Third Eye Blind / anniversary reissue

San Francisco alt-rockers Third Eye Blind will celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their eponymous debut in June with 2CD and 3LP deluxe editions of the 1997 album.

Both new editions combine the original album with a unreleased demos and some new recordings. For example, for this anniversary release, the band recently recorded Alright Caroline and Scattered, two songs that were written for their debut, but were never fully realised in the studio, until now.

Among the demos is the band’s version of the Velvet Underground’s Heroin and an early version of Slow Motion, with lyrics. As can be seen above, this anniversary edition features black cover art.

Third Eye Blind 20th anniversary edition will be issued on 9 June 2017.

Third Eye Blind / 2CD Deluxe Edition

Disc: 1

1. Losing A Whole Year
2. Narcolepsy
3. Semi-Charmed Life
4. Jumper (1998 Edit)
5. Graduate
6. How’s It Going To Be
7. Thanks A Lot
8. Burning Man
9. Good For You
10. London
11. I Want You
12. The Background
13. Motorcycle Drive By
14. God Of Wine

Disc: 2

  1. Alright Caroline*
  2. Scattered*
  3. Slow Motion – Demo*
  4. Semi-Charmed Life – Demo*
  5. Kiss Goodnight – Demo*
  6. Scattered – Demo*
  7. Heroin – Demo*
  8. Tattoo Of The Sun

*Previously Unreleased

Third Eye Blind / 3LP vinyl edition

Side 1
1. Losing A Whole Year
2. Narcolepsy
3. Semi-Charmed Life
4. Jumper (1998 Edit)

Side 2
1. Graduate
2. How’s It Going To Be
3. Thanks A Lot

Side 3
1. Burning Man
2. Good For You
3. London
4. I Want You

Side 4
1. The Background
2. Motorcycle Drive By
3. God Of Wine

Side 5
1. Alright Caroline*
2. Scattered*
3. Slow Motion – Demo*

Side 6
1. Semi-Charmed Life – Demo*
2. Kiss Goodnight – Demo*
3. Scattered – Demo*
4. Heroin – Demo*

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Paul Anthony

While I don’t mind 3EB, I do find the yarns spun by Stephan Jenkins has done over the years to be particularly irritating. Stuff they say they recorded, but the label wouldn’t let them release (Ursa Minor), the unreleased Symphony of Decay EP (which some of the extras here were culled from), the lack of any real meat on b-sides etc. (sadly third party remixes do not constitute new songs). Fans will have everything on this already, albeit downloaded during the Napster Wars at different bitrates.

So much promise. So many broken promises.


“Too commercial” is – sort of – a terminology thing. Basically:

If it has a verse and a chorus, and is put in record stores, Target or Amazon, it’s a commercial product meant to **sell**. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Beatles, Pink Floyd or some noisy punk band. Money changes hands, musicians and record companies get paid. That’s commercial art. So was Beethoven and Bach. Nothing wrong with that.

Some of it is directly, perhaps obnoxiously commercial (such as this), and others less noticeably so. And ultimately, time equalizes what is memorable and of cultural significance.

Rob C

For me this is a time and place album – I remember the year and the good times had. That’s the great thing about music – for many it’s all about where you were when the songs you love (or would soon love) were being played.

While I haven’t listened to this album for a while – played it to death when it was out – but I know if and when I put it on (or even buy this) I will always flashback to the good times had when this on the radio. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


I’m 51 and from Germany and I like music, that is why I have a great collection of “old music” like Beatles, Presley, Whitesnake, and “new Music” like Third Eye Blind and Bowling for Soup and Crowded House or Dan Patlansky. In my opinion the music for my personal taste is good or not and that can be pop rock soul alternative or punk and metal.
So let us ignore so fellows as Halloween Jack and Simon F.

Ryan F

Some very mean spirited comments here.

People have different opinions, I get that. But why do people have to dismiss this stuff as ‘dustbin garbage’ and ‘commercial kak’, instead of politely saying ‘nope, this isn’t for me’ and then moving on?

I mean, what is commerciality, anyway? An attempt by the artist to appeal to as many buyers as possible? Were not even the mighty Beatles guilty of that at certain points in their career? Why is popularity a bad thing to aspire to?

