Thompson Twins / Here’s To Future Days 2LP vinyl reissue with bonus tracks

500-only limited edition • ‘cassette remixes’ • Tom Bailey sleeve notes

Vinyl 180 continue their Thompson Twins reissues with a double LP package of the band’s 1985 album Here’s To Future Days.

This set follows last year’s purple vinyl reissue of the same album. The key difference here is that this reissue features a bonus vinyl LP of 12-inch remixes and extended versions that originally appeared on the UK cassette version of the album.These tracks are Shoot Out (a remix of Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream), Alice (an instrumental of Lay Your Hands On Me), Heavens Above! (a instrumental of Future Days), The Kiss (an remix of Tokyo) and Desert Dancers (a remix of Breakaway).

The labels on the original limited edition bonus LP from 1985 (click image to enlarge)

There was actually a limited edition two-LP version of the album back in the day which featured the same bonus material and so this new release is effectively an improved version of that, since it also includes two additional remixes not featured at the time – Lay Your Hands On Me (US Remix) and King For A Day (US Remix).

Tom Bailey has provided sleeve notes for this and it’s actually a very small limited run of only 500 copies, so you have been warned!

This new vinyl edition of Here’s To Future Days will be released on 19 January 2018.

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Thompson Twins

Here's To Future Days [VINYL]


Side 1
1. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream
2. Lay Your Hands on Me
3. Future Days
4. You Killed the Clown
5. Revolution

Side 2
1. King for a Day
2. Love Is the Law
3. Emperor’s Clothes (Part 1)
4. Tokyo
5. Breakaway

Side 3
1. Lay Your Hands on Me (Us Remix)
2. Shoot Out (Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream remix)
3. Alice (Lay Your Hands On Me instrumental)
4. Heavens Above! (Future Days instrumental)

Side 4
1. The Kiss (Tokyo remix)
2. Desert Dancers (Breakaway remix)
3. King for a Day (Us Remix)

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Does anyone have the ‘purple’ vinyl single reissue? I have heard it’s a far cry from the purple shown, like FGTH Rage Hard purple vinyl wasn’t! Some say nearly black, and pictures on discover show dark red. It is in Amazon vinyl sale but am unsure due to question of vinyl colour. Thanks.


Hello Mike. Yes, you’re absolutely right. I bought it and thought I’d been sent a black version by mistake! When you hold it to the light, it looks a very dark red and so it is coloured but it is not the vivid colour that is shown in the photos.

Tom M

All of the links take me to Amazon U.K.

Markie G

@ Kevin M, it looks like they have added the black border so the sleeve ‘matches’ the Quick Step & Side Kick and The Gap ‘style’ which did actually have the border on, even on the original issues.

I’ll be picking this up – I purchased the other reissues on both single coloured vinyl and double black vinyl so may as well have the trio.



Rollover was never on the original UK release so I guess that’s why it’s missing from this set. Love your HTFD Deluxe Edition wish list.

I wish in a way the two extra remixes where left off too and the cover wasn’t changed. They even could have housed the 2 LPs in a gatefold like the Australian release.

Koen Kroeze

All my copies (UK, USA, Germany, Japan) have the 3’43” version of ‘Let Loving Start’.
I do know now there are three different (sleeves) of the UK 7″ pressing, one has ‘Mixed by Phil Thornalley’ credited on the back, perhaps this one contains the shorter, speed-up version with the ‘chant’ vocals in it…?

Koen Kroeze


Roll Over (Nile Rodgers Version) 5:01

Koen Kroeze

Here my thoughts on ‘Here’s To Future Days’ 3CD/DVD Deluxe Edition:

Disc 1 (CD)
Here’s To Future Days – original album:
01. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream 4:25
02. Lay Your Hands On Me 4:21
03. Future Days 3:01
04. You Killed The Clown 4:52
05. Revolution 4:06
06. King For A Day 5:18
07. Love Is The Law 4:43
08. Emperor’s Clothes (Part 1) 4:46
09. Tokyo 3:40
10. Breakaway 3:35

