T’Pau / Bridge of Spies 2CD edition

Out of print 2015 reissue is back, sort of.

There’s good news and bad news for T’Pau fans who missed on last year’s 2CD+DVD deluxe edition of their massive 1987 album Bridge of Spies

The good news is that Universal Music are reissuing-the-reissue, which went out of print so quickly, but the bad news is that they’ve dumped the DVD with the Hammersmith concert and promo videos (along with the snazzy ‘book’ packaging) and this will be issued in October as ‘just’ a 2CD set.

The two CDs are the same as on the three-disc edition, with the bonus disc offering a pretty decent selection of remixes, live tracks, B-sides and demos.

Further positive news comes in the form of a competitive price. Some of you may remember that three-disc set was very expensive, hovering between £25 and £30 for most of the time that it was available. Well, this two CD edition is – at the moment – just £10.99 on Amazon UK. Great value.

The 2CD remastered and expanded Bridge of Spies is released on 28 October 2016.


CD 1

  • 1. Heart And Soul
  • 2. I Will Be With You
  • 3. China In Your Hand
  • 4. Friends Like These
  • 5. Sex Talk
  • 6. Bridge Of Spies
  • 7. Monkey House
  • 8. Valentine
  • 9. Thank You For Goodbye
  • 10. You Give Up
  • 11. China In Your Hand – Reprise
  • 12. Heart and Soul (Single Version)
  • 13. China in your hand (single version)
  • 14. Sex Talk (live)
  • 15. On the Wing
  • 16. No Sense of Pride
  • 17. Giving My Love Away
  • 18. Still So In Love
  • 19. Thank you for Goodbye Rides Again

CD 2

  • 1. Heart and Soul US Radio Edit
  • 2. Heart and Soul Remix
  • 3. Taking Time Out (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 4. Bridge of Spies (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 5. Monkey House (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 6. You Give Up (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 7. China In Your Hand (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88 )
  • 8. Heart And Soul (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88)
  • 9. Sex Talk (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88
  • 10. Walk Away Rene
  • 11. I’m A Believer
  • 12. Heart and Soul (Dance Mix / 4 Twelve Mix)
  • 13. Heart and Soul (Beats and Rap)
  • 14. Heart and Soul (Dub Mix)
  • 15. Monkey House
  • 16. You Give Up
  • 17. Only One Dream (Friends Like These)
  • 18. Maggie

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elliott buckingham

£6.99 on amazon uk at the moment … bargain


Actually the DVD is excellant. It is a good record of a very good concert.Not sure why so many people are dismissing it. Get a copy of the 3 disc set from wherever you can!

Todd R.

Flying blind here – without reading any of the above comments…. just going with my gut. What a disappointment. Look, I’ve been waiting a very long time to see this album anthologized. After years of occasionally finding a single, a 12″ etc. and no real hope of a true complete document of what became a favorite pop/rock record. The band even put out their own documentary/collection of demos to celebrate the albums anniversary that the label IGNORED… when the 3-disc set (note – I have one ordered and on the way so I can’t speak to it’s pros or cons…just trying here) was announced – I was thrilled…So much had been achieved by this – only to step back …both in audio visual and print. sigh…


Unfortunately it still sounds like it was recorded in a barn! Guess no remastering in the world will ‘reproduce’ BOS. Really odd though that Roy Thomas Baker partially produced Rage and that doesn’t suffer from the same ‘radio ‘ treatment.


It was mastered that way deliberately so it would sound loud on the radio. There was no reason they couldn’t have remixed this as Rush and Marillion managed to do it with albums that were terrible sounding in the first place. I have been searching for the Canadian version of Rage which contains 4 songs re-recorded and remixed and is supposed to sound a hell of a lot better than the UK CD for ages but i can’t find it anywhere.


Glad I didn’t purchase the first reissue, glad they dumped a DVD for which I have zero interest, glad I can now purchase just the music and for a very reasonable price…


true. I definitely didn’t watch the original vhs more than once/twice ;)
that said good live gig. saw the band from nik kershaw (87) support to ’88 NEC arena ‘Rage gig.
lots of great gigs inbetween. would love Rage to get 2cd treatment.


They didn’t give us the options to choose from in the first place. So I paid about €40 for the 2CD+DVD. Now only about €13. So I paid about €27 for the stupid DVD. I will never pre-order anything anymore. Just wait for all the errors are taking care of or replacement made available and the mega price drop, then buy it. Record companies, they killed their own business this way. Early birds get punished every time ;(


We want Rage, we want Rage….


Looks like we’ll have to wait until the 35th anniversary then for any 5.1 mix…

Matthew Collier

I wouldn’t hold your breath – the audio on the DVD from the first issue is pants at source, I’d say, judging by what’s on the DVD… :(

It was nice to watch once, but I doubt I’ll be going back to it much…


I think any 5.1 mix of this would sound horrendous with that horrible mastering which they never bothered to do anything about on this expanded edition.


I’m glad I have the original 3 disc edition but it’s a shame they haven’t taken on board the comments that the US mixes of Bridge of Spies were missing and updated the release accordingly

elliott buckingham

brilliant pre-ordered it would just be another unwatched dvd anyway


great. always hoped there would be a 2cd.