Thin Lizzy / Rock Legends box set

Thin Lizzy / Rock Legends 6CD+DVD box set

Almost 100 tracks, mostly unreleased!

To celebrate 50 years of Thin Lizzy Universal Music are releasing Rock Legends, a 6CD+DVD box set that features an astonishing 74 unreleased tracks.

This box covers the band’s whole career with audio newly mastered by Andy Pearce. The content encompasses a raft of unreleased material including demos, radio sessions, live recordings and rare single edits. The track listing has been compiled by Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham and Lizzy expert Nick Sharp from a collection of newly discovered tapes most of which have never been heard before.

Rock Legends features 6CDs, a DVD, and books, prints and more (click image to enlarge)

The DVD features the hour long ‘Bad Reputation’ BBC documentary and the band’s legendary performance on the Rod Stewart ‘A Night on the Town’ TV Special from 1976.

The set also contains replicas of the nine tour programmes bound into a hard-backed book, the very sought-after Phil Lynott poetry books, four prints by legendary Lizzy cover artist Jim Fitzpatrick and a book containing quotes by all the members of the band about their experiences playing with Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy, along with some famous fans (Slash, Lemmy, Joe Elliott, Geddy Lee, Billy Corgan, Bobby Gillespie etc.) talking about the band.

Rock Legends features 99 tracks in total. As stated earlier,  74 are unreleased and 83 have never been released on CD or streaming. This will be issued on 23 October via UMC.

CD ONE The Singles

Whiskey in The Jar – 7″ Edit
Randolph’s Tango – Radio Edit*
The Rocker – 7″ Edit
Little Darling – 7″ Single
Philomena – 7″ Single
Rosalie – 7″ Mix*
Wild One – 7″ Single
The Boys Are Back in Town – 7” Edit*
Jailbreak – 7” Edit*
Don’t Believe A Word – 7″ Single
Dancing in The Moonlight – 7″ Single
Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song – 7″ Single
Waiting for An Alibi – Extra Verse
Do Anything You Want To – 7″ Single
Sarah – 7″ Single
Chinatown – 7” DJ/Radio Edit*
Killer on the Loose – 7″ Single
Trouble Boys – 7″ Single
Hollywood (Down on Your Luck) – 7” Edit*
Cold Sweat – 7″ Single
Thunder and Lightning – 7” Edit*
The Sun Goes Down – 7” Remix*

CD TWO Decca Rarities

The Farmer – Debut 7″ single
I Need You – Debut 7″ single B-side*
Whiskey in The Jar – Extended Version Rough Mix*
Black Boys on The Corner – Rough Mix*
Little Girl in Bloom – US Single Promo Edit*
Gonna Creep Up on You – Acetate*
Baby’s Been Messin’ – Acetate*
1969 Rock + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Buffalo Gal + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Suicide + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Broken Dreams + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Eddie’s Blues/Blue Shadows + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Dublin + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Ghetto Woman – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Things Ain’t Working Out Down at The Farm – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Going Down – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Slow Blues – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*

CD THREE Mercury Rarities

Rock and Roll with You – Instrumental Demo*
Banshee – Demo*
Dear Heart – Demo*
Nightlife – Demo*
Philomena – Demo*
Cadillac – Instrumental Demo*
For Those Who Love to Live – Demo*
Freedom Song – Demo*
Suicide – Demo*
Silver Dollar – Demo*
Jesse’s Song – Instrumental Demo
Kings Vengeance – Demo*
Jailbreak – Demo*
Cowboy Song – Demo*

CD FOUR Mercury Rarities

The Boys Are Back in Town – Demo*
Angel from The Coast – Demo*
Running Back – Demo*
Romeo and The Lonely Girl – Demo*
Warriors – Demo*
Emerald – Demo*
Fool’s Gold – Demo*
Weasel Rhapsody – Demo*
Borderline – Demo*
Johnny – Demo*
Sweet Marie – Demo*
Requiem for A Puffer (aka Rocky) – Alternate Vocal, “Rocky He’s A Roller”*
Killer Without A Cause – Demo*
Are You Ready – Demo*
Blackmail – Demo*
Hate – Demo*

