Thompson Twins / Into The Gap: remastered 180g blue vinyl edition

Vinyl180 continue their Thompson Twins vinyl reissue series with a newly remastered version of 1984’s Into The Gap, with ‘initial pressings’ on blue vinyl.

The album was an enormous success around the world and spawned the singles You Take Me Up, Doctor! Doctor!, Hold Me Now and Sister of Mercy. The 12-inch versions of all those tracks were featured on the SDE-curated Remixes and Rarities two-CD collection.

This remastered vinyl edition comes with heavyweight sleeve and newly designed inner bag. There is no word as to whether a black double LP set with the ‘cassette remixes’ will follow, as was the case with Vinyl180’s reissue of the previous album Quick Step & Side Kick.

Layout 1Incidentally, the label are also issued a 2LP red vinyl pressing of the band’s second album Set, as a Record Store Day release.

Into The Gap will be reissued on 27 May 2016.




Side 1
1. Doctor Doctor
2. You Take Me Up
3. Day After Day
4. Sister of Mercy
5. No Peace for the Wicked

Side 2
1. The Gap
2. Hold Me Now
3. Storm on the Sea
4. Who Can Stop the Rain

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Rob Puricelli

Like QS&SK, I’ll hold fire for a (potential) more worthwhile 2xLP with the original bonus tracks on. It is an odd business model, that’s for sure. I understand some people’s desire to buy coloured vinyl (even if it reduces the audio quality) but why not release the double album on coloured vinyl and leave it at that. Two releases within months of each other smacks of a cash grab. Although their honesty is welcome.

“Set” has been done exactly this way and therefore makes their other decisions decidedly odd.

Mike the Fish

Paul, when you compiled the remixes and rarities set did you find an alternative 12″ mix of Sister of Mercy? You probably recall that there were two sleeves in the UK, one with Extended Version, and the other with Extended Remix but the same record in them. Was an alternate 12″ mix prepared that you know of?


They should’ve released “The Gap” on 7″/12″ back then. Best track of the whole Album.
“Doctor Doctor” always sounded like Gary Numan singing (to me, it did)

Anthony C

As a big fan I will be sure to buy this – but in fact this is totally useless!

It is very sad that Vinyl180 are just releasing these for commercial reasons – there is no collectible or creative merit to these releases at all. Surely the band should step in and either stop these releases or at least contribute to a bigger and better project.

It is terrible that the TTWins legacy is being treated in this way!



i’m a big fan, and i don’t think they are useless.

the band is finally making another comeback.

it’s good that their old albums get re-released,
and the color vinyl is fun to collect.



I have to say Vinyl180 are starting to take the p***! Received my double QS&SK LP yesterday. It is great to have it as a collector (UK vinyl of the mixes and new inner bag with notes from Tom – YAY!) but why release a single set followed by a double LP set? A double LP ITG set with one blue vinyl and the other pink would have been enough. A lot of us already have the Australian gatefold LP version or the German DLP set of ITG. Vinyl180 have got it right with Set. A double set in coloured vinyl. Probably too late now for a change but I sincerely hope for HTFD we only get one DLP set. Purple vinyl is my preferred colour of choice for the vinyl.

If was doing the releases all would have a DLP only release. QS&SK orange vinyl. ITG pink vinyl and HTFD purple vinyl. For each release the second LP in black. That way all 3 members get a colour which was used for the logo on each album.

elliott buckingham

I buy records because I like the music and the artist but now limit my vinyl to mainly coloured pressings because black vinyl is so dull to look at


OK so let me get this straight, you’re sad because you believe people buy albums on vinyl based solely on the color of the vinyl and with no regard to the music contained on it, but you’ve discovered the way of TRUE music fans and you buy it based on whether or not you enjoy the music. I think I got it. That’s some deep, deep wisdom there.

Billy Graham

That’s what record collectors do.! DOH! Bring on blue ittg

Sam Lowry

Truly hoping that we get a double LP as well. I do not buy vinyl very often anymore but would gladly add this to my collection.


Sad to think people buy records just because the vinyl is coloured and not black. I used to buy records because I liked the music on them and the same goes for CDs these days.


Hear, hear.