Thompson Twins / Close to the Bone

Remastered and pressed on limited edition white vinyl

The Thompson Twins‘ sixth album Close To The Bone will be reissued as a limited edition white vinyl pressing at the end of August.

Co-produced with Rupert Hine, this 1987 album was the follow up to Here’s To Future Days and was issued after the departure of Joe Leeway. It was the first since Set to not deliver a UK top 40 hit single; Get That Love (the band’s first single issued on CD) reached only number 66 in the UK, while The Long Goodbye fared even worse, stalling at 89. Bush Baby wasn’t issued commercially, although there was a promo seven-inch.

Lyrically, the album is much more personal than what had come before and Tom Bailey said “for the first time we had real experiences that we could write about. When you tour all the time, things become circular and one-dimensional. i never realised it before, but taking time away for whatever reason is great for you songwriting”.

Close to the Bone is issued by Vinyl180 on 31 August 2018.

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Thompson Twins

Close To The Bone LP [VINYL]


1 Follow Your Heart
2 Bush Baby
3 Get That Love
4 20th Century
5 Long Goodbye
6 Stillwaters
7 Savage Moon
8 Gold Fever
9 Dancing In Your Shoes
10 Perfect Day

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Paul, any chance you’ll ever do a multi-single box of all the twins singles a la Paul young? With maybe a dvd of all the videos???? I’m desperately hoping for something like that to come along.

Neil Kelly

Usual thing for me here… Got excited for 1 second… Expect it to a be a vinyl announcement… Disappointment as confirmed a vinyl announcement… End of my interest forever after 5 seconds..

Funnily enough i’m playing Tom Bailey’s Science fiction yet again as i type this.

Note to music industry… ‘Close to the bone’ Double CD i’d be in for sure. Vinyl is so 80’s / 70’s / 60’s / 50’s


It gets pretty old with people slagging vinyl and/or cds as being old or irrelevant. If you prefer one or the other, no need to complain about the other format in every post. But personally, I would like to see both vinyl and cd sets for most things. CD is better for some things, vinyl for others.

I love the other vinyl180 Thompson Twins records and the colored vinyl prints have been beautiful, esp. the deep red on the last one, even though they said it was to be purple… it turned out better.

Andrew B

my eyesight must be shit I misread the title as ‘Close To the Bono’


It would be great if they offered a true anthology or very best of that included all of their works from their first album to the rumored 3rd unreleased Babble album.

Chris Squires

I love what vinyl180 are doing and have bought quite a lot of their catalogue. However so far it has always been the 2LP versions when available with the best associated remixes as a second disc.
I’d rather pay £20 for a 2LP set with remixes, than £16 to £18 for a single set, when I know that I will only end up double dipping for later…. if it comes of course.


I would be in for 2CD set as outlined above.

I get the current vinyl love affair, but I’m staying away.

No need not to do both (see uproar over upcoming Yaz re-release).


no 2 cd version? what a waste…vinyl is so inconvenient


This is what we wish and are waiting for…

Thompson Twins
Close To The Bone (Deluxe 2CD Edition)

1. Follow Your Heart 3:54
2. Bush Baby 4:10
3. Get That Love 4:00
4. Twentieth Century 4:02
5. Long Goodbye 4:22
6. Still Waters 3:36
7. Savage Moon 4:40
8. Gold Fever 4:02
9. Dancing In Your Shoes 4:28
10. Perfect Day 4:26
11. Nothing In Common (7” Version/Single Mix) 3:30

CD2 – approx. 79 mins, tracklist in random order:
1. Nothing To Lose 4:15 *
2. Nothing In Common (7” Remix) 4:06 *
3. Nothing In Common (Street Mix – Vocal & Instrumental) 6:22 *
4. Nothing In Common (Club Mix) 7:38
5. Get That Love (Extended Version) 6:33
6. Get That Love (Dub) 7:03
7. Long Goodbye (7” Version/Single Mix) 3:47 *
8. Long Goodbye (Extended Mix) 7:56
9. Bush Baby (7” Version/Single Mix) 3:43 *
10. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Single Mix) 3:30
11. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Railroad Mix) 6:40
12. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Railroad Dub) 5:48
13. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Extended Remix) 5:18 *
14. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Dub Mix) 6:20 *
* previously unreleased on any commercial CD release.