I was the perfect age for Third Eye Blind (born 1980), and this album is steeped in nostalgia for me. Looking back, I realise it’s not perfect technically or lyrically, but it takes me back to some great memories. I just don’t see what pleasure it gives people to just piss all over it.


Fair points, Ryan.

Think it’s also worth remembering this will likely to be a release aimed at the US market where the album was a big seller and the band continue to chart and tour extensively. Ideal promotional conditions.

Russell Emberson

What I like about this site is that it features all sorts of music from Rammstein to Haircut One Hundred
What I don’t like is why people have to comment because they haven’t heard it or like that particular artist
Keep up the good work Paul and keep the diversity coming

Matt Ganoe

Why in the hell would they include “Tattoo Of The Sun” (b-side from “Semi-Charmed Life”) and leave off “Horror Show” (b-side of “How’s It Gonna Be”)?!?!?!


Count me among the perplexed by the omission of the single edits, remixes, & b-sides. The demos might be an interesting listen…but not enough so that I’d be persuaded to double dip on this one.


I am with Simon F. but unfortunately, I have heard of this band.
I will never understand why dustbin bargain titles are given unnecessary anniversary reissues only to end up back in another dustbin bargain pile. Bring on the Nickelback, Creed, Limp Bizkit, Smash Mouth, and Sugar Ray deluxe editions. Just because it sold once doesn’t mean our sad history will repeat.
BTW I am not very young nor am I an American (thankfully) ;D


I am with him and yourself, HJ. All of them terrible, but I reserve a special kind of hatred for Nickelback. Just typing that name has raised my blood pressure!

Paul E.

@HalloweenJack – not sure what to make of the last sentence in your comment. I don’t think I’m the only U.S. visitor to this site but need to ask for myself why you had to go there? The bit where you’re thankful for not being very young….let’s both agree on that.


@ Paul E. = The “American” comment was in reference to the many recent and disposable forms of “entertainment” consumed and produced in America and was not a political statement.
Soon I will be accused of the online bullying of crap music fans :)
I also love the site for keeping me informed on the good, bad, and ugly of the superdeluxeedition world.

Paul E.

Thanks HalloweenJack. Even though I’m not personally interested in this release, I’m just happy to see physical CD releases (especially deluxe/SDE) at this point. Be careful what you say about those bargain bins also – they are shrinking at the same rate of traditional music stores. My kids won’t have the “luxury” of browsing a store in their 40’s to find music they enjoyed as teens (bargain bin or otherwise). Digital releases have certainly secured that. I imagine some might suggest that’s a good thing with “today’s” radio output…but I still want the chance to hit the “oldies” section in 2030 to find that Echo & The Bunnymen disc I never got around to buying.


this is slightly deceiving to see a 8 tracks only CD 2… It misses at least “Horror Show” and the edits/ remixes of the singles (Graduate, Losing A whole year …)


I love third eye blind
for me i have The Original and some B-side s
That’s enough for me


Heard of them, but they are certainly NO Haircut 100.


Saw them in London when this came out. Great gig. Follow-up album was really good too.

Alan Lastufka

So none of the b-sides from the CD singles? Weird.


Tattoo of The Sun is a b-side


Get with the program Simon F!!!

Simon F

Who, in the name of Zeus’ butthole are Third Eye Blind?!

Nicholas Love

It went 6x platinum is the US, so I’m guessing you are either very young or not American.

Simon F

I’ve just listened to the first few seconds of that video, and yes I remember them. (Unfortunately) Horrible, horrible, horrible lame ass commercial kak of the worst sort.
PS I’m 55 . If this what is described as alt rock then what is it an alternative to?


It’s merely a drop in standards – there are kids today who think Good Charlotte and 5 Seconds Of Summer are ‘punk’! *shudders* *vomits*

Charles K.

No one ever considered the Alternative Rock in the States Simon, they were firmly in the Pop Rock vein. To me they were the 90’s version of The Outfield. They were huge in The US and Canada but ultimately became a flash in the pan sales wise.

Hans Jörg

Nearly everybody knows at least semi charmed life