Toto / All In: 1978-2018 / 13CD box set

13CD box set • All audio newly remastered • Well priced

After a big box with CDs and vinyl was sold direct to fans via their website last year, Toto are reissuing their back catalog as a CD-only box set and making it available via all the usual retailer channels. ‘All In’ is the name of this set and it will feature 13 remastered albums on CD.

The set includes 11 studios albums (Toto, Hydra, Turn Back, IV, Isolation, Fahrenheit, The Seventh One, Kingdom of Desire, Tambu, Mindfields, Toto XX) a previously unreleased Live In Tokyo EP and a compilation ‘The Old Is New‘ featuring 10 tracks (including seven previously unreleased songs).

All of the music in the box set was personally remastered by Toto along with Elliot Scheiner. Also included in the box set is a 24-page booklet which includes new essays, and previously unseen photos.

This ‘All In’ 13CD box is released on 24 May 2019, and a few weeks later is some territories. Amazon France seem to have the best deal at the moment.

CD 1: Toto (1978
1. Child’s Anthem
2. I’ll Supply the Love
3. Georgy Porg
4. Manuela Run
5. You Are the Flower
6. Girl Goodbye
7. Takin’ It Back
8. Rockmaker
9. Hold the Line
10. Angela

CD 2: Hydra (1979)
1. Hydra
2. St. George and the Dragon
3. 99
4. Lorraine
5. All Us Boys
6. Mama
7. White Sister
8. A Secret Love

CD 3: Live In Tokyo EP (1980 tour)
1. St. George and the Dragon
2. Mama
3. Tale of a Man
4. White Sister
5. Runaway

CD 4: Turn Back (1981)
1. Gift with a Golden Gun
2. English Eyes
3. Live for Today
4. Million Miles Away
5. Goodbye Elenore
6. I Think I Could Stand You Forever
7. Turn Back
8. If It’s the Last Night

CD 5: Toto IV (1982)
1. Rosanna
2. Make Believe
3. I Won’t Hold You Back
4. Good for You
5. It’s a Feeling
6. Afraid of Love
7. Lovers in the Night
8. We Made It
9. Waiting for Your Love
10. Africa

CD 6: Isolation (1984)
1. Carmen
2. Lion
3. Stranger In Town
4. Angel Don’t Cry
5. How Does It Feel
6. Endless
7. Isolation
8. Mr. Friendly
9. Change of Heart
10. Holyanna

CD 7: Farenheit (1986)
1. Till the End
2. We Can Make It Tonight
3. Without Your Love
4. Can’t Stand It Any Longer
5. I’ll Be Over You
6. Fahrenheit
7. Somewhere Tonight
8. Could This Be Love
9. Lea
10. Don’t Stop Me Now

CD 8: The Seventh One (1988)
1. Pamela
2. You Got Me
3. Anna
4. Stop Loving You
5. Mushanga
6. Stay Away
7. Straight for the Heart
8. Only the Children
9. A Thousand Years
10. These Chains
11. Home of the Brave

CD 9: Kingdom of Desire (1992)
1. Gypsy Train
2. Don’t Chain My Heart
3. Never Enough
4. How Many Times
5. 2 Hearts
6. Wings Of Time
7. She Knows The Devil
8. The Other Side
9. Kick Down the Walls
10. Only You
11. Kingdom of Desire
12. Jake to the Bone

CD 10: Tambu (1995)
1. Gift Of Faith
2. I Will Remember
3. Slipped Away
4. If You Belong to Me
5. Baby He’s Your Man
6. The Other End Of Time
7. The Turning Point
8. Time Is The Enemy
9. Drag Him To The Roof
10. Just Can’t Get To You
11. Dave’s Gone Skiing
12. The Road Goes On
13. Blackeye

CD 11: Toto XX (1998)
1. Goin’ Home
2. Tale Of A Man
3. Last Night
4. In A Word
5. Modern Eyes
6. Right Part Of Me
7. Mrs. Johnson
8. Miss Sun
9. Love Is A Man’s World
10. Baba Mnumzane
11. Africa

CD 12: Mindfields (1999)
1. Cruel
2. Mysterious Ways
3. Mindfields
4. High Price Of Hate
5. Selfish
6. No Love
7. Caught In the Balance
8. Last Love
9. Mad About You
10. One Road
11. Melanie
12. After You’ve Gone
13. Better World
14. Spanish Steps

CD 13 / Old Is New
1. Alone
2. Devil’s Tower
3. Fearful Heart
4. Spanish Sea
5. In a Little While
6. Chelsea
7. Chase the Rain
8. Oh Why
9. Struck By Lightning
10. We’ll Keep On Running – What So Not & Toto feat. Skrillex

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‘Old Is New’ now available to purchase individually on CD & Vinyl from various retailers.
Although the now widely made available CD Box Set is less than £40 on Amazon UK you can get this one on it’s own if you prefer. I paid a very reasonable £20 for the vinyl (musicmagpie) and £10 for the CD (widely available online) so if you just want this one from the box set it is out there to be purchased now. Stay safe pop pickers!