Possible tracklist…

1. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Single Mix) 3:30
2. Nothing In Common (7” Remix) 4:06
3. Long Goodbye (7” Version/Single Mix) 3:47
4. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Railroad Mix) 6:40
5. Get That Love (Extended Version) 6:33
6. Nothing To Lose 4:15
7. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Extended Remix) 5:18
8. Bush Baby (7” Version/Single Mix) 3:43
9. Nothing In Common (Street Mix – Vocal & Instrumental) 6:22
10. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Railroad Dub) 5:48
11. Long Goodbye (Extended Mix) 7:56
12. Get That Love (Dub) 7:03
13. Nothing In Common (Club Mix) 7:38
14. In The Name Of Love ’88 (Dub Mix) 6:20


Damn! Well thought out and a lot here I’ve never heard before. I’d buy this even though I thought the main album was underwhelming.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

okay for me a first sign for a future 2CD re-release of this album. but there is not so much material that
were officially released for a 2CD edition. only a few mixes of “get that love” and the non album single “nothing in common” + “in the name of love ’88”. for me that album was a breakdown after the two BIG albums before and the massive list of remixes and the much loved cassette tracks / double vinyl mixes.
meanwhile: for anyone who don’t know that, the cd “the greatest hits” from 2003 features ( not listed as such ) alternative versions of several songs like “hold me now” and “sister of mercy” and “roll over”. all these versions were not used for the 2CD editions of “into the gap” & “here’s to future days”. and especially “sister of mercy” is great !


Thanks for mentioning the Greatest Hits from 2003. I had no idea of it’s existence and will have to get a copy. That is what is so cool about the comment section here, it isn’t just what is being released now, it is all of that other stuff everyone missed or forgot about — you never know what you may read here.


Thanks for the info! Just ordered the cd!


I want this on CD please, expanded!!


Excellent.. I already ordered it from the Vinyl180 website back in July… :)
I was afraid, that they would stop after the “Big three”, but the release of this album signals, that there possibly will be future releases of both “Big Trash” and “Queer”, which is great.


I would love for them to continue and release Queer, even the Babble albums on vinyl, but they switched labels after Close to the Bone, so I am guessing that might not be in play.


I loved this album. Is it their best? No. But it remains a sentimental favorite. I think it’s under-appreciated along the lines of Culture Club – Luxury to Heartache. Hoping for a 2CD reissue.


Wish there would be a 2CD Deluxe Edition of this album…including the “Nothing In Common” (1986) single versions/mixes.


I loved the Thompson Twins growing up. As I turned into a huge metal head in high school, I still listened to the tapes then bought CDs and spun them into adulthood. I’ve gotten all the reissues on CD and vinyl but this album? I’ll probably pass. I just simply thought it didn’t hold up to any of Tom Bailey’s past work. You want good, listen to Bailey’s new album, Science Fiction.

elliott buckingham

pre-ordered. and what a huge oversite that get that love 12″ mix wasn’t included on the remixes and rareities disc.


just like the Future Days vinyl release there is now a border around the edge.
no idea why, it was not on the original releases. and for me adds nothing.


Can’t speak for this specific instance but it usually happens because the original artwork hasn’t been available. Shrinking the necessary scan of an LP sleeve slightly hides the inherent (nowadays usually minor) decrease in quality. Hence the border. Looks pretty good in this instance.


didn’t think that could be the case ;)
if it is for that reason, I’d still rather have it a bit bigger (even if it loses a bit of quality) and then have it like the original version


The single Bush Baby was commercially released here in the U.S.. I remember going to this music store chain called Sound Warehouse and buying it at the time. What’s unique about the single is that it’s actually remixed, although not stated on the label. There was also a U.S. promo 7″ for it as well.


Yes that’s really the main TT thing I would like on CD.


Add me to the list for the remastered, expanded CD version