Tom Petty / The Complete Studio Albums – across two new vinyl boxes

Such is the breadth of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers studio back catalogue that the band are releasing TWO vinyl box sets to mark 40 years since their self-titled debut.

The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1 (white cover above) spans 1976-91, and features nine vinyl albums from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to Into the Great Wide Open. Everything has been remastered for this release (except where noted below) and all the records are pressed on 180g vinyl with replica artwork.

petty_completevol2The Complete Studio Albums Volume 2 (in red, on the left) features seven albums originally issued between 1994-2014. So this set kicks off with Wildflowers (2LP) and includes every album up to and including 2014’s Hypnotic Eye.

For reasons unknown, the Vol 1 box is released on 9 December AFTER the later Vol 2 which is out on 25 November. Slightly illogical, but only two weeks apart, I guess.

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Tom Petty

The Complete Studio Albums 1976-1991

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Amazon jp   43855.00

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Tom Petty & Heartbreakers

The Complete Studio Albums 1994-2014



The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1

  1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers*
  2. You’re Gonna Get It!*
  3. Damn the Torpedoes*
  4. Hard Promises
  5. Long After Dark
  6. Southern Accents
  7. Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough)
  8. Full Moon Fever
  9. Into the Great Wide Open

All newly remastered except *which use latest mastering remastering

The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1

  1. Wildflowers (2LP)
  2. She’s the One
  3. Echo (2LP)
  4. The Last DJ (2LP))
  5. Highway Companion (2LP)
  6. Mojo (2LP)*
  7. Hypnotic Eye*

All newly remastered except * which use existing/latest mastering

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Also, I find it a bit weird that Amazon.com is selling Vol. 2 through Amazon.co.uk, from their Amazon US global store merchant. How is it possible that they are selling it as the item is not in stock at the Amazon.com from the Amazon themselves?


Is there going to be individual re-release for the album “Wildflowers” on vinyl in Europe?
I suppose all the other albums are available already.
Also, will the Vol. 2 boxset be reissued again, is it available anymoroe from any store around the world? Does fnac.com deliver items to European countries (never ordered anything since I thought they would only deliver to french-customers). Their pages has it still available for order but Im uncertain will it be fulfilled and delivered.
I would like to get both boxsets from some store instead of paying any overprice to discogs or ebay-sellers..
If anybody knows about this thing, please help me here.

Overall, I think it was alread pretty hard to find Vol. 2 when it was released, so it was indeed limited pressing.

Nick Preece

My original Volume 2 box set arrived damaged from Amazon America….. Amazon America Allegedly sent me a replacement Through the carrier UPS on 17th December and I’m still awaiting its arrival as it has disappeared…. UPS international always deliver in 2-3 days business days….

Buyers Beware if Ordering from Amazon – They are Useless! And keep fobbing me off, promised me a free replacement if it hadn’t arrived by 28th December…. and then retracted that offer on 28th when I contacted them, I’ll let you know if it ever arrives….they have now promised me a free replacement if it doesn’t arrive by 03rd January!


Vol. 2 (Am. UK) arrived on Saturday, while I was away. Vol. 1 Sunday (Am. Fr.). Both packaged superbly. Only quibble, why could the record companies have designed the box’s the same size?
I’m not too bothered I’ll be taking the LPs out to put on the shelves. The box’s will have to be packed away, I now have far too many!
I’ve been playing Vol. 1, first 4 and they are great. I’ve compared the first LP with the original and I believe the new pressing sounds better. All the LPs in Vols 1 & 2 are clean and flat, very pleasing. Sleeves and inserts all good.


Received Vol.1 this morning from Amazon France. I was a bit worried as the inner box containing the box set was damaged on the corners. But everything’s perfect as they inserted hard foam protections (just like for hi-fi devices!). I listened to 4 LP’s already and pressing quality is outstanding. Records are very clean and flat. From ‘Damn the Torpedoes’ onwards, sleeves have been outstandingly reproduced including all possible inserts like lyric leaflets (and several very nice glossy sleeves). Covers of the 1st 2 LP’s seem to have been reproduced from a scanned cover but I didn’t own those LP’s then, so can’t really say. Only minus point is the absence of a download card. But all in all, really worth the money I paid for (€ 143).