Here’s To Future Days – original cassette mixes:
11. Shoot Out | Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream ([U⁴Ā] + [U³Ā] = Remix) 6:24
12. Alice | Lay Your Hands On Me (Alternate Version) 5:01
13. Heavens Above! | Future Days (Alternate Version) 3:22
14. The Kiss | Tokyo (Alternate Version) 5:45
15. Desert Dancers | Breakaway (Alternate Version) 7:08
16. Lay Your Hands On Me (Nile Rodgers + Tom Bailey Version) | (1985 12″ Edit) [Remixed by James Farber] 5:14

Disc 2 (CD)
Here’s To Future Days – singles, b-sides & alternate versions:
01. Lay Your Hands On Me (Single Version) | (Original 1984 7″ Version) 4:09
02. Roll Over 4:59
03. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Single Mix) | (Original 7″ Version) 3:34 [previously unreleased on CD]
04. King For A Day (Re-Edit) | (Original 7″ Version) 4:10 [previously unreleased on CD]
05. Lay Your Hands On Me (Nile Rodgers + Tom Bailey Version) | (Original 1985 7″ Version) 3:55 [previously unreleased on CD]
06. Revolution (Remix) | (Original 7″ Version) 3:25 [previously unreleased on CD]
07. The Lewis Carol (Adventures In Wonderland) 4:13
08. Fools In Paradise (Original 7″ Version) 4:52
09. Big Business (Original 7″ Version) 4:15
10. Rollunder (Original 7″ Version) 4:43
11. The Fourth Sunday 4:20
12. Lay Your Hands On Me (U.S. Re-mix) | (Original 1984 7″ Version) [Remixed by John ‘Tokes’ Potoker] 4:15 [previously unreleased on CD]
13. King For A Day (Alex Sadkin + Tom Bailey UK Remix) | (Re-edit/7″ Version) 4:15
14. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Album Edit) 3:28
15. Lay Your Hands On Me (Nile Rodgers + Tom Bailey Version) | (A/C Mix) [U.S. 1985 promo edit] 4:06
16. Revolution (Remix) | (Original 12″ Version) 6:02
17. King For A Day (U.S. Remix) 7:20

Disc 3 (CD)
Here’s To Future Days – singles, b-sides & remixes:
01. Lay Your Hands On Me (Extended Version) | (Original 1984 12″ Version) [Remixed by Alex Sadkin + Tom Bailey] 6:07
02. Roll Over (Again) (Original 12″ Version) 6:52
03. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Smackattack!) | (Original 12″ Version) 6:08
04. King For A Day (Extended Mix) 8:04
05. Lay Your Hands On Me (Nile Rodgers + Tom Bailey Version) | (Original 1985 12″ Version) [Remixed by James Farber] 6:01
06. Revolution (Extended Mix) | (Original 12″ Version) 6:26
07. Fools In Paradise (Original 12″ Version) 5:29
08. Very Big Business 5:07
09. Rollunder (Extended) | (Original 12″ Version) 6:46
10. Lay Your Hands On Me (U.S. Re-mix) | (Original 1984 12″ Version) [Remixed by John ‘Tokes’ Potoker] 5:57
11. King For A Day (Alex Sadkin + Tom Bailey UK Remix) | (Re-edit/12″ Version) 5:58
12. Lay Your Hands On Me (U.S. Re-mix) | (Extended Version #2) [Remixed by Alex Sadkin + Tom Bailey] 6:25

Disc 4 (DVD)
Live at The Pittsburgh Civic Arena, PA, USA, 12/1985 (audio, or video if it’s available):
01. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream 4:32
02. Lay Your Hands On Me 4:38
03. Doctor! Doctor! 5:53
04. You Killed The Clown 4:48
05. Love On Your Side 7:14
06. The Gap 4:51
07. Hold Me Now 7:31

Here’s To Future Days – promotional videos:
08. Lay Your Hands On Me
09. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream
10. King For A Day
11. Revolution [without news version]

Live at Band Aid, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, USA, 13/07/1985:
12. Hold Me Now
13. Revolution (with Madonna & Nile Rodgers)

Live at The Tube, 1984
14. Sister Of Mercy
15. Doctor! Doctor!
16. The Gap

Are there any versions missing?