CD FIVE Mercury Rarities

S & M – Demo*
Waiting for An Alibi – Demo*
Got to Give It Up – Demo*
Get Out of Here – Demo*
Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend – Demo*
Part One: Shenandoah*
Part Two: Will You Go Lassie Go*
Part Three: Danny Boy*
Part Four: The Mason’s Apron*
We Will Be Strong – Demo*
Sweetheart – Demo*
Sugar Blues – Demo*
Having A Good Time – Demo*
It’s Going Wrong – Demo*
I’m Gonna Leave This Town – Demo*
Kill – Demo*
In the Delta – Demo*
Don’t Let Him Slip Away – Demo*

CD SIX Chinatown Tour 1980

Are You Ready? – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *
Hey You – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Waiting for An Alibi – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *
Jailbreak – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Do Anything You Want to Do – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Don’t Believe A Word – Tralee (12/04/1980) *
Dear Miss Lonely Hearts – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Got to Give It Up – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Still in Love with You – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Chinatown – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
The Boys Are Back in Town – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Suicide -Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Sha La La – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Rosalie – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Whiskey in The Jar – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*



Four songs never before commercially released recorded for a Rod Stewart TV special in 1976.

The Boys Are Back in Town
Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song


Never before commercially released 60-minute documentary made by Linda Brusasco and first broadcast on BBC4 in September 2015.

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Frederic Muylle

I heard they would do a repress of the box at the end of January 2021 …
Had the information from my local independent record shop.
I should let you all know as this is sold out …


I hope so I missed out again


Paul: I’m not necessarily blaming the dealer, who after seeing the photos I sent him of the condition of the mailing package and subsequent boxset damage said, “Hot damn that box has been manhandled insanely rough… The damages are quite rough indeed, normally these should arrive well enough.” So, the bottom line is it still leaves me with a beautiful, expensive, long-awaited and damaged box set and apparently nothing I can do about it. C’est la vee; at least the internal contents are fine. Yes it’s frustrating, but there’s more important things in life to stress about.


I ordered a copy of the second pressing from Amazon US. The box was damaged, and so was the boxed set. It came in a flimsy box with a couple layers of bubble wrap. I was able to return it for a full refund. I placed another order from ImportCDs.com and it came in the same exact packaging. Thankfully, it arrived in perfect condition). I suspect that it how they are coming from the factory. For the price they are asking, they should’ve been packaged in a custom box, like the Elton John Jewel Box collection.


I received my copy of the Rock Legends box from a dealer in Europe (I live in California). They wrapped it in bubble wrap and put it inside a box, and then squeezed that box into a second very tight mailing box with no extra padding. The result? I wish I could post the photos here. The mailing box had a crushed end, and after I opened it while it was still sealed, one of the corners was crushed. After taking off the shrink wrap, one of the seams is 3/4 split on the tray box, and one of the pockets that holds the CDs in that same area is also crunched. The dealer has no more copies, and obviously, I don’t want to return it and be without the CDs, booklets etc. which are all fine and undamaged. Any ideas as to how to reach Universal or who else I might contact and see if I can get a replacement box? As mentioned, the dealer has no more and I don’t want a refund; I just want an undamaged box.


Does anyone know how many box sets were sold / produced.

Doug Perkins

Got mine from Amazon France this week (they are now ‘out of stock’ as well). My issue was with Disc Three (Rarities One). Last 3-4 songs skipped and couldn’t load onto computer. Ended up buying said tracks on Itunes so I can at least listen too them now. No apparent flaw could be seen on the disc so I tried cleaning and it helped a bit but skipping still occurs. I’ve written to Universal to see if they are aware, care, or even have replacement discs. Bummer for such a nice set.