Nick Preece

My two copies arrived at 11pm last night, brilliantly packaged – double boxed and padded to death from Amazon France and in Perfect condition
Which is not what I can say for my Volume 2 ! It was double the price and came from Amazon USA on Saturday it was packed so badly it was a joke! 2 small bubble pad in a massive flimsy oversized box rattling around loose inside! Needless to say Amazon Americas Pathetic Packaging…. if you can call it that…. arrived damaged! Great at just over £300!


That’s not great Nick re second box.

Same thing happened me recently with The Kinks box set from Pledge Music.
Arrived with crack along lid of box. Got it replaced fairly quickly to be fair.

Finally got my email today that first box is shipping from Amazon France!

Merry Christmas by the way.

Nick Preece

Thanks, Merry Christmas Too! Was your Kinks Box a signed one? I missed out on a signed one, I heard about it too late.

Amazon USA are Sending another Vol 2 which I will end up paying for as I’ve decided to keep the damaged one with a 25% discount…. I hope that one arrives better packed and undamaged,


I was too late fro a signed one Nick.

I got Volume 2 yesterday for a good price in Freebird Records, Dublin.
Volume 1 due Thursday from Amazon FR at an even better price!

I like to support my local record stores but the offer was just too good.


Still waiting for my Volume 1 to be shipped.
Was supposed to be today but no confirmation e mail so far.

Volum 2 getting more expensive online by the minute.
Time to bite the bullet and buy I think.

Nick Preece

My 2 copies of Vilume one are on their way from Amazon France – supposed to be arriving on Tuesday, I’m not very impressed with my Vol 2 that arrived from Amazon USA – it arrived damaged, in a massive flimsy oversized box and 2 small pieces of bubble wrap! Absolutely ridiculous – I pre ordered it 2 months ago and paid over £300!
They are suppposed to be sending me a replacement. Hopefully they will pack it alot better!


According to Am. France my Vol 1 is on it’s way and Am. UK delivered Vol. 2 yesterday but I’m away with Mrs. Richie so I hope my new neighbours are honest!


Has anyone got their Vol. 1 from amazon.fr yet?

Still have mine on order but getting doubtful as they don’t have it advertised now.


Still waiting for mine. They may not have ordered enough initially and got more orders than expected because of the great price. I’m going to wait patiently, there are 15,000 of each volume, I doubt they will sell out right away. Sites like SDE, and I reckon this is the major site for this type of product, are responsible for large initial orders but 15,000 I don’t think so.


Thanks Ritchie.

I was wondering how many of the boxes would be made.

My order switched status to pre-order yesterday so hopefully will move soon.
I was just worried that it might sell out. 15,000 worldwide isn’t much really.


Hello Richie

Now updated to say that their pre-order is released this Friday 16th.

We shall see!


Vol 1 Box Set now pulled from Amazon France. They must have realized they mispriced it.

I hope those of you who got in in time get the order fulfilled! Congrats on a great deal.

Nick Preece

I hope I get mine from Amazon France – I ordered two copies.


I reckon Am. France will honour the deal. I got an email stating the release date had been put back. This I`m not bothered by because if Vol 2`s release date is put back it gives us more time to maybe get a better deal on the box.

I wasn`t going to bother with these but you lot know what it`s like, ho hum.

Nick Preece

Just Ordered Vol 1 Box Set From France – its Now £129.00! Ridiculous it’s £350 on Amazon Germany and £129 on Amazon France!
Hopefully Amazon France will list the Vol 2 at a reasonable price soon as well – so I can cancel my one I pre ordered @ $234 from Amazon USA.
Ridiculous prices here in the U.K.!

Stan Wool

When are we gonna see this listed in the UK? Amazon just seems to have a placeholder. Spin has it at £190. I’m surprised we haven’t seen it more readily available yet. Ordering from the US could incur killer duty.


Was going to ask much the same. As you suggest, duty ( and postage) from the US or Canada would be prohibitively expensive and the German prices for the second set aren’t cheap, although I suppose that is to be expected given the reduction in value of the pound.

Robert Todd

Both are £213 and change on Amazon UK. Spin are more reasonable at £190 ish for each. So far Amazon France is the cheapest for the first set at just under £145 but they haven’t listed the second set to buy as yet.


No Pack Up the Plantation! Boo, was hoping for a remaster treatment of that one.

Paul E.

Tom Petty is a big supporter of Hi Res audio. I have everything Pono (RIP Pono Music Store) and HDTracks have made available for purchase by him. Thrashing on an individual’s format preference seems a waste of keystrokes – Mr. Sinclair provides OPTIONS for us and the magical pricing widget leads to your choice/best price scenario. I’ll pay for the hi res file download and always back that up with the purchase of the physical format [when/if a DLC isn’t in the box set]…it’s just great to explore all of the options SDE shares.

