Thirty Years of The Divine Comedy / 24-disc CD box set and vinyl reissues

The Divine Comedy / Venus, Cupid, Folly & Time 24CD box set

Career spanning box with bonus material • SIGNED by Neil Hannon

The Divine Comedy will remaster and reissue all their albums as 2CD deluxe editions and collect them in a special 24-disc CD box set called Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time – Thirty Years of The Divine Comedy.

The albums in question are Liberation (1993) , Promenade (1994), Casanova (1996), A Short Album About Love (1997), Fin de Siècle (1998), Regeneration (2001), Absent Friends (2004), Victory for the Comic Muse (2006), Bang Goes the Knighthood (2010), Foreverland (2016) and Office Politics (2019).

These two-disc sets in the box have been curated by Neil Hannon and the bonus audio will include B-sides, demos and alternate versions, much of which has never been heard before. A Short Album About Love is actually a CD+DVD set which includes A Short Film About A Short Album About Love – a previously unreleased 50-minute film of the Shepherds Bush Empire concert at which A Short Album.. was recorded, although there are still 11 bonus audio tracks appended to the CD!

Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time – Thirty Years of The Divine Comedy also includes ‘Juveneilia’ – a 2CD compilation of early material put together by Neil from his personal archive, including recordings stretching back to as early as 1984. Notably, this contains the ‘lost’ 1990 debut album Fanfare For The Comic Muse and long out-of-print EPs Timewatch and Europop.

The box set also contains new editions of 2016’s Foreverland and 2019’s Office Politics updated with bonus material and liner notes. So it really does offer, more or less, ‘everything’. Even better this limited edition box – available only from the official Divine Comedy store – comes with a numbered ‘Letter From The Author’ signed by Neil Hannon.

A copy of the box set photographed by SDE

The reissued albums have been remastered from the original tapes at Abbey Road Studios by mastering engineer Frank Arkwright. Overseeing the audio throughout the campaign is engineer/mixer/producer Guy Massey (who did The Beatles stereo remasters, no less).

Remastered vinyl editions are also available from the official store and you get the bonus material on the second CDs as a download. The shop is offering an exclusive badge with their vinyl.

All of the above will be released on 9 October 2020 (was 21 August 2020). Note that any new orders for the box set aren’t been fulfilled now until November, but existing pre-orders are going out this week.

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The Divine Comedy

24 CD box set


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The Divine Comedy

liberation - remastered vinyl LP


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The Divine Comedy

promenade - remastered vinyl LP


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The Divine Comedy

casanova - remastered vinyl LP


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The Divine Comedy

A short album about love - remastered vinyl LP


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The Divine Comedy

Fin de Siecle - remastered vinyl LP


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The Divine Comedy

regeneration - remastered vinyl LP


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The Divine Comedy

absent friends - remastered vinyl LP


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The Divine Comedy

Victory for the Common muse - remastered vinyl LP


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The Divine Comedy

Bang Goes The Knighthood - remastered vinyl LP


In the box set:

Juveneilia (2CD)
Liberation (2CD)
Promenade (2CD)
Casanova (2CD)
A Short Album About Love (CD+DVD)
Fin de Siècle (2CD)
Regeneration (2CD)
Absent Friends (2CD)
Victory For The Comic Muse (2CD)
Bang Goes The Knighthood (2CD)
Foreverland (2CD)
Office Politics (2CD)

Liberation (2CD)

CD 1

Festive Road
Death Of A Supernaturalist
Bernice Bobs Her Hair
I Was Born Yesterday
Your Daddy’s Car
The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The Pollen Count
Queen Of The South
Victoria Falls
Three Sisters
Europe By Train

CD 2

Untitled Melody
Your Daddy’s Car (demo)
Queen Of The South (demo)
Europop (live)
Little Darlin’
Bernice Bobs Her Hair (early idea)
Bontempi Beats 1
The Pop Singers Fear Of The Pollen Count (demo)
Europe By Train (live)
I Can Think (But I Can’t Feel)
Lucy (early version)
Festive Road (demo)
Three Sisters (live)
I Was Born Yesterday (alternate version)
Bontempi Beats 2
Christmas With The Hannons
Victoria Falls (demo)
Timewatching (demo)
Bontempi Beats 3
Suzanne (live)

Promenade (2CD)

