Thompson Twins / Into The Gap 2LP


Weatherbox continue their Thompson Twins vinyl reissues with a double LP set of the best-selling 1984 album Into The Gap.

This is apparently remastered, with the first record featuring the original album and the second offering six remixes (but not them all) from the 1984 cassette version of the album.

Tom Bailey has provided exclusive sleeve notes and this comes packaged with heavyweight, wide-spined sleeve and newly designed inner bags.

Into The Gap 2LP vinyl is released on 2 September 2016.


Side 1

Side 2

Side 3
2. DOCTOR DOCTOR (ext Mix)
3. PANIC STATION (Day After Day Remix)
4. DOWN TOOLS (You Take Me Up Remix)

Side 4
1. HOLD ME NOW (ext Mix)
2. SISTER OF MERCY (ext Mix)

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The ‘Runaway’ 7″ remix is on the old U.S. In The Name Of Love CD.

Koen Kroeze

@Scott. Yeah, you’re right. My mistake. Unfortunately the CD is long time out of print, therefor very hard to find these days (for a reasonable price). I’m still looking for this one though…

Koen Kroeze

Since the Edsel re-issues and the recently released compilations I’ve been gathering all the versions available in the best possible quality.

Regarding period 1981-1985:
It seems a few single edits/mixes are still unreleased on CD/in digital quality. Some can be easily made by re-editing from album or extended versions, which are on CD already. Only a few will remain ‘unreleased’:
Politics (7″ Mix) [‘Perfect Game’ single b-side]
Runaway (7″ Remix) [single a-side]
Make Believe (Live) [‘Runaway’ free single b-side]
Watching (7″ remix) [single a-side]
Lay Your Hands On Me (U.S. re-mix) [single a-side]

And there is an interesting fact… The 1984 ‘U.S. Re-mix’ has been made by John ‘Tokes’ Potoker, which is credited on the sleeve/labels… But it seems the 7″ version [TWING6] is in fact an edit of the regular ‘Extended Version’ (6:09) [TWINS 126] and not an edit of the mix to be found on the 12″ of the ‘U.S. Re-mix’ (5:57) [TWINS 226].
My theory: these mixes have been swapped before these got pressed. The second ‘U.S. Remix’ (6:25) that appeared on ‘Here’s To Future Days (Deluxe Edition)’ is also more similar to the regular 12″. So I presume this is a Potoker remix as well, unissued on any release at the time. By the way, the 7″ version of the ‘U.S. Re-mix’ has a unique intro. It has percussion overdubs and therefor impossible to re-edit from other digital sources, unfortunately.

…and hopefully the following will be available on CD one day as well:
Physics & Chemistry [from ‘Live At The ‘101’: Warts ‘N’ All’ compilation]
Slave Trade [from ‘Live At The ‘101’: Warts ‘N’ All’ compilation]
“The First Sessions (Richard Skinner Radio 1 Session)”
In The Name Of Love (NME ‘Jive Wire’ Dub Mix)

Regarding 1986-1992:
Please more Deluxe Editions…
Here some thoughts on the next two Deluxe Editions…

Close To The Bone (Deluxe Edition)

CD1: “Original Album” / “Singles”
Follow Your Heart [3:51]
Bush Baby [4:10]
Get That Love [4:00]
Twentieth Century [4:02]
Long Goodbye [4:20]
Still Waters [3:36]
Savage Moon [4:40]
Gold Fever [4:04]
Dancing In Your Shoes [4:24]
Perfect Day [4:29]
Nothing In Common (7″ / Single Version) [3:30]
Get That Love (12″ Extended Version) [6:29]
Long Goodbye (Extended Mix) [7:58]
Nothing In Common (Club Mix) [7:40]

CD2: “Singles” / “Thompson Twins Live [TTLP1]”
Nothing In Common (7″ Remix) [4:06]*
Long Goodbye (US 7″ Version) [3:47] previously only on promo CD
Bush Baby (7″ Remix) [3:43]*
Follow Your Heart (7″ Version) [3:44]* not confirmed, wrong time credits on label??
Nothing To Lose [4:16]*
Get That Love (Dub) [6:59]
Long Goodbye (Alternate Version) [4:32] appears on ‘Greatest Hits (Love, Lies & Other Strange Things)’
Nothing In Common (Street Mix – Vocal & Instrumental) [6:23]*
Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Live) [4:32]*
Lay Your Hands On Me (Live) [4:38]*
Doctor! Doctor! (Live) [5:53]*
You Killed The Clown (Live) [4:48]*
Love On Your Side (Live) [7:14]*
The Gap (Live) [4:51]*
Hold Me Now (Live) [7:31]*

Not included ‘Get That Love (12″ Extended Edit)’ [4:56]. As far as I know there’s not a 7″ version of ‘Get That Love’. The time credits on a lot of (USA) singles are incorrect. The only ‘edit’ is the 3:55 early fade, which appeared on a few compilations. The 3:46 edit doesn’t exist. The same happened with ‘Long Goodbye’. Some compilations include a 4:15 early fade of this song, which is the same as the UK 7″ version. ‘Dancing In Your Shoes’ is also the album version, even though it’s credited as ‘7″ version’.

