Tom Petty / An American Treasure

Rare and unreleased Tom Petty • 4CD deluxe • 6LP vinyl

An American Treasure is a new box set that features rare and previously unreleased songs from Tom Petty.

Petty’s widow Dana and daughter Adria apparently found lots of unreleased material while going through his archive and they have ‘executive produced’ this new box set which has ultimately been compiled by Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench from The Heartbreakers and Ryan Ulyate (Petty’s engineer).

The deluxe edition of An American Treasure will feature 60 tracks across four CDs, with each disc devoted to a different decade. It comes with a 52-page booklet, with sleeve notes by Bud Scoppa (which feature new interviews with Petty’s bandmates and family). You can preview Keep A Little Soul from the box (an outtake from 1982’s Long After Dark) below. There will also be a 26-track two-CD edition, although the four-CD deluxe set is so cheap in the UK, I can’t see why anyone would want the double-disc edition!

A Super Deluxe Edition doesn’t add any extra audio but does come with an 84-page hardbound book expanded from the Deluxe Edition. You get many additional photographs and an essay by author Nicholas Dawidoff – written especially for An American Treasure – about Tom Petty. The SDE also includes a newly-created lithograph of Shepard Fairey’s cover artwork (the image of Petty is by photographer Mark Seliger), custom reproductions of Tom Petty’s handwritten lyrics to four songs and a numbered certificate of authenticity. This edition looks like it’s D2C only and is more than £1oo extra for the enhanced packaging!

Finally, this is coming to vinyl too. A six-LP box set (issued a couple of months later in November) includes 48-page booklet containing all of the photographic and editorial elements found in the CD Deluxe Edition, and you also get the the Nicholas Dawidoff essay that isn’t in the 4CD deluxe but is in the super deluxe!

All newly released recordings on An American Treasure have been mixed by Ryan Ulyate from “pristine transfers” of the original studio multitrack masters. All 60 recordings have been re-mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

All editions of An American Treasure will be released on 28 September except for the vinyl set which is released on 23 November 2018

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Tom Petty

An American Treasure - 6LP vinyl box set


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Tom Petty

An American Treasure - 2CD edition


Super Deluxe

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Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Live Anthology - 4CD box


CD 1
1. Surrender (Previously unreleased track from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sessions—1976)
2. Listen To Her Heart (Live at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA—November 11, 1977)
3. Anything That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll (Live at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA—November 11, 1977)
4. When The Time Comes (Album track from You’re Gonna Get It!—May 2, 1978)
5. You’re Gonna Get It (Alternate version featuring strings from You’re Gonna Get It! sessions—1978)
6. Radio Promotion Spot 1977
7. Rockin’ Around (With You) (Album track from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers —November 9, 1976)
8. Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It) (Alternate version from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers—1976)
9. Breakdown (Live at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA—November 11, 1977)
10. The Wild One, Forever (Album track from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers—November 9, 1976)
11. No Second Thoughts (Album track from You’re Gonna Get It!—May 2, 1978)
12. Here Comes My Girl (Alternate version from Damn The Torpedoes sessions—1979)
13. What Are You Doing In My Life (Alternate version from Damn The Torpedoes sessions—1979)
14. Louisiana Rain (Alternate version from Damn The Torpedoes sessions—1979)
15. Lost In Your Eyes (Previously unreleased single from Mudcrutch sessions—1974)

