This Mortal Coil deluxe reissues

Deluxe vinyl in hand-finished sleeves • Japan ‘paper sleeve’ CDs

The three albums issued by 1980s musical collective This Mortal Coil will be reissued in October with remastered audio and presented in high quality vinyl and CD packages.

The albums in question are It’ll End In Tears (1984), Filigree and Shadow (1986) and Blood (1991) and all three were led by 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell.

Working with engineer/co-producer John Fryer, and a rotating cast of musicians (largely artists on the 4AD label) these releases often included interpretations of other artists’ works including Big Star, Tim Buckley, Roy Harper, Syd Barrett and Emmylou Harris.

For this reissue campaign the deluxe vinyl editions have ‘reimagined’ artwork (by Ivo Watts-Russell and Vaughan Oliver) and are presented in hand-finished and high-gloss gatefold sleeves.

Filigree and Shadow double vinyl deluxe set

What’s particularly good here is that the CDs are given some care and attention too. The deluxe CD editions are being manufactured by the Ichikudo company in Japan, and are presented in gatefold paper sleeves which are “printed to the highest standard”. These were actually part of the very limited box set back in 2011, but this time around they are UHQCD (Ultimate High Quality Compact Disc) and not HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital). I’m not sure I’d worry too much about the latter, but these will work fine on standard CD players.

These use remastered audio made from the original analogue studio tapes by the late John Dent. They will be released on 26 October 2018. Considering they are Japanese manufactured paper sleeve editions, the CD prices are very cheap (no CD pre-order for Filigree and Shadow yet…).

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This Mortal Coil

It'll End In Tears - deluxe vinyl LP


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This Mortal Coil

It'll End In Tears - deluxe CD


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This Mortal Coil

Filigree and Shadow - deluxe 2LP vinyl


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This Mortal Coil

Filigree and Shadow - deluxe CD


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This Mortal Coil

Blood - deluxe vinyl 2LP


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This Mortal Coil

Blood - deluxe CD


It’ll End In Tears LP / CD

A1. Kangaroo, A2. Song To The Siren, A3. Holocaust, A4. Fyt, A5. Fond Affections, A6. The Last Ray
B1. Another Day, B2. Waves Become Wings, B3. Barramundi, B4. Dreams Made Flesh, B5. Not Me, B6. A Single Wish

Filigree and Shadow 2LP / CD

A1. Velvet Belly, A2. The Jeweller, A3. Ivy And Neet, A4. Meniscus, A5. Tears, A6. Tarantula
B1. My Father, B2. Come Here My Love, B3. At First, And Then, B4. Strength Of Strings, B5. Morning Glory
C1. Inch-Blue, C2. I Want To Live, C3. Mama K (1), C4. Filigree & Shadow, C5. Fire Brothers, C6. Thaïs (1), C7. I Must Have Been Blind, C8. A Heart Of Glass
D1. Alone, D2. Mama K (2), D3. The Horizon Bleeds And Sucks Its Thumb, D4. Drugs, D5. Red Rain, D6. Thaïs (2)

Blood  2LP  / CD

A1. The Lacemaker, A2. Mr. Somewhere, A3. Andialu, A4. With Tomorrow, A5. Loose Joints, A6. You And Your Sister
B1. Nature’s Way, B2. I Come And Stand At Every Door, B3. Bitter, B4. Baby Ray Baby, B5. Several Times
C1. The Lacemaker II, C2. Late Night, C3. Ruddy And Wretched, C4. Help Me Lift You Up, C5. Carolyn’s Song, C6. D. D. And E.
D1. ‘Til I Gain Control Again, D2. Dreams Are Like Water, D3. I Am The Cosmos, D4. (Nothing But) Blood

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Hi, has anyone received their CD’s as yet, I’ve received an HDCD rather than the expected UHQCD – ordered via Amazon with a release date of 7th Dec. I’ve raised it with them…but wondered if anyone else has had the same experience?


I just received the CD’s and vinyl. At first look they seem to be the same as the ones in TMCBOX 1 from 2011. After further closely examining the OBI the “new” ones are “ultimate HQ CD”. The CD’s in the TMCBOX1 from 2011 are “HDCD”


Vinyl releases are delayed until 2nd week of December.

Manuel Carvalho

It’s probably the same for the CD editions. And the It’ll End In Tears CD on sale at Amazon.de is not the new reissue…


Like many I have the original vinyl, early CD’s and the 2011 box set which is stunning. I’ve contemplated ordering these reissues but I’m not sure I’d benefit as the 2011 recordings are very good. I wrote to 4AD on several occasions asking if a high resolution 24bit download would be made available. To date I’ve received absolutely no response from them!



