Tom Petty / Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)

Standalone release for what was previously a super deluxe exclusive

Tom Petty / Wildflowers (alternate versions)

In a move that will surely delight and infuriate Tom Petty fans in equal measure, Finding Wildflowers, the bonus CD or 2LP vinyl set that was only available via the expensive super deluxe edition of last years Wildflowers & All The Rest reissue, will now be available separately as standalone release, on both formats, in April.

Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) features 16 studio recordings of alternate takeslong cuts and jam versions of Wildflowers songs as Tom, band members and co-producer Rick Rubin worked to finalise the album in 1994.

The reason some fans may be miffed is that the extra money required for the super deluxe editions which exclusively housed this extra audio was massive – close to £100 extra for the five-CD super deluxe when compared to the four-disc edition – and while it also brought with it some extra elements and flashier presentation, it’s likely that most were mainly focussed on the audio.

Of course, the flip-side to this coin is that if you concluded at the time that the super deluxe sets ‘weren’t worth it’ then you now have an opportunity to pick up an official physical release of these 16 alternate versions at normal CD or 2LP pricing! Incidentally there is a gold-coloured 2LP vinyl edition for the indie community (see widgets below).

So are you miffed or delighted? Leave a comment and let us know! In the meantime, Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) will be issued on 16 April 2021.

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Tom Petty

Wildflowers alternate versions - CD edition


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Tom Petty

Wildflowers alternate versions - 2LP vinyl


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Tom Petty

Wildflowers + All The Rest 3LP set


Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) CD

01 A Higher Place
02 Hard on Me
03 Cabin Down Below
04 Crawling Back To You
05 Only a Broken Heart
06 Drivin’ Down To Georgia
07 You Wreck Me
08 It’s Good to Be King
09 House in The Woods
10 Honey Bee
11 Girl On LSD
12 Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)
13 Wildflowers
14 Don’t Fade on Me
15 Wake Up Time
16 You Saw Me Comin’

Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) 2LP back vinyl

Side A

01 A Higher Place
02 Hard on Me
03 Cabin Down Below
04 Crawling Back To You

Side B

05 Only a Broken Heart
06 Drivin’ Down To Georgia
07 You Wreck Me
08 It’s Good to Be King

Side C

09 House in The Woods
10 Honey Bee
11 Girl On LSD
12 Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)

Side D

13 Wildflowers
14 Don’t Fade on Me
15 Wake Up Time
16 You Saw Me Comin’

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[…] The special five-CD super deluxe edition of Tom Petty‘s Wildflowers & All The Rest –  initially exclusive to Petty’s US store – can now be ordered via Amazon in the UK. At the time, this set appealed to collectors thanks to the inclusion of an ‘exclusive’ fifth discs Finding Wildflowers which featured 16 alternate versions (it has since controversially been announced as a standalone release). […]

Vince Hedrick

Amazon warehouse deal for the box set. Only $91


Same complaint that many have made, but I had to make it. I’ve been an avid reader of this website for years, but this is the first time I’ve posted. If Tom Petty was here, I can’t imagine he’d sign off on this.

I had been waiting for this release for close to five years. When it was announced, I was overjoyed but still was on the fence for the 5cd version. I wanted it all, but I couldn’t justify the extra $100. So I waited.

Then it was announced that if you bought the 4 disc version that you could get the 5cd download codes through some mistake. Didn’t pull the plug that time because I really wanted all 5 discs in a factory pressed format, not CDRs that I could’ve made.

But I waited too long and it sold out. It went back in stock in February and I bought it. Very pleased with it. It was everything that I had hoped for and more. Loved it. A few weeks later I saw that you could buy it on Amazon for about $40 cheaper and I was kinda upset,
but got over it.

Now this. Absolutely ridiculous. Quite a slap in the face and an insult. I can’t afford to spend an extra $100 plus for a nice book and bigger box. I understand that no one held a gun to my head but c’mon. I will never buy anything from the Tom Petty website again and it’s gonna take a lot for me to buy more music from him.