CD 1

Going Downhill Fast
The Booklovers
A Seafood Song
Don’t Look Down
When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe
The Summerhouse
Neptune’s Daughter
A Drinking Song
Ten Seconds To Midnight
Tonight We Fly

CD 2

Ten Seconds To Midnight (alternate version)
Assume The Goldsmith
When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe (live)
Tell Me What’s Wrong
Life’s What You Make It
Lost Prom Jam
Neptune’s Daughter (demo)
Going Downhill Fast (instrumental)
The Booklovers (demo)
The Bright Lights Of Ealing
Bath (alternate version)
The Summerhouse (early idea)
The Summerhouse (live)
When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe (early idea)
A Woman Of The World (Promenade style demo)
Geronimo (live with Yann Tiersen)
Don’t Look Down (demo)
A Drinking Song (live)
Only For Tonight
Tonight We Fly (demo)

Casanova (2CD)

CD 1

Something for the Weekend
Becoming More Like Alfie
Middle-Class Heroes
In & Out of Paris & London
Songs of Love
The Frog Princess
A Woman of the World
Through a Long & Sleepless Night
Theme from Casanova
The Dogs & the Horses

CD 2

Hannon’s Game
Birds Of Paradise Farm
A Woman Of The World (early idea)
Motorway To Damascus
Crapper’s Delight
Songs Of Love (demo)
Love Is Lighter Than Air
Comme Beaucoup De Messieurs (avec Valérie Lemercier)
Painting The Forth Bridge
Solsbury Eel
Frog Princess (demo)
My Lovely Horse (from Father Ted)
Father Ted Theme
My Lovely Mayo Mammy (from Father Ted)
The Miracle Is Mine (from Father Ted)
Theme From Casanova (early idea)
Electro Wurly Groove
Something Before The Weekend (early idea)
Something For The Weekend (monitor mix)
Becoming More Like Alfie (monitor mix)
Stereo Laboratory
Through A Long And Sleepless Night (early idea)
The Dogs And The Horses (live)

A Short Album About Love (CD+DVD)

In Pursuit Of Happiness
Everybody Knows (Except You)
If I Were You (I’d Be Through With Me)
I’m All You Need

Bonus material

Bath (live)
A Short Film About Driving
Everybody Knows (Except You) (early idea)
Johnny Mathis’ Feet (live)
I’m All You Need (instrumental demo)
A Short Film About Dreams
Your Daddy’s Car (live)
Teach Us To Love
A Short Film About Waiting
A Short Film About Chance
If I Were You (I’d Be Through With Me) (rehearsal version)
Make It Easy On Yourself (live)

Bonus DVD – A Short Film About A Short Album About Love

In Pursuit Of Happiness
Everybody Knows (Except You)
If I Were You (I’d Be Through With Me)
I’m All You Need
A Drinking Song
Something For The Weekend
The Dogs And The Horses

Fin de Siècle (2CD)

CD 1

Generation Sex
Commuter Love
Eric The Gardener
National Express
Life On Earth
The Certainty Of Chance
Here Comes The Flood

CD 2

I’ve Been To A Marvellous Party
Generation Sex (early idea)
Gin Soaked Boy
With Whom To Dance
Thrillseeker (rehearsal version)
Maryland Electric Rainstorm
Little Acts Of Kindness
Life On Earth (early idea)
The Dead Only Quickly
The Winter Blues
London Irish
Here Comes The Flood (demo)
The Certainty Of Chance (demo)
Last Stand In Metroland
Then Four Buses Came Along At Once
National Express (rehearsal version)
Postcard To Rosie
Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind


CD 1

Bad Ambassador
Perfect Lovesong
Note To Self
Lost Property
Eye Of The Needle
Love What You Do
Dumb It Down
The Beauty Regime

CD 2

Get Me To A Monastery
Lost Property (early idea)
How’s Your Wireless?
Thinking The Unthinkable (demo)
Garden Cities
Timestretched (demo)
Note To Self (live)
Edward The Confessor
Soft Power
Born With A Broken Heart
Mastermind (rehearsal version)
Boy With A Harmonica
Soul Trader
Perfect Lovesong (early idea)
The Night Is Not Enough
No Excuses
Love What You Do (Live)

Absent Friends (2CD)

