Thin Lizzy / Vinyl reissues

Thin Lizzy / Vinyl reissues

Universal Music will continue with their Thin Lizzy vinyl reissue campaign by re-releasing three classic albums, Nightlife, Fighting and Jailbreak.

Nightlife was issued in 1974 and was the first Thin Lizzy album to feature guitarists Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson. It includes the song, ‘Still In Love With You’ (covered by Sade in 2011). This album was then followed up by Fighting in 1975, a modest chart hit which included the single ‘Rosalie’.

Everything changed in 1976 when the now classic anthem ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ was a big hit single both sides of the Atlantic, resulting in the Jailbreak album (issued in 1976) going gold and paving the way for future success.

All three albums are reissued on 180g vinyl and come with a download code and ‘replica artwork’. These are released on 24 January 2020.

Nightlife vinyl LP

Side A

She Knows
Night Life
It’s Only Money
Still In Love With You
Frankie Carroll

Side B

Sha La La
Dear Heart

Fighting vinyl LP

Side A

For Those Who Love To Live
Wild One
Fighting My Way Back

Side B

King’s Vengeance
Spirit Slips Away
Silver Dollar
Freedom Song
Ballad Of The Hard Man

Jailbreak vinyl LP

Side A

Angel From The Coast
Running Back
Romeo And The Lonely Girl

Side B

The Boys Are Back In Town
Fight Or Fall
Cowboy Song



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Mark Connelly

Just got the 2020 Jailbreak copy. Clearly stamped 2014 , not gatefold, flimsy paper liner, what a rip off. Shame it wasn’t the 2014 prices.

Mark Hart

Can anyone advise why these have come out today with 2014 date coding? Also artwork dodgy reproductions and the label for ‘Nightlife’ is completely wrong era!?

Mark Connelly

feeling totally ripped off.


Colm47, I agree with you about the beauty of Romeo and Running Back, one of the greatest two-song combos ever. I wonder why they seem to have never played Running Back live, and only occasionally Romeo in a slow version. They seem to have not recognized the treasure they had. Are there any other live versions around? P.S. I’d also love to hear something about that supposed treasure trove of unreleased tapes.

Kevin G

Mark, there was some friction in the band over “Running Back” that may have led to the band not playing the song live (sadly). Brian Robertson released two different versions of the song (slow and fast) on his 2011 solo release “Diamonds and Dirt.” Here is what Robertson had to say about it in a March 2011 interview from the “Sleaze Roxx” website. Robertson: ‘When we were recording “Running Back” for the Jailbreak album — Phil (Lynott) and I had a big bust up over that. I always loved the song. We were sitting in the studio and I said, “This smacks of Little Feat to me.” I went over to the grand piano and started playing a little boogie version of it. Lynott pressed the button on the desk and said, “That’s enough, we’re not doing that!” I got pissed off because I’d only been playing it for about five minutes you know. We had a big argument about it… I recall I told him to ‘fuck off’, he told me to ‘fuck off’ and then I went to the pub. I didn’t play on the version of “Running Back” on the Jailbreak album, its all Scott (Gorham) because I refused to do it. Phil wanted to do it pop… I wanted to do it blues.’

Dan J

Does anyone know what the source material is for these reissues? I have an original “Jailbreak” that sounds pretty good.


What a great band! I was too young to see Philo live. Luckily I saw Gary Moore – one of my guitar heroes – playing live and I met Brian Robertson face to face years ago.

Oh, I missed the Thunder And Lightning 2CD Deluxe Edition. Hopefully it will be re-released pretty soon. Also remastered – and remixed – version of Life Live will see it’s daylight.


Reissues? I thought these were still current issues. Obviously deleting and reissuing at a higher price is the new way. Picked these and all the others up for £6 each directly from Universal a couple of years ago. Great albums all.


I remember reading about a treasure trove of unreleased tracks being discovered a few years ago with talk of a box set. I was also at Reading ’83 for their final UK gig. Hopefully that will be reissued on vinyl and CD . But the original release was by the BBC who knows?

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I was at Thin Lizzy`s final UK show at the Reading Festival in 1983(?), didn`t know it at the time but they were magnificent. Others may say different but they aren`t fans.

There`s always room and time for Phil`s music at Phonograph Towers,


During recent years these have been released several times. Hopefully Jailbreak has a gatefold sleeve. Universal’s Black Rose RSD 2019 was great with a bonus lp of unreleased demos.


