Transvision Vamp / I Want Your Love 6CD+DVD deluxe set with signed print

Transvision Vamp / I Want Your Love 6CD+DVD deluxe set with signed print

Limited edition signed by Wendy JamesTrio of albums on CD with three further discs of remixes • Promo videos on DVD for the first time

In October Edsel will issue I Want Your Love a new 6CD+DVD deluxe Transvision Vamp box set that is available with a signed Wendy James print for early pre-orderers.

This set pulls together all three albums from the pop-punk wannabies: Pop Art (1988), Velveteen (1989) and Little Magnets Versus The Bubble of Babble (1991). The last of those three is still unreleased in the UK on CD, so this is its debut on the format over here.

Each long-player here comes with non-album bonus tracks and then three further CDs offer a wealth of seven-inch versions and extended remixes.

Also, the band’s promo videos are finally freed from the shackles of VHS and are available on the DVD included with this new package (which includes some bonus features, such as a Wendy James interview).

I Want Your Love comes with a print SIGNED by Wendy James. This is exclusive to Amazon UK and is limited to 1,000 copies. The discs come packaged within a 56-page book with notes from Alan Robinson based on new interviews with Wendy James and Nick Christian Sayer.

I Want Your Love will be released on 1 November 2019 (was 18 October).

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I Want Your Love - Amazon exclusive with signed print

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I Want Your Love - 6CD+DVD standard edition



CD 1: Pop Art
1. Trash City
2. I Want Your Love
3. Sister Moon
4. Psychosonic Cindy
5. Revolution Baby
6. Tell That Girl To Shut Up
7. Wild Star
8. Hanging Out With Halo Jones
9. Andy Warhol’s Dead
10. Sex Kick
11. Vid Kid Vamp [Bonus Track]
12. No It U Lover [Bonus Track]
13. God Save the Royalties [Bonus Track]
14. Sweet Thing [edit] [Bonus Track]
15. Evolution Evie [acoustic version] [Bonus Track]
16. Honey Honey [Bonus Track]
17. Long Lonely Weekend [Bonus Track]
18. Oh Yeah [Bonus Track]
19. Walk On By [Bonus Track]

CD 2: Velveteen
1. Baby I Don’t Care
2. The Only One
3. Landslide Of Love
4. Falling For A Goldmine
5. Down On You
6. Song To The Stars
7. Kiss Their Sons 4:19
8. Born To Be Sold
9. Pay The Ghosts
10. Bad Valentine
11. Velveteen
12. Time For Change [Bonus Track]
13. Strings Of My Heart [Bonus Track]
14. The Mystery Song [Bonus Track]
15. Love Me [Bonus Track]
16. Hardtime [Bonus Track]
17. He’s The Only One For Me [Bonus Track]
18. W11 Blues [Bonus Track]
19. Kiss Me [Bonus Track]”

CD 3: Little Magnets Versus The Bubble of Babble
1. (I Just Wanna) B With U
2. Ain’t No Rules
3. If Looks Could Kill
4. Every Little Thing
5. Twangy Wigout
6. Don’t Believe The Type
7. Pressure Times
8. Crawl Out Your Window
9. You Put A Spell On Me
10. Back On My Knees Again
11. Swamp Thang [Bonus Track]
12. Straight Thru Your Head [Bonus Track]
13. Punky Says [Bonus Track]
14. My Friend The Tom Cat [Bonus Track]
15. Puppy Dogs’ Tails [Bonus Track]”

CD 4

1. Revolution Baby [7″ version]
2. I Want Your Love [7″ version]
3. Revolution Baby [Zeus B. Held Mix]
4. Sister Moon [7″ single edit/version]
5. Baby I Don’t Care [7″ edit]
6. The Only One [7″ edit]
7. (I Just Wanna) B with U [alternative single mix]
8. Twangy Wigout [7″ mix]

