Toyah Solo 7CD+DVD box

Toyah Solo 7CD+DVD box set

A new box celebrating Toyah’s career is on its way • Signed set sold out

Toyah’s solo career is to be celebrated in a new box set due next month from Demon.

Toyah Solo mops up the era from 1985 onwards when Willcox signed as a solo turn to Sony’s Portrait Records and then subsequent EG releases, and comprises of seven CDs and a DVD plus a 48 page book. (If you’re a cursory fan and a bit confused and wondering ‘hang on, wasn’t she always solo?’ it transpires that up until then, Toyah was the name of the band she fronted.)

The box charts the Birmingham post-punk lungsmith’s progression from chart star – with hits such as ‘Soul Passing Through Soul’ and her cover of ‘Echo Beach’ – to increasingly experimental artist and back again, and features the six albums Minx (released 1985) Desire (1987), Prostitute (1988), Ophelia’s Shadow (1991), Take The Leap! and Velvet Lined Shell (both 1994) alongside Remixed, Revisited & Rare 1992-98  which contains updates on some of her biggest hits.

There are 44 bonus tracks, including rarities, B sides and collaborations as well as several unreleased tracks. There is also a DVD of promo videos and a bonus new interview from 2019.

Among the extra treats, Toyah has written sleevenotes for each album and there’s an essay about this period penned by Toyah archivist and box-compiler Craig Astley. And the really good news is that Amazon UK have an exclusive edition, limited to 500 units, that comes with a print signed by Toyah (already sold out!).

Toyah Solo will be released 28 February 2020 


  1. Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love
  2. Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)
  3. Soul Passing Through Soul
  4. Sympathy
  5. I’ll Serve You Well
  6. Over Twenty One
  7. All In A Rage
  8. Space Between The Sounds
  9. School’s Out
  10. World In Action
  11. America For Beginners
  12. Vigilante

Bonus tracks:

  1. Snow Covers The Kiss
  2. Kiss The Devil
  3. Don’t Fall in Love (I Said) [Extended Mix]
  4. Soul Passing Through Soul [Extended Mix]
  5. World In Action [Extended Mix]
  6. World in Action [Action Mix]


  1. Echo Beach
  2. Moonlight Dancing
  3. Revive The World
  4. The View
  5. Moon Migration
  6. Love’s Unkind
  7. Dear Diary
  8. Deadly As A Woman
  9. Goodbye Baby
  10. When A Woman Cries
  11. Desire

Bonus tracks:

  1. Echo Beach [12” mix]
  2. Plenty
  3. Sun Up
  4. ReEntry Into Dance
  5. Mesmerised
  6. Lion of Symmetry – Tony Banks and Toyah


  1. Hello
  2. Prostitute
  3. Wife
  4. The Show
  5. Dream House
  6. Homecraft
  7. Obsession
  8. Let the Power Bleed
  9. Restless
  10. Falling to Earth
  11. Jazz Singers in the Trees
  12. Vale of Evesham
  13. Ghosts In The Universe


  1. Ophelia’s Shadow
  2. The Shaman Says
  3. Brilliant Day
  4. Prospect
  5. Turning Tide
  6. Take What You Will
  7. Ghost Light
  8. The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself
  9. Homeward
  10. Lords of the Never Known

Bonus tracks:

  1. Harlequin (Holy Day) with Kiss Of Reality
  2. Broken Special (The Island) with Kiss Of Reality
  3. Face The Space (Vocal Version) with Kiss Of Reality
  4. Symbiotic with Trey Gunn


  1. Now I’m Running
  2. Lust for Love
  3. Invisible Love
  4. Name of Love
  5. Winter in Wonderland
  6. God Ceases to Dream
  7. Ieya (Revisited)
  8. Waiting (Revisited)
  9. Neon Womb (Revisited)
  10. Elusive Stranger (Revisited)
  11. Our Movie (Revisited)
  12. Thunder in the Mountains (Revisited)
  13. I Wanna Be Free (Revisited)
  14. It’s a Mystery (Revisited)

Bonus tracks:

  1. Requite Me (Demo)
  2. Invisible Love (Demo)
  3. Waiting (Alternate Mix)
  4. It’s a Mystery (Weybridge Mix)


  1. Tears For Ellie (Demo)
  2. God Ceases To Dream (Remix)
  3. Poland (One Day On Earth) (Demo)
  4. Now I’m Running (Remix)
  5. It’s a Mystery (Whispered Elixir Mix)
  6. Lust For Love (Demo)
  7. Angel (Demo)
  8. Rebel Run (Revisited)
  9. Good Morning Universe (Revisited)
  10. Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard) (Revisited)
  11. Desire (Revisited)
  12. Obsolete (Revisited)
  13. Danced (Revisited)
  14. We Are (Revisited)
  15. Angel & Me (Revisited)
  16. Believe In You (Demo)


  1. Every Scar Has A Silver Lining
  2. Velvet Lined Shell
  3. Little Tears Of Love
  4. You’re A Miracle
  5. Mother
  6. Troublesome Thing

