Toyah Willcox / In The Court of the Crimson Queen 2CD deluxe edition

2CD deluxe • Four new tracks • Remixed

UK punk/pop legend Toyah Willcox will release a two-CD deluxe edition of her 2008 album In The Court of the Crimson Queen in April.

The album has been completely remixed by Toyah’s producer and longtime writing partner Simon Darlow (his writing credits include Buggles & Grace Jones‘ ‘Slave to the Rhythm’) and features new instrumentation, including additional keyboards and live drums to replace the programmed rhythms of past editions.

This new deluxe edition also features four brand new songs (in a resequenced track listing) including a new opener, in the stomping ‘Dance in the Hurricane’ and ‘Our Hearts Still Beat’, an epic and emotional closer.

The album’s title is of course a reference to King Crimon‘s 1969 debut and of course Toyah is married to the band’s guitarist Robert Fripp!

This deluxe set features new artwork and is presented as a digipak with a 24-page booklet. For the exclusive edition (only available via Amazon UK) 1000 are signed by both Toyah and Simon Darlow (this has now SOLD OUT).

In The Court of the Crimson Queen deluxe edition will be released on 12 April 2019. A special coloured vinyl edition will be available a day later at participating independent records shops for Record Store Day.


1. Dance In The Hurricane*
2. Sensational
3. Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You)
4. Telepathic Lover*
5. Heal Ourselves
6. Lesser God
7. Love Crazy
8. Legacy


1. 21st Century Supersister
2. Bad Man
3. Angel In You
4. Hyperventilate
5. Come
6. Who Let The Beast Out*
7. Our Hearts Still Beat*

*Previously unreleased track

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What happened to the filmed interview for SDE? Shouldn’t it have been posted the week of release?

David Hannah

I ordered the signed CD edition and it came with updated barcode…but there is no signature on the booklet…anyone else received the same?


The autographes are on the last page in the booklet.
cheers, Ole

Fiona M

Sad to say Amazon UK will not ship a CD to Australia since all their terms changed. Amazon in America do ship to here but CD is not listed just mp3. Will have to buy from iTunes but its not the same as having a physical CD and we have zero chance of getting a signed CD……….

Dennis Ward

I live is Aust also and this is so annoying, I would so love to get a copyof this but cant find anywhere apart from Amazon UK


Toyah is one the first pop musics (if that’s even vaguely a word) that I can recall hearing on TV pop shows back in 80/81/82, when I was around 7/8/9, and I was quite taken by the catchy poppy nature of it all although I was too young to be able to buy music, but it was the videos that I found really striking.

Over the years I’ve tried her music again but, in light of all the music I’ve come to love since, I always hit the same issues: the era of It’s A Mystery/ I Want To Be Free sounds vocally very similar to Siouxsie, while Brave New World era sounds vocally very similar to Kate Bush – it’s all in the timbre, vocal tics and mannerisms. I also find something about it feels a bit ‘acted’ or ‘performed’; and now I also find the music either too poppy or just a little too similar to other acts I prefer from that era.

It’s all terribly frustrating because when you’ve had a good memory of something for the best part of 40 years it would be nice to return and find it matched the idyll – but there’s a plethora of novels, films and poems that warn about that sort of thinking!

Neil Kelly

Guess signed edition sold out all 1,000?


I used to live next door to Toyah and her husband Robert Fripp, when they were living in Chelsea, just off the King’s Road (Joubery Mansions, Jubilee Place, to be precise). So, I once had the unique and rather contrary distinction of being recognised by a very famous celebrity!…

I was in a kind of New Age shop on the King’s Road, just around the corner from where lived. As I was examining something, a female voice behind me said “I knew I’d find you here!” Of course, it was Toyah. We both had an interest, I suppose, in the weird and metaphysical. After that, we chatted all the way back together to our respective flats.

Still have a Christmas card from her and the husband. A very nice person, quite contrary to her early image.

I once asked her, “So, what’s all that about you sleeping in a coffin in a warehouse?” She replied, “Well, I was young back then.”

Neil Kelly

Love it!


I read she was planning to buy the rights to her back catalogue but then someone bought it out from undee her nose. Apparently though Demon are now looking into how to release it. Not sure who owns the rights.

jai emmett

She was talking about a box set a couple of years ago but nothing since, does anyone know? Love to have a collection with lots of early 80’s stuff


I preferred the original cover art though, she looks too rigid on this cover and like she’s sitting in a Next Home showroom. The original cover was great.