Vagabond 'on' the Coast

Mine arrived on day of release from Amazon UK, pre-order months ago at £82. It’s big and box-tastic. I was especially

Ok, I go with a positive on the single edits discussion, nice to have together. The Early Years disc is really interesting – check out that guitar on tracks 16-17!!! Eric Hendrix Bell :-) Yeah, the DVD could have been much better – how about the bonus stuff from the National Stadium DVD… which is now a very silly price to grab. The demos & sessions are actually very good, unlike a lot of demo dross we usually suffer on extended CDs & boxes. Demos are usually demos for a reason? I’d prefer to think of these as different mixes.


I rip all my CDs (in wav or flac) to my Cocktail Audio (Novafidelity) machine (especially super for box sets as you can put them under one title, but keep the separate disc option too), BUT…. CD2 was faulty! Last 4 tracks failed, despite repeated attempts. And same when played on my top end Panny 4K Blu-ray player. I’ve seen a one or two punters report they have received the incorrect discs too, duplicate discs whilst others missing – so check them carefully!

Out of stock now at Amazon UK (no shock really, similar with BBC box), so I chatted with Amazon online as I am loathed to return it for 3 tracks when they can’t replace it just now… and are unlikely to be able to do so. I’d never see it again if I return it! They agreed, so refunded £32.10 for the inconvenience and told me to keep the box. Result… as I managed to rip the CD on a Blu-ray PC drive – and fed the tracks back to the “box” on the Cocktail. Also, CD2 seems to play on a Denon system in the office – got it on now. I’m sure I don’t have these sessions anywhere and don’t remember hearing them either.

So the box cost me £50… worth that for the rather super hard- back tour-book alone. And nice to see the “Philip” poetry book, I bought that on the Black Rose Tour and have mislaid it over the years. The tributes book is nice too – and 4 cool art cards – hey ho.

All in all – absolutely worth the original price if you can track one down.


My copy arrived yesterday.Haven’t had a chance to open it yet but be warned..it is a HUGE box for the number of discs it contains!


I found that the BEST price for this Thin Lizzy Legends set was from Amazon.de…..not sure why it’s not an option on the list but I ordered 2 copies and it came to $193 and change which included shipping to Florida USA

Woodsey Niles

Last month I ordered a copy from Recordstore.co.uk for $128.99 USD which is about $15 less than Amazon US and it includes a print signed by Scott Gorham. This is the best deal I could find. It is due to be shipped in 3 days.


Ughh. On Amazon USA this thing is $178 this morning. Love Lizzy but the price is way too high. CA has is for $135 but shipping & fees are also very high. I will pass


The link near the top to click on and hear the demo of “Running Back” says “Video unavailable” so it was apparently removed, so perhaps the link should be removed as well?


If you have a VPN….you can get it INCOGNITO!!


Use Puffin browser their server’s based in the USA so it appears as if you are too if you get me.

Mark Webster

Badlands UK


Id expect to see loads more given 700 recordings were reported from a suitacse full of tapes that Phil issued to one his friends at his house in kew near his death. Theres loads out there like Revolution, Fired Skies, Have you heard lately,Dont Let him slip away etc. Whilst this box set is worth bagging we need to get acess to the material he produced that was never recorded and I understand theres loads of these tracks in these tapes.


Well, most of it were other takes on already released songs, rough demos, unfinished songs or so. Most that was something to have has been released on the Deluxe Edition’s.

[…] Back (Demo)’ is a previously unreleased track taken from Thin Lizzy‘ forthcoming Rock Legends box set. The song is from the band’s breakthrough Jailbreak album from 1976 and was for a […]


I noticed the set is no longer available on the Amazon UK site. I did a pre-order on it so I wonder if that means it will not be filled and I should look elsewhere? Any ideas?

mark browne

I got an email saying the date for release is pending from amazon UK?

John Naisbett

I also pre-ordered it & got a delivery date today for next week.

I think all pre-orders will be fulfilled.


