The Who to issue ‘Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ on various formats

The Who‘s performed their rock opera Tommy – live and in its entirety, for the first time – back in April this year, at the Royal Albert Hall. That concert is being issued on DVD and blu-ray with the audio available on CD and vinyl packages.

The performance of the 1969 album was in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have supported for a very long time. The band have performed Tommy in the past, but crucially they always dropped a handful of tracks. This time it was different and the whole album was performed – and enhanced by specially created animations. After the performance, the band (inevitably) treated the audience to a short set of Who classics!

The audio from this special occasion is being issued on two-CD and three-LP vinyl, while the entire concert is being issued on blu-ray and DVD. Interestingly, there are no audio/video ‘bundles’ or deluxe editions.

Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall is being released on 16 October 2017. Expect the inflated Amazon UK price for the 3LP vinyl to drop in line with other vendors soon.

2CD and 3LP track listing
1) Introduction
2) Overture
3) It’s A Boy
4) 1921
5) Amazing Journey
6) Sparks
7) Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
8) Christmas
9) Cousin Kevin
10) The Acid Queen
11) Do You Think It’s Alright?
12) Fiddle About
13) Pinball Wizard
14) There’s A Doctor
15) Go To The Mirror!
16) Tommy Can You Hear Me?
17) Smash The Mirror
18) Underture
19) I’m Free
20) Miracle Cure
21) Sensation
22) Sally Simpson
23) Welcome
24) Tommy’s Holiday Camp
25) We’re Not Gonna Take It
26) I Can’t Explain
27) Join Together
28) I Can See For Miles
29) Who Are You
30) Love, Reign O’er Me
31) Baba O’Reilly
32) Won’t Get Fooled Again

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James King

As for live Tommy I enjoy Leeds Complete, Hull, The Woodstock soundboard. For visuals I love Tanglewood from July 7, 1970 on DVD. Plenty of partial soundboards as well for Tommy , DC and Philly ’69 as well as Ottawa . For a shot of live Quadrophenia you can’t beat the 1973 gigs from Philadelphia and Largo. I guess I’m partial to the original lineup at their apex. The greatest band in the world playing some of the 20th century’s greatest music.


Does anyone know if the new Geffen reissue of Live at Leeds with the original track listing retains the crackling noises (for those of us who didn’t die before we got old, we remember, “Crackling Noises O.K. Do Not Correct!”), and all the packaging extras? Growing up listening to the original made the removal of the crackles almost an obscenity.

Ron Hatchell

I am looking forward to the “Who’s Next” tour (which I have no idea if we will ever get one) that will include the entire album (my favorite of theirs) PLUS other songs Pete wanted for the Lifehouse project (“Join Together”, “Long Live Rock”, etc.). THAT is one that I will get excited about.

But, still, a concert of the entire “Tommy” album coming out now is better than not at all. Some fans will enjoy it. Also, many fans want any new material, so this is better than nothing.


Hi. Has anybody found out WHY Amazon isn’t allowing the CD and Vinyl to be sent to Australia. This is SO strange.

James King

As a die hard WHO fan I would love to have a box set celebrating their June 1970 Tommy shows at The Met. I was visiting NYC from Philadelphia during that week with my parents as an eight year old and had no idea about The Who. It was a few years later that I finally got hold of Tommy and realized what the fuss was about. For me , that would be a wonderful release. It seems today that if a performance does not have a corresponding video , it’s a no go. Sad.

Chris H

I would like to see a”Lifehouse ” reconstruction similar to what the Beach Boys released with “the Smile Sessions”.,plus a rarities release with the correct single mixes if “Instant Party’,
“5:15” from 1973,
and the US single edit of “The Real Me”.

Peter Muscutt

Chris H – I think Pete Townshend did as complete a ‘Lifehouse’ set as you’ll get on his ‘Lifehouse Chronicles’ box set which came out around 2000? I think it was a 6-CD set with the Lifehouse radio play, orchestral music from the play, and demos/tracks he wrote for the proposed album. Not sure if he ever did a ‘live’ version of the entire ‘Lifehouse’ though…

Robert Fitzpatrick

I want this but live in Australia ! why is amazon not allowing us to buy this ?

Alan Blevin

They will let you buy the Bluray and DVD but not vinyl or cd.Order from JPC for these.No Australian release of any format on current release schedules.