CD 2
1. Keep A Little Soul (Previously unreleased track from Long After Dark sessions—1982)
2. Even The Losers (Live at Rochester Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY—1989)
3. Keeping Me Alive (Previously unreleased track from Long After Dark sessions—1982)
4. Don’t Treat Me Like A Stranger (B-side to UK single of “I Won’t Back Down”—April, 1989)
5. The Apartment Song (Demo recording (with Stevie Nicks)—1984)
6. Concert Intro (Live introduction by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, The Forum, Inglewood, CA—June 28, 1981)
7. King’s Road (Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA—June 28, 1981)
8. Clear The Aisles (Live concert announcement by Tom Petty, The Forum, Inglewood, CA—June 28, 1981)
9. A Woman In Love (It’s Not Me) (Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA—June 28, 1981)
10. Straight Into Darkness (Alternate version from The Record Plant, Hollywood, CA—May 5, 1982)
11. You Can Still Change Your Mind (Album track from Hard Promises—May 5, 1981)
12. Rebels (Alternate version from Southern Accents sessions—1985)
13. Deliver Me (Alternate version from Long After Dark sessions—1982)
14. Alright For Now (Album track from Full Moon Fever—April 24, 1989)
15. The Damage You’ve Done (Alternate version from Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough) sessions—1987)
16. The Best Of Everything (Alternate version from Southern Accents sessions—March 26, 1985)
17. Walkin’ From The Fire (Previously unreleased track from Southern Accents sessions—March 1, 1984)
18. King Of The Hill (Early take (with Roger McGuinn)—November 23, 1987)

CD 3
1. I Won’t Back Down (Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA—February 4, 1997)
2. Gainesville (Previously unreleased track from Echo sessions—February 12, 1998)
3. You And I Will Meet Again (Album track from Into The Great Wide Open—July 2, 1991)
4. Into The Great Wide Open (Live at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena—November 24, 1991)
5. Two Gunslingers (Live at The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY—May 25, 2013)
6. Lonesome Dave (Previously unreleased track from Wildflowers sessions—July 23, 1993)
7. To Find A Friend (Album track from Wildflowers—November 1, 1994)
8. Crawling Back To You (Album track from Wildflowers—November 1, 1994)
9. Wake Up Time (Previously unreleased track from early Wildflowers sessions—August 12, 1992)
10. Grew Up Fast (Album track from Songs and Music from “She’s the One”—August 6, 1996)
11. I Don’t Belong (Previously unreleased track from Echo sessions—December 3, 1998)
12. Accused Of Love (Album track from Echo—April 13, 1999)
13. Lonesome Sundown (Album track from Echo—April 13, 1999)
14. Don’t Fade On Me (Previously unreleased track from Wildflowers—sessions—April 20, 1994)

CD 4
1. You And Me (Clubhouse version—November 9, 2007)
2. Have Love Will Travel (Album track from The Last DJ—October 8, 2002)
3. Money Becomes King (Album track from The Last DJ—October 8, 2002)
4. Bus To Tampa Bay (Previously unreleased track from Hypnotic Eye sessions—August 11, 2011)
5. Saving Grace (Live at Malibu Performing Arts Center, Malibu, CA—June 16, 2006)
6. Down South (Album track from Highway Companion—July 25, 2006)
7. Southern Accents (Live at Stephen C. O’Connell Center, Gainesville, FL—September 21, 2006)
8. Insider (Live (with Stevie Nicks) at O’Connell Center, Gainesville, FL—September 21, 2006)
9. Two Men Talking (Previously unreleased track from Hypnotic Eye sessions—November 16, 2012)
10. Fault Lines (Album track from Hypnotic Eye—July 29, 2014)
11. Sins Of My Youth (Early take from Hypnotic Eye sessions—November 12, 2012)
12. Good Enough (Alternate version from Mojo sessions—2012)
13. Something Good Coming (Album track from Mojo—July 15, 2010)
14. Save Your Water (Album track from Mudcrutch 2—May 20, 2016)
15. Like A Diamond (Alternate version from The Last DJ sessions—2002)
16. Hungry No More (Live at House of Blues, Boston, MA—June 15, 2016)

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[…] the American Treasure box now out (at least on CD) news reaches SDE of another Tom Petty collection that’s due next […]


Price for the cd-version on Amazon.co.uk is currently down to GBP 16,99.

[…] recently announced Tom Petty anthology An American Treasure is available in a number of different physical […]




Disappointing, although I suppose that sounds a bit daft when I’ve just ordered it for £19. I’m not sure who this aimed at – most (but not all, I accept) of the live tracks come from radio broadcast concerts that were available for years on bootlegs and are now available on Amazon through those odd labels that have popped up. So it’s neither core fans or casual public And it’s a shame, because the Live Anthology was so well thought through, although Playback wasn’t all it could have been. So I agree that Wildflowers needs to be addressed, and I would put my hand up for the complete run of the 1997 Fillmore concerts.


