Tori Amos / New book, ‘Resistance’

Tori Amos / Resistance signed copy

Tori’s memoir – signed copies available

Tori Amos‘ new book, Resistance: A Songwriter’s Story of Hope, Change and Courage, will be published at the end of next week.

The book covers Tori’s formative years of playing piano as a teenager for the ‘politically powerful’ at hotel bars in Washington D.C. before her time as an artist in LA, and then moving to the UK and the subsequent successful near-three decade career.

According to the publishers, in the volume “Amos explains how she managed to create meaningful, politically resonant work against patriarchal power structures-and how her proud declarations of feminism and her fight for the marginalised always proved to be her guiding light.”

This is a 272-page hardcover volume and is published on 5 May 2020 by Hodder & Stoughton. Rough Trade in the UK have signed copies available.


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Mine arrived from Blackwells this morning – nicely signed by Tori on a ‘Signed Edition’ page (rather than a publisher’s book plate which tbh I am less fond of) … so, a thumbs up for Blackwells, and free postage too.


signed copies of Resistance are available again at coles-books.co.uk £16.99 + postage

Kai Karkkainen

Everything Richard has written applies to me as well, so thank you Richard and Paul!

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

Thanks bought a signed copy via Rough Trade, this looks to be a very interesting book.
I have loved and bought Tori’s albums since her stunning debut all those years ago now.
Thank you for the information, without which I would not have heard about this signed edition until it was too late. You provide a very wonderful website.
Much appreciated in these trying times.


Signed version now available at Coles-books.co.uk


I´ve just bought a signed copy at Blackwell´s book shop website , thanks for the tip, to be delivered to Spain, without any problems.


Starting with A Sorta Fairytale, where I had a hard time liking the record, I began to lose interest in her and I would actually say the records that followed were definitely very different from her previous ones for Atlantic. I can honestly say I tried with Fairytale, and anything after that I barely played once. I still buy everything the releases in the hope that one day I will appreciate what came after but somehow I fear that won’t happen.
Maybe aside from her music changing when she left Atlantic, I also changed.
Too bad, but her legacy at Atlantic is unbeatable.
Glad that I have a signed copy of this coming. Thank you Paul for spotlighting a book!

Jon stevens

Grateful to tori putting in another boot to the ‘patriarchy’, some of whom buy her albums.

Tony O

Great tip for blackwells, free uk delivery as well, perfect


GB thank you for the Blackwells tip!


Blackwells in the UK also have signed copies if anyone has/continues to have problems with Rough Trade – I have used them in the past (most recently for a signed copy of Bob Geldof’s recent lyrics/musings on songs book).


GB, Thank you for the heads up, ordered from Blackwell’s, though when I did a search in their ‘signed collection’ I couldn’t see it earlier on, but thanks to you I did a search on their website and found the signed version, great price with free delivery. : )

Donal O'Connell

Thanks GB – Blackwells a brilliant tip – delivery included to Ireland too

Andy E

Many thanks for the Blackwell’s tip. Have managed to get one and have cancelled the non-signed one through Amazon. This is what this site is all about….


Probalbly an interesting reading, but a new record would be even better ( especially as the last one- native invader- was released in september 2017! )

alan hansen

I too, wish she’d simply “‘do'” a new album (see what I did there?) – i’m a completist with TA. however, there are precious few literary outings by such artists that interest me; especially if those outings delve into the political.

Marc B

Tony – I had the same problem yesterday but have managed to order a copy this morning :)

Shaun H

Likewise, managed to secure a copy this morning.


The signed copy is back up at Rough Trade for those who missed it. And for some reason the signed copy is £2 cheaper than the unsigned copy!

Nick Button

You can still get signed copies via link from her website


oh no i missed this! hopefully there will be a second batch or another store?


Go to blackwell’s website! :)


When will From the Choirgirl Hotel and To Venus and Back be issued in vinyl?

Tim Abbott

Choirgirl isn’t going to happen. The masters are lost (whether in The Fire or elsewhere is not clear). That was confirmed from Tori Amos directly via some forum somewhere. A shame as the original vinyl release sounds great.

As I’m sure you know, To Venus has never had a full vinyl release (nor has Strange Little Girls or Scarlet’s Walk, or The Beekeeper, or Midwinter Graces, or Gold Dust), so I’m hopeful the various record companies will set that right at some point.

Tony O

their site would not accept my payment 4 times and then told me it was sold out, not the first time their payment issue has cost me an item

Andy E

Same for me – No signed book for my partner…poor

John McCann'.

Tori Amos,,,my autobiography!
That would work!


Sounds a hoot!


Ha! Good one. She does have a sense of humour though, so you never know.