Tom Bailey / Science Fiction

Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins fame, will release Science Fiction, his first solo album in July.

After a couple of decades away from the music business, the songwriter and musician has spent the last few years playing Thompson Twins classics around the world (as ‘Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey’), often at ’80s festivals. It seems that this has re-energised Bailey and he’s been writing and recording new material. He says he finds it “incredibly rewarding to be making pop music again” and that it is like “finding a long lost friend.”

You can hear Feels Like Love To Me, above. The album will be available as a special two-CD deluxe edition with a bonus disc of alternative versions and remixes, as well as the standard CD and black vinyl.

Science Fiction will be released on 13 July 2018

Science Fiction

CD 1
1. Science Fiction
2. What Kind of World
3. Shooting Star
4. Feels Like Love to me
5. Blue
6. If You Need Someone
7. Ship of Fools
8. Work All Day
9. Bring Back Yesterday
10. Come So Far

CD 2
1. Feels Like Love To Me (Tom’s Dance Mix)
2. If You Need Someone (Tom’s Radio mix)
3. Science Fiction Tom’s Radio alt mix
4. What Kind of World (Original Mix)
5. Shooting Star International Observer Dub Mix
6. Science Fiction International Observer Dub Mix
7. Come So Far Dubstyle
8. Blue No Hands Dub

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Anyone else picked up the vinyl of this and found that ‘Blue is missing? Listed on sleeve but not pressed on disc.


Yes, only 4 tracks on side 1 on my copy????


Yes, I’ve sent an e-mail to the company, but they have not responded.

Molly Anderson

Phew! That’s a relief…I had the same issue, but did not want to go through the hassle of returning the vinyl to Amazon. Let me know if you have any luck with this.

Neil Kelly

‘Science fiction’ day! Received my signed deluxe today which i ordered back in April. It really is a thing of beauty (the music)!! Welcome back Tom after 26 years away from the Pop world. Tours this year past and present include the USA and UK playing with A-ha!, OMD, Culture Club, The B-52’s and Belinda Carlisle. 2018 is a big year for Tom


Saw him live supporting A-HA alongside OMD .
He was awful , couldn’t hit his notes or hold a tune it was embarrassing to see and hear.
Even the local paper reported on it.


This may have already been said, Tom Bailey has never been away from the music business.

While not performing live, he has been writing and producing for other artists and side projects and for his own project International Observer.

Tom has worked non-stop!

It would be awesome to one day have a Tom Bailey compilation released that would show the breath of his work from 1977 to the present day!


Love me some Thompdon Twins … but did I miss anyone mentioning International Observer?
Since he had been doing that for a few years.

Pete {in Australia}

Grabbed the single released in 2016, by Tom Bailey on 7″ “Come So Far”.

When I got an email, a month ago, from Pledge Music i just went an ordered straight away. Looking forward to it, for sure. :)


Not the typical use of auto-tune (to correct for sloppy singing). Rather it sounds like he may have shifted his pitch up ever so slightly so as to sound more like he did when he was younger. If he did that, he didn’t need to. People’s voices get lower as they get older, it is fine.

Richard Cosgrove

I’m a huge TT fan and this sounds like a winner to me! Slightly pricey for the deluxe but with a signature from the official site I’m in! :)


I like this, I like this very much. If the rest of ‘Science Fiction’ has much of the same quality as “Feels Like Love To Me” — I’m sold! Why are others making a fuss about using electronic effects like auto-tune? I don’t hear anyone complaining about synth-pop bands and artists that used every studio trick to make their music sound more lush and full. The clean, retro-Flash Gordon look of the graphics on ‘Science Fiction’ is very appealing. Tom Bailey has a definite gift for writing really good, memorable songs. Glad he’s touring with Culture Club and B-52’s in the U.S. right now.

Mike the Fish

Personally, I don’t like the sound of auto-tune in this case. I don’t like the quantising/synth sound under his vocals. It can be used as a nice effect, but I don’t like it as double tracking and/or correcting the main vocal as it appears to be in this case. I’m not sure where the synth bands comparison comes in, perhaps compared with now badly dated keyboard and synth drum sounds…


Love the song, and though its a cover, I’m really looking forward to the deluxe release.