Koen Kroeze

Regarding my previous “Deluxe 3CD/DVD Edition”…

CD1 has space left to include:
16. You Take Me Up (Machines Take Me Over) | (Fade Out Version) 7:32

Koen Kroeze

I would rather see ‘Into The Gap’ being re-released as Deluxe Edition.
It would be a great 3CD/DVD set…

Disc 1 (CD)
Into The Gap – original album:
01. Doctor! Doctor! 4:39
02. You Take Me Up 4:28
03. Day After Day 3:50
04. Sister Of Mercy 5:09
05. No Peace For The Wicked 4:05
06. The Gap 4:45
07. Hold Me Now 4:46
08. Storm On The Sea 5:33
09. Who Can Stop The Rain? 5:48

Into The Gap – cassette mixes:
10. Leopard Ray 3:22
11. Panic Station | Day After Day (Alternate Version) 4:46
12. Down Tools | You Take Me Up (Alternate Version) 4:25
13. Funeral Dance | No Peace For The Wicked (Alternate Version) 3:14
14. Compass Points | The Gap (Alternate Version) 5:01
15. Still Water | Storm On The Sea (Alternate Version) 3:52

Disc 2 (CD)
Into The Gap – singles, b-sides & alternate versions:
01. Hold Me Now (Promotional 7″ Version) 3:58
02. Let Loving Start (Original 7″ Version) 3:43
03. Doctor! Doctor! (Original 7″ Version) 4:23
04. Nurse Shark 4:09
05. You Take Me Up (Original 7″ Version) 4:09
06. Passion Planet 3:45
07. Sister Of Mercy (Single Remix) | (Original 7″ Version) 4:57
08. Out Of The Gap [Megamix] | (Original 7″ Version) 5:57
09. The Gap (Original 7″ Version) 3:55
10. Hold Me Now (Alternative Version) | (“Demo” Version) 4:49
11. Doctor! Doctor! (Promotional 7″ Version) 3:45
12. You Take Me Up (Instrumental Remix) 6:20
13. Sister Of Mercy (Alternative Version) 5:19
14. The Gap (AOR Version) | (Promotional 7″ Version) 4:09
15. Hold Me Now (Extended Edit) 7:07
16. Doctor! Doctor! (Extended Edit) 5:48

Disc 3 (CD)
Into The Gap – extended singles, b-sides & alternate versions:
01. Hold Me Now (Extended Version) 9:47
02. Let Loving Start (Extended Version) 8:55
03. Doctor! Doctor! (Extended Version) 7:52
04. You Take Me Up (Machines Take Me Over) | (Original 12″ Version) 7:28 /
05. / Down Tools 4:13
06. Sister Of Mercy (Extended Version) 9:26
07. Out Of The Gap [Megamix] | (Original 12″ Version) 8:58
08. The Gap (Club Remix) | (Original 12″ Version) 8:34
09. You Take Me Up (High Plains Mixer) [US 12″ Remix] 8:29
10. Who Can Stop The Rain? (US Album Edit) 5:16

Disc 4 (DVD)
Into The Gap – Live at the Del Mar Race Track, California, USA, 30/09/1984:
01. The Gap
02. Day After Day
03. Judy Do
04. Watching
05. You Take Me Up
06. Hold Me Now
07. No Peace For The Wicked
08. Sister Of Mercy
09. In The Name Of Love
10. Lies
11. Doctor! Doctor!
12. Kamikazi
13. Love On Your Side

Into The Gap – promotional videos:
14. Hold Me Now
15. Doctor! Doctor!
16. You Take Me Up
17. Sister Of Mercy

Are there any versions missing?

Mike the Fish

There’s at least two different 7″ versions of Let Loving Start, possibly three.

Koen Kroeze

Thanks for the info, Mike. I do have the UK 7″…how come I never have noticed this…aarghh.
It could end up on Disc 2…


OMG I wish it to be true. Would love this

william mckinley

I would like a Box Set that has all their albums including their Babble years especially if it has their supposed unreleased 3rd album and all their music videos.