Looks great but why is Eddie Vedder on the cover?


Tim, you’re crazy….. that’s rik mayall

Charlie Waffles

This is a horrible set of songs for a gifted artist. Way overpriced, especially for the Super Deluxe with the book. It does seem like a cash grab. What a shame.

I am still waiting for the Wildflowers reissue.


Just forget about the album tracks and think of it as a 3cd set in the mould of Dylan’s Biograph. Still good value in the standard edition, though I’ll own that the deluxe is a tad expensive.


Meant super deluxe of course!


Agree with Rosie – as an Aussie purchaser I get nearly all my CDs from Import CDs via Ebay.
Cheap prices and free delivery. Worth a look

Charles K

It went down to £15.65 at checkout, £20.33 out the door to the US, thanks for the heads up!

Larry Davis

Preordered from the UK site…half the price of the US site… No brainer and I think the window will close soon…saw a story on this set on Google yesterday…. Thought u would beat em to the punch Paul…but doesn’t matter…as for the tracklisting, looks like a balance between unreleased vault material…KALS is a cool little tune methinks…overlooked album tracks they feel deserve a look at again (fan & fam faves), and alternate versions of hits…plus licensing from Universal costs…trying try o keep costs down…all to make it interesting and not typical… I woulda hoped this could replace ‘Playback’ but I guess Warner’s didn’t want people to do that and rebuy what they already had, so it’s a companion piece like the Live Anthology…plus keep in mind upcoming reissues like ‘Wildflowers’ so prob saving stuff for that… And pace/spread out vault stuff for the future…just happy there is stuff…I would love to know if they will be doing SDEs of each album…the Torpedoes one felt skimpy really…a 9 track bonus disc only…if more Warner’s deluxes are coming or one of Full Moon Fever…a full Mudcrutch 73/74 release, etc…whatever, looking forward to this set next…it may be a drop flawed but it’s fine… Still shocking and upset he’s really gone…


Is there a track listing for the 2CD edition yet?


Oh the irony. This may be “An American Treasure,” but the label is jacking actual Americans for twice the price of UK customers. So American fans are purchasing their “American Treasure” from abroad.

Dear Warner Brothers and RIAA: this is why your customers don’t care if you go bankrupt.


Too many live recordings and album tracks for me, sadly. Even for £20. I am mostly interested in actual studio outtakes and hard-to-find B-sides. The material from the Southern Accents era is tempting, but there’s just not much of it. Shame.


Nick C

Re Amazon geo-blocking for Australia. I’m still able to order from UK and US Amazon. I signed up for Amazon prime (currently offering 30 days free deal) so maybe this is the difference? Worth a try to save $$$$


Hi Nick C,
I tried signing up for Amazon prime via the UK store but it would still not allow for items to be shipped to an Australian address. Are there any tips/tricks involved to overcome this problem?

Simon Taylor


I have Playback box on mp3, might be a good idea for them to re-release that too at a cheaper price, still quite expensive in the UK, a nice same format box as this new one would make a nice set together on my cd shelf.

Ian Whiteford

Thanks Paul. Great price for the 4 disc set.


Sheperd bloody Fairy. AGAIN.


I know. I hate him. Whether it is because of “Mothership” or Obama-nation.


If you order any of the formats at the tompetty online store, use this code tre45ure. It will get you a free download of the live leg EP, which initially was a concert recorded in 1976. One of their earliest gigs.


Ordered it yesterday. Wish you’d posted it then….


Thank you Paul!! Pre-ordered on Amazon.uk.

David Olstein

Just to give you an idea of how ridiculous the track selection is, we get three tracks performed “live at Capitol Studios” on disc one, and four previously released album tracks. Why couldn’t they have simply given us the complete live at Capitol Studios performance instead? This makes absolutely no sense.

70s Guy

Slam dunk purchase for the UK price. Even if there are some repeats these will be great TP mixers to slap into the CD player.


I mean he looks remarkably like Harry Kane in that photo.


Thought he looked like Stephen Stills myself!

Paul Murphy

What, you mean he looks like he couldn’t hit the back of the net with a Sat-Nav?
[Too soon?]

