T’Pau / The Virgin Anthology 4CD deluxe


Universal/Virgin are to issue T’Pau: The Virgin Anthology, a new 4CD deluxe set that brings together rare single edits and remixes from the band’s heyday, demo versions and remastered and expanded versions of albums Rage and The Promise.

This new deluxe set features two discs of rare remixes and edits (singles and associated tracks) across all three Virgin albums along with half a dozen demo recordings. A couple of further CDs include the final two (Virgin) albums (Rage and The Promise) with bonus tracks appended.

Like the version original reissue of Bridge Of Spies (which went out-of-print quickly) this is packaged as a hardcover book with 52-pages of rare photos, and introduction by Carol Decker and a new essay by Sylvia Patterson. The current price in the UK will surely drop fairly significantly, by the time this comes out.

The Virgin Anthology will be released on 24 March 2017.


CD 1

1 Heart And Soul (Single Version)
2 China In Your Hand (Single Version)
3 Valentine
4 Sex Talk (Live / Scottish Centre, UK / 1987)
5 I Will Be With You
6 Bridge Of Spies (US Single Edit)
7 Secret Garden
8 Road To Our Dream (Edit)
9 Only The Lonely (Guitar Remix)
10 Whenever You Need Me (Single Version)
11 Walk On Air
12 Soul Destruction (Remix / Edit)
13 Only A Heartbeat (Single Edit)

CD 2
1 Bridge Of Spies (AOR Mix)
2 Arms Of Love (Canadian Remix)
3 Running Away (Canadian Remix)
4 Island (Canadian Remix)
5 Only The Lonely (Nightmare Mix)
6 Whenever You Need Me (Extended)
7 Whenever You Need Me (Requiem Mix)
8 Soul Destruction (Remix)
9 Soul Destruction (Heavy Bliss Mix)
10 Heart And Soul (Demo)
11 I Will Be With You (Demo)
12 Soul Destruction (Demo)
13 Whenever You Need Me (Demo)
14 Only A Heartbeat (Demo)
15 The Promise (Demo)

CD 3 – Rage (expanded)
1 Arms Of Love
2 Only The Lonely
3 Running Away
4 Between The Lines
5 Road To Our Dream
6 Island
7 Heaven
8 Taking Time Out
9 Secret Garden
10 Time Will Tell
11 This Girl

Bonus tracks

12 Time Of Our Lives (Live)
13 Call Me
14 Road To Our Dream (Instrumental)
15 Crying
16 You Never Notice Me (Live)
17 Downtown (Live)

CD 4 – The Promise (expanded)
1 Soul Destruction
2 Whenever You Need Me
3 Walk On Air
4 Made Of Money
5 Hold On To Love
6 Strange Place
7 One Direction
8 Only A Heartbeat
9 The Promise
10 A Place In My Heart
11 Man And Woman
12 Purity

Bonus tracks

13 All The Love
14 Dirty Town
15 Hold On To Love (Acoustic Version)

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Interestingly there is a vinyl rip, Whenever You Need Me (Ext.), stated in credits.


Was there never any Extended/Remix Version of “China In Your Hand”


Not to my knowledge Daniel, the original 12″ featured the album version (5:06).


Don’t buy at cdon.com. I ordered in 2012 for 80,- Euro and waiting until today for the delivery (to germany). Bad support and bad service.


I had the opposite experience Ray, quick delivery to the UK, didn’t have any problems.


Did they refund your money when you never received your order ?


22.95 Euro on cdon.com at the minute. Bargain!


Do they ship international? Looks like Swedish and there doesn’t seem to be an English botton. I speak Dutch and German so I can read maybe a quarter of it. That certainly is a great price. Good box set too!


I’ve purchased from them before, to the UK, they were spot on. Click on the Euro flag (bottom right hand corner of the opening page) and it should all change to English. 4.95 Euro shipping.


I asked about shipping/selling to Australia – they said no. I don’t know where you are but looking at the site, I think it’s probably just UK/Europe.

It’s a pity because they have some good deals.


(*I don’t know where you are* I was referring to Kauwgompie)

angus haggis mcdonald

it would’ve been better to leave the first release alone but instead we miss out on 4 tracks. there is no version of “friends like these , “monkey house” , “thank you for goodbye” or ‘you give up”.there is no reason for this and will stop many people buying an almost perfect box set of an amazing band that deserved more success in Australia and America.