CD 1

Absent Friends
Sticks and Stones
Leaving Today
Come Home Billy Bird
My Imaginary Friend
The Wreck Of The Beautiful
Our Mutual Friend
The Happy Goth
Freedom Road
Laika’s Theme
Charmed Life

CD 2

Absolute Power
Our Mutual Friend (early idea)
The Bird Evolution
Girl Least Likely
Mr Right
Sticks and Stones (demo)
The Dark Horse
All Things (alternate version)
Rose For The Lady
Absent Friends (demo)
Anthem For Bored Youth (demo)
Our Mutual Friend (alternate version)
Windy Pop
Laika’s Theme (The Promise)
Charmed Life (alternate version)

Victory for the Comic Muse (2CD)

CD 1

To Die A Virgin
Mother Dear
Diva Lady
A Lady Of A Certain Age
The Light Of Day
Party Fears Two
Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World
The Plough
Count Grassi’s Passage Over Piedmont
Snowball In Negative

CD 2

Births, Deaths And Marriages
Diva Lady (acoustic version)
Home (demo)
Lili Marlene
Count Grassi’s Passage Over Piedmont (early idea)
Count Grassi’s Passage Over Piedmont (instrumental)
Love/Hate Relationship
Miss Sharapova
Don’t Blame The Young
Long Slow Suicide
To Die A Virgin (early idea)
A Little Bit Of Love (Goes A Long Long Way)
Elaine (alternate version)
A Lady Of A Certain Age (instrumental)
Premonition Of Love

Bang Goes the Knighthood (2CD)

CD 1

Down In The Street Below
The Complete Banker
Neapolitan Girl
Bang Goes The Knighthood
At The Indie Disco
Have You Ever Been In Love
Assume The Perpendicular
The Lost Art Of Conversation
Island Life
When A Man Cries
Can You Stand Upon One Leg
I Like

CD 2

Assume The Perpendicular (alternate version)
On The Barge
At The Indie Disco (demo 1)
Girl Overboard
Bang Goes The Knighthood (alternate version)
Beside The Railway Tracks
Have You Ever Been In Love (alternate version)
Oh Christina
Ya Sumeera
Down In The Street Below (demo)
Island Life (demo)
The Bitter End
When A Man Cries (demo)
The Loneliest Man In The World
The Circular Firing Squad
At The Indie Disco (demo 2)
What’s Wrong With You
Wide Open Spaces
I Like (alternate version)

Foreverland 2CD

CD 1

Napoleon Complex
Catherine The Great
Funny Peculiar
The Pact
To The Rescue
How Can You Leave Me On My Own
I Joined The Foreign Legion (To Forget)
My Happy Place
A Desperate Man
Other People
The One Who Loves You

CD 2

Napoleon Complex (alternate version)
How Can You Leave Me On My Own (alternate version)
Them Chattering Teeth
The Pact (demo)
Desperate Man (demo)
Your Lucky Day
I Joined The Foreign Legion (early idea)
Breakfast (To Our Fathers In Distress demo)
Reconnecting (To The Rescue early idea)
To The Rescue (demo)
One Ear Up, One Ear Down (demo)
Catherine The Great (demo)
Pictures (alternate Foreverland)
ARP Break
My Happy Place (demo)
Just Can’t Get Enough
The One Who Loves You (demo)
C’est Si Bon
I Joined The Foreign Legion (alternate version)
Who Were We (demo)

Office Politics 2CD

CD 1

Office Politics
Norman Abnd Norma
Absolutely Obsolete
Infernal Machines
You’ll Never Work In This Town Again
Psychological Evaluation
The Synthesizer Service Centre Super Summer Sale
The Life And Soul Of The Party
A Feather In Your Cap
I’m A Stranger Here
Dark Days Are Here Again
Philip And Steve’s Furniture Removal Company
Opportunity Knox
After The Lord Mayor’s Show
When The Working Day Is Done

CD 2

The Divine Comedy Ltd
Where Have All The Milkmen Gone
Take Your Drum
After The Lord Mayor’s Show (alternate version)
Olivia, New Tron Song
The Life And Soul Of The Party (alternate version 1)
You’ll Never Work In This Town Again (alternate version)
The Erotic Dreams Of Andrea Palladio
Absolutely Obsolete (demo)
Death And The Mellotron
Dark Days Are Here Again (early version)
The Berlin Airlift
Queuejumper (early version)
Pop Muzik
Large Mellotron Collider
The Life And Soul Of The Party (alternate version 2)
Infernal Machines (early version)
Turning Japanese
Norman And Norma (demo)
Nordyland 83
Philip And Steve’s Furniture Removal Company (alternate version)

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my copy (with shipping 100.74£) is on its way at last…let’s hope it’ll find its way to these shores safely!