Frank D

Wow! What a shocker. Buy the more expensive box set because its exclusive to the artist. Can”t get it at Amazon or anywhere else. Only thru the special website exclusive to the family. Then after the thrill is gone here comes the bonus cd only exclusive to the artists web site available all by itself thru your favorite music outlet. Got me again! Done with any future exclusive cd box sets from anything to do with Tom Petty. I know there is more coming. Don’t care. Not me. Not anymore. Release The Fillmore shows that everyone is talking about or LA 1981 box set. Good luck but you won’t get me again. I’ll wait it out for everything to get released on YouTube or some other bootleg service.

Rob Maurer

If Tom were alive, this would NOT have happened. I blame the estate and his record company.

So, this will be the last “Limited Super Duper Exclusive Edition” of anything Petty I’ll ever buy. I’ll go cheap and steal the rest. Not ashamed, either.


This really sucks. I’m pissed!! It’s not because of the money, it’s the feeling of being duped, taken advantage of. To me it’s comparable to paying for a ‘Meet and Greet’ by my favorite artist only to show up and EVERYBODY is allowed in. What do they think ‘exclusive’ means? Buying these sets always makes me feel like I can show my dedication to the work that artist delivers.

This is why I never balk at the price of McCartney’s ‘Archive Editions’ (yup I got a blue suitcase) because I know that material will not show up (Wings Over Europe as example) someplace else.

So is this what Mr Petty’s widow Dana and daughters were squabbling about? How can we cash in on dedicated fans loyalty? To the Petty Estate, I’ll remember this on your next re-issue.

Ken Evans

Wings Over Europe appears to be on youtube although I wonder if it’s the same recording.



This is certainly great news for cheapskates like me. Did not even dream about the 5 CD box due to the price point & my lack of interest in buying cardboard and baubles I will never need. It’s about music for me. By the way, I just picked up Fleetwood Mac Mirage & Tango & each has 2 discs. A whopping 33 bonus songs with 26 being unreleased for $30. Not missing those boxes either.


When the Live Anthology was released many years ago it came as a nicely packaged reasonably priced 4CD package. But there was a very expensive 5CD deluxe edition.
It would be nice for that 5th CD to be released!
Completists would rejoice, or at least those that couldn’t afford the deluxe edition!


Just remember folks. Streaming didn’t kill the music industry. Records companies did it all by themselves by shafting its customers time and time again.


The sad truth is, revenues for the labels are up, not down. Streaming has saved the industry, if anything. Which is not to say they haven’t made a lot of mistakes along the way. My worry is that physical media for digital will go away, effectively forcing people to go to Vinyl. We are in a golden age of box sets, and a lot of them are very good. If they stopped brickwalling CD’s, things might improve for them – I’d certainly buy more. I’m not interested in streaming. Needlessly small Limited Editions, colored this and that, web site exclusives (the way Parlophone has handled Bowie’s Brilliant Adventures series is a complete disgrace, and a stain on the man legacy), is just turning people against the business.

wayne klein

Agreed about Brilliant Live Adventures. Having said that, the problem with streaming isn’t revenue for the record companies (who are doing all right) but the artists who, in most cases, make very little in streaming.

I’m still miffed at Elvis Costello for the latest Armed Forces boxed set NOT showing up on CD. I can do vinyl but I prefer CD or lossless in the form of Blu-rays, etc. rather than most digital downloads. Heck, I gave EC an ear full on Twitter about not releasing the live albums that were exclusive to that set separate on CD.

My wife did get me the vinyl set for my birthday, however, there are no digital codes (which is easier than having to rip it from vinyl myself).


Another interesting fact is that the original 5-disc is now available non-exclusively on Amazon and other commercial outlets.


This is ridiculous. You either inform your fans before hand or you don’t release it separately. The argument that the music should be for all, does not apply. You can stream it so it IS available for all. Now you screw your biggest fans.
I did not buy the super-de-luxe box because I’m not enough of a Tom Petty fan (wow, I’m proud of myself for being principled about a boxset non-purchase for once in my life) but if I did, I would be upset. This is a scam.