Myles Matisse

ALL IN should be renamed MOSTLY IN. The fact that Toto left out Dune, Past to Present songs with Jean-Michel Byron, Through the Looking Glass, Falling In Between, and XIV is inexcusable. ONLY if they included all of that could it be titled ALL IN. Also, to be completely ALL IN Toto could’ve included DVDs/BLU-RAYs of EVERY SINGLE MUSIC VIDEO from 78-18 as well as Japan concert from the 80s the FULL AND COMPLETE Paris show with Jean-Michel as well as the other official live releases. AT THE VERY LEAST THOUGH Toto should’ve included Dune, Past to Present songs with Jean-Michel Byron, Through the Looking Glass, Falling In Between, and XIV. NO…EXCUSES.

Wolfgang Mintrop

Does anyone know the reason, what’s behind the current situation, that the cd box is not available at more and more retailers or a “in-store-date” about 4 weeks is announced? Is the box limited and getting sold out or are there some other problems?

Pete Dunne

Don’t know the reason, but I ordered a copy mid may, hoping it would be delivered on the releasedate. Several questions and a couple of weeks later and the only things I have are a couple of emails stating the supplier was late delivering them to the online shop (Large Merchandising in the Netherlands). Latest news is that it should arrive at the shop the 15th of June, but still nothing through the mail :-( May be it wasn’t foreseen that there was such a big demand for these boxes. Still hoping though..

Philip Birtwistle

It’s a shame the Past To Present songs aren’t inclded. I kow they fell out with Jean-Michel Byron, but they are great songs and deserve to be recognised alongside the rest of the band’s catalogue. Other than that, can’t have any complaints really!!!


Someone said earlier that they wish Amazon UK would ship to the US. I thought that, too, when I first saw this for sale. I wasn’t going to pay the US price and I made some feeble attempts to look at the non-English sites and even translate them before deciding I didn’t care that much. (I’m a casual Toto fan and actually prefer the later stuff that isn’t included in this set.)

But I just looked again and now Amazon UK will ship to the US for this set, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

I guess the point is that, for whatever reason, an “ain’t gonna ship to the US” one moment doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay that way.

Wolfgang Mintrop

BTW, amazon.fr has just cancelled my order with the discount code (total price w/ discount and p&p to DE was 31,46 EUR).

Wolfgang Mintrop

Regarding the bonus stuff, this box is disappointing. Why only 5 songs from the band’s 80 tour in Japan. Just every TOTO fan knows the existing “non-official” live recordings. Same to the band’s Japan tour in 1982. Both tours were full of power, and it was the best time of the band. BTW, some time ago … I think it was last year … Lukather told that they were working on expanded versions of the albums, with new remaster, lot of bonus stuff etc. We are still waiting. No one may tell us that there is no interesting stuff in the band’s archives waiting to be issued officially.

Todd Richards

I finally saw Toto two years ago. It was the first time in forever I’d gone to a show in ages and had an “oh wow” stop-me-in-my-tracks moment – when the band started playing “Stranger In Town”…. They were the best, nicest guys – just happy to be playing. It was wonderful.

Sony put out a box set years ago that almost (ALMOST) covers the same thing sans the lost tracks. I’m not comparing – just noting I bought it already. Sigh. I guess I can’t complain for the price …..- but I would have loved to have seen a dvd of videos (even a dvd copy of PAST TO PRESENT…. surround of TOTO IV …. b-sides…..

Whatever – Band is back on the road this fall and I wanna go :)

Karl Probst

Fantastic deal !! So glad you posted Mr Sinclair as it saved me close to $100 cdn
Been waitin for this boxset for awhile