Paul Kennedy

Hi CJ I think you are right in lots of ways about us being our worst enemies when it comes to product like this and other you have mentioned

Myself personally would love the Who to record new material …Always thought they could go out as they came in and do what The Stones did recently and get in and record an LP in a couple of days of the great Motown and Blues numbers they used to do when they were kids…Maximum R&B …..

The Progster

Paul Kennedy…It’s a waste of time recording new material it might be your dream but seriously a 24 year gap before “Endless Wire” was released and even 1982’s “It’s Hard” was dreadful…They haven’t made a decent studio album since the 70’s…They just can’t write any good solid music anymore and that’s a FACT…Where is this new material? well it’s non existent it won’t happen…They have run out of musical juices because they are hanging on now to past glories…People reminis about the old songs and want to hear them performed Live…The Who won’t play anything from those two formentioned albums because they don’t contain strong enough material to be performed live…Unless a wonder miracle happens and they release one last brilliant studio album where every track is faultless we might be shell shocked…something like in REALITY begs the answer NO New decent studio album ever again from The Who…FACT.


I’m so very, very, very tired of people who can’t make a distinction between a “fact” and an “opinion.” I know they used to teach that in elementary school. Do they just not do it now, or are people so arrogant they think their opinions are facts?

And no, this isn’t a defense of The Who’s output–I don’t even particularly like the band. It’s just a basic defense of the language.


@The Progster, by an large I agree with you, although I do think It’s Hard had a few decent songs like Emminence Front which they actually performed in Leeds in 2014. Maybe its because I am a huge Townshend solo fan that I find a few jewels on that album.
I have very few Who live albums (apart form the stuff on the deluxes like Who’s Next) The problem for me being that Live at Leeds and its subsequent expanded issues are so good and I think of LAL as part of their core canon (which is rare for me as live albums go). I did buy Quaddrophenia Live though and really enjoyed it. What tempts me with Tommy at the Royal Albert Hall though is to hear Sensation live, which I wish they had included in their sets originally back in the day.


I disagree with CJ. I think the fans on this page have sent Pete & Roger a unified message. We like what the Stones are doing with the From the Vaults series. We like super deluxe editions like Sgt. Pepper. (Hint, Hint, Who’s Next.) Most importantly we love the Hoo.

Kenneth Tilley

Agree with the previous comment, i would prefer the complete woodstock 1969 on dvd and bluray.


That would depends on if there is the full footage.

The Progster

Well I’m all for something like this because this is all they can do now the classics “Live” as far as any more studio albums we might as well forget it “Endless Wire” was an absolute load of Crap after waiting 24 years for it quite frankly it was a disaster darling…They just can’t do a decent albums worth of new material anymore…sad but TRUE.


Can anyone really do a decent album of new material?

Richard Starkey

I think Pete & Roger should form a new Super Group with Paul & Ringo and call themselves The WHEATLES…!!

David M

Its an old joke and would be The Whotles


Reviewing the comments here shows that it really is a no-win situation when you’re doing a release like this. Some people are angry this isn’t something from the archives. Other people have expressed they are sick of archival recordings. Some people are excited this is a live album as veteran artists “focusing on new material” is disappointing. Some are frustrated because they want new material. Some are ecstatic that here are no combo packs. Some are pissed there’s no combo pack. We’re kind of our own worst enemies when it comes to sending the perception to artists that it is impossible to satisfy a fanbase.


Seems the boys want to secure their retirement. This release, Wight 2004 and the combined singles [box] set. Next? [Hopefully Who’s Next box set!]

Paul Kennedy

Was expecting a super deluxe of Who’s Next to be honest …
Bit bored of all the Tommy Releases ..


Yup. Bored.

Mark W

Agree with David M and – Harve; Live at Leeds 3LP is the definitive Who live album that is officially available. As others have said, the Stones have got it right with their ‘From The Vaults’ series.


Love The Who but another Tommy release is too ‘Meh’ for me. Nice to see different combinations but typical cash in for me


I saw them perform Quadrophenia in 2012 and it was a dream come true, but I don’t need it on DVD, CD, or any other format. This little Who cottage industry of retreads is a bummer of a legacy.