Mad Earwig

The comments regarding CD versus Vinyl are a bit crass, we all like different things.

I’m in the Audio industry and acknowledge that a good pressing on a good turntable sound very ‘warm’ and natural and see the appeal.
(Eg: Stevie Ray Vaughan sounds better on vinyl than CD) But I went big with CD and have now got into Hi Resolution music, which sounds superb.
I value detail over warmth and like the convenience of an album playing for an hour (rather than turning it over after 20 minutes)

Each to their own, Projekt and Rega turntables are selling in big numbers and are not expensive and make a good sound with a reasonable amp.

We don’t need snobbery in audio and music.

Music first.


Great to see. I’ve got the originals up to Full Moon Fever and then Highway Companion on I have picked up on Vinyl when they came out. I hope they do come out separately so I can fill in the gaps otherwise I’ll have to pass.

Wildflowers is a favorite of mine, that was supposed to be expanded then a separate release of unreleased tracks were going to be released. Tom even put a track from it on his website and then it just disappeared. What happened? I would like to expanded versions released one day like Crowded house is doing.


I am huge TP fan!! Wildflowers and The Beatles Abbey Road are tied in a daily battle for my favorite album of all time!

Ken E. Can you recall the title of the track that you mentioned was up and then taken down off of TPs site recently? I can’t believe that got past me…


It’s still there actually
JUNE 4, 2015
“Somewhere Under Heaven,” featured in the film Entourage, is Out Now

“Somewhere Under Heaven” is the first track to be released from Tom Petty’s forthcoming album Wildflowers – All The Rest.
Written by Tom and Mike Campbell and recorded in 1992, but forgotten in Petty’s archives until this year, “Somewhere Under Heaven” is a lost gem from one of the most prolific periods of Petty’s career, during which he wrote and recorded the album that became 1994’s Wildflowers.

Tom Petty’s forthcoming album Wildflowers – All The Rest, which is composed of tracks written and recorded by Petty between 1992 and 1994, will complete the original Wildflowers album, which was initially intended by Petty and producer Rick Rubin to be a double CD.

“Somewhere Under Heaven” is now available to stream and purchase at all digital retailers and can be heard during the end-credits of the Warner Bros Pictures movie Entourage, to be released tomorrow June 3rd.

Watch the “Somewhere Under Heaven” Announcement Video http://smarturl.it/TPSUHYT

Robert Moon

Any word on an 8-track issue?

elliott buckingham

im just glad artists are still releasing a physical product I dread the day when the music dies when all you can do is buy a file to listen to on your pc which once you have brought and paid for you still don’t own


Tom Petty is one of the very few artists I like that I have never seen live. I own many of these albums on CD but would be interested in Box 1. I also heard from CD Japan that the mini lp’s which are completely deleted now would be reissued in November. This might be another good alternative to the vinyl LP’s.

Bruce nicholson

Agree with Andrew 100%. I prefer vinyl but buy CDs as well if i have to – annoys me that we get CD lovers moaning about vinyl but i dont hear vinyl lovers moaning about CD only issues. Accept it for what it is.

As for Tom Petty – great news.

Jakob Rehlinger

@Bruce I’ve definitely seen at least one “They’ve got to reissue these on vinyl” or “Too bad it’s CD, I’d be interested if this was on vinyl” comment on almost every CD set post.


I second that Andrew Mogford!


The way people bang on about cd vs vinyl, I guess I must be positively crazy for actually liking either. They both really do have their charms. And I’ve always had fondness for cassettes, so there. One of the actually nicer and quite sensible practices kindly adopted by labels is the inclusion of digital downloads with vinyl – what a wonderful idea.

Which brings us back to these boxes: download vouchers of remastered tracks included?


That said, these are just too pricey if they are to go off as currently listed/described unless the remasters are out of this world…


Joseph, I must have hundreds of unused download codes. Maybe eBay?


Consider the first box: nine lps for ~$260 USD. That’s about $29 per record for albums that have been widely available in dollar bins and thrift stores for decades since their original release.


Well, that was a snide dismissal.

Paul, in your opinion, what exactly is “super deluxe” about that set? All I see is an exterior box. If the major record labels didn’t continue to charge an absurd premium for common material, people like me wouldn’t be compelled to point out what an utter rip off it is.

