Together’ b/w ‘I Can See For Miles’ and ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ (All three tracks live from 1989 US tour)
13. ‘Real Good-Looking Boy’ b/w ‘Old Red Wine’
14. WIRE & GLASS (EP) ‘Sound Round’, Pick Up The Peace’, Endless Wire’, We Got A Hit’, ‘They Made My Dream Come True’, ‘Mirror Door’. Polydor 1702801. Released 24 July 2006
15. ‘Be Lucky’ b/w ‘I Can’t Explain’ (remixed)

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Jimmy King

I never understood this type of release. It simply defies the advantage of CD media. I would much prefer a two disc set containing the singles with all the bells and whistles the packaging and artwork could muster. A pirate release appeared in 2001 entitled “Instant Party ” which accomplished this more economic idea.


they should have let a blank space for “be lucky” and drop 8€ from the price :-(


It’s actually 40 years, Paul, not 30


Obviously done to bring the story up to date, but cheating quite a bit here – “Twist And Shout” originally came out on MCA, and “Join Together” on Virgin. And disc 1 is, technically, a Daltrey/Townshend solo single. Just saying.

Vinny Marino

Jon Astley absolutely ruined what could have been a great series. The sound is awful on the first two boxes, and I expect that will be the case for this one. HE SUCK, PETE! Let a real musical engineer do the remasters.


Wire And Glass was originally on CDS and 1-sided 12″ only, I believe. So this will be the first time on 7″, presumably with the 11 minute suite broken into 2 sections.

Simon F

The “Rubbish Years” . Sorry, but true.


Rubbish? No.

I loved Face Dances and quite a bit of It’s Hard is good too (“Cry If You Want” and “Eminence Front” are among the band’s best moments).

Endless Wire was garbage, but that’s it.

“Be Lucky” was a rather good Who song as was “Real Good Looking Boy”.

Tim Barton

Looks like a nice set!


Well,I obtained the preceding three box sets when they were released.
Even then I thought that price-wise they were too expensive,and sound-wise just average.
I sold all three of them at Ebay for an acceptable price.
Now the price has gone up again,at least in comparison with the Track box which contained exactly the same number of discs as this new one.

No,I’ll pass this time mumbling “Won’t get fooled again”.