En toda la cara


Mike Sippie

As a Die-Hard TOTO Fan I can relate to a lot of things mentioned, we always find ourselves wanting this or that or why wasn’t this included. I am just happy to be getting an All In set, I tried to get the 500.00 Box it was sold out so fast. I already have the 5.1 SACD and the Japanese DSD/Blu Spec Remasters which includes the Seventh One (Bonus Track) we do get Spanish Steps Of Rome from Mindfields, but it was suppose to be a Japan Bonus track only, but it ended up on both editions any way, kind ‘ve like the bonus track on Falling In Between (Reefer Man) that was on Japan edition and US edition. But I bought the Japan edition thinking you can only get on that edition, then come to find out it is only 1:26. I know they removed “On the run” from XXX, but they figured most of all bought “Live At 1991 at Montro. which you can find it there. I understand there must be things left off of Through The Looking Glass, XIV and Falling in between, but you have so many restrictions from different labels, Besides the song “Bend” from XIV could’ve been added to Old is New. That’s what makes us Fans, and I can appreciate everybody wanting something more. I am just happy we got something. My guess is a complete show from 1982 EP will end of being issued down the road. I also heard that Luke was working on remaster of the “Tribute To Jeff Show” from 1992 in LA as a possible CD and Blu-ray. We usually get teased on something that may be released in full form down the road. I am sure there are recordings from all their sessions not heard before, that the band just felt it was not good enough for us to hear. It has been a good TOTO year so far. Extended tour, 40th Live” 2CD and Blu-ray, Box set with B-Sides, I’m sure another album is coming soon. Lets be happy for what we do get. Peace Mike Sippie


Perfect for a new fan . most of us would have the first seven.i got the next two( kingdom , tabu) and they were worth getting but stopped .the rest haven’t had great reviews. Fivevlive songs have no appeal. unreleased songs ate not released for a reason. I would only pay AUD 50 including postage.


With the big box set (including vinyles), some people were complaining about mastering problems with the “Mindfield” album on several tracks…

Hope this will be fixed with the “only CD” box (which has been pushed back to early June in some territories…)


Yes, in particular “Caught In The Balance”, “Cruel” and “Better World” have these problems in places. It has been discussed whether this mastering has been intentional or not. To my ears it sounds strange, especially because the other tracks sound different (rather like the old mastering). I cannot imagine the mastering in this CD set would be any different from the mastering of the big box set.


Hello, I bought the CD only and it has the same problem. Like there is no mastering effect on those songs. I am so desappointed. E-mail Sony but don’t really now what to do. Hope they can do the same replacement as with the Bowie Heroes.
Maybe this site can help US all!
Stéphane from France.

Wolfgang Mintrop

It’s again available at amazon.fr with a price of 41.99 EUR – but without the 15% discount code.

Shawn C.

I purchased the limited edition “All In,” which included all the albums on vinyl, as well as “Live” on DVD and the 5.1 of Toto IV. I’ve absolutely loved every minute of missing to these classics. The remasters by Elliot Scheiner is simply superb and is especially noticeable on the first three albums, Toto, Hydra, and Turn Back.

I know there are some complaints about lack of “bonus tracks,” but honestly they have mined their vaults well for this set. Obviously it includes the previously released Toto XX which included 9 previously unreleased classic tracks – all of them superb. New to this set, though, is Old is New, which includes five classic tracks that the band recorded using backing tracks with Dave Hungate and Jeff Porcaro. They’re all great tracks, excepting the EDM “We’ll Keep on Running” with Skrillex, which I can take or leave. Toto is not a band that ever embraced “12 inch” mixes or other mixes of their music – sure they’ve been done, but they are not really what Toto is about.

In my opinion, Toto is a truly underrated band and my personal favorite. This set is simply a steal for what is some of the outstanding musicianship you’ll find in rock/AOR.


Well put Shawn C! I totally agree. Ordered this box at once. Great songs, great albums.

Friso Pas

You must have heard or read about the mastering mishap on Mindfields, where 3 tracks sound a bit weird, or off, in any case different than the rest, especially when you compare it to the original CD or vinyl.
The tracks that fell victim are Cruel, Caught in a Balance, and Better World.
I mailed Lurssen mastering at 2 addresses, no reply. I mailed the warnerartist (why not sony??) customer service, that handled the boxset sale, no reply. No one from the Toto camp or mastering camp has said anything about the error on the 3 tracks on the Mindfields CD and vinyl. Obviously, they don’t care a lot.

Brent Keefe

Not currently available via Amaozn.fr link…

Charlie Waffles

I wish Amazon UK would ship this to the US. Great price.


Amazon UK will and does ship to the US. I purchase from their site all the time!

Larry Davis

I’m happy about this CD box…yes I know the non-Sony/Legacy albums are not included, so I’d buy em separately…the 5.1 disc of IV?? I’ll look online to buy either BluRay Audio or SACD to get it…just concerned about ordering online from now on because my Amazon account was hacked twice and fraudulent charges were made on my debit card twice…I’m concerned how I can get good deals otherwise…I would buy Amazon giftcards or prepaid Visa…or I might get approved by Amazon for a credit card…have to see, but I really want this set…could be as good as the Cheap Trick, BOC or Harry Nilsson sets…


My French is not that good but there is a “coupon” box on the listing now which if you click, will basically take off the shipping charges – came to $39.75 shipped to the US!