Richard B

RE: Calicomoonchild & “You Never Notice Me”.
The version on Wing & a Prayer is the same as the one on the 2CD Sex Talk compilation.
Both are from the Montreux Festival .
If you don’t have it I would recommend the Live In Montreux DVD & CD (2 disc version).


Thanks – Richard B.

Julian Bashford

By the way, I know it’s not for the perfectionist but it is available free with Apple Music. You can add it to your library today and you get a track go start you off until release date.

[…] T’Pau deluxe set, The Virgin Anthology, has dropped in price fairly dramatically, since SDE told you about it on Monday. The four-disc set which brings together a disc of original single versions, a CD of […]


That price is obscene and about the price dropping before the release date that Human League rip off box set never dropped in price. I wonder if it’s the case that they think they won’t sell that many copies that they feel they should make these releases as expensive as possible ?


Is there a studio version of “You Never Notice Me” in existence?

Discogs lists a German Compilation “Wing And A Prayer” which contains a version that is NOT listed as “Live” and is only 3 mins 37 secs long (as opposed to the 4 mins 3 Secs Live version from the “Secret Garden” CD Single).

Does anyone know if the German Compilation version is merely an edit of the 4 min 3 secs “Live” Secret Garden version (with crowd noise faded early) or is it a Studio Version?

It seems odd they had an original track left over from the Virgin era that they never bothered to record in the Studio!

I would also reiterate what a shame it is that there is no DVD included to house the “Rage”/ “The Promise” era videos or other associated interview footage/ EPK’s from the respective eras.


Awesome…can not wait for this. Rage has been long overdue for a reissue. Very excited, and great to see Tim Burgess comment above ⬆⬆

Steve F

Thanks for the heads up Paul. I enjoyed the “Bridge of Spies” Deluxe Edition enormously so will definately be buying this. Just need the price to come down to a more affordable level… ;-)


Will this be out of print as quickly as “Bridge Of Spies”? And the price is atrocious. I’m not a “price-complainer” on this forum but sometimes its insane (like Paul McCarthy’s latest reissue). Even the regular 2cd version of “Bridge of Spies” is $30. Who pays that when a regular 2cd version usually can be picked up for between $10-$14? Anyway, I typically wait for the price to drop and then purchase it but “Bridge of Spies” was out of print so quickly I nearly missed it. Managed to pick up a copy for $30 somewhere right after I saw it was out of print. Got lucky. Now it’s $98 on Amazon. Anyway, it’s a nice collection, certainly worth purchasing provided the price drops.
And a big YES to The Beloved reissues!!

David Tanser

Very excited about this – and i’d even pay £50 for it… so many of these tracks I only have badly ripped versions of – the Nightmare Mix of Only The Lonely (only on a 3″ CD before so impossible to rip to my computer), the Extended Mix of Whenever You Need Me (never on CD before), and the B-sides to Road To Our Dream (also a 3″ CD)… and also the Canadian Remixes. I think this stood a better chance of selling than individual Rage and The Promise releases.

Darryl Nelson

Ordered. Just like I was 17 again :-)

Boaz Halachmi

Signed copies are SOLD OUT.


hideous cover…very surprising deluxe set…will have to pick it up


Wow, how unexpected!!!! Sex Talk live is duplicated as cd1 is a singles disc, which the EP version was obviously. Many good vinyl only rarities, though selection of demos looks random and whether any are duplicated with the Gnatfish Story of the Tracks cd, we will see. Shame there wasnt much unreleased in the vaults but you cant wish for what probably wasnt there and would have loved a Rage era live gig but there you go. Great set really and cannot moan bar the price, its quite equitable to the Sam Brown set so 30 quid would be fair, given Rage and The Promise are a harder retail sell.


I’d definitely support a super-deluxe of The Beloved’s Happiness. It could easily be a 4 disc affair, given there’s also the Blissed Out remix album and tonnes of vinyl only remixes which could all do with a remastering. And then there’s all the demos and the unreleased Flim Flam album that preceded Happiness (it was available for download for free from The Beloved’s website).