Rich G

Kauwgompie the Finding Wildflowers material wasn’t available to stream – it was deliberately omitted. Only the material of the 4CD / 7LP set was streamable. In their defence most artists do this at some point. The Stones sold a download of Hyde Park 2013 and Sticky Fingers Live in LA 2015, both initially “only available as downloads” which I bought reluctantly at full price for them to come out on CD/DVD/LP later, which I also bought, so the download was a total waste except I heard it for a while before it came out physically. Things could have changed with Wildflowers, like maybe the original didn’t sell well in some formats, or more likely they got a lot of messages from fans pleading for a separate release. If they didn’t say “it’s exclusive forever” then they haven’t really mislead anyone. All SDE stuff is a gamble these days. You buy early and sometimes you overpay as it is reduced quickly after OR it gets deleted and onto scalpers. Very hard to know which even with the same artists, e.g. Prince / Bowie – some unavailable, so very available. The people who get the bargains are nearly always the casual fan who can live without a release and wait by definition. I think most record companies are a bit vague about numbers of pressings, etc. and in marketing it does benefit them to be like that. I don’t think it is a scam, but I would have been disappointed if I’d bought the original 5CD/9LP, but those people still got a unique product which they wanted and presumably could afford. At no time did they say Finding Wildflowers would always remain exclusive to the box set and never get a separate release, so I think it was always likely to happen as the material is very desirable.


Rich, you make a good point. I guess what I was trying to say is that it will be available to stream (it will be on Apple Music), so the music will be available to all. They shouldn’t have released it as a physical product. Why give your biggest fans the impression that they get sth exclusive and then take it away by offering it on a physical product for all? Yes, they didn’t say it would remain exclusive forever but that certainly was implied. The right thing would have been to disclose it up front so the fans can choose. That the Stones did this at some point in time doesn’t make it right.


Not trying to start an argument but I’m curious as to how the disc not being exclusive anymore makes you enjoy it any less? Isn’t it nice more people can hear it now? It doesn’t take it away from you.


Actually you are wrong – it does still say on Tom Petty’s Webstore – right now …..- on the 9LP Super Deluxe Edition and the 5CD Super Deluxeedition… and i quote

‘ Exclusive to the super-deluxe, this edition also includes two LPs of alternate versions (“Finding Wildflowers”).- open for legal claims i would say! ‘ as they have clearly lied

I am more than pissed off as i paid nearly £400 to import a 9LP copy into the UK with extortionate shipping, import taxes / Obscene DHL Charges – when i could have in fact just bought the Triple LP for £32 and this alternate LP for £25 !

So i have been ripped off by £300+ well done Warner / Tome Petty’s estate – he would be rolling over in his grave on what is happening as he was totally against this sort of thing when he was alive! They should be ashamed!


Delighted level infinity and beyond…

As a completist that tries to get the most complete reissue or new album found logical that all who wants to get everything can do it one time (not just this case, other releases that first appear once and some time later same with bonus tracks, i mean, if a record has been published previously on and got rare stuff from that time go for second and not made the ones got original first have to buy it twice).

So good new that can buy everything when time come for a reasonable prize since i go for the audio/video content, book for reading is ok but rest of things for me will go like to take a look first time and then back to the box and that’s it.

And not to forgot like the Lennon SDE why all those formats when the buyer like me that is a fan will obviusly go for the bigger one and not rest, can’t see why to have to go on with that but well is my thought. Anyway as said before great news.

James D. Boys

He timing of this may, or may not be related to this updated release, but in the US, Amazon has cut the price of the 5 CD Super Deluxe Edition from $159 to $122

Paul E.

@ Paul Sinclair – Yes, the “Wildflowers & All The Rest” SDE is an exclusive only available via the official Tom Petty Store. When I say “exclusive”, it’s as exclusive as the “Finding Wildflowers” disc/LP is in the SDE Box. For an updated definition of the word, please visit the Wildflower’s Edition dictionary now available at the official store (also an exclusive).