No Dune soundtrack? The money will not flow.


The U.S. price is 125% that of the French price, and for a U.S. band. How does that make sense?

That’s not a rhetorical question, what is the actual reason? Are they trying to funnel international buyers through to French purchases in the hopes it has a better chance of charting there?


Yes very good uk price by an incredibly talented band who have made some cracking good albums…Forget your Stones, Who, Deep Purple nonsense…TOTO are the real deal along with JOURNEY both being the best melodic rock bands ever to come out of America long live AOR !!!

David B

excellent set ..great bargain . .glad there’s cds out .. hey maybe they’ll be a record store day just for cds some time .. ok maybe not .. but at least there’s some interesting releases coming soon .. cheers..

MS Mccann

Love the isolation album. Wonderful. I’m in at that price. Shame there’s not more rarities mixes. But bargain

Paul Mac

YES! Probably my favourite Toto album…


This box is very similar to Joe Cocker “Album Recordings 1984-2007”. Don’t know if it is the same label but it went out of print pretty quickly.


Why is the U.S. price double the European prices?

Mark Bumgardner

The high US price is especially hard to swallow since a note on Amazon UK says “this item cannot be shipped to the US”.


Not unusual. It will eventually decrease and be on par w the rest of the world. If everything else fails, you can order it from Amazon UK, Amazon.de and Amazon.fr. Shipping is ultra low to the USA and the VAT will be deducted from the price so it’s even cheaper than it seems.


The previously unreleased tracks on Old is New are six and not seven (Alone, Spanish Sea, Struck by Lightning and We’ll Keep on Running were all previously released).


Where was “We’ll keep on running” previously released?

Jordan Farquharson

When was We’ll Keep Running previously released?

Robert van Dam

Are there any plans for deluxe versions of their albums ? I really would like to see deluxe versions for “IV” and “The Seventh One”. If there are no plans, than I will buy this boxset. It is a great price for 13 CD’s !!!

Shawn C.

Robert, I’ve been to a couple Toto shows the past few years where I bought the “deluxe” package and Steve Lukather spoke during the warm up about this set, the remastering, and the tracks included. At least at that point there were no further plans for deluxe versions and he indicated they’d pretty much mined everything in the vaults. Obviously “IV” has been deluxed to death already. I’d be surprised to see deluxe editions of any of the remaining albums – though I’d scoop them up immediately!


And why Toto XX has less songs than the original release (eg On The Run)?!

alan hansen

if this contained all the non-lp/b-side/etc-stuff, it’d be an instant purchase for me.

Phil Tate

That’s a shame. I used to be a huge Toto fan, and those original CDs are some of the best sounding CDs I’ve ever heard. They really needed to do *nothing* with them.


That’s something I learned years ago about CD sound quality, after a long time of believing just the opposite. Seems to me that there are very few occasions where remasters actually represent an all around improvement. Almost never an improvement in terms of compression/limiting/brickwalling and dynamic range. If I see something done by Grundman, Hoffman or Gray, for a few examples, then I’ll bite. What I don’t quite get here is why Elliot Scheiner is even getting involved in the mastering, since everything else I’ve seen with him it’s always surround or stereo mixing. Thoughts on that?

Mathew Lauren

Lukather likes and trusts ES. It’s that simple.

I, always, thought their debut “Toto” (1978) needed RM’d, otherwise, I pretty much agree that they sounded great “out of the box,” then as now. I remember ALL of my vinyl, cassettes, and cds of “IV” and my vinyl of “Isolation” sounded wonderful. Enjoy the ‘03 5.1 SACD, as well. It begs to be turned WAY UP! No hiss, wow, or flutter – Snap, crackle or pop, just 5.1 dynamic glory when volume dB turned WAY UP!

A demo 5.1 SACD, for sure. Tx, ES!

I’d have rather seen them (Luke) spend the time and money on individual SDE 5.1 releases of the early albums, as well as, “Isolation” and “The Seventh One,” absolutely…

Does anyone have the 5.1. Blu of “IV”? If so, has anyone A/B’d it the the ‘03 5.1 SACD?

Kev Moore

The CD copy I had of ‘Turn Back’ sounded terrible. I recently got hold of a mint Japanese vinyl copy which just blows it out of the water.

Shawn C.