B-sides & Rarities

9. Child Of The Age
10. Vid Kid Vamp [1988 remix]
11. Sex Kick [demo version]
12. Saturn 5 [demo version]

CD 5
1. Revolution Baby [Electra-Glide mix]
2. Tell That Girl to Shut Up [extended mix]
3. I Want Your Love [I Don’t Want Your Money mix]
4. Sweet Thing [full length]
5. Evolution Evie [electric version]
6. Sister Moon (Groove On)
7. Sex Kick (Ciao Portobello)
8. Baby I Don’t Care [Abigail’s Party mix]
9. The Only One [extended mix]
10. Landslide of Love [extended version]
11. Tell That Girl to Shut Up [Knuckle Duster mix]

CD 6
1. (I Just Wanna) B with U [The Nightripper mix]
2. If Looks Could Kill [2 Go Mad In E.3 mix]
3. Twangy Wigout [12″ mix]
4. (I Just Wanna) B with U [Sunsonic edit]
5. If Looks Could Kill [Voodoo Hipster mix]
6. Twangy Wigout [extended version]
7. (I Just Wanna) B with U [alternative 12″ mix]
8. If Looks Could Kill [12″ remix]
9. (I Just Wanna) B with U [Club mix]
10. If Looks Could Kill [12″ remix instrumental]
11. (I Just Wanna) B with U [Dub mix]

1. Tell That Girl To Shut Up [Promo Video]
2. I Want Your Love [Promo Video]
3. Revolution Baby [7″ remix] [Promo Video]
4. Sister Moon [Promo Video]
5. Baby I Don’t Care [Promo Video]
6. The Only One [Promo Video]
7. Landslide Of Love [Promo Video]
8. Born To Be Sold [Promo Video]
9. (I Just Wanna) B With U [Promo Video]
10. If Looks Could Kill [Promo Video]
11. The Velveteen Singles: Behind The Scenes [Video]
12. If Looks Could Kill: Wendy James interview [Video]

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Calico Moonchild

In the late 80s Chrysalis Records wanted there own addition to the ‘Blonde’ Pop movement/ demographic as typified by Transvision Vamp, The Primitives & The Darling Buds.

The Motorcycle Boy were intended to be that addition, a full album was recorded entitled ‘Scarlet’. However, after the singles flopped the album release got canned and the master tapes were left to gather dust in the vaults for 30 years …until now!

Fans of female fronted, mid/ late 80s produced, jangly, indie guitar, power pop such as the above named groups (plus Strawberry Switchblade, Fuzzbox, Voice Of The Beehive and The Popinjays), May be interested to own this belated release of The Motorcycle Boy’s only album ‘Scarlet’ (available on CD and Vinyl for the first time). It is likely to be a limited run, so best grab yourselves a physical copy Now, whilst stocks last!


01, Hey Mama
02, Baby, Let Go Of My Heart
03, World Falls Into Place
04, Valentine
05, No Pain
06, Take Me For A Walk
07, Trying To Be Kind
08, Some Girls
09, Under The Bridge
10, Scarlet
11, Big Rock Candy Mountain

12, Sweet Dreams Pretty Baby
13, Days Like These


If you’re not bothered about the Amazon Exclusive Signed Print, (personally I’m not interested in stuff like that but realise some are), HMV UK have the CD Box Set £3 cheaper for £64.99 with free shipping, (also likely to be quicker than Amazon’s free shipping by several days) from experience.


I’d be quick though as they are likely to sell out, (the vinyl has already).


mhhh, according to amazon, the release date has been postponed until november 7 – 11… :-(


I’m not a big fan. But I did buy their 2 Japanese 12”ers/Mixes compilation CD’s and their Universal Expanded Reissues. I did a quick check on Discogs and found that some of the mixes were vinyl only mixes & now available for the first time on CD *. I just hope they are from the vault instead of vinyl rips (unless no mastertapes could be located anywhere in the world & the vinyl rip is perfectly done).
BTW I found that disc 4 is a bit poor, if you do the A-/B-Sides & Rarities, I would at least list all the singles here (14 tracks) and the rest. I think I would buy it for the missing mixes (the ones I don’t have yet) if the price is right. Unless the CD4/5/6 plus DVD will available separately ;P

@Paul S., is there a reason why my recent comment on Janet Jackson – Control The Remixes
is still unapproved or posted yet?