Beyond delighted. I actually ordered the 5cd originally then realized how ridiculous it was to spend so much on a few alternate tracks of songs I already had so I canceled and got the 4cd instead. Much better value. Very elated I can now round out the collection much more cheaply and in better packaging. I hate that new box sets jam the discs in the back of books which scuffs the discs. Best box set packaging has always been the 4 cd long boxes like Citizen Steely Dan or The Who Maximum R&B. Let’s get back to that style with a nice thick long book and poster.


I love my vinyl, but couldn’t afford the 7lp yet alone the 9lp super deluxe version. I ‘made do’ with the 3lp in addition to buying the 4cd version. Now I’m delighted they are releasing the extra tracks obviously, and despite the fantastic price of the 2lp, I wish record companies wouldn’t do this sort of thing. All releases/tracks should be available to fans in some form or another from the start at affordable prices.

John MC cann

Where is friend of the stars,,,BRUCE KELSO , these days ,,don’t seem to post anymore,,hope your well we miss you your friends at SDE

Neil Parnell

Songs again and again


Miffed, obviously, in the US. All those chortling and happy to post are those who passed on the Super Deluxe. Saying Exclusive doesn’t mean Exclusive later on, is pretty reprehensible.
This means I spent $100 for the book (and printed stuff). The book IS excellent – huge, the kind Paul is usually happy to demo. But, $100 USD….?


Very annoying to me – have the 5cd set……..

Paul Wren

I bought the 9 LP box set. This was always likely to happen at some point and I take the view that it’s a completist’s dream, i.e. even more product to buy providing the wallet is big enough etc!


I look at it this way. Each SDE is a product. While a promise of “exclusive music” might make a good sticker, it’s also anti-music fan. Not all of us can afford to buy box sets, especially in times when they’re limited and often sell out quickly. For me, music has no value if it can’t be heard. That some music fans can hear it, but not others who either didn’t have the cash to spend, or just happened to come along after the sets had sold out, is not a plus for me – it’s abhorrence. There are a group of people who are obsessed with the monetary value of their music – resale value. But at the end of the day, we’re here for the music, not for what we can get on Ebay.

As such, I’d much prefer all music was available to any who want it. More so, in the format they want it. I don’t like one group of fans having such an advantage. The one and only reason the labels do it is because it creates demand, with people panicking they might miss out, of playing on their wish not to be a second class music buyer.

Let the music be available to all. Make the exclusive content the books, posters, packaging. I happen to love all the marbles and scarves. I simply cannot get pleasure from knowing the music I own is not available to all who want it. If you paid for the exclusive set, then you got what you paid for. You still have the set. The resale value might be less, but this is about music, it’s not an investment vehicle. The whole “collectable” aspect of modern music retail is a worrying trend that disadvantages people who love the music and bands that you do. Do you really feel good about that?


Great news as I only bought the 4-cd edition so will definitely add this to my collection.

Thanks for the heads up!

Steve Carr

I bought the 9LP set. It’s great.
However, if I had known this would have been available I would have bought the 7LP set from my local independent record shop and waited.
I didn’t because I understood the additional tracks were exclusive to the box set.
So I denied a purchase from my Lo cal record shop, because it was US only and they couldn’t order it.
This direct-only marketing ploy deliberately and cynically undercuts local independent record shops.
Is this, as music fans, what we want?


Was looking at Amazon the other night and pulled the trigger on the 5 CD set for $122 new. Thought I was getting a good deal……


I have no issues if it was never said that the tracks were exclusive to the box set.