Phil-you must not have heard Turn Back on cd. One of the worst mastered cds I owned. Desperately needed remastering. I purchased the limited edition box All In and the remastering on the first three albums in particular is fantastic .

Kev Moore

Just seen your post Shawn after posting about Turn Back myself! Quite literally one of the worst sounding CD’s I ever owned.


I thought this box was supposed to have the surround sound disc of Toto IV. Too bad, as I would have loved to have it included. Price is great. Will pick this up for sure. The Seventh One is one of my all time favorite albums. Not a bad song on it.

Dave H

I managed to get hold of a copy of the Toto IV surround mix on SACD a few years ago at a reasonable price. I quite enjoyed the surround version, I can’t remember off hand if I had to increase the volume of the rear speakers to get a better sound balance.

If it was supposed to be added to the box set, it would have been an added bonus for those who haven’t heard the surround version.

Mathew Lauren

You’re talking about:


Scroll down. Ltd box set with 5.1 blu of “IV.” It’s not even listed for sale anymore. Must have sold-out. It was ~$400!


Thank you Mathew!

Jordan Farquharson

It’s in a bigger box, which is now sold out.


There might be things missing, but still you get a lot for only € 49,99. Personally I would have liked some of the Past to Present songs remastered.


Great release, finally a decent remaster of their full catalogue.
But I really was expecting a bonus CD with single versions, B-sides and outtakes. So there’s no 12 inch version of ‘Georgy Porgy’, no ‘The Seventh One’, no single version of ‘Stop Loving You’ with the additional vocals by Jon Anderson. And surely there’s a lot more no….


And of course forgot to mention the 1984 extended remix of ‘Stranger In Town’.

Mathew Lauren

I like “Isolation,” too — Had it on vinyl. Imagine if Bobby would have sung the leads and not just been relegated to backing tracks which had already been laid down and kept despite his exit.

“Stranger in Town” got a lot of airplay in America, esp. on MTV. I didn’t know there was an extended 2.0 remix.

I’d have liked to have seen “Isolation” get the ES 5.1 treatment AND most importantly have had “HOLYANNA” returned to “IV” where it BELONGS in 2.0 and (ES) 5.1 !!!

Shawn C

Kimball’s assertion that he laid down all the tracks on Isolation has long been noted to be untrue by every other member of Toto


Hi just to let you know: Stop loving you is WITH John Anderson on the remastered 7th One CD
The first TOTO cd, You are the flower AND Angela are extended versions, fade out is extended I mean. Personally I find Mindfields and Tambu not better than the originals only different sound. I agree that the 3 tracks on Mindfields are even worse than the original. Turn Back sounds great now, more even and detail. Not like they played in a fishbowl anymore.
Just a personal note and opinion ;)


Caveat emptor: the mastering is uneven and generally loud.

Patrick Cleasby

Yes but Luke is deaf, it would seem (as he thinks these are good masterings)


Hotel California DVD/A is excellent. Though I have read an article years ago calling him ‘hit and miss’ with 5.1 – I suppose the speaker calibration for the end user and an engineers access to the master tapes are critical for this format. Phase cancellation / crosstalk owing to incorrect loud speaker placement can make 5.1 dissapointing

Patrick Cleasby

Except (and you probably meant this) the old is new mastering is WAY better for the ‘new’ tracks than the treatment they got on 40 trips..


That’s why I got the set with the vinyl and that indeed does sound superb. Cost a pretty penny though.

Andrew McNeice

Mastering is absolutely superb. The albums have never sounded better.

Mikko Suhonen

This box has a misleading title proposing to include “all” the albums by Toto until 2018.
However, according to the list above, it fails to include the last three albums:

Through the Looking Glass (2002)
Falling in Between (2006)
Toto XIV (2015)

If this box was compiled in co-operation with the group, including all the albums should not have been a problem.

This album should have been called “Almost all in”.


Because those three albums you mentioned were not released on Sony Music (e.g. Toto XIV was released on Frontiers), they’re not included in this set. I’m sure Sony could’ve tried to license those albums for inclusion, but it is what it is. I don’t know what else to say.

Mikko Suhonen

I know, but you should not call the box “All In” if all is not in.

Shawn C.

That’s not really how the recording industry works. This is a Sony release and includes only the albums recorded while Toto was contracted with Sony. The three albums you mention were not released by Sony. Simply having a band’s involvement in a project does not ensure that you can include albums which are the property of other labels.

Honestly, this package costs out at about six bucks a disc (max) and people are moaning about it. Truly unbelievable.

Will Johnston

No Dune soundtrack!


Dune soundtrack not on Sony. That’s why it’s not here.


Wow – what a reasonable price too! Might have to plump for this!