Metal Mickey

@Kevin M (not Kevin Mooney of the Ants, I presume?!)

You’re right of course, sorry, I was just having a “senior moment” :-) As an aside, the Ants *should* have been my first-ever gig, at West Runton Pavilion, but it was cancelled… I broke my duck a few months later at the same venue with… BowWowWow!

Kevin M

@ Metal Mickey

:) I don’t think I’m Mooney, unless he was 7 when they recorded Kings of the Wild Frontier! Bow Wow Wow had some great tracks didn’t they, even that (final?) Aphrodisiac LP was pretty good. But I think the Ants would have probably been better. Still, could be worse. One of my first, not quite THE first, gigs was Gary Glitter :(

Metal Mickey

@Craig Hedges/ Squires

I respectfully disgaree, chaps – the early-80s and the big artists we tend to associate with the period, to a great extent all came out of the “indie” scene… I’d even make a case to say that the “New Romantic”/”Futurist” movement was very much a direct progression from punk & new wave, except using synthesisers rather than guitars…

Like the Twins, many acts started out in very different forms to those they eventually found success with, and often on tiny labels too, like The Human League (Fast Product), Soft Cell (Big Frock), Adam & the Ants, Scritti Politti (both Rough Trade), and of course Depeche Mode never even left Mute… and Japan & Ultravox both seemed to have missed the boat in the late 70s, but suddenly found themselves “in sync” as the 80s kicked in…

IIRC it was bands who seemed to arrive “fully-formed” like Duran Duran, Talk Talk & Spandau Ballet who tended to invoke the most ire from the inkies, though Visage & Culture Club got a pass through being fronted by genuine scenemakers with immaculate credentials…

Kevin M

@Metal Mickey

Adam and the Ants were never on Rough Trade. Their first two releases were on huge, major labels: Young Parisians (Decca, 1977) and Deutscher Girls / Plastic Surgery (Polydor, 1977, Jubilee OST album). Ant then signed to tiny indie label Do It, before McClaren stole his band to form Bow Wow Wow, inspiring Ant to call up Marco Pirroni and record some demos which they sent only to major labels, and chose to sign with CBS. Even when a “punk”, Ant had little time for being a cult, fringe “indie” act, and always wanted a major deal and major success, which he got, thank goodnessfor us kids at the time who loved him :)

Chris Squires

I can agree with much of what you say, but being the world’s biggest (by weight :-) fan of Stephen Duffy I would argue against that “Duran Duran arrived fully formed”. Admittedly they had been a snake skinned amp disaster prior to Planet Earth but they had been around for 3 years before that watershed.


Not wishing to sidetrack the thread but as I fellow Stephen Duffy fan I was wondering if you happen to know anything about his book which was supposed to be due a while back? I’ve been digging around for news but not found anything…

Very much looking forward to the new Lilac Time album though.

Chris Squires

Hey Trash, any year with a new Lilac LP is a good one. Interesting title too, “Return to Us”.
Re: the Book – It’ll never happen, I’ve had large parts of it squirrelled away for well over 15 years from his original early 00s website when Stephen put parts of it up. 22 pages of solid un-formatted text in a very small font, so probably about 50 pages worth of an actual book. I would love to be proved wrong, as you would expect he has quite a way with prose.

As above apologies, and back to the lovely Thompson Twins.

I had a really good chat with Steve at Vinyl 180 today, what a fabulous bloke. I really hope smallish endeavours like this start to pay dividends and we see more 2LP sets of great 80s LPs. I feel the Alison Moyet straight re-issues would have benefited from the 2LP treatment as, obviously, would the Phil Collins sets. I would rather pay £22 to £26 for a decent 2LP with 40 minutes of period remixes, alternate versions and B-sides than £18 for a single re-issue of the BOG -standard album.
SDE got good mention from both sides so Paul, your magic is still working.


I would prefer Super Deluxe Box Sets of their 3 biggest albums, especially of Into The Gap. I would use the TFF Songs From A Big Chair Box as a template how to do it. With all tracks remastered from the original master tapes and no vinyl rips. And DVDs with original videos, TV performances and the tour video. And artwork that is faithful to the original release. I would buy it in an instant.