Chris Squires

It’s the bastard lovechild of Harry Kane and Robbie Savage……

Doesn’t look like Tom at all….. (not to me at any rate).

Geoff G

Looks like a great box set to me. Sure there are plenty of previously released tracks, but the unreleased tracks make this a must purchase. I’ll gladly take any new unreleased tracks by Petty. Also, no reason to buy from the US; I pre-ordered from the UK. Much cheaper!


Pre-ordered, and I do think this is great (and thanks for the UK link heads up, Paul!), however: I am dubious on the unreleased alternate/live material being exclusive to this set. We’ve all seen newly remastered anthology compilations released only to have the majority of the material show up on subsequent deluxe editions and/or box sets with maybe 15% of the material on the anthology left exclusive.

So, I’m of two minds on this one. Still waiting on the vinyl sets to be transferred to CD.

This release did do one other great thing as it forced me to look into the 4CD Live Anthology which is crazy cheap right now.

Ben Williams

Looks wonderful – my copy has been preordered! Less than twenty quid, perfect!

David Olstein

By my account, there are at least 17 previously released album tracks, and someone posted above that several of the outtakes were included on Playback. What’s the point of that? Anyone who’s interested in buying a box set of unreleased materials most likely has the previously released material already. And then there are the known unreleased tracks that failed to make the cut once again.

But my biggest complaint is that we’re getting this rush released, and flawed, box set, while the deluxe edition of Wildflowers – something that Tom Petty had worked on and very much wanted to be released — continues to languish in the vaults. Unbelievable.


Why no UK vinyl release?


Not sure if I’m being thick but what is D2C?


While some stuff on this is good, I don’t understand the following:

1) There are only 11-12 Live tracks, some of which have already been released
2) There are 16-17 already released studio tracks. Why are they on here?
a) are they great overlooked songs from those albums?
b) are they just trying to fill out this set?
3) I’m sure they could have left out the already released stuff (Live and studio) to add more Live stuff that’s never been released, or add more unreleased stuff. if you take away all the released stuff on this set, you would have a 2 cd or 3 cd release. They could have just done that.

I’m guessing this is supposed to just be a “Greatest Things We have Come Up With At This Time That Are Unheard In Some Respects” kind of set, but in my opinion with as much material as they probably have from his vault, this kind of thrown together thing doesn’t feel that special. It’s a nice thing no matter what. As the first release since his passing I figured it would have been a little more unique. Maybe it’s just me

Elliott Buckingham

And still no “girl on lsd”

James Dawson

I never had heard of “Girl on LSD” until reading the complaint about it not being on the box set. Thankfully, though, it’s on YouTube! God bless the Internet.


Wasn’t that a b side to one of the wildflowers singles? Saving it for the deluxe of that when/if it comes out I bet!

David Bond

Now that Australian customers are geo-blocked from amazon.co.uk, it’s back to us poor suckers having to pay outrageous prices for sets like this!

Mark H.

Yes it’s a rip off David. I would have bought this from Amazon U.K. at 50% of J.B.’s delivered price, as it is I can’t afford what they’re asking so everyone loses out here. If our local prices were more reasonable, i.e. somewhere between the two perhaps we would support the “bricks & mortar stores”. FWITW, my “local” J.B. is 145Kms away!

Julian Fisher

$70 AUD. We are getting robbed down here. Will wait until it’s on special. This geo-block rubbish has already stung me twice. Was going to get the anthology set at the reduced price but no cigar…

David Bond

Import CDs is cheaper this company sells on eBay as well.

Alan Blevin

Amazon is the only place that plays the preorder price variations game.There is now no point in preordering anything.Just have to wait to week of release,see where we can get it cheapest and order from there.I suspect importcds.com may turn out to be cheapest but it is going to be at least $20 above that UK price.
Final rule is not to buy anything ever from Amazon.com.au while geoblock is in place.A consumer revolt starts with you.