Big Trash (Deluxe Edition)

CD1: “Original Album” / “Singles”
Sugar Daddy [3:32]
Queen Of The U.S.A. [3:45]
Bombers In The Sky [3:57]
This Girl’s On Fire [3:11]
T.V. On [3:27]
Big Trash [3:10]
Salvador Dali’s Car [4:22]
Rock This Boat [3:08]
Dirty Summer’s Day [4:29]
Love Jungle [4:11]
Wild [3:59]
Monkey Man [3:33]
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? [3:20]
In The Name Of Love ’88 (Single Mix) [3:38]
Bombers In The Sky (7″ Remix) [3:51]
Sugar Daddy (7″ Remix) [3:39]
Love On Your Side ’90 (Good Karma Edit) [3:44]* previously unreleased
In The Name Of Love ’90 (Tom’s Full House Mix) [5:55]
Bombers In The Sky (House Mix) [5:25]
In The Name Of Love ’90 (Megamix) [5:38]*

CD2: “Singles” / “Remixes”
In The Name Of Love ’88 (Extended Remix) [5:20]
Sugar Daddy (Sweet n’ Low Mix) | (12″ Remix) [5:39]
Bombers In The Sky (Single Version) [3:49]
Love On Your Side ’90 (Good Karma Mix) [7:28]
In The Name Of Love ’88 (Railroad Mix) [6:48]
Sugar Daddy (Velvet Rail Mix) | (Sugar House Mix) [7:43]
Bombers In The Sky (12″ Remix) [5:44]
In The Name Of Love ’88 (Dub Mix) [6:20]*
Sugar Daddy (Big Daddy’s Dub) [5:16]*
Bombers In The Sky (House Instrumental) [5:48]*
In The Name Of Love ’88 (Railroad Dub) [5:52]
Sugar Daddy (Velvet Rail Dub) | (Sugar House Dub) [5:51]
Bombers In The Sky (12″ Remix Instrumental) [3:57]*
In The Name Of Love ’90 (Megamix – Radio Edit) [4:20]

* previously unreleased on CD

(there might be some msitakes and/or versions missing)


I agree about Close To The Bone. There weren’t that many singles and mixes, so maybe it would all fit on one disc?


Yes agree they would be more limited with possible additional tracklisting to a ‘Close to the Bone’ reissue, compared to their multi single multi remixed previous albums…but could do the following tracks for an expanded 1 Disc set?

Get That Love (7″ version)
Get that Love (12″ Extended Version)
Get That Love (Dub)
Long Goodbye (7″ Version)
Long Goodbye (Extended Mix)
Dancing in Your Shoes (7″ Version)
Bush Baby (7″ single)

And then whether you added album-less soundtrack single ‘Nothing In Common” which was released between ‘Here’s to Future Days’ and ‘Close to The Bone’ for value?

Nothing In Common (Club Mix)
Nothing In Common (Street Mix – Vocal & Instrumental)
Nothing In Common (7″ Remix)
Nothing To Lose (B Side 7″)

There may be LIVE versions from the US Close to Bone Tour? or shelved singles / remixes additional to those I’ve listed after Arista lost interest in the album?? Any TTwins experts know more potential additions to add ?


Be nice to see a DELUXE or bonus reissue treatment of their last Arista outing “CLOSE TO THE BONE” and while not the huge success of the previous three albums, still had minor hits inc US Top 40 Get That Love…the reissues of the everything prior getting a little too many inc this LP, while Close to Bone remains obscure and forgotten…


Forgive me if this has been asked/answered before, but I have bought so many versions of this on CD now I can’t keep it straight.

Which version is the best to get/have – i.e. content vs. remastering vs. extra mixes vs. rarities etc.

Or maybe the answer is XX has the best sound, YY has the best overall content, ZZ has the rarities, etc.

Would really like to make sure I have the one best version and then be done with this once and for all! LOL

Thanks in advance!


Serious question. Do people who buy the same releases over and over again ever feel a sense of “I already know this music inside out” underwhelment when they receive their latest copy.


YES! Mine just go into my archive never to be seen again. I’ll look at them for maybe 30 seconds when taking them out of the packaging and then that’s it.


Stephen K.

With the endless vinyl reissues of Thompson Twins material appearing, SURELY there is a market for a (second) remastered rarities CD! All of these continued releases while TT fans still can’t get a CD of the 7″ a-sides is, as Sting might call it, “a humiliating kick in the crotch”.


