Tim Buckley / Complete Album Collection: 8CD box set

This October, Rhino will issue Tim Buckley: The Complete Album Collection, an eight-CD box set that brings together the body of music the singer-songwriter recorded between 1966 and 1972.

This set includes all seven of Buckley’s studio albums from that era, as well as Works In Progress, the 1999’s compilation of his 1967/68 recordings.

The albums will come packaged in the usual clam-shell box in vinyl replica card wallets. Like the forthcoming Bread box set, there doesn’t appear to be any booklet and mastering for each disc is unknown and presumed to be whatever the latest remaster was available.

The Complete Album Collection is released on 13 October 2017.

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CD 1 – Tim Buckley (1966)

1. I Can’t See You (Remastered)
2. Wings (Remastered)
3. Song Of The Magician (Remastered)
4. Strange Street Affair Under Blue (Remastered)
5. Valentine Melody (Remastered)
6. Aren’t You The Girl (Remastered)
7. Song Slowly Song (Remastered)
8. It Happens Every Time (Remastered)
9. Song For Jainie (Remastered)
10. Grief In My Soul (Remastered)
11. She Is (Remastered)
12. Understand Your Man (Remastered)

CD 2 – Goodbye and Hello (1967)
1. No Man Can Find The War (Remastered)
2. Carnival Song (Remastered)
3. Pleasant Street (Remastered)
4. Hallucinations (Remastered)
5. I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain (Remastered)
6. Once I Was (Remastered)
7. Phantasmagoria In Two (Remastered)
8. Knight-Errant (Remastered)
9. Goodbye And Hello (Remastered)
10. Morning Glory (Remastered)

CD 3 – Happy Sad (1969)
1. Strange Feelin’ (Remastered)
2. Buzzin’ Fly (Remastered)
3. Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) [Remastered]
4. Dream Letter (Remastered)
5. Gypsy Woman (Remastered)
6. Sing A Song For You (Remastered)

CD 4 – Blue Afternoon (1969)
1. Happy Time (Remastered)
2. Chase The Blues Away (Remastered)
3. I Must Have Been Blind (Remastered)
4. The River (Remastered)
5. So Lonely (Remastered)
6. Cafe (Remastered)
7. Blue Melody (Remastered)
8. The Train (Remastered)

CD 5 – Lorca (1970)
1. Lorca (Remastered)
2. Anonymous Proposition (Remastered)
3. I Had A Talk With My Woman (Remastered)
4. Driftin’ (Remastered)
5. Nobody Walkin’ (Remastered)

CD 6 – Starsailor (1970)
1. Come Here Woman (Remastered)
2. I Woke Up (Remastered)
3. Monterey (Remastered)
4. Moulin Rogue (Remastered)
5. Song To The Siren (Remastered)
6. Jungle Fire (Remastered)
7. Starsailor (Remastered)
8. The Healing Festival (Remastered)
9. Down By The Borderline (Remastered)

CD 7 – Greetings from L.A. (1972)
1. Move With Me (Remastered)
2. Get On Top (Remastered)
3. Sweet Surrender (Remastered)
4. Nighthawkin’ (Remastered)
5. Devil Eyes (Remastered)
6. Hong Kong Bar (Remastered)
7. Make It Right (Remastered)

CD 8 – Works in Progress (1999)
1. Danang (Take 7+8 Intercut)
2. Sing A Song For You (Take 11)
3. Buzzin’ Fly (Take 3)
4. Song To The Siren (Take 7)
5. Happy Time (Take 14)
6. Skies (Let Me Sing A Song For You) [Take 8]
7. Chase The Blues Away (Take 3)
8. Hi Lily, Hi Lo (Take 7)
9. Buzzin’ Fly (Take 9)
10. Wayfaring Stranger (Take 4)
11. Ashbury Park Version 1 (Take 8)
12. Ashbury Park Version 2 (Take 14)
13. Ashbury Park Version 2 (Take 25)
14. Dream Letter (Takes 17-16 Intercut)
15. The Father Song (Take 3)
16. The Fiddler (Rough Mix)

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A Heads Up For Anyone In The UK – base.com has this for £22.99 including shipping – quite a bit cheaper than anywhere else (although probably will take a little longer to arrive than for amazon prime members buying it that method).

Tim Buckleys Hair-Stylist

“half decent” doesn’t mean japanese – the rca box sets do/did some really good covers with shiney insides so that the cd’s don’t scratch w hen taking them in and out (plus they are a little bigger giving the cd a bit of room inside, and they actually have a spine to them too. thos rca box sets are just the same sort of price – depending on how many albums are included. i’m not talking about perfect replicas with inner sleeves & appropriate paraphernalia. all the rhino ones i have aren’t up to much (otis redding, aretha franklin, the faces) whilst the music is very good, the packaging isn’t – i think the joni mitchell box set i’ve got has slightly better covers, but they still aren’t anything to write home about.

Wayne Klein

I’d rather have better sound than better artwork. Ideally, we could get both but that’s just not the case here.

Tim Buckley's Hair-Stylist

You can buy “Wings: The Complete Singles 1966-1974” if you want to pick up all the singles A&B Sides and mono mixes (where applicable) if you’re looking for picking up that stuff. I’ve not got it, but apparently it’s remastered. Rhino put out a complication a couple of years ago which was also remastered, and sounded fantastic – so I assume this will all be remeastered too. It’s actually been very easy to pick up all of these albums (including Blue Afternoon & Lorca – which someone said were rare) on one of those cheap 5 albums in a boxset releases from rhino – however, with these almost certainly being remastered – this will trump that by a long way. The only downside seems to be Rhino’s terrible packaging – I think most people buying Tim Buckley would pay a few more pounds to get half decent vinyl replica covers.

