Tim Bowness / Late Night Laments

New album, due out at the end of the month

No-Man’s Tim Bowness returns with a new solo album, Late Night Laments, at the end of this month.

Described as a “collection of lush, atmospheric songs with a wide lyrical scope” this is Tim’s sixth solo album and follows hot on the heels of last year’s Flowers at the Scene.

Expect electronic soundscapes, acoustic instrumentation and unexpected rhythms set to “dark lyrical themes” such as meditations on generational divides, ideologically motivated violence, social exclusion, and “a much-loved children’s author’s mental breakdown”.

Late Night Laments is produced by Bowness and Brian Hulse, mixed by Steven Wilson and mastered by Calum Malcolm. It features performances by musicians such as Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin, Kavus Torabi, Melanie Woods, Tom Atherton and Evan Carson.

With the usual brilliant artwork (courtesy of  Jarrod Gosling) the album is available as a 2CD set with an extra five tracks (Cheerleaders For The Damned) on the bonus disc. The vinyl comes with a CD of the album and a special limited one-off pressing on blue vinyl (with a signed art print) is available via Burning Shed.

Late Night Laments will be released on 28 August 2020.

Compare prices and pre-order

Tim Bowness

Late Night Laments - 2CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Tim Bowness

Late Night Laments - black vinyl LP + CD


Late Night Laments 2CD edition

1) Northern Rain (4.49)
2) I’m Better Now (3.52)
3) Darkline (3.57)
4) We Caught The Light (3.56)
5) The Hitman Who Missed (3.21)
6) Never A Place (4.41)
7) The Last Getaway (4.55)
8) Hidden Life (5.05)
9) One Last Call (4.15)

Cheerleaders For The Damned (extras)

1) The Other Side (4.11)
2) Beauty In Decay (3.43)
3) Beyond The Firing Line (4.19)
4) Cheerleader For The Damned (2.52)
5) War Games By The Sea (3.00)

Late Night Laments vinylLP

Side One

1) Northern Rain (4.49)
2) I’m Better Now (3.52)
3) Darkline (3.57)
4) We Caught The Light (3.56)
5) The Hitman Who Missed (3.21)

Side Two

1) Never A Place (4.41)
2) The Last Getaway (4.55)
3) Hidden Life (5.05)
4) One Last Call (4.15)


Produced by Tim Bowness and Brian Hulse
Mixed by Steven Wilson
Mastered by Calum Malcolm

Tim Bowness – vocals / backing vocals / synths 2, 9 / samples 2, 9 / ukuleles 4 / fx 2, 6
Brian Hulse – synths / keyboards / guitars / programmed drums / backing vocals 4


Tom Atherton – vibraphone 1, 4, 5, 6, 9
Richard Barbieri – synths and synth solos 3, 7
Evan Carson – drums and percussion 1, 4
Colin Edwin – double bass 4, 5, 9
Alistair Murphy – dianatron 5
Kavus Torabi – glissando guitar and guitar solo 2 / backing vocals 4
Melanie Woods – backing vocals 1, 2, 4

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CJ Feeney

Bowness released “The Other Side” as a free preview download via Burning Shed earlier this year:


Marky Mark

Great sleeve. The curtains… bother me.

Derek Langsford

No one so far has mentioned that what looks like a 10″ version of one of his previous album “Abandoned Dancehall Dreams” is in the bottom shelf of the stereo system rack. :-)

Greg K

Interesting that the album cover and description have generated sales here despite a few of the commentators not having heard of him. I’m the same: not come across him before but love the cover and track link here so gonna take a punt…after all, it’s only the price of a small round these days.

Chris S

While I’ve never heard of him, but this will be one (of many in my collection) of those albums that I will buy, based on the cover art. (It reminds me of the Robert Klein album, Child of the 50’s and the back cover of Hall & Oates, War Babies). Not pretty, but informational of a period of time.

I will start with the vinyl, and see if I like it enough for the CD.


I used to do that in the eighties when a vinyl album was £7-8 and a CD was £14, but now it’s £20+ for a record and a tenner for the CD there’s not even any thinking about it!


When I saw the title of the song in the video another song immediately popped into my head and I had to search my computer to see what was playing in there. It was Am I Better Now? by the Pineapple Thief…

Northern Rain off the above is also on yootoob.


P.S. This isn’t Tim’s only release in 2020.


Derek Langsford

I got Lost in the Ghost Light based on the SDE post in 2017, and liked it so much I filled in Tim’s back catalogue in my collection, but this is the first I have heard of his last album, Flowers At The Scene, so I now have two new Tim Bowness albums to anticipate. Not even Amazon UK alerted me to the last album even though I had bought some of the other Tim Bowness and the last No Man album from them which is weird.

alan hansen

for the record, I thought his previous “Flowers At The Scene” was his best and most accessible solo work thus far.

Kevin from Edinburgh

That’s the hi-fi system I got my Dad to get for me on the never-never* when I left school and went into the shipyard back in 1982. It’s by Akai, and comprises a turntable, tape deck, tuner and amp. Like me, the illustrator didn’t bother with the graphic equaliser.

Sounds quite good. A new name to me, so might buy. Of course, I’ll probably buy it just for that front cover.

*it took me two years to pay him back, although being ignorant of interest, I never gave him that additional money. I should maybe send him something in the post?

Hugh Hall

Yeah, it would be fitting if you sent him a Postal Order!

Mike M

Nice one Paul, signed vinyl ordered mate.