The way these vinyl releases are done (coloured and then 2LP) are a bit disappointing for me, even though I love vinyl. I would buy a gigantic vinyl box set containing all the mixes :-)

Kevin M

..side strip on Macca I mean, not border..

Kevin M

Why put that horrible black border around the artwork? It wasn’t on the original IIRC. Like the daft border on those McCartney archive LPs, I’d be pretty pissed off if I was a collector.


If there is one 80s band that should reunite for a tour, it’s the Twins!!! Four consistently brilliant albums from ‘Set’ to ‘HTFD’ (and some very good runners up either side) – they have been sorely missed by many!


I just bought a perfect condition second-hand vinyl copy of the original with bonus remixes two days ago for $8, so I will pass on this one. This band has always been a favorite M

Chris Squires

Yes indeed, the NME didn’t like artists who shifted from their demographic to Smash Hits territory. Stay worthy and don’t sell a thing, or even better die young for assured status. But find popularity, start selling records and shifting magazines and yer out!
Japan were another group whose popularity and critical acclaim was like the hokey-cokey.


Why do TT get suck stick? I really like their singles.


Such even

Craig Hedges

I really like the Thompson Twins. Hold me now is one of my favourite records from the ’80s. The problem was that the trio were seen by the likes of the NME as a sell out from the original 7 piece band from 80-82.


You’d be surprised to find out how long it actually takes to sell out of a pressing of 500 for a somewhat big ticket item that’s readily available in its original form in cheapy bins the world over. Something like this appeals to collectors but not necessarily the mass markets.

Tony Orwell

both amazon and vinyl180 will let me order 999 copies, i wonder if they will be cancelling orders?

Mike the Fish

But which US Remix is it…?

Mike the Fish

(of Lay Your Hands on Me).


Still have my near-mint original 2LP set from the 80s, 12″ vinyl of the Lay Your Hands on Me US remix, and 12″ vinyl of King for a Day extended mix. A few years ago I purchased the 2CD EDSEL deluxe edition which has not only 6 of the 7 extra tracks included with this new release, but another 11 bonus tracks and extended mixes. I have a soft spot for the Thompson Twins, but can’t justify purchasing the same music yet again (even on heavy weight). That being said, I hope it sells out as I don’t want vinyl reissues to stop.


Snap! Playing mine now and sounds wonderful. No need to purchase again but well put together and a decent price for those that do want it. Hope it sounds as good as the original, unlike the awful erasure vinyl reissues from a couple years back


Which track here was not on the reissue? Used to listen to this album on cassette when it came out while delivering newspapers on my paper route. Great album.


Me too, Ryk.

I have the double vinyl but not the singles (only got Revolution) but the Edsel sets were very cheap and filled all the gaps I had. For the price point (got them for a fiver each) I am not even fussed by the odd vinyl rip.

This is a nice set though and I too hope it sells well. Labels need to be encouraged to do this sort of reissue. I’m sure Deacon Blue fans would welcome a Raintown/Riches repress, for example.


Paul etc all,
Happy new year to everyone..

Is this ltd edition from the Amazon site or 180 v only?


This is how reissues should work in terms of content , and price ( Bryan Ferry please note) Shame about the limited run however, Why do bands do this is it because they believe they will only sell that many?


to ensure a feeding frenzy, and profit margin. guaranteed sales with no leftover stock

Chris Squires

I would imagine for any small company / supplier that it really is a lot harder than that. Particularly with a monster like amazon to deal with. Making and not selling half of a 1,000 run might sink a company before it even gets off the ground. What with licensing, artist payments, manufacture, storage, distribution and lord knows what else I would imagine it’s just as easy to get it catastrophically wrong as it is to make a decent living providing us with something we want. I am glad I am on this side of this particular fence.

Mark Porter

Sorted! No more than 499 left :-)
Thanks Paul!

Chris Squires

This is teriffic, also Paul, according to the Vinyl 180 website it is a limited run of only 500, like Quick Step & Sidekick.