Johnny the Fox and Bad Reputation are also being re-released.


I’ve been waiting for the promised release of previously unreleased stuff since 2017 and up to now nothing really happened. Will it ever see the light of day? Word has it Phil Lynott gave this material to a friend of him but Universal never put it out. Is it really true? I’m not so sure about it now.

Charles K.

Proper vinyl reissue, black vinyl, no worthless picture discs and well priced…sold!

Luke Jackson

Some friends and I are performing Live & Dangerous in its entirety at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto on Thursday night. If you know anyone here with any Irish in ’em, send them along!


Always liked Thin Lizzy, but never went beyond Best Ofs. That is until the CD reissue campaign about 2011 I think along with watching the BBC Four doc. Thought I’d take a punt on the first batch. Wow, they blew me away and the three mentioned above are absolute classics from start to finish.
Oddly enough the only related full album I bought and was into when it came out was Phil Lynott’s Solo in Soho and I still rate it as a classic. Would love an expanded version of that.

Woodsey Niles

My first Thin Lizzy album here in the US was “Vagabonds of the Western World” but it was “Fighting” that really won me over. I had never heard anything like the song “Suicide”. I thought this was the way that hard rock should go at the time. “Fighting” truly solidified Lizzy’s dual guitar harmony sound and is a very underrated album in terms of quality and influence.

Harald P.

“Fighting” is totally underrated. Only awesome songs. And they are unknown masterpieces like “For Those Who Love To Live”, “Spirit Slips Away” and “Ballad Of A Hard Man”

John McCann

Why didn’t thin Lizzy stick to the same logo,on the fighting l.p.its been designed to give them a brand,it changes on shades of a blue something to a scroll,and on a lot of stuff simply says thin Lizzy,just wondering as most bands have a uniform logo people can identify with,cheers

Kev Moore

I would think at least where Nightlife was concerned, we were very much in the midst of the ‘Roger Dean’ artwork era, and every band worth their salt wanted that vibe in their logo.

John McCann

Did jim Fitzpatrick not do Nightlife?

John McCann

Yes kev,jim Fitzpatrick would be imitating roger dean,i get it now,thanks for that,now I know who roger dean is,you learn something new on this site everyday.


Queen and Rush changed their logo with each new album.

John McCann

Your at the wind up right, Ralph

cosmo castanza

Live And Dangerous is one of the very best of the halcyon 1970’s era of double live albums.

Steven Roberts

“Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak, somewhere in this town…”

At the jail, maybe?

David Fisher

Very good… I see what you did there! :-)

Former Scientist

Honestly Steven….

The Overmaster was very much a Law and Order advocate, there were many Jails in the Zone, the Overmaster can’t be in every place at once, can he? Hence the cctv on the cover..and, hey, no one asks what The Warrior was in Jail for in the first place, do they?

It was for ripping people off while running his terrible painting and decorating company. It’s all there, explained in detail in track 8.


Spirit Slips Away, spelling apology! Although sometimes it skips away…


Morning Paul

As a proud Dubliner, like the late, great Philo, I’m delighted to see you mention these LPs.

The original Still In Love With You is brilliant, as is the poignant Philomena, about Phil’s sadly recently departed Mum, who kept his memory alive for so long. Maybe they’re finally together again, if you believe in such things!

Rosalie and Wild One are fantastic pop/rock songs, Spirit Skips away always cheers me when I’m feeling low down.

Running Back and Romeo And The Lonely Girl, are 2 of the greatest Lizzy songs, in my humble opinion. Phil was a poetic lyricist and could write some beautiful tender love songs and songs of leaving and longing, as well as the hard rock classics like The Boys Are Back In Town.

It was Phil’s 34th anniversary on 4th January just gone and he is still missed and remembered by his fans here in Ireland and abroad.


Although of course he was actually born in Smethwick in the West Midlands.


It’s not where you’re born that makes you StevieB, it’s where you grow up.

Phil used to say something like:
“ When I’m abroad, I say I’m from Ireland. When I’m in Ireland, I say I’m from Dublin. When I’m in Dublin, I’m from Crumlin and when I’m in Crumlin , I’m from Leighlin Road!”

Keith Smith

…and when I’m in Smethwick I say… “What the hell am I doing in Smethwick?” :)