I’m about 30% through listening to the box set, and while it is stunning, I have a couple of gripes.

I don’t understand why they left off all of the tracks from Live at La Cigale 1993 (they only included one), the rest of the tracks from Indulgence #1 and #2 and the Promenade bonus disc. There was more than enough space to put it.

Some of the home demo recordings are absolutely horrible quality. I wish they would’ve left some of the tracks of poorer quality and put these tracks above on instead.

Paul Anderson

Hi Paul,
Do you now whether the cd box set is going to be available as it seems to have sold out everywhere.

Robert Neil

I ordered one a few weeks ago through The Divine Comedy website. It is meant to be arriving on November 13th. I hope so they have taken the money out.


Has anybody else received a Rain Poncho instead of the signed letter? :(

David Ch.


Has anyone else received an e-mail from Amazon uk regarding the cancellation of the order because the item is no longer available from the seller?
I have ordered it the first day that Paul announced it through the site.


I just did. Rotten; I suspect that it was a ruse the whole time. The price was SO much lower than on Townsend (which cost a princely sum for postage to the U.S.), so I had my suspicions.
Hopefully the box (and not just individual albums) will be made available for a reasonable price.


Yes; very disappointing…


Just got an email stating due to COVID dates have pushed release back to 9 October


As an aside the title comes from a painting of the same name by the Florentine painter Agnolo Bronzino. If you happen to live in London do check it out – it’s hanging up in room 8 of the National Gallery when it reopens in April (closed due to virus).


The Box is £119.99 on hmv.com. Is this yet another place that is not selling it? Most confusing.


Secured Tickets for the two nights in Paris. Promenade in full!! Great! Unfortunately I won’t see Regeneration and Fin de Siecle….


My two favourite DC albums are being played on the same night Fin de Siecle and Regeneration – managed to get a ticket through my Barbican membership. Now wondering if I should have gone for more nights…


Do they call it limited because of Neil’s letter?Will there be available any box set without Neil’s letter for less money? Any news from U.K. Amazon? 165€ including delivery costs is way too much!


It’s $185, including shipping, to the US via his website :-(

James Dawson

As of April 26, it is even higher: $162.00 plus $32.00, total $194.00.


I really don’t get it. If SisterRay, NormanRecords & PiccadillyRecords accepting pre-orders for this box set then why the hell Amazon.co.uk. won’t be doing the same thing???

Wayne C

Just pre ordered the lot off the DC website, if it’s soup for a few weeks then so be it!, but not missing out on this box set like I did when suffering from D.M.D ( Depeche Mode Dither!).


@NeoFolker – out of interest is there any reason why you particularly want to give money to Amazon? Ordering directly from the artist store generally means more money goes to the artist.

Maybe Amazon are asking too much of a margin so the Divine Comedy decided not to sell through them (purely conjecture on my part – I dont know how the economics work).

As others have stated – it’s probably worth picking up a copy now rather than being scalped later…

Pete B

I think the confusion might be that the TDC site refers to 12 ‘volumes’ – i.e 12 2CD packages – whereas the indies are listing it as 12 CDs, but still mean the same 2CD packages. Also, the ‘exclusive’ thing on the TDC site I think just refers to the bundled numbered and signed letter, which you’ll only get from that site.

In any case, it’s going to be an expensive upgrading my original viny, plus a few other things!

Wayne C

Just wondering why the Amazon link to the box set is now showing unavailable?, was thinking of ordering the lot from
there, also they only have 8 albums showing as pre order?. Hopefully not another Depeche Mode box set similarity?.


The TDC twitter account suggests amazon will sell it (without the letter) but their allocation is gone already.


Still, that’s a fair saving for anyone who got on fast!


Yes it seems they had an allocation and have since sold out. Great deal if you did get in quick enough.