It Does though – it still states on the Tom Petty Website right now and always has and i quote –

‘ Exclusive to the super-deluxe, this edition also includes two LPs of alternate versions (“Finding Wildflowers”). ‘

It stinks! They should have made this 2LP version available from the start and customers would have bought exactly what they wanted – but then they wouldn’t have managed to screw some of his fans for hundreds of extra £ s…….each

Stan Stanton


Larry Davis

Great news for me cuz I passed on the 5CD super deluxe & settled for the 4CD cuz of the price & it was fine enough…happy I didn’t shell out the extra $100+ and even if I did, I’d be happy with the 5 cuz it packages it all together with a book & other things…this availability makes the new disc & the 4CD separate, big whoop, I just hope it’s packaged as a cardboard gatefold mini-LP wallet, not in a jewelcase…just happy to get this extra music…preordered…I think this will be limited…

John MC cann

You worry about prices??= Come on Larry baby you own half of America,! How was the cruise?

Larry Davis

Hey John McCann…I go for value, $100+ for 1 extra disc & book & necklace (??) was kinda too much for me, plus I got the 4CD set for $35, which was great…figured that was fine enough…happy Finding Wildflowers is to be available on it’s own…yes I know you were being funny…that cruise was superb btw, double cruise actually…too much to explain in few words…the next one (next Feb to March) sold out in 1 week…

John MC cann

Brilliant Larry, yep ,100 bucks for one disc is a bit of a rip and a Man of your magnitude would never be seen wearing a tacky necklace! enjoy your next cruise mate!
Only boat I see is the Arran to adrossan ferry ( Scotland),, pick up stuff from it Mon to Friday and courier it to Glasgow!

Tom m hans

So happy that I cancelled my SDE @ Tom Petty website as soon as I got note of a NY Archives 2 release before I even had an inkling of the price tag of the deluxe edition. I now get the archives 2 retail edition for USD 90.00 from import CDs and the Petty disc 5 for 15.00 from amz. Cool beans. I can live with that…. btw, POB SDE from amazin france to the US is less than $100.00.

Paul Mac

Having plumped for the 4-CD edition, I’m obviously delighted by this news. I can understand how anyone who went for the 5-CD or 9-LP editions would not be happy though, given the huge premium they carried.


To top off that alleged exclusivity shenanigans they also release the Finding Wildflowers as an ‘exclusive’ double gold-coloured vinyl? Enough is never enough, right?

Ben Williams

I’m very happy with this being released separately, glad I get the chance to own it now!


My budget didn’t run to the big box. I bought the 2CD version and listened to the other music elsewhere. I’m glad to be able to buy this

70s Guy

Super Duper!!!! Thanks for the heads up. Makes me glad I only bought the 3 vinyl set previously.

John MC cann

Need a deluxe version of long after dark!,,, Best thing he ever did!


Yes and Hard Promises Hits 40 this year…. She’s The One hits 25 This year – they seem to be quiet on those re-issues…..??? Or have the Tom Petty Estate Just forgotten!

Alan Blevin

Amazed and ecstatic.Would have loved the 5 CD edition but couldn’t justify what was $170Australian for 1 CD.It was my favourite album reissue of last year.I can appreciate the people who paid out the big bucks being upset but I am philosophical about having bought the deluxe edition of Neil Young Archives Volume 2 so this is their turn.
Now we just need Parlophone to do something about the Brilliant Live Adventures series fiasco and Rhino to release CD only versions of Deja Vu50 and Fleetwood Mac Live and all will be right with the world.

Brian Stanley

This is great news!
I passed on the 5CD version of “Wildflowers” partly so I could afford the very pricey and limited Neil Young Archives II box. I would have waited if I’d known that was going to be made more available a few months later, so here’s a great way of the universe balancing out.


I bought the 9LP and am indifferent … the exclusivity didn’t factor into my purchase. I am glad the remaining songs are available …


Me too. I picked up the 9LP version via eBay – I loved the 7LP version so much that I thought it was worth the extra outlay, which I am satisfied was the case. Pleased that the remaining songs are going to be available more widely – they deserve to be.