- Harve

You’d think The Who only created 2 albums and they just keep going back to the well every so often. Waiting for the Broadway version of Quadrophenia! Seriously, this should have been performed, recorded and released with the original 4 members. These versions of ‘Tommy’ live over the years has featured special guests, horn players, etc. yet the only version I prefer is the one on “Live at Leeds”. At least you had Moon and Entwhistle on those recordings. This version of “The Two” may sound strong, but like imitation products, it ain’t the real thing.

David M

It may not have every song from the album (who cares?) but the complete Live at Leeds show makes all other Tommy releases redundant, especially this one.

Alan Blevin

Australian buyers should note that none of the Amazons will ship the cd version to Australia although they will ship DVD and Bluray versions.It is also not scheduled for release as a cd in Australia.Bizarre.
Thank goodness for JPC although there postage is expensive.

andrew r

A live version should have been released in its entirety when the missing members were alive.
I am afraid having seen the current version of the Who is it me or is Rogers voice shot
plus there is a sense of Cabaret by numbers Who. Think i will pass .


Been fairly shot for a few years….
Other alternatives would be Tommy live from the early 2000s. Got 3 of them.


Would of preferred a combo package like Wight 2004. Unsure if it’s Eagle Rock or the band that decides this but I’d wish they’d stick to one format.
The BR & DVD are expected to have some extras but not much.
Behind The Scenes
The Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Last two are projection screens or something like that.

Ian Hill

No, no, no! This is not good enough. They need to put out some archive live shows. I really don’t know who is going to be satisfied by this release. Who’s clamouring for another live version of Tommy? There is so much they could release from the ’60s and ’70s when they were one of the best live bands out there. Even the Stones have got wise to releasing shows from the vault. Frustrating!


If they had just chosen better artwork than this amateurish looking photo.

Chris Squires

I guess it’s that law of diminishing returns. If you thought a physical LP / cassette / CD would sell hundreds of thousands or even millions you could invest £30k for a visual artist to create a great image. When I think of the great “cover-houses” and photographers when this stuff sold buckets you would trip over them, but who is doing it now? The fact that I even know the names of some of these photographers shows how important they were to the package. (Gered, Guido, Anton etc.) it does look like little time / effort / money is spent on the cover these days and it shows up in the comments section regularly as to how bad some of this cover art is….. I could reel off a dozen releases this last 12 months that could easily win “bad cover of the year” looking at Sting’s awful 57th and (in) complete, Buckingham McVie and so on…… the best cover of the year for me is Sparks… I know it takes “time” for something to become a classic, I just can’t think of anything current that will have the impact of a Tubular Bells, or a Dark Side in 30 years time. Covers just don’t seem to matter like they used to. Or is it because I’ve hit 50 and nothing is as good as the good ole days?


Here, here!

David M

Where where?


I hit 50 as well, and I have the same complaints/observations about cover art. Must be an “age thing”. ;o)

Fat old bloke

I’d prefer a DVD of the Woodstock show


This should be a lesson to other artists, at last we can buy just what we want and we’re not forced to cough out our hard earned cash on media, or expencive books we don’t need. I’m going for the 2 CD set as I never have the time to watch DVD. If you are a vinyl buff you don’t have to shell out for CD, etc. I only wish that other bands will follow that line.

Ron Hatchell

As a suggestion, many people (including me) buy the DVD/Blu-ray (even though we don’t have time to watch it, either) because you can still play it at home and listen to just the audio and have the entire concert (sometimes in 5.1) WITHOUT interruption (having to change the CD’s) on one disc.

If you are only going to listen to it in your car’s CD player, than that is different, of course.

Donald The Flying Wig!

I`m with Marshall on this, I`ve lost count of the `live` CDs, DVD`s?Blurays/LPs I have by The Hooo. The thing is I know I`ll feckin` buy the 3xLP & the bloody Bluray.


I was there. What a souvenir!

Ollie Carlisle

1989 was a long time ago! I was at the first night of the RAH Tommy gigs (l believe this is the second) and it was great. At least they’re doing different types of contemporary live releases (i.e. not archive stuff). First there was Quadrophenia live at Wembley Arena a few years ago, then a hits set with the Hyde Park 50th gig, and now this. Seems a more varied presentation of the back catalogue than most bands manage.

Marshall Gooch

Starting to grow weary of all the Tommy and Quadrophenia releases. Finally just watched the 1989 performances and was quite non-plussed by them. In a word: Meh.