That Wort

The pre-order link on Norman records also indicates 12 discs, but in their description they write:

“Covering all 12 of the band’s witty, erudite studio albums, each of which comes with a second CD of B-sides, demos and alternate versions on top of liner notes. If that wasn’t enough, it also contains an exclusive 2xCD compilation of early material from Hannon’s personal archive, the “lost” 1990 album Fanfare For The Comic Muse and rare EPs Timewatch and Europop.”

presumably the Amazon copies will have the same content. They also have individual 2CD sets listed at £10.49 if one doesn’t fancy the full set.

Richard K

Arrrgh, I wasn’t going to get the box, but at 86 quid delivered to Japan from Amazon UK I couldn’t resist!

Marcel Muller

Amazon seems to list it for £100, however, the description suggests 12 discs only. I wonder if this could be the same version as through the artist’s store?

Jonathan Knight

I saw that yesterday and pre-ordered for that price as money not taken until delivery. But today it seems to have been taken down, though no communication (yet) from Amazon to cancel my pre-order. Will wait and see.

Marcel Muller

100 £ on Amazon UK though description suggests 12 discs only. Wonder if the bonus discs are exclusive to the artist’s website? 100£ is a real bargain for the wealth of material on offer!


22-24 discs and there may still be stuff missing! An incredible amount of music. May pick up one or two of the vinyl reissues but not sure I’m in for the lot.

Another missing b-side: a cover of “Vapour Trail” by Ride. I think it’s on one of the “Gin Soaked Boy” CD singles.


Looks like none of the B side/Best of Rarities disc covers are included; Life on Mars, The Model, Pictures of Matchstick Men etc. Understandable as none of them are Neil penned. A ‘TDC Covers’ disc would have been cool but I’m not quibbling in the face of the feast of riches in the box set.


Yes, a covers disc would have been nice but as you say it’s a feast of riches as it is!


Mebbe costs to cover publishing rights of cover versions is prohibitive.

Larry Davis

I have no Divine Comedy titles in my collection currently, but always dug whatever I have heard, and always wanted their stuff but would never know where to begin…so this boxset is ideal for me being it goes from the beginning through their latest album from last year…it’s not out till August, I just hope there will be copies available through the summer…I have preorders scheduled through April, including that massive Donna Summer set, and I’m afraid that if I put a pre-order in today (too bad no Amazon UK with a no charge until dispatch policy), I will be charged the $162 plus $27 shipping immediately, and I can’t afford that now…so I will hold off till I get my tax refund in April or May…


Hi. I have just preordered from amazon.co.uk for 100gbp. Description says 12cd but I am confident it will be the full edition described by Paul in the article (without the signed letter from Neil). Amazon does not charge upfront so might still cancel if I find a better price. Really looking forward this set. Thanks for the info Paul. Cheers


CD Boxset up on Amazon for £100. A steal.

Sam Lowry

Glad to see the Father Ted songs included on Casanova. They must have resolved that ecumenical matter.


The money was just testing in Neil’s account

Darren Linklater

This is going to be the release of the year. Much anticipated and looks like Neil has done great job with the bonus CDs. I will be springing for the cd box and also the vinyl bundle. Can’t wait!

Joseph Whitcher

I thought the box set was exclusive to the Divine Comedy store but there’s an Amazon UK listing for the box set with a price of £100.00… but it says 12 discs… HMM.



@Joseph Witcher – I saw that too and had pause for thought, but on closer inspection between Amazon and Divine Comedy store they both state “12 volumes” in the text and seem to both be quoting from the same source.
The Amazon listing is still a work in progress so I would imagine the image and track listing will follow and the content will likely be the same (albeit the exclusive signed letter will only be available from DC store).


Thanks for the info, Ross Baker! If you have the time I would like to know what the 18 studio tracks, five alternate versions, 26 live tracks, nine remixes and six demos are. Sorry, this is a nerdy request – I will deffo be getting the box but would like to know how much of the “missing” stuff I have. Cheers.


What a tremendous set. I love enormous catalog boxes, and all the better when they include so many bonuses. I can’t tolerate this much Divine Comedy, so I’ll pass, but I’m excited on behalf of the many fans this will please.

Antonio Hernandez

Finally Regeneration..Absent Friends and Victore for the Comic Muse on vinyl!!!! The rest I have the original in this format even the Rare Limited limition of Bang goes…on LP.