My copy has shipped today and should be with me tomorrow. Ordered from amazon.co.uk on August 20th.


Available on MusicVaultz in Canada now. $35 cheaper than amazon.co.uk after delivery and tax.

Makes me think it will show up on Amazon Canada next week


Ordered without problem — and without VAT — from Amazon UK. Can’t wait. Now, if only whatever the issues are with the Gary Moore catalog could be resolve and we could get a real deluxe Back on the Streets, with the other instrumental tracks removed when the label wanted some vocal tracks instead of an all-instrumental album, the three UK version Lynott-sung songs AND the Gary versions that were re-recorded for the US release, “House of Pain,” Track 10 and so on. And I’m sure there’s plenty of other demos, outtakes, alternate versions etc..

At least this appears to have Lizzy tracks that Moore is on, so any issues with those were apparently worked out.


It’s “Road to Pain” I think, not “House of Pain”. :)

But agree, Gary Moore’s catalog could really serve with an overhaul. I was told a lot of planning was already done, but the legal shenanigans are tying it all up.


Does anyone know if the DVD is in PAL or NTSC? Also, is it region coded or open region? Thanks.

Andrew Hartshorn

Been waiting 8 years for this, since this article. Some may not have seen this interesting read. As you can see there is plenty more in the vaults.


Eben MacDonald

Forgive me if someone else has posted on this issue… I live in the U.S. and attempted to pre-order this Thin Lizzy set from Amazon U.K. and I got a message saying: “This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location.” I’ve ordered and received other items from Amazon U.K. during the pandemic with no problems. Anyone have any idea what the issue here might be? Thanks.


I think you are mistaken Paul because I’ve been ordering many items lately from Amazon UK…..and have already received them….as well as your 2 books I ordered from you….thanks so very much :-)….this title they won’t ship, just don’t know why

David Binder

Ditto: I’ve preordered the Richard & Linda Thompson box landing next month, with no problems at Amazon UK ( and I’ve ordered other stuff too). They only allow shipping Global Priority, which is expensive, but that’s ok as it’s still cheaper than buying at Amazon Canada (I live in Canada).

So, while this box holds little interest to me, it IS odd that they won’t ship it to USA (or, I assume, Canada). It could have something to do with where the stock will be shipping from, it’s still odd, especially since both SDE & Burning Shed are shipping across the pond…


Yes, I get the same message for shipping to Canada. This first appeared at the start of the pandemic but disappeared in late June amd i was able to get the Ammonia Avenue box set, but i notice it came back a couple of weeks ago. No real logic to it.

Jonathan Riley

They are now shipping it to the USA


I pre-ordered from Amazon.de….best price under $194 US for 2 copies including shipping to Florida

Jarmo Keranen

Just listened single edits of Whiskey In The Jar and The Rocker. They are terrible compared to full lenght versions. Both edits cuts Eric Bell’s great solos and ruins them totally!


Now that’s what I call a box set! Mostly unreleased, packaging looks great and a fair price (a third of the cost of the Flaming Pie deluxe to put it in perspective). The producers made the right call with the single edits if a best of type album had to be included.
I believe, if memory serves, that the Bad Reputation documentary was first shown in 2011 when the first double pack reissues started to be released.

Joe Scutt

Oh yeh gotta get that,

Alan Blevin

For those not happy at first with the disc full of single edits it has been confirmed that the record company insisted on a hits disc as part of this box.The producers decided if they had to do this the single edits might at least be more interesting to most prospective buyers who would mostly already have the album versions.

David Fisher

Cor blimey – this is terrific. Looks very very interesting. Ordered. This is going to be one expensive autumn!


That demo version of Jailbreak is fantastic.


Yes, very interesting with guitar parts never hear before :-)


Ordered. Looks excellent value. Presumably these are some of the unreleased tracks that were “discovered” about 10 years ago and reported in the national as well as the music press. It would be nice if the final UK concert at Reading 1983 was reissued and the BBC boxset aswell as both are extremely expensive on EBay and Discogs.