Bonus tracks:

  1. Experience
  2. Killing Made Easy (with Family Of Noise)
  3. In Estonia (with This Fragile Moment)
  4. Fallen (with Yomanda)
  5. Drinking From The Gun (with Dodson & Fogg)
  6. Nine Hours (with Peter)
  7. America For Beginners (Nocturne Blue Redux)
  8. Toyah Step Into The New World [from Invasion Planet Earth]



  1. Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)
  2. Soul Passing Through Soul
  3. Echo Beach
  4. Fallen
  5. Sensational
  6. Toyah talks about her solo albums

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[…] the Toyah Solo CD box set, Demon are issuing coloured vinyl pressings of five of her solo albums including Minx, […]


This set sounds great! Very dynamic and plenty of new stuff to discover. Shame it doesn’t have Because the Night and We Play Machines. Need an SDE petition ;) However, you can’t really grumble when you see how many loose ends are included from side projects in great quality as well as the Desire outtakes and b-sides. Awesome boxset. Got mine from Zoom for £32.


Just to flag that Velvet Lined Shell in this set is actually from 2003, and is one of the finest things she has ever released.

Some really great stuff here. I wish it had been complete as there’s a couple of things missing, but as a way of getting most of her material in one place, this is a damn good start.

If you’ve not heard them check out The Humans too!

Liam Bastick

Good to see her revisit “The Angel & Me”, although I am always a little nervous of “revisited” tracks – one of the great ’80’s singles that never was. Killer album track. I know – everyone else will now chime in why it’s dreadful, lol…

Brendan Ashton

Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! but not that Toyah and despite my love of Anthem and The Changling which are great albums, including the hits, still a great artist and in some cases more valid through no longer pursuit of hits or record company pressures, certainly varied and freedom of creativity.

Wolfgang Mintrop

First, I was happy when I read the release info the first time. Ieya! Then I got disapointed, just because I got it that not the album of TOYAH-BAND, but only the late albums of TOYAH-ARTIST will be released.


Remember seeing her perform ‘Because The Night’ on French & Saunders and she mentioned then it was a possible future single. Alas. Not included.

Andrew Miklancic

Why doesn’t the Amazon UK link work for pre-orders for the non-signed version of Toyah’s box set?

SDE Hall of Fame

It does work.


Funny old world – I ordered the box set with the signed print as as a result of the SDE notification yesterday (thank you very much Paul!), and have just (19:06 on 11/01/20) received an e-mail from Toyah’s official mailing list announcing the box set. Seems a bit odd to me that those on the artist’s own mailing list (who one might assume are her biggest fans/collectors) hear about the release ‘after’ the Amazon Exclusive signed edition has already sold out – funny old world indeed.

Steve W

I used to adore Toyah and have some of her early albums on vinyl but lost interest after Minx (which paradoxically I adored). I listened to her recently enthusing over a track on her last album and was bemused: the track was pedestrian and uninspiring prog rock, so I didn’t look any furthr into her back catalogue. So, I won’t be purchasing this but nonetheless it is a nice little package for people who are fans. :)


Wow, absolutely stunning image on the cover!
I also missed the signed edition. But there is still a regular edition coming without the print. Isn’t it still worth buying? I think so.
What i would like to know is, if this box set will be also released as Blue Spec CD set in Japan.


No sign of Dreamchild album in this (I think it was later repackaged as Sphinx or something) Dreamchild is an amazing album. Also missing is the great track done with Yomanda – one of the best things she ever did latterly. Although i picked up most of the vinyl I was missing (well actually only Ophelia) at her recent tour in Dundee I’d still buy a vinyl package of the same tracks. Is it in the offing?


see extra tracks CD7


Bonus tracks: Fallen (with Yomanda)


Dreamchild – later repackaged as Phoenix – was a stage musical project that did not happen after all and so the music was marketed under Toyah’s name.
The Yomanda track “Fallen” is track 10 on CD 7.


I didnt know that Marcus, thanks and whoops missed the Fallen track in my excitement…


She was in Quadrophenia. The only highlight of her career.

Jarmo Keranen

To me it’s her marriage with Robert Fripp!

James Giraffe

I wonder why she didn’t include the Dream hold album. Such a shame that Lady or The Tiger isn’t here either. Lots missing on the DVD too. I wonder why the box stops at 2003.

I missed out on the signed one, but the non-signed one is available on Amazon. I will be ordering.

James Giraffe

I meant Dreamchild. Not Dream hold!

Stephen Dunthorne

Doh! Just missed the bonus offer but have pre-ordered the standard edition even though much of the material is unknown to me. That’s part of the joy of box sets for me though, discovering new material that passed me by.
New subscriber here, so thanks for the service – I can see this is going to cost me!

SDE Hall of Fame

Thanks Stephen.