Gareth Pugh

Ah – mailshot from DC HQ has just landed – the residencies are two-albums-in-full per night, chronologically, ie the first night is Liberation and Promenade, and so on from there…

James C

This is BIG news! It’s an fine looking set, so much material and SO MUCH of it previously unreleased. Hopefully the songs are perfectly listenable since we have had a bit of barrel scraping in the past with B sides in the Fin De Siecle era and the Rarities disc from A Secret History. BUT Hannon has been known to almost waste GREAT material on bonus discs, B sides or compilations so this is all still of great interest, Quite a lot of released music also absent from this set but that’s a good incentive to hang onto existing singles, etc. Still exciting but it’s a lot of money to drop when there is a Barbican residency to try and attend too!

Phil G

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up boxsets! :)

Ross Baker

In terms of missing stuff, as far as b-sides go (and the Rarities compilation), this set is missing 18 studio tracks, five alternate versions, 26 live tracks, nine remixes and six demos. Plus the three live albums – Live At The Cité De La Musique, Live At Somerset House and Loose Canon (Live In Europe 2016-17) – and no mention yet of In May and Swallows & Amazons, the bonus discs from the last two albums. It all adds up to around nine discs worth of music, so kind of understandable that they didn’t go the whole hog and release it all – I suppose it would have been manageable if they kept the unreleased material to a minimum, but then that would have meant there was very little new music in the box.


A bit disappointed with all that’s missing. Especially the cover of Radioactivity. That being said, really jazzed about the box. Ordered!! Going to think over the vinyl bundle another day or two. Really want it, but must save for RSD as there’s so much that looks good this year.


This is the one dream box set I would have requested if I had the choice. And it’s (nearly) perfect. So excited, one of my favorite songwriters of all time and I get it all in one box. Immediately pre-ordered despite $27.00 US shipping which is crazy. I could have waited for it possibly appear on Amazon UK and saved a fortune but since it says limited I didn’t want to take the chance.

Now what am I going to do with all my old cd’s. Looks like i’ll need to keep Foreverland and Office Politics due to the bonus disc not being in the box.

Jonathan Riley

i think they said this set was an exclusive to their website, so it won’t be on amazon.co.uk or anywhere else


Actually it’s showing now on Amazon for sale. Way less money. I through and additional $60 at this for no reason.


Keep the older CDs.

The original CD of Absent Friends has Our Mutual Friend with the original The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore lyric, whereas the subsequent releases have the lyric changed to The Song That I Can’t Sing Anymore. Copyright issues maybe?

The bonus live CD for Bang Goes The Knighthood (with a terrific cover of Joe Le Taxi on) isn’t in the new set. Likewise the making of DVD featuring one Joby Talbot that came with the deluxe Victory for the Comic Muse isn’t here.

If you have the 2CD of Promenade with the second disc of A Promenade Companion or picked it up from the Merch table at concerts in 2006 or so had acoustic versions of Liberation/Promenade songs on that don’t look to be in the set.

Don’t get me wrong, this set is just fabulous and will fill in the blanks despite having the B sides from the CD singles from Casanova onwards, along with the rarities disc from the deluxe Best of. WIthout knowing what the new masterings will be like (has there ever been a bad sounding TDC album/disc?) I’ll be keeping all of my old discs. The fact that some of them have been signed at stage doors throughout the years has nothing to do with it!


Been a fan since Neil/TDC supported Tori Amos at the London Palladium in 1994. Walked in a Tori fan, walked out a TDC fan – singing TDC songs even though I’d only heard them the once. Cue playing Liberation & Promenade to death with my then girlfriend, now wife, throughout the next couple of years before seeing TDC again and getting as many of the singles, B sides etc together that I could. Neil has signed our CDs etc after gigs since and has always been gracious and humble on every occasion.

An absolute no brainier to get the all singing, all dancing box set to fill in the blanks in my album, singles and rarities collection. Not all of the B Sides and rarities over the years look to be on the set, so I’ll be keeping all of those CDs. Even still, this box is an absolute dream come true for TDC fans, especially now I can have a legit copy of Fanfare for the Comic Muse to replace my ‘naughty’ copy. Wife & I now cashing up to figure out how many of the back to back album gigs we can do with hotel & travel later on in the year.

I can think of no band or songwrite more deserving of such deluxe treatment as TDC/Neil Hannon.


Hi Bren, exactly the same story with me. Went to see Tori Amos in Düsseldorf in 94. and became a fan. I think I was the only one listening to them. They played Kraftwerk as a tribute to them. Nice!