Paul, do you know if they plan to release the extra CD on the box set, Dust and Guitars? This would be great, since I’d love to finally get Gathering Dust on CD – wasn’t able to get the box set when it was released, and then it became impossible to find.


HMV already have a CD Pre-Order for Filigree & Shadow!

Phil Hale

I asked on The Arkive FB page for an update on the previous announced (2010) Blu-ray but got no response.

Perhaps the Pixies Doolittle Blu-ray release sold poorly.

I skipped the HDCD album rereleases, apart from Dust & Guitars, mainly due to price but will pick up these CD rereleases as I’m keen to compare the 2011 mastering with the originals – hopefully these aren’t brickwalled.

As for the physical quality claims of UHQCD – we’ll see how they fair over time – I’m just glad 4AD never used PDO for their early CD pressings!

I’m tempted by the vinyl but already have the originals and without a working turntable these would only go into storage. What would tip the purchase is a hires download code to go with them – that would placate the lack of a Blu-ray audio release.


Whatever happened to Tears in the Drop Box – guess it will never see the light of day.

wayne hill

I remember reading in Mojo or Uncut a few years ago, that someone was doing 5.1 mixes. Guess they’ve been canceled.

Steve F

I’m buying these but I’d like to see Dust & Guitars as well. The 2011 box was very limited, and I was skint at the time.


Ahh no extra tracks. So its nothing to excite about

Neil Parnell

def purchase for me on vinyl

Brex Tangerine

Hi Paul, I’ve been waiting for this for such a Longtime………… now. 3 Superb albums by This
Mortail Coil Remastered in Deluxe Paper Sleeve !!! Can’t wait to grab all of them. Thanks for the
great news. Suddenly Life Has New Meaning Paul ! Keep the Good News coming……. Cheers !!!


The boxed set came out when I was unemployed and absolutely could not afford it. About a year or so ago I wrote 4AD and begged them to reissue the boxed set. “Why should I give someone on eBay $400 for this music instead of giving that money to the artist?” But my request fell on deaf ears, as they told me they had no plans of re-releasing TMC’s oeuvre.
So this news is somewhat disheartening, as I did pay that person on eBay $400 for the boxed set. (After all, it is some of the best music ever recorded.)
At least they aren’t releasing the “Dust & Guitars” rarities disc, so I don’t feel like I completely blew $400 for no reason.


Thanks Paul, good news! But when the state-of-the-art 2011 CD box set was released, a bluray with hi-res of the same material contained in the box was announced…. nothing happened unfortunately. Would be awesome for it to happen accompanying these re-releases and insanely crazy to have it in 5.1 or Dolby Atmos!!
Anyway, releases like these are always a pleassure coming from 4AD =)

Benjamin Adams

So the versions of “Sixteen Days” and “Sixteen Days – Gathering Dust” (Modern English) from the “Song to the Siren” 12″ still remain OOP. Welp, glad I’ve got a copy then.


@ Klaus

Thank you very much!!
So I really missed something!!
Well, 4AD should put this box set out again!!


No extra tracks and not a jewel case, so will stick to the previous CDs.


The 2011 box set fourth CD some people complained about missing in this reissued is actually the songs original version This Mortal Coil covered and that’s it. There’s no a missing thing in it unless 4AD has hidden stuffs in the voults instead !!! Are there ???
Does anybody know ???



You’re confusing the two different box sets that were released of TMC-material:
The first one was released in 1993 and indeed included a fourth disc with most of the original versions for the covers that TMC recorded.
The second was released in 2011 and here we got a fourth disc called “Dust And Guitars” mostly containing alternate recordings of songs from the three regular albums.


That fourth disc – ‘Originals’ – would have to be my most played CD these past 25 years and it always gets the same response when you play it to newbies – total astonishment.

You can see their lives change in front of your eyes.

Then the natural question…”where can I get this?”


It began in tears, really. Apart from Super Deluxe Edition, TMC’s albums FORCED me to explore everything i know about music today. If you follow the trails that IVO leaves in these three albums, you’ll learn the art of music (Spirit, Tim Buckley, Colin Newman that led me to Alone On Piano beauty, Chris Bell, Martin McGarrick’s cello etc.). 4AD was not a record company. It was a cult, really. Also, because i’m from Greece, if you spell IVO in English & ENO (Brian) in Greek you will find that both names have the same letters. Strange coincidence.
Paul, if you have any story about IVO or 4AD that you would like to share with us it would be great.



