The Zombies / In The Beginning

5LP coloured vinyl box set coming early next year

In The Beginning is a new Zombies 5LP vinyl box set that features both of the band’s official studio albums along with compilations covering A-sides, B-sides and EP tracks and the ‘RIP’ album.

Best known for their 1964 hit ‘She’s Not There’, the British rock band issued their debut album, Begin Here on Decca in 1965 and a belated follow-up Odessey And Oracle in 1968. By the time the latter came out, they’d split up, largely down to the frustration of not being able to repeat the chart success of ‘She’s Not There’.

Despite further hits eluding them, CBS did propose a second Zombies album and some new tracks were recorded and combined with old Decca out-takes and demos that were overdubbed and enhanced. Scheduled for release in 1969, what would have been a third studio album (albeit slightly cobbled together) was ultimately cancelled. Tracks from it emerged over the years on various compilations, but it was almost 40 years later that the whole thing was issued in Japan as R.I.P. That album and two compilations – Early Days and Continue Here – combine to form this new 5LP vinyl box.

The LPs are all pressed on different coloured vinyl and come housed in a rigid slipcase. Designer Phil Smee handles the presentation and indeed the inner sleeves include photos from his extensive collection.

In The Beginning will be released on 22 February 2019. In related news, The Zombies have recently been announced as 2019 inductees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

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The Zombies

In The Beginning [VINYL]



Side One
1. Road Runner
2. Summertime
3. I Can’t Make Up My Mind
4. The Way I Feel Inside
5. Work ‘n’ Play
6. You Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home To Me
7. She’s Not There

Side Two
1. Sticks And Stones
2. Can’t Nobody Love You
3. Woman
4. I Don’t Want To Know
5. I Remember When I Loved Her
6. What More Can I Do
7. I Got My Mojo Working


Side One
1. Whenever You’re Ready
2. Don’t Go Away
3. She’s Not There [stereo version with studio chat]
4. I Love You
5. Leave Me Be
6. Indication

Side Two
1. She Does Everything For Me
2. You Make Me Feel Good
3. Tell Her No
4. I Want You Back Again [alternate version]
5. Kind Of Girl
6. I Must Move


Side One
1. Sometimes
2. It’s Alright With Me
3. She’s Coming Home
4. I Want You Back Again
5. Nothing’s Changed
6. Is This The Dream?
7. Remember You

Side Two
1. Just Out Of Reach
2. Remember You [OST version]
3. How We Were Before
4. Gotta Get Hold Of Myself
5. Goin’ Out Of My Head
6. I’ll Call You Mine [single version]


Side One
1. She Loves The Way They Love Her
2. Imagine The Swan
3. Smokey Day
4. Girl Help Me
5. I Could Spend The Day
6. Conversation Off Floral Street

Side Two
1. If It Don’t Work Out
2. I’ll Call You Mine [overdubbed version]
3. I’ll Keep Trying
4. I Know She Will
5. Don’t Cry For Me
6. Walking In The Sun


Side One
1. Care Of Cell 44
2. A Rose For Emily
3. Maybe After He’s Gone
4. Beechwood Park
5. Brief Candles
6. Hung Up On A Dream

Side Two
1. Changes
2. I Want Her, She Wants Me
3. This Will Be Our Year [mono mix]
4. Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914)
5. Friends Of Mine
6. Time Of The Season

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The word I’ve heard is the mono master tape is MIA (or someone’s sitting on it).


Does anyone know if the Odessey & Oracle LP in this set is Mono or Stereo? I really hoped last year for a proper 50th O&O, 3 LP set from the master tapes with Mono & Steeeo plus another vinyl of outtakes. A limited art print of that fantastic album cover wouldn’t have gone amiss! I’m probably gonna but the master tapes mono edition released a few years ago. Sad this set isn’t from the analogue masters…


Does anyone know about “The Complete Studio Recordings” coming out on Varese Sarabande the same day? Yes, two 5-LP Zombies sets coming out on the same day.

Bret Polish

I just heard back from Demon Records. This is mastered from digital files :-(

Bret Polish

Hi Paul,
Any idea if this box set will be mastered from the original analog tapes?


For vinyl-philes only. Everyone else would be better off getting “Begin Here: The Complete Decca Mono Recordings 1964-1967” and “Odessey & Oracle: The CBS Years 1967-1969” on CD for less than half that price. (If you absolutely have to have stereo, get “The Decca Stereo Anthology” instead of the former; the latter contains both stereo and mono mixes.)
Unfortunately this band has refused to get on board with modern reissues. The 50th anniversary of O&O was a waste of time. Something akin to what Love did with Forever Changes would have been nice.


Amen, I’d love a proper Odessey & Oracle box with mono/stereo/remix/outtakes etc. Never really cared about the other Zombies-material .


What about “Zombie Heaven” 4 CD box set released years ago?


Re: _Zombie Heaven_, I made a post about this before but for some reason it never appeared here. It happens a lot to my posts; not sure why.

Anyway, I compared the track lists and found only one track (the stereo version of “She’s Not There”) that’s present here and not on _Zombie Heaven_. Since _Zombie Heaven_ also has the BBC recordings, it seems like the more comprehensive set.

Paul Taylor

I’ve got the first two albums but this is possibly one for the die-hards and a bit too comprehensive for me! That said, at least the price point is more reasonable than some recent box sets and seems to be good value for money. I might preorder and see if there’s a price drop before release; I’ve got the four David Sylvian albums due to be released on the same date!

Simon James

FWIW the Zombies were one of the few sixties bands whose every recording is at least good, most very good to excellent. All their b sides were as good as the a sides, as we’re the so tracks. It’s a great set them as their is really no filler.