I guess we may have to wait a few years until we see something for its 30th anniversary, but by then we may have moved away from physical product completely. Let’s hope not!


+1 for Beloved reissues. Would be awesome to see those records back in the shop.

Larry Davis

Me too…the whole catalogue…pre Happiness included…

Paul English

Looks good – will be ordering. Paul – can you amend tag to t’pau?

Matthew Legg

Why does T’Pau get this deluxe treatment when other Virgin/Siren artists deserve this just as much (Cutting Crew, Johnny Hates Jazz, Breathe etc)

Larry Davis

Breathe did…deluxe vinyl box bit very pricey..cutting crews debut got a reissue…I think jhj did as well…but tpau were the only ones here that had success in the UK and are collectible with Bsides/12″s…the 2 tpau sets are a tad odd…major deluxe box of the debut…no word of more…then a box of the rest…shoulda all been put out at the same time…


Agree with AnthonyC, would much prefer a standalone deluxe/expanded Rage.


This is awesome… BUT… the cover art is disgusting… AND… only CD2 includes tracks that weren’t released on CD before.

I wish Rage had got a proper deluxe treatment like Bridge Of Spies.


Richard B

Beloved deluxe editions would also get a vote from me…

Hans Jörg

Ah Paul the description isn’t correct. The Promise isn’t the final album of the band but the final for Virgin..


As a T’Pau fan this looks great. I shall certainly be getting it.

For those that don’t know there is a demo of a song called Telephone on a cd which comes with a DVD available to purchase on the T’Pau website. The DVD is about Carol and Paul. It is pretty good but the real gem is the song Telehone. The song is from the era covered by the Anthology.It is one of my favourite T’Pau songs. It’s a shame it’s not on the Anthology but you can at least get it by buying the DVD which I do recommend

Matthew Collier

Looking up my purchase of the previous box set, I paid EUR19 from Amazon.es.

Whilst I was glad to get that, the (sound) quality of a lot of the tracks in that set, was very poor, and kinda a waste of time, other than for the interest (not for the listening pleasure, certainly).

The quality of the actual performance, picture and sound of the Hammy Concert on the DVD was all-round woeful too! :(

Just a warning to people in case this is more of the same, as at the price I paid, it’s less of an issue, but at £50, if it’s similar, I’d state that’s not good value for money at all.



Matt :)


Never gets mentioned that Soul Destruction (Heavy Bliss Mix) was remixed by The Beloved (Jon Marsh)


Speaking of the Beloved would be interested in a 2CD reissue of the Happiness album…

Simon Long

Also, very bizarre to see the inclusion of Sex Talk (Live), as that is presumably the same version released both on the Sex Talk Live EP and included in the Bridge Of Spies deluxe version. Of the four tracks on that EP, only three (Sex Talk, You Give Up and Monkey House) were on the BoS deluxe, with the live version of Heart and Soul from the EP replaced with a different live recording in the deluxe set; it would be nice if they’d included the missing live track here rather than repeating one already released in the BoS set.

Simon Long

Although now I look at it, it seems that disc 1 must be “The Singles”, as it seems to be all the versions of tracks from the three albums that were released as singles; I guess the re-use of Sex Talk Live makes sense in that context.

So we have “The Singles” as disc 1, “The Demos” as disc 2, “Rage Extended” as disc 3 and “The Promise Extended” as disc 4 – not a bad selection of stuff to go with the BoS deluxe set. Shame there’s no DVD in there to mop up the Rage and Promise era promo videos.

Tim Burgess

Hi Simon,

If the information here (and my memory) is correct, this is a different live recording of Sex Talk; the single version was taken from Hammersmith Odeon and this one is listed as being from the Scottish Exhibition Centre.



Wow, I never expected this. Great set and neatly wraps up those tracks that were ‘forgotten’ on the Bridge of Spies set. Glad to finally have those remixes of ‘Bridge of spies’ (the track, not the album) on this set.

Simon Long

£53? Seriously?

I seem to recall Bridge of Spies had a similarly ludicrous price when first announced, which dropped significantly before it actually shipped – I’ll put in a preorder in the expectation of the same thing happening here, but if it doesn’t get a lot cheaper, I’ll be cancelling before it ships!