Steve j

Lovely set to look forward to
Bit pricy even with Amazons pre-order price of £82 considering you can buy the Thin Lizzy Essential 51 Track 3CD Set for the wallet busting sum of £4.99

Jarmo Keranen

When you look at the material (books, tour programmes etc.) this box contains and how much unreleased recordings too, it’s not pricey at all!


I just picked up that 3 disc set in Morrisons for a fiver. They had a huge bargain bin full of £2 CDs in there, too. Mostly compilations, but some interesting things, too. I got Van Morrison (The Prophet Speaks), a James Morrison one (all the Morrisons in Morrisons!) and some Trevor Nelson soul classics comp. The last Lana del Rey album and the Sting/Shaggy one were in there amongst others along with lots of Now albums and several reggae comps.

Not a terrible selection for two quid a pop.

Paul English

Worth the asking price for the disc of single edits.


Wow. This looks amazing. I agree with a few that have mentioned the first CD. Not sure too many will need the single edits but the list of demos look great. I wonder if they are the same demos that have appeared on the deluxe CDs that were released a few years ago, or the same as the Record Store day double album of Black Rose and the forthcoming Chinatown double album.


Supposedly Universal were insistent that the set contain a greatest hits disc. In order to make it at least a little bit interesting, they used the single mixes instead of the regular album versions, many of which have never been on CD before.


None of the demos from the deluxe editions are duplicated. A couple from the Black Rose RSD LP reissue appear in alternate mixes.

Peter Stillwell

Come on Scott,
Where are all the live recordings you have. They need to be released!

Jim Lee

Not a huge fan but this is tempting I saw the Dubliners once in Galway who began with “ a traditional Irish rock song – Whiskey in the Jar!” Maybe the traditionalists didn’t like it but I think Lizzy’s version is great- as were the Dubliners.

Good Luck Seeker

Not a huge Thin Lizzy fan but I own most of their albums and the Vagabonds box. I did get to see them live at Reading, their final UK show (1983?).

I’m in for this box, ordered from The Tax Dodgers but hopefully a better price will unravel.


I am looking forward for to get this and a really nice treat for the Lizzy fans! Great to have a release of mostly unreleased stuff instead of best of plus 10 new tracks.
2028 we will get the 50th anniversary Live and Dangerous 4 cd box set of the Hammersmith and Tower Theater concerts?




Eduardo : most probably for 2028

The Rocker

There are complete professionally recorded shows in trading circles and bootlegs of the first 1977 Philadelphia show and the second of the three 1976 Hammersmith concerts that made up Live and Dangerous.

Would love full concerts in future box sets but I am not sure Scott Gorham would do it.


But when will we get a remastered decent version of LIFE


I suppose it should rather be remixed than remastered.


Also waiting for that, such a great album.


The master tapes are lost and maybe it’s for the best it’s so badly edited and mixed.


The multitracks of the final show are lost but they have found the multitracks for some of the other shows that were recorded for the album.


Looks like a great release but cd1 is completely pointless….could have been another live CD….

Bjorn Johnsen

CD1 is not pointless, it’s great to have those edits compiled


Completely agree! Edits are pointless!


Looks like a good set to go with the Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels from 2001 and At The BBC from 2011.
Hopefully more live recordings will be found for either stand alone releases or asa live box set.

Rare Glam

I don’t have prime at the moment but on pre-ordering this box, there seems to be an offer of ‘get it delivered on the day of release’ on Amazon UK (within UK). So min’es day of release delivery but with the £2.49 delivery charge removed.


I decided to go for the signed one..Only nine left now if anyone interested..I think 250 originally..no idea of distribution.

It is a shame that the print isn’t signed by more.

Trevor diamond

How much for the signed box set

paul cutts

Nice set but two things bug me about it though, firstly, do not see the point in single edits, the original tracks as recorded would be better. I suppose most fans will have them anyway, it just seem like a waste of space. Secondly the DVD is really poor, any decent Lizzy footage has been put out and seen before. Overall though providing the demo’s are listenable it just about passes muster.