Alan Blevin

By the way Paul 2 weeks in to the new GST rules there seem to be 3 ways overseas retailers are playing this.
First they can be collecting and remitting GST the way government wants.Secondly many small retailers have found they are below the $75000 physical product threshold so it doesn’t apply to them.In music think some businesses that mainly sell downloads but some CDs as well(Springsteen live releases).Thirdly Q there are some large retailers (Marks And Spencer the best known among British examples) who have worked out that there is nothing the Australian government can do to make them collect the tax and nothing in the legislation that can stop the goods being delivered GST free to customers.The government has made noises this week threatening Marks And Spencer executives with jail terms which would make for an interesting extradition hearing I would think.

Paul W

Im with you from victoria aus


Paul, just a minor flaw, but maybe you’d like to change the picture you posted with the 2cd-edition.


For Amazon UK that’s a suspiciously low price compared to everywhere else. Locking that in now!

Paul Mac

Same here, superb price for the 4CD set….


This is now at $50 in Amazon US. Pre-ordered from UK for half that. Crazy.


This is a must for me, being such a big Petty fan. But I don’t understand why they included 18 “deep” album tracks instead of presenting a totally unreleased box…

Gary C

Are the compilers co-writers on those specially selected album tracks?


I agree there’s no reason to buy the 2cd or the super deluxe …4cd for £19.16 is amazing .I think is way underpriced but I guess Christmas has come early

Tom Kristensen

Why does it say; De Luxe “numbers of discs:1”?

Theo Pywowarczuk

A great deal on the UK 4CD version- thanks for the heads up!

David Bond

I’m disappointed that the studio version of “Sweet William” didn’t make the cut.
I think it’s a bit odd that the same versions of at least 5 tracks that were on Playback are also included here (Apartment Song, No Second Thoughts, You Can Still Change Your Mind, Alright For Now, When The Time Comes).
Keeping Me Alive & The Damage You’ve Done (alternate) may also be the same versions from Playback.

Ollie Carlisle

I saw an announcement was coming and assumed it would be the long-awaited deluxe Wildflowers but they’re probably waiting until next year for that so it can be a 25th anniversary edition.

Initially I thought it was odd to put a few normal album tracks in amongst the unreleased stuff too but maybe these were considered band/family favourites that don’t usually get much attention. For the price of the 4 disc version, who cares, it’s an essential purchase for me.


Just found out about this yesterday…

4 Disc set – absolute no-brainer!


Almost forgot – D2C link to SDE for US customers here, $150: http://store.tompetty.com/an-american-treasure/an-american-treasure-super-deluxe-4cd-box-set.html


US$25.20 incl. shipping from the UK – terrific deal for the 4CD set. I can’t see adding $125 for an extra essay, a hardbound version of the book, and the litho/repros myself, but I suppose others could.

That said, why are there 18 seemingly-random album tracks among the 60 total on this set? Surely there was more in the vault. Would have preferred to have those instead. Gotta save some for later boxes, I guess.


Agree that no already released material would’ve been nice but it still seems like a good companion to the Playback-box, which was one of the first boxes I’ve ever bought. Pre-ordered on Amazon.uk.


Thanks Just ordered the 6 LP from Canada Amazon. £106 delivered. Anyone know what charges to expect from this transaction? Royal mail usually sting me for a handling fee also. Total cost so far unknown. Could always cancel if another offer pops up.


Do you mean customs charges Scott?If so Amazon cover those, it’s in the small print that the price you see is the price you pay. If you get charged reclaim from them.


I stand corrected:)

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

You could get it delivered without any Customs hassle, then again you could be in line to pay £21+ VAT plus a charge of £11+ from the Post Office. I`m waiting for a decent price from Amazons Europe.


They don’t take customs charges upfront from Amazon Canada – unlike USA

I received a few box sets from Canada Amazon recently costing £75 each – all delivered by DHL I got stung a further £35 where they wanted cash on delivery on each one including there ridiculous handling charge which is Double Royal Mail -it’ll probably be cheaper to order from Amazon USA like I just have, just hope it doesn’t get damaged!


Shipped to the US, this is sitting very comfortably at around $25.00 for the 4 disc set. Easy decision

Thanks Paul


Wait, it’s free shipping to the US from Amazon UK?

John Lloyd

Not quite, but VAT is refunded, I believe, so almost the same.