John D Hall

Gutted,I missed out on this one,


Strangely Toyah Solo 1985-2003 does leave out two albums – Looking Back (1995) and The Acoustic Album (1996)…


I think the Looking Back tracks are those ‘Revisited’ on CD5 & CD6


Actually, CD6 has a selection of songs from Looking Back, but not all. It misses I Wanna Be Free, It’s A Mystery, Thunder In The Mountains, and IEYA – which are NOT the same versions as the revisited tracks on Take The Leap. They’re more or less in the same vein, but not with the same band. I think it’s my only concern with this boxset, that they included part of Looking Back but not all of it (so I still need to hang on to my old copy of Looking Back but just for four songs), and they didn’t include the Acoustic album either. I understand that they didn’t include Dreamchild because it not really a Toyah album to begin with, she was ‘just’ the voice on someone else’s project (but I still love this album!). Oh and I wish they had included the lyrics, but well… I’m still very happy with this boxset

Clive Coward

To all those people who are saying they’re not interested cause it’s not on Safari or they’ve never heard of any of the tracks, or only a couple of hits so therefore not worth it….. this is your loss. If you ignore the dreadful cover versions that should be lost to history, the majority of these tracks are excellent. They show a real development and exploration by a woman and her journey in finding an individuality musical identity after the punk/new wave/pop years. So, got over your preconceptions and join the train. :-)

Would have loved to have seen the unreleased Madhatter as part of this box set, and the DVD is a bit underwhelming, but looking forward to hearing the unreleased and revisited items.

Now hopefully the Safari items can be sorted out.


Excellent box-set for a reasonable price!
If only Kim Wilde could have one like this!

Rare Glam

signed edition now showing as available again 21.50 hrs UK 10th Jan! I just bagged one .

Gareth Jones

I guess this what people would call “the deep cuts”. I only know a few of her hits, don’t recognise any of these song titles. However, amazing value and wish othet artists were treated this way. Last great value Demon box l bought was Ben Folds ‘Brick’, but that was nearly £70 and no DVD. Wish l was a Toyah fan!

David Bly

I had it up on my screen, ready to order, and I went and put in my Amazon account info, and when the screen refreshed it was gone!
Still refreshing in case it somehow shows up again

Neil Kelly

Lost me at the 1985- part. In other words I like 1977-1984 and know of nothing else apart from Don’t fall in love (I said) which I had on 7” and used to play to death…

Rare Glam

Now showing as ‘currently unavailable ‘ (as of 20.10 hrs on the 10th Jan). I’d order this in a trice but have the 500 signed ones already pre-sold?

What? Toyah? Worry?

Big fan of Toyah, early Toyah on Safari records. Not for me sadly if this was a early box I’d be all over it. I found her incredibly hot when I was 12 back in 81-82


Not for me…..I’m sorry but s couple of hits ain’t worth it….


If you’re only interested in “hits” she has countless greatest hits compilations. This boxset is aimed at fans of her music, not just hit collectors.

There does seem to be a real snobbery among music fans when it comes to things like this, I can’t imagine people slagging off a Tom Waits boxset because it doesn’t contain any “hits”. Just because Toyah was a top 40 act for a time in the 80s she then developed into much more of an album artist. It’s like ignoring Kate Bush’s 50 Words for Snow because there are no top 40 singles on it.


Great, but… not remastered?


Can’t imagine why any of these would need to be remastered. The first editions were all originally issued on CD and none of them had any problems with sound quality. I’d be worried that modern remastering/brickwalling might only make them worse. There are plenty of bonus tracks for those of us who own the original editions and just getting all these back in print at a great price should be more than enough for anyone who doesn’t. Looks like they have all their bases covered here just fine.


I believe a vinyl set will follow in April. I wonder if that will contain all the bonus material and how many discs.

Stephen smalley

How bizarre! Have just watched the episode Toyah video killed the radio star and then see this! Barring minx wasn’t keen on rest of stuff so will pass. Shame all her early stuff hasn’t been given the box set treatment that I would buy in a shot


Cannot wait to hear the bonus tracks n’ demo versions. This will be especially welcomed by her long term die hard fan base.. incl me !


I went to a Toyah gig a couple of months ago. Very good indeed, well worth catching.

Paul Price

Cannot wait for this. Nothing makes me happier than a box set from my first crush.


Idle thought: I was suddenly reminded that the 1986 album “The Lady or the Tiger?” with Robert Fripp has never been released on compact disc (to the best of my knowledge).


Correct… that is still missing on CD.

David Keener

It would be great if ALL boxed sets were done like this: no records and reasonable price. (I wonder if those in charge of the Pink Floyd, Doors, The Band, etc., catalog will read this).


A boxset of her catalogue after the hits had dried up. No thanks i’ll pass.

Jean Christophe DERRIEN

Never heard of “them”


i love love love it !


Couldn’t believe my eyes at this news! I don’t usually buy boxsets with the odd exception but I’m really excited about this one. Great price too!


will be buying. Looks great and I’m even more excited if they do the same type of release for the early Safari albums!!!


Stunning CD box! By the way, Velvet Lined Shell originates from 2003, not 1994.


Excellent track list! Looking forward to this.