Perhaps your view of the commercial value of this material is skewed by your location in the UK. I write from the northeastern USA, where I volunteer for a charity which conducts a large benefit sale of books and media that draws tens of thousands of customers over the course of three weeks. I just packed up a half-dozen of Petty’s early LPs in VG+/VG+ condition that failed to sell even on our final “fill a grocery bag with as much stuff as you can for a dollar” day. The last cd copies of Petty’s 90’s albums sold only when the price dropped to 25 cents.


And let me add … surely I am not the only one who remembers when Tom Petty threated to withhold the tapes for “Hard Promises” when he learned that MCA was going to issue it with a $9.98 recommended retail price. In his words: “If we don’t take a stand, one of these days records are going to be $20!”

Of course, as a hot new artist on the rise during the years of blockbuster growth in the industry, he had the clout to pull that off. Now, in the twilight of his career, with the industry in terminal contraction and the rights held by a multinational behemoth, I’m sure he had no say in this bit of profiteering.

Andrew Mogford

I love this site and respect people’s opinions but why the need to moan continuously on any and all threads about vinyl and how much you hate it? I mean – is there anything productive in doing so? Does it make you feel somehow enriched that you have done so? Do you sleep better at night for having vented. ?

I could make some sort of comment about the kind of person who listens to a CD on a Blu-ray player and thinks it makes them “think they’re in a concert hall” but won’t because most people will understand that it’s down to the quality of the player, the speakers, the DAC etc etc. If you plugged the BD player into the same kit you are unlikely to hear much difference at all.

Look – I love my Vinyl. I am loving the resurgence. I am loving the feel of the artefact in my hand and the sheer act of playing vinyl.

However, blanket statements like some of the posters on here is just so wide of the mark. Some of my vinyl is beautifully pressed and mastered and sounds fantastic. Way better than some of the CDs, particularly the remastered ones that are subject to the “loudness wars”. I have some vinyls (both “audiophile” 180g represses and original pressings) that sound awful and nowhere near the quality of the CD.

Guess what I’m trying to say is – the quality you hear will vary according to the mastering, the pressing, the authoring, the player, the speakers, the DAC, the amp etc etc. You simply cannot do such a blanket comparison and anyone who does really doesn’t understand what this blog is about I think.

But at the end of the day, please stop pissing on everyones parade. We all like music – do we all have to moan about formats and people’s choices all the time.

We get it. A sizeable number of readers of this blog don’t like vinyl. We get it. We understand. We value your opinion. We just don’t want to hear it over and over again.

/rant over and sorry.


I just prefer CDs and the vinyl resurgence means more and more of these box sets are only being pressed on vinyl. I was hoping for Petty’s collected works to come in a reasonably priced (but not budget) box like the Springsteen one from a while back (which did both formats) but I suspect it’s not going to happen. So I can’t help but feel annoyed at labels’ economic decision to prioritise vinyl over CD these days—which makes sense from their standpoint.


The CD box from TP is a certainty, just a case of the record companies getting their act together.


Nicely said :-)

Paul Kent

@Andrew – “I love this site and respect people’s opinions but why the need to moan continuously on any and all threads about vinyl and how much you hate it? I mean – is there anything productive in doing so?”

As we have seen here on several occasions, in regard to various releases, ‘moaning’ can prove to be productive. Labels have changed releases based on comments posted on SDE. That aside, I think you’re missing the point of the comments made about another vinyl only product.

I believe those making the comments, like myself, have nothing against vinyl per se. It’s more the fact that we get frustrated when attractive titles are issued in that format only. Nobody is calling anybody out for vinyl being their format of choice, but the reason this complaint rears its head on a regular basis is because, more and more, vinyl is pushed to the detriment of those who no longer adopt that format. I have long harboured the desire to investigate the catalogues of two artists: Springsteen and Petty. I was able to tick Bruce off with the album collection which was released on vinyl and CD. When I saw this post I got my hopes up, thinking that a CD option would be a sure thing, but it’s vinyl only. I should be able to share my frustration at that without being told off for it.

Whether you accept it or not, vinyl is simply on trend. It’s the preserve of the hipster – none of whom, I hasten to add, are frequent visitors to SDE, yourself included, Andrew. However, labels continue to cynically capitalise on this fair-weather demographic and we all appear to lose out – me, as I cannot buy this in my preferred format; you, as you are forced to pay through the nose because opportunistic labels try to fleece vinyl noobs while the sun shines. We all love music, we all have preferences, we all get screwed.