Joe F

I got the 5 disc set, it cost $100 USD extra and I did this to get the Finding Wildflowers disc. The packaging is wonderful and the Finding Wildflowers disc is my favorite in this boxset. Was glad I paid the extra money. Not miffed with this news. Very happy with my purchase and glad this music can be listened to by everyone. All TP fans are going to love this album!


Ditto. If they had brought this out alongside the other reissues, I still would have gotten the big box.


+1 for me. The package was worth the extra, and hey, we got the music earlier. Everything comes out eventually. It is absolutely worth picking up if you’re considering it.

Jakob Rehlinger

Now when Underworld reissued Drift Series 1 in a cheaper format six months or a year later, but with ANOTHER disc added, I was annoyed, but not miffed to “need to” purchase it again. Delighted to get the bonus disc. Would I be miffed if they offered the new disc as a stand alone later this year? Not really. I like having the reconfigured box as well as the original.

I mean. It’s not like if Stephen Wilson has issued “The Tastemaker” as a CD-single or anything. ;)

Paul E.

It’s an obvious case of Anger vs. Excitement…I’m in the PO’d Camp. I purchased this less than 4 months ago and paid up to the tune of $150.00 for the advertised limited edition Super Deluxe Edition.

I watched it sell out in that format and than become available AGAIN in a second SDE 5 CD pressing (without the COA)- at least it didn’t offer the Hi Res downloads in the 2nd run but still kinda dubious marketing.

Having said the above, this latest pillaging of the SDE is just too much for me tolerate. Removing the “previously” exclusive CD that I literally paid an extra $100 for and making that available for $10-$15 is not cool – unless, of course, you didn’t make my mistake in buying into the advertisements as offered by the Petty Estate. Maybe they weren’t promises or commitments of any sort- but in the spirit of calling bullshit when I see it, this seems to fit the bill (and the bull) nicely.

I had this set originally ranked way high on my 2020 SDE Best of list – just behind Prince SOTT. The Prince Estate has my respect and is deserving of all credibility – can’t say the same for the folks handling Tom Petty’s Estate.

Mister Stick

“The Prince Estate has my respect and is deserving of all credibility – can’t say the same for the folks handling Tom Petty’s Estate.”

Right behind you, Paul E.

I’m happy to get this, since I couldn’t justify the first-class hedge fund manager version. But this is not how “$8.98 Tom” would be doing business. and his family and bandmates should know that.


Exactly – as i posted earlier – Had Tom Petty been alive, he would not have let this be released in the way it has been and would be turning over in his grave – Warner Brothers / His estate should be Ashamed !


is the version of Girls on LSD on this Finding Wildflowers disc the original b-side version or a different version? Can’t find that info anywhere. If it is the original b-side version, it really should have been on disc 2 of the original set because Petty wanted it on the album but the record company objected to it based on lyrical content, thus it being relegated to b-side status. It really doesn’t fit with the alternate version theme of this disc if it is in fact the original b-side version, and if it is an alternate version, why wasn’t the b-side version included as well!?!


Berg – I bought the cd single back in 95 that had Girl On LSD. I played the cd single A/B sis by side with the version on the super deluxe box set back in october.. and with my Brian Wilson dog ears… i can say they are slightly differnt in the mix… (but like the Led Zep reissue campaing from several years ago) however the difference is nearly indiscernible.

All the Best – Jeff


Thank you!


I think the “new mix” is an ever so slight improvement/different mastering, but sounds like the same take., but it is really hard to tell the difference. I’ve noticed much bigger differences when listening to a remastered album where alternate takes are included by mistake, Take for instance the Mobile Fidelity of Damn The Torpedoes, “Refugee ” is a totally different mix.

Nathan Thomas

It’s more confusing than anything. Bare bones editions, deluxe editions, super deluxe editions, tracks exclusive to a set which then aren’t exclusive to that set any more, limited edition sets that are then reissued with tiny typographical changes so they can sell them all over again (looking at you Neil Young).