That’s really good news. Not very well known today i had the privilege to listen to many songs of these when released because world class radio DJ Alan Bangs (of BFBS and German Radio fame) had quite a soft spot for them at the time and played a lot of them in his weekly programs.
If you don’t know them yet you should try them out if you like the later Japan records and the first three solo albums by David Sylvian.
Although i have the original cds i’m sure that i’ll get the new cds of these too, especially at these prices.
What i would love to see now would be an official re-release of “Rainy Day”, kind of an American twin
to the “This Mortal Coil”-project featuring musicians from e.g. The Dream Syndicate, The Rain Parade, Three O’Clock and others covering the likes of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground a.s.o.a.s.f.


Rough Trade have pre-orders for all three on all formats – CDs are £10.99 each, or were when I pre-ordered ‘…Tears’ and ‘Blood’ at the weekend.


Thanks hamicle. All three Cds ordered for £10.99 each less Vat with reasonable tracked delivery to Australia


I have the original CDs and LPs and also the box set. The box set is truly wonderful package and the sound is brilliant. Not sure if I will go for these, but we’ll worth it if you have not got these albums.


This has been out of print for ages. Very good stuff. So they are called deluxe cd’s because they are the Japanese gatefold paper sleeves but there are no extra songs. The box had a 4th cd called “Dust & Guitars” with 10 tracks that seem to be lost in the shovel? Real shame. If you go thru this, why not do it right and add those unreleased tracks spread out over the 3 albums????


I’d prefer a stand-alone cd-release of “Dust And Guitars” if they don’t do the whole box again. I think that “Filigree And Shadow” and “Blood” don’t have enough space for extra tracks on them so the other choice would be to add the whole album to “It’ll End In Tears”.


I have the previous japanese cd box set, it was already incredibly well done.
I’m not sure how these vinyls could sonically top the ORG LP reissue of It’ll end in tears. We’ll see !
One chapter is still missing though : a proper vinyl reissue of The Hope Blister’ Smiles OK (basically TMC’s fourth album) is still long overdue. It truly is a remarkable album, with covers of John Cale, Eno or D. Sylvian…

Rare Glam

I have the 2011 Japanese set and it is indeed beautiful as these new editions will also be. I just hope 4AD will now also reissue the Cocteau Twins albums on similar high quality CD editions. The Japanese mini LP CD set from back in 2006 is hen’s teeth rare now (there’s a copy for £500 + on ebay.com at the moment and the only one I’ve ever seen for sale). Even a clam shell box edition in standard European produced discs and card sleeves would be good and go well with the upcoming Fontana Cocteau’s reissue box.


I have bought some of those Japanese Cocteau Twins mini lps recently on eBay & discogs for no more than £20 so not that rare to be honest!


I gotta say, if I were a vinyl junkie, I’d be a tad miffed that they’re not taking the opportunity to (1) turn the odds and ends comp Dust & Guitars into a record, and (2) box the whole thing up like the CD box from 2011. That said, I’m sure these will sound terrific – the CDs from the 2011 box do for sure.


Brilliant, I have been waiting for these on CD for ages. Will do. Thank you for the news.


Was initially really excited upon reading this but then I remembered that I actually bought the beautiful CD boxed set back in 2011. The fact that I had forgotten I had bought it shows how often I have listened to it.

It has reminded me to give it another listen but I don’t think I should be buying this (as much as the vinyl packaging sounds superb – always been a fan of Vaughn Oliver’s work).

Was the 2011 box that limited? I don’t seem to recall having to struggle too much to get hold of it at the time.


1500 boxes worldwide

Yani P


Steve CD fan

Is Filligree & Shadow cd priced correctly?

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

I`ve had `It`ll End In Tears` on CD since it was released, a beautifful album, love it, one of my most played albums of the `80`s.

I`m in for thr LP version this time, already ordered.

For some reason I have never bothered with the other 2 albums. Anyone have any reason why I should?

Thanks Paul, another fine addition to, as they refer in the Colonies, this Fall`s re-issues.


How about for instance because “Blood” has two more songs by the criminally underrated but nevertheless immortal Chris Bell of Big Star fame(?): You And Your Sister and I Am The Cosmos
and the choice of the other covers is as surprising and good as well. Only shame is that they don’t re-release the much sought after box set of all three albums plus an additional bonus-disc.

They are ALL essential!


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! ‘It’ll end in tears’

Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for this for an absolute age.

The soundtrack to my A Levels at boarding school.

Just wonderful.

Thanks Mr Superdeluxe your work is done.


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for this for an absolute age.

The soundtrack to my A Levels at boarding school.

Just wonderful.

Thanks Mr Superdeluxe your work is done.


Now……THIS IS the news that was worth waiting for during the last couple of weeks or so with nothing even remotely interesting on the horizon……

Although not on the cheap side, the first album in certainly worth every penny……


Fantastic news, I am all over this, 3 brilliant albums, I just wish 4AD had done a lovely boxset, but even so, these have been ordered.