Chris Squires

Re: Single edits. This was covered only a couple of days ago, can’t remember which thread.
I am of the opposite persuasion. I think a single edit has a lot of value.
It’ll be how many will remember hearing the particular track, die-hard fans will have the album version, probably many times over. So as an introduction to Thin Lizzy it’ll do the job, setting the scene for a deeper investigation if you want. Plus of course, as has been the case with the re-issues of the NOW CDs, the correct single edit can be hard to get hold of with album versions being used by lazy compilers.


Agree. Just a point on single edits. There are those which just fade out the album version but many single edits are often a different beast.
I missed out buying many and now when I hear them, kick myself for not buying them!

paul cutts

Whenever I hear a new ‘single’ I immediately always look for the full album version and I always have done. I see it like this, if you went to The Tate/NG and half of the paintings on show where half finished/blanked out or the edges were cut off would you not want to see it all. Similarly if going the see a film would you want to see an edited version with bits cut out, so for me edited single versions unless significantly changed are just a NO NO. The record company are just pandering to radio to get airplay with edited versions.


Great news Paul.

Philo would have been 71 today. Gone too soon in 86.
Dubliners ( like myself) and Irish people in general,
are still in love with you Philo!


Thank you for that!

Rare Glam

Will go nicely with the ‘At The BBC’ set from a few years ago.


Ps..what a really lazy title!! Bet that took a lot of effort! Good to see the singles in one place.I have all of the originals and there were often excellent non-LP b sides..

Neil Hunt

I’m a fan of the band owning all their albums but I think this is too much for me because of all the demos and the price for me personally. I was hoping that there was going to be a 2CD edition to match the download version where it contains Disc 1 with all of the 7″ versions and the 2nd Disc is the live Chinatown Tour material.


Thank you Paul,that is excellent news..There were stories about these finds some years ago.

My heart jumped at first because I thought it was the wonderful but totally elusive BBC box..

I loved Lizzy from the beginning ,especially the Decca albums with Eric Bell..As the years went by I was saddened by the increasing use of violence and misogyny in the lyrics..Maybe just my opinion. Almost always a great band live,until they became a cliche..I saw all of the lineups over the years..

Good luck!

I will certainly order one but rather too expensive at present..


This doesn’t show up on the US Amazon…any ideas?

Ian Hartley

Looks like a superb box set- correctly assembled to appeal to the right audience- went for the signed version- worth it for a few extra £. As always, thanks for the heads up on this Paul. Great work !


Very interesting box set, but once again, the price is too high based on what we get.

On this case, there are just CDs, one DVD and few prints with a small book. I miss some HQ format on this box set.

I like a lot the box set format for any music band… but most of them have an inflated price. It’s a shame.

Kevin Henry

I adore Lizzy and saw them in 1981 and 1983 and have the BBC In Concerts from the Hammersmith Odeon on these tours. I would have loved to have seen the 1980 show at the venue.
It is amazing that they still keep discovering tapes.


Hi Paul

Will there be any difference in the Japanese release……Like extra tracks or maybe SHM etc.?

Paul Wren

This is a quality, major release for one of the most important Irish/American/Scottish rock bands of all time. The demo here is so good, pretty much the finished article. More will come as there are good quality Black Rose demos circulating on bootlegs as well. I wonder if these demos will see a vinyl release in due course as this is the only thing holding me back from buying right now.


Most of the Black Rose demos have been covered by the deluxe edition and the RSD LP reissue, plus this new box set.

CJ Feeney

I assume the *indicates new to CD.
Loads of demos. But I think I’d prefer more live stuff, they had so many great guitarists over the years (and Midge Ure) and the “two guitars” line up is what made them so influential. Hearing different takes on the material from different guitarists would have made this more desirable.
I’m also surprised that Scott is only band member involved.