Glad to see Tom Bailey back in action, and it’s been a long time coming.



actually, Come so far was the first track released. It is almost an exact copy of the song “Love Is Blue” Paul Mauriat 1968. Still a great song back then & still a great song by Tom


Great news and a good track to lead off the album. Like the cover art, but shame there isn’t a special edition vinyl.

Has some of the hallmarks of classic TTs – but it does make the listener yearn for Alannah and Joe to be on backing vocals and percussion. There is definitely a ‘space’ there that needs to be filled.

If only they would reunite……. after all, everyone thought Bananarama would never be a trio again (though it is SO disappointing that there are no signs of new studio output!) – and who would have supposed Abba to be back together recording again??? Even Kate Bush reunited with live performance a few years ago! If they can all do it, surely the Twins can do it?

Larry Davis

I read Bananarama were working on a new record when the reunion happened…so we’ll see…as for the Twins, I’m OK either way because Tom seemed to be the brains behind their music anyway, and his new solo music sounds great. Babble also sounded like a Tom solo project as well.

Mike the Fish

I’m not keen. I can hear some Twins signature sounds in there, but really not going for the acoustic guitar and the auto tune.

Larry Davis

Wow…that’s a nice surprise…really like that new song!! He is hitting the NYC area this summer, opening up the double bill of Culture Club and B-52s…happy its for a new record, not just Thompson Twins songs…timing is funny, just found a good used copy of the Arista Greatest Hits CD for a buck, now this…and I love his production job on the first 2 albums of Kiwi new wave/powerpop band Stellar* from 1999-2001…

Larry Davis

Yes the cover is cool and I think I know why the 2CD deluxe is much more expensive… The so-called “media book” packaging…maybe it’s limited…

Kevin M

Nice cover, as others have said, really nice.


The auto tune is strong with this one. I really don’t think he needed it – it’s a shame he’s relying on it.

Not Available

Where are you hearing auto-tune?


Really love this track “Feels Like Love to me” and I agree with others about it sounding very like the Thompson Twins. Just pre-ordered the 2CD version…looking forward to listening to the remainder of the album.

Michael McA

Great artwork


Great song and sleeve art.


Like the song, but that two discer has a wince-inducing price!

Christopher Old

This is a very welcome surprise and I am very excited to purchase this first full length solo output from Tom Bailey. One might say it was a tad bit overdue! I already own all of the Thompson Twins and Babble albums, so this is a no brainer. My only gripe is that the 2CD version is more than double the price for just 8 different versions. Here’s hoping that the price comes down a bit closer to the release date, which often is the case. Fingers crossed.


I don’t think the price will come down as Nick Heyward pulled the same trick with his Woodland Echoes album and it had only 3 extra tracks.


Thank you!


Sounds like classic Thompson Twins…will be buying for sure.


Oh wow. Fantastic news. Glad that Come So Far is included, too.

Derek Langsford

So Amazon UK’s track listing isn’t final?

Disc: 1
1. Science Fiction
2. What Kind of World
3. Shooting Star
4. Feels Like Love to me
5. Blue
6. If You Need Someone
7. Ship of Fools
8. Work All Day
9. Bring Back Yesterday
10. Come So Far

Disc: 2
1. Feels Like Love To Me (Tom’s Dance Mix)
2. If You Need Someone (Tom’s Radio mix)
3. Science Fiction Tom’s Radio alt mix
4. What Kind of World (Original Mix)
5. Shooting Star International Observer Dub Mix
6. Science Fiction International Observer Dub Mix
7. Come So Far Dubstyle
8. Blue No Hands Dub

Gary Hunter

I like the sound of “Feels Like Love To Me”, sounds like classic Thompson Twins.

william mckinley

I was gonna say the same thing. You can definitely hear it. Wouldn’t it have been great if Alannah and Joe sang in the background? I can see Thompson Twins making a comeback.

Kevin S

Signed Tom CD’s and vinyl and er…a guitar available on Pledgemusic


Auntie Sabrina

Just the “1 Left” of the guitar, £5,000 plus postage?


If that first track is an accurate representation of the quality of the rest of the album, then its a winner… It almost sounds like “Twins”. (Love it)


I like the sound of this first track… I’ll definitely be giving this one a chance! Thanks for the heads up.