Wayne Klein

I actually think that their cardboard sleeves are fairly decent for the price. Are they as elaborate or well designed as the Japanese ones? Nope but the ones I’ve seen from the Little Feat boxed set, Yes boxed set, ZZ Top have been pretty good. Sure some have been lousy (like the Chicago sets) but slagging them for not being Japanese replicas really isn’t fair.

Nick Lees

Re: Mono/Extras

The Rhino deluxe re-issue of Tim’s first album had both mono and stereo mixes on one CD and second CD of unissued tracks recorded in late 1965. I’d love to hear any stuff from around Goodbye & Hello, if such existed…

Lee Realgone

I really want a copy of the deluxe version of that, but have yet to find it at a suitable price.

I’m not sure how much (officially) unreleased stuff is left. The live set from Denver Pop Festival ’69 still isn’t on CD. I had a download of that but lost it. Would love to grab that again.

David Simms

Have you heard “Lady, Give Me Your Key: The Unissued 1967 Solo Acoustic Sessions”?

Miguel Rocha

What a disservice to a major artist. This is neither a complete album collection or a complete studio album collection. Why not just call this the complete Elektra/Warner studio collection? On the plus side, the price is decent, especially for music that’s otherwise difficult, and rather costly, to come across. With regards the Tim/Jeff debate, they’re both wonderful artists but the father is such a revolutionary, transcendent artist. Major shoes to fill.

Puzzled Oyster

“Why not just call this the complete Elektra/Warner studio collection?”

Since it includes Starsailor, that wouldn’t be correct either.

Miguel Rocha

It was released on Straight which was distributed by Warner.

I Am A Bee

Right. And distribution doth not a parent label make. Therefore – “Elektra/Straight/Warner studio collection”. Just gets better and better, don’t it?


Rights, other reissues, blah blah blah – whatever. I’d really love to hear what the rationale was for using that title for it, since it’s unarguably NOT that.

David Olstein

I wonder how many of the early albums had both stereo and mono mixes. Obviously we’re not getting both. That would have required some imagination on the part of Warner. I also wonder wonder whether there were any stray non-album tracks or unique single mixes that could have been included on a bonus disc.


Dare I bring up the old chestnut as to who ranks greater as an artist, father or son? I enjoy Jeff’s stuff, but for me it’s always been Tim first. :)


Tim for me, Steven. Though I love Jeff’s stuff as well, especially Grace.
Terrible tragic waste of 2 lives. Also very sad that Jeff never really knew his Dad.

Had the great pleasure of seeing Jeff 3 times in Dublin.
First gig was solo in a small venue (Whelans).
Second gig with his band (Whelans).
Third gig in a larger venue(Tivoli, now long gone) because he was more well known by then.

We had a chat with him after the first gig. I made the mistake of mentioning his father, not the done thing to do, but I didn’t know that then!! He was a very nice and incredibly handsome guy.

The first 2 gigs are in my all time top 10. 3rd gig he was a bit all over the place!


Vinyl please!!!


Have everything released by the late great Tim.
Will probably buy these again, even though I already have them.
Look at the fool and his money soon parted!

Mark Carroll

I’d be more interested in this if Rhino made a better effort with the slip card cases, which quite frankly are uninspiring…


The incomplete albums collection.


It’s the complete collection from Rhino. They don’t own the rights to the other albums!

Justin Isbell

The really interesting thing here is Starsailor which (to all intents) hasn’t ever been released on CD. I’m quite excited about this ☺️

Lee Realgone

‘Starsailor’ was issued officially on CD back in the 90s, but is notoriously difficult to find. On the rare occasions it’s appeared on the second hand market, it’s sold for £50+.


Have you ever heard it? I’ll bet that you’ll only listen to it once. (I’ve had the original vinyl since it was released and have probably only played it 2 or 3 times – and I am a BIG Tim fan!

Lee Realgone

Yeah…and I have to agree. It’s a scary, scary record.


‘Works In Progress’ is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard and I would LOVE to see this released on vinyl one day……


Main selling point here is Starsailor – long out of print on CD and used copies are very expensive!


How is it they left off Sefronia and Look at the Fool? That makes no sense!

Lee Realgone

Both ‘Sefronia’ and ‘Look At The Fool’ are reissued/remastered by Edsel later this month. Edsel are also reissuing three of Tim’s live albums and also releasing three CDs worth of unissued live material from 1969.

Looks like I’ll have to get this set just to own ‘Blue Afternoon’, ‘Starsailor’ and ‘Works In Progress’, since they’re all impossible to find on CD these days, although I would have much preferred standalone reissues of each, in proper boxes/sleeves etc.

Bassel Hassouna

Do you have more information concerning these releases?

Lee Realgone

There are two new live releases next month, both from Edsel. Both are made up from previously unreleased recordings from Tim’s shows at the Troubadour in 1969. Tracklists are available from the Demon Music Group website, though no more details are available at this stage.


Thanks Lee. I have all of the original CDs (though I seem to have lost Lorca at some point). I’ll be looking forward to the Edsel releases much more than this box unless subsequent reviews mention any sonic upgrades here.