Timm Davison

I think it’s a pretty crappy, but not wholly unsurprising thing to do – here’s my rationale behind that: if you can’t afford the ‘super deluxe’ edition (especially if you’re in a different country from country of origin), you’ll probably steam for a bit but get over it. And those who can afford can say ‘hey, I shelled out, I’m a true fan’. Now then. If the record company realizes it’s easier to sell you 2 lesser-priced sets, and still get you to buy both (and possibly duplicate certain pieces with some kind of gimmick like ‘indie exclusive colored vinyl’), do you really think they care if you the consumer you consider yourself a ‘true fan’ or not? Nope. It’s all about the money.
By the way ‘true fans’ are two words that need to leave the conversation, it’s so reductive. You can be an artist’s biggest fan but be too poor to be able to afford lavish deluxe editions.

Rich G

I feel for the people that paid £100 extra at least for the 5CD, though I’m a massive Petty fan but the 5CD was totally out of my price range. It is good they haven’t denied the majority of the fans access this music as it was kept off streaming services too. I think we’ve all been burned from time to time by the box set that drops in price after release or is re-issued in budget packaging for a fraction of the price at a later date. It’s a fact of life. At least the people that paid the premium got some nicer packaging and extras and also had 6 months more to listen to it as some kind of consolation and in time, their set may attract a resale price as was limited. I was “lucky” waiting this time, but I’ve been on the other side before also. As Paul said, the £100 extra for 1CD plus USA only purchase (so import duty applied) made the original totally out of reach for many fans outside the USA.


I completely understand the frustration of those who splurged for the 9LP set, but this worked out wonderfully for me. I bought the 7LP set (and it’s fantastic) as I thought the 9LP set was a bridge too far, even for a Petty fanatic like me. And now I’ve just ordered the other two LPs at a reasonable cost from Rough Trade USA to complete the set. What an unexpected surprise. Thanks for the head’s up, Paul!


Great! at last I’ll get it!


Music companies will alienate ‘casual’ collectors with tactics such as this! Not only that, it could even sound the long term demise of the super deluxe edition. Fans won’t continue to pay top dollar in large numbers if the same item reappears a little down the line at a much reduced cost and a reduced market won’t make product viable. Likewise, numerous coloured editions of same product will also put many off collecting a ‘complete set’. For many SDE’s their value can be diminished on opening, and though I appreciate this isn’t where their real value lies, it is cause for consideration when paying the outlay that some of these sets demand.

Jakob Rehlinger

I’m not sure it’ll be the case that fans won’t continue pay top dollar. They usually only manufacture a few thousand of these things for a market of 6 billion worldwide.

Nathan Thomas

Don’t see any evidence of this. McCartney did very well out of the coloured vinyl wheeze, & fans WILL continue to shell out because they’re worried about missing out on a set – just because there’s a chance it MAY be reissued in some form again further down the line will not stop many purchasing (like with the Petty where many would see having access to the tracks 6 months before everyone else makes it worth paying out) – FOMO is still a large factor.


Casual collectors won’t be put off at all, because they’re not the target audience. The OCD gotta have everything collectors are the buyers for these types of releases, whereas the casual collector is more than likely happy with standard versions of the albums. Not every fan has an insatiable desire for every last scrap of recorded material, nor a desperate need to own every single release by an artist, no matter how much duplication of material is involved.

Dan Slattery

Whilst I am delighted that this is being made available to everyone, I do sympathise with those who have shelled out big bucks for the super deluxe, thinking the audio would be exclusive to the box. It’s a tricky situation and I don’t have any answers. Perhaps the record company could be upfront and say it’s exclusive for a year or something like that.

Joe Donato

I bought the 4CD set the day of release. I am extremely happy that this 5th disc will be available. I can sympathize with those who bought the super expensive 5 CD box. Collecting these box sets has really become a balancing act. Should I wait until the price comes down? Should I pass? Will this be available in a smaller format? Etc etc


Erm not sure how I feel about this. Great that I can get the 5th disc having only brought the 4 disc version on release due to the price differential for just one disc. But having numerous box sets with exclusive content wouldn’t be too pleased if the other way round.