Nick Love

Personally I always find these remixes (actually partially re-recorded) no more than a curiosity. Sure the addition of keyboards and live drums may make it sound better to the artist and some of the fans, but it’s not the recording they fell in love with in the first place.
I was simarly disappointed with the Pete Townshenf demos of the 40th anniversary of Quadrophenia. He had already released hours of his demos in the Scoop series that had been lauded despite their homemade percussion, but for some reason felt the need to drop new drum tracks on 40 year old home recordings.
Most discouraging to me was Steven Wilson replacing the percussion on 2 mid nineties Porcupine Tree re-releases. He always struck me as the kind of fan that valued aural integrity so it was very surprising.
Don’t even get me started on the first wave of Ozzy reissues….


Many thanks for this Paul. I’ve always liked Toyah an Amazing Talent. Absolute bargin & Singed
as well.

Tony O

Am I getting older or is she Hotter than ever?

Larry Davis

My first Toyah title in my collection…now pre-ordered…a friend of mine kept raving about her for years…looked up her catalogue online and it’s all pricey, checked out YouTube vidclips and was a bit taken aback cuz it’s a tad odd and strange, but in an art proggy Kate Bush kinda way, an acquired taste… interesting stuff so I figured I would find a key to open the Toyah door…saw this title listed on RSD which I was like OK cool…this is better, signed 2CD copies, so I took the plunge…wheeeeeee!!!!


Just ordered the signed cd, Toyah.
Always liked your music and the sheeer variety issued.

Loved your recent acoustic gig at the Square Chapel in Halifax…sheer class


Great news!

Technically there’s actually 5 new tracks to this album as 21st Century SuperSister wasn’t on the original release of the CD. Of the “4 new songs” 3 were available on her 6oth birthday 4 From Toyah digital release (which had a 4th track, Fire Escape, that is sadly omitted, not sure why as there’s space for it). Looking forward to the vinyl release of this one! Saw Toyah play live last year and she said a vinyl 7″ is planned for Telepathic Lover.


Hi Paul,

according to Discogs it was released physically on an earlier re-issue of this album in 2013.


I can confirm that it was a bonus track on the 2013 edition of the CD as that’s the one I’ve got. And as my copy is signed anyway I see no reason to buy a second one although I am interested in the four extra tracks.


Appears Toyah is still dividing opinion in the 21st century, pulling in the naff lysping comments usually spouted by five year olds 40 years ago to the slightly sexist comment about playing off her husbands reputation like she can’t do her own thing. International Woman’s Day be damned.

So ignoring those comments this album is one of Toyah best. We’ll deserves a bigger audience. Sensational is fantastic, is Come Toyah’s second song about climaxing (after little tears of joy)? The rest are just as great. Looking forward to the new and new they fit into the original.

My only gripe is the cover, bloody awful. A bit too literal for my liking, and that naff thrown. Really!!

Steven Roberts

Yup, definitely an early contender for worst album cover of the year.

(The Alan Parsons album is in with a shout as well.)


My cousin did the artwork – I’ll pass on your compliment ;)


well I really really like the cover!!
love the colours used and the whole vibe/feel of it

will look real great nice n big on the vinyl


Ordered. Thanks for the heads up. I sincerely hope that Toyah takes a bit of time to sign each CD unlike the recent Bryan Adams autographed CD which he clearly signed as though he had a plane to catch in 5 seconds time.

Andy Hanson

Not just mine then. Even Cardinal Copia of Ghost managed two C’s on my signed copy of their latest. I know there might be a few copies to sign for the launch of a new release but some of our pop stars could certainly make more effort.

Andrew Barnett

Thanks Paul, ordered


Thanks for featuring Paul. Often ignored and dismissed but the reality is she was destroyed by the marketing departments and made to look a novelty act! But, in my view, Toyah is one of the most underrated artists from the 1980’s and her back catalogue is well worth exploring – ignore the happy/clappy/poppy singles and head to some of the darker and more intense album tracks. In the Court of the Crimson Queen is the best of her 2000+ material and is well deserving of a superdeluxeedition re-release. Now for an expanded Blue Meaning, Anthem or The Changeling please.


Her early 80s output was something else. For me, Anthem is one of The Greatest Debuts Of All Time and The Changeling is one helluva followup. Her deeper cuts are so beautiful: I Am, We Are, Its a Mystery, Dawn Chorus, Angel & Me, Castaways..

Jim Breeds

It’s a myshtery!

Michael Leek

Quite like Toyah, but LOVE KC.
She should have called it Cat Food or 21st Century Schizoid Woman…

Mike Reynolds

Jeez! talk about playing on your spouse’s reputation!

Martin Power

Thanks Paul – Great heads up and will go nicely with the RSD vinyl if I can pick that up