With heartfelt respect, comrade :)


Great rant, Thanks Andrew… I agree 100%… One doesn’t like vinyl, fine. But jumping on every vinyl post just to moan, because said post isn’t specifically catering to your taste in format, is a rather useless endeavor, that doesn’t add anything other than empty virtue-signalling.

And to anyone, who might be offended by this post. Please write it down on a piece of paper, neatly fold it three times, and then throw it out of the window.

Anyway… Thanks and keep up the good work, Paul.

Martyn Alner

That should be the tagline to this Website, “We all like Music”.


Its not a case of cd sounding better than vinyl or vice versa.They sound different to each individual persons ears. There’s awful sounding vinyl and terrible sounding cd’s. The real problem is summed up by the one word used in Andrews post……”artefact”. Once you start thinking that your purchases (cd or vinyl) are artefacts you’ve missed the point about music. To use a famous quote “it’s what’s in the groove”
What baffles me about the so called “vinyl revival” is why did it almost die out in the first place? When paperback books first came in hardbacks didn’t suddenly stop selling.

Andrew Mogford

But surely the artefact is the point of this site to a certain extent. I mean, if I had a choice of a vinyl with a beautiful sleeve, with a gatefold – and a digital download I know which I’d choose!


Part of the charm of vinyl is ALBUM ART!!!!


@Paul, just a sidenote… you wrote “The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1” twice (where the content is listed). The latter ought to be Volume 2 :-)


My only complaint with these box set is that they do not have a hard cover book in them!


Thanks for covering this Super Deluxe Edition! Rawk!

Jakob Rehlinger

I’ve been waiting for this, but in CD format. In the new year maybe?

Eric W

Maybe this box will break the stranglehold on the prices of the later titles.

Jason Paskowitz

Need these on CD. Did vinyl 30 years ago and not
Going back to stylus alignment, cleaning machines, and the whole kabuki theater processes of simply listening to a record.

David B

Fully agree .. we gave up LPs years ago for cd .. so why go back? When cds first came out in the late 80s my brother-in-law (a sound engineer for ATV tv) played the same track on vinyl and cd, and even then the cd sounded better. And he had top of the range players ..

Recently I started to use a mid-range bluray player and I get an incredible sound quality out of my cds… it puts you into the heart of the recording and you feel like you’re in the studio .. the downside .. well I’ve gotta play my 2,500+ cds all over again . .good job I’m retired .. cheers ..

Kevin Brown

Paul, the reason for the different dates is that both boxes are been released by different record company’s. 1976 to 91 box is been released by Universal Records and the second box is1994 to 2014 is been released by Warners.
I guess Warners have got their box sorted and ready to be issued quicker than Universal which now explains why Box 2 is out first.


I’m still waiting for the “Wildflowers: All the Rest” collection. Whatever happened to that?!

J. Craven

Some pretty ugly heartbreakers on that cover. The ladies (or men) that had their heart’s broken must have been rather desperate.


Hopefully these will be issued individually at some point. All the albums were issued in vinyl in during the original release dates.
However, several : She’s The One, Wildflowers, Echo, and Last DJ are very expensive $250 and up for a original so this box helps for those that don’t want to pay a fortune for a original

elliott buckingham

hope wildflowers includes girl on lsd its a brilliant track but warners wouldn’t let him include it on the original release

Ben Williams

Any idea if this will be issued on CD? As much as I adore vinyl, these complete vinyl album collections are way out of my league money-wise.. Would have loved the Sting set and the Beatles in Mono but I have rent to pay :P

Have wanted remastered 80s Petty for a while and would love a Dylan-esque complete album set, on Cd..

Ben Hendrix

Any clue if the wildflowers album will be released individually or will it only be available through the box set?


Just when you think you`re out of having to buy any more box sets they pull you back in again.

Thing is as much as I love TP, I have most already on vinyl. I think I`ll wait until they become available separately.


Have to wait for a deal alert lol


Is there anything on box 2 that is in vinyl for the first time?


Hi Paul, I`m doing this as a reply to Marco`s comment but it isn`t, but I think this info needs placing at the top of comments..

I just ordered the Vol2 Box thru Am, Italy for £162 (£172 with add on`s) then realised the link is for a Marketplace seller, RAREWAVES. I cancelled because had the order gone thru I would have bean liable for import duties and extra Royal Mail charges, taking the cost higher than the UK Am. price. RAREWAVES ships from the USA. The same applies to the Am. Spain price. Cheers, richie.