Joseph Whitcher

The cover of Throwing Muses’ “Hate My Way” is missing. It’s the first thing I looked for. :(

Richard K

Great news! I’m tempted by the box, but having all the original cds, and being more of a vinyl fiend these days, I might go that route. So can I just say how lovely it is of Neil to provide all of the bonus tracks with the vinyl downloads. Something I wish was done more often!

Anthony James

Yes there is stuff missing but the fact that it is going to include A Short Film About A Short Album About Love which is the Holy Grail for a lot of Divine Comedy fans is outweighing that for me and I’ve ordered it.

IIRC when the film was made they didn’t get the okay from each orchestra member sorted under a collective legal release which is why it’s never come out before. I can’t wait!!!

I can also member 2 CD versions being discussed ago on the old DC message board but those plans fell by the wayside and I’m so excited by this news.

Paul Thomson

Used to work with Brian, DC’s early bassist, in a pub in Edinburgh. Was delighted for him when he got the gig with his mate Neil. Mr Hannon has established himself as one of the best, and yet most under the radar, songwriters of the last 30 years. Despite having all the CDs in their various limited formats, as issued at the time, this is a no-brainier. Duly ordered, thanks for the info and link.


Awesome ! But apparently ‘office politics’ and ‘foreverland’ will get bonus material too. So is a 2nd cd expected for these 2 records too?

Jorje Chica

As noted by others, there are some things missing. I noticed no covers of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and Life on Mars. Also, it would have been nice to have more unreleased live tracks from other tours, like Lonely At The Top and the instrumental version they used to do of Here Comes The Flood. I caught the band in LA on the Regeneration and Absent Friends tours. Lovely shows.

Too bad there is no vinyl box set. At $32.99 each for the vinyl reissues, it’s an expensive proposition. I only want the first 8 albums on vinyl, but I may have to cherry pick at this point.

Le Baron

I can’t tell you how excited I am with this release !
I did read ”The Divine Comedy 22CD box set”, then preordered without reading a single line about the tracklisting !!
Been a fan since 1994, and this is released just for my birthday !!
Thank you so much , Paul !!


£125 for 24 cds – fab value – take note Pink Floyd


Whilst I’m not standing up for Pink Floyd here, their last two big sets were bigger multi media projects to deal with, such as major video remastering, 5.1 mixes (including a total remixing of one of their albums where they recorded new drum parts), blu-ray authoring, dedicated package design etc, so adds to the retail cost.

Whereas this set is audio only, each containing the same album packaging as the standalone 2 CD versions which are coming out at the same (at £10 each), very straight forward in comparison.


Wow.. just wow.
I have been desperately trying to resist getting scalped on Discogs for vinyl copies of the DC albums and now I can pick them up at decent prices remastered as well.

I’m also going to have to invest in that boxed set… oh my aching wallet.

Thanks for the info Paul – this has made my month.

Gareth Jones

One final comment from me! Just wanted to add, besides the signed letter, it’s so nice to see a box set that doesn’t contain a load of unnecessary items. No playing cards, guitar picks or other silly tat that nobody wants. Just the music on CDs in a box. Perfect!

Wayne C

Could I ask please Paul, will will these LP records be available widely or just on the DC website? would like to pre order all of these but £350 is a bit of a sudden expense!. This is great news considering how much the single LP records have been going for in recent times?. Obviously the cd box set is a no brainer have been a fan for years!.


They are all available on Amazon now for pre order.


Sounds amazing! Been waiting for the 2CD versions a long time and there looks to be a lot of unreleased content, certainly lots I don’t have already.

Not sure if I’m counting it wrong but seems like 22 discs not 24? 9 x 2 disc album sets, the 2CD Juvenilia set, and 2 single disc albums?

Andrew Hall

Wonderful news. Handing over cash now.


Nice set for sure. Do we know if it will include the download code for the whole thing?

Ross Baker

Well, that’s something I’m going to have to scrape some money together for! Shame there’s a lot of missing b-sides, but I suppose you can’t have everything. Eager to find out what the bonus discs for the last two albums are, to see if I can sell off my existing copies with their existing bonus discs.

CJ Feeney

This is puzzling me.

The official site only lists the single CD tracklisting for the last two albums. But that would make the box only 22 discs, not 24. And the official description clearly says 24 discs.


Any word on how ‘limited’ the box set will be?