Vinyl180 are also doing all three Altered Images albums starting later this year. Similar to TT, they are doing a single disc later followed by a double disc set. The difference is all the 12″ vinyl will be black but the single disc editions will also contain a colored 7″ single as well. I wish they would do a colored 12″ version rather than all black. I would love that.

Craig Hedges

I’m guessing that they couldn’t find the master tapes for all the mixes which appeared on the cassette. This is a common occurrence with the major 3 labels who have swallowed up all the labels over the years. It’s shocking that they haven’t looked after their assets. Who has remastered the album? I’m fed up of reissues which have supposedly been remastered but sound worse then previous releases.


Be warned about the “remastered” claim on some of the new LPs you may buy. They often use files provided by the record company or just transfer the “remastered” CD to LP with a few minor tweaks, which is when you see the misleading “remastered for vinyl at Abbey Road”. It’s not truly been remastered from tapes, often just tweaked existing files, unless someone intervenes. For example, the picture disc LP of The Scream by Siouxsie and the Banshees was supposed to come out next month but has now been delayed for an unknown amount of time. Steven Severin of the band posted that he just found the label simply mastered the LP from the CD, so he insisted they start from scratch and go back to the mastertapes, hence the delay.


What’s the idea of releasing this album without the extended 8 minutes version of “The Gap”, which is the BEST song in this album and usually not appear on TT compilations?!

What about the US remix for “You Take Me Up”?

Thompson Twins fans already have the usual 12″s….


@ Abstructure, Licensing issues between terratories
That’s why most often you don’t see US mixes/promo cuts on UK releases or vice versa
Original US/UK singles and albums can be had for dirt cheap and sound fantastic also.
An excellent sounding extended Gap can also be found on the 1988 The Best Greatest Remixes :)


When I heard “Doctor Doctor” first back in the These I really thought this was a new single Gary Numan, not only Tom’s voice but also the Musical style that reminded me of Numan’s Album Dance.


“back in the These I really” should have been “back in the days I really”. Sorry, don’t know what happened to this sentence.

alan hansen

side-stepping (sorry) the current vibe of remarks here: the “gap” sessions were akin to other artists’ sessions of that genre and replete with various viable versions of many, if not most, album tracks. Talking Heads “speaking in tongues” comes to mind with multiple rare-on-vinyl/cassette tracks which are unreleased on cd.

Mike the Fish

The cassette versions of Tongues are on CD. I think they may be on vinyl on a 12″ too. Are the LP versions alternate mixes or edits? I don’t know myself.

alan hansen

@MiketheFish: you are obviously 100% correct on that point – i should have chosen a different example. thank you!

Mike the Fish


Mic Smith

Speaking in Tongues remixes that were once exclusive to the cassette edition eventually came out on CD without it being clear on the disc packaging. They didn’t even change the catalogue number I believe. Check on Discogs and I think the information is on there or Wikipedia. However there are plenty of TH rarities that could be included on reissues or a box set that still remain exclusive to vinyl or CD singles etc….


Feel a bit irritated that this comes hot on the heels of the single disc blue vinyl reissue which i bought . And that didn’t even manage to spell Alannah Currie correctly on the sleeve.


Excellent. The “Quick step” reissues were quite good, and I already ordered this one back in june..
So presumably the next one will be “Here’s to future days” on red vinyl… I can’t wait.

elliott buckingham

future days also came with a bonus 12″ of remixes

Paul English

Nice – would be interested to read what Tom has to say.

I remember there being Australian double LP at the time which had the eight remixes – https://www.discogs.com/Thompson-Twins-Into-The-Gap-Includes-Bonus-Album-Of-Extended-Remixes/release/3570788

They also did one for Quick Step and Side Kick.

Mike the Fish

That seems silly to put five out of the eight tracks on the bonus LP plus the extended mix of Sister of Mercy. It doesn’t make sense at face value: why almost do it? (Especially after setting a precident with Quick Step.)


No word on the Screaming Blue Messiah box?

Stan Culler

I don’t really see the point of this re-release (the original is omnipresent in 2nd hand record shops the world over and you’d struggle to pay more than a quid for it!) but surely there was room for Funeral Dance, Compass Points and Still Water remixes from the cassette/double LP version released in 1984? Seems odd doing a £20 reissue and having it be inferior (remastering aside) in terms of content to something 32 years old.

dominic edwards

I completely agree. I was so looking forward to this containing the cassette versions, as I’ve got the intended tracks for this on vinyl already. I think it’s a missed opportunity and maybe the record company possibly aren’t aware how well regarded those cassette versions are. Maybe Paul should hold another Swing Out Sister style intervention? ;-)

dominic edwards

I’ve emailed them (www.vinyl180.com) very politely asking them to reconsider reverting to the original cassette tracklisting. I’m guessing it’s a little late in the day now tbh.