CD 4 should at least have these on:
Revolution Baby 4:00 David Jacob Mix 1987
I Want Your Love 3:18
Revolution Baby 4:00 Zeus B Held Mix 1988
Sister Moon 4:00 Zeus B Held
Tell That Girl To Shut Up 3:06
Baby I Don’t Care 3:59
The Only One 3:50
Born To Be Sold 3:45
Landslide Of Love 3:50
Bad Valentine 3:45
(I Just Wanna) B With You 4:25 Alan Moulder
(I Just Wanna) B With You [alternative single mix] 4:25 Tony Garcia
If Looks Could Kill 4:14
Twangy Wigout 4:43

CD 5
1. Revolution Baby [Electra-Glide mix] WMC5-75
2. Tell That Girl to Shut Up [extended mix] WMC5-75
3. I Want Your Love [I Don’t Want Your Money mix] WMC5-75
4. Sweet Thing [full length] WMC5-75
5. Evolution Evie [electric version] WMC5-75
6. Sister Moon (Groove On) WMC5-75
7. Sex Kick (Ciao Portobello) WMC5-75
8. Baby I Don’t Care [Abigail’s Party mix] MVCM-142
9. The Only One [extended mix] MVCM-142
10. Landslide of Love [extended version] MVCM-142
11. Tell That Girl to Shut Up [Knuckle Duster mix] WMC5-75

CD 6
1. (I Just Wanna) B with U [The Nightripper mix] MVCM-142
2. If Looks Could Kill [2 Go Mad In E.3 mix] 6:34 by Sunsonic L33-2051 *
3. Twangy Wigout [12″ mix] 5:50 by Sunsonic MCA12 54273 *
4. (I Just Wanna) B with U [Sunsonic edit] 5:17 WTVVX 10 *
5. If Looks Could Kill [Voodoo Hipster mix] MVCM-142
6. Twangy Wigout [extended version] MVCM-142
7. (I Just Wanna) B with U [alternative 12″ mix] MVCM-142
8. If Looks Could Kill [12″ remix] 5:51 by Andy L33-2051 *
9. (I Just Wanna) B with U [Club mix] MVCM-142
10. If Looks Could Kill [12″ remix instrumental] 5:51 by Andy L33-2051 *
11. (I Just Wanna) B with U [Dub mix] MVCM-142

Transvision Vamp ‎– The Complete 12″ers Collection Vol. 1
Label: MCA Records ‎– WMC5-75
1 Revolution Baby (Electra-Glide Mix) 6:05
2 Vid Kid Vamp 2:58
3 Tell That Girl To Shut Up (Extended Mix) 6:23
4 Tell That Girl To Shut Up (Knuckle Duster Mix) 4:46
5 God Save The Royalties 3:15
6 I Want Your Love (I Don’t Want Your Money Mix) 6:21
7 Sweet Thing 4:53
8 Evolution Evie (Electric Version) 2:54
9 Honey Honey 2:39
10 Long Lonely Weekend 3:36
11 Sister Moon (Groove On) 6:08
12 Walk On By 3:23
13 Sex Kick (Ciao Portobello) 7:21
14 Oh Yeah 2:53

Transvision Vamp ‎– Mixes
Label: MCA Records ‎– MVCM-142
1 Baby I Don’t Care (Abigail’s Party Mix) 5:47
2 The Only One (Extended Version) 5:54
3 Landslide Of Love (Extended Version) 4:57
4 Born To Be Sold (7″ Version) 3:43
5 (I Just Wanna) B With U (Nightripper Mix) 4:52
6 If Looks Could Kill (Alternative Voodoo Hipster Mix) 6:33
7 Twangy Wig-Out (Extended Version) 8:01
8 (I Just Wanna) B With U (Alternative Single Mix) 4:25
9 (I Just Wanna) B With U (Alternative 12″ Mix) 5:59
10 (I Just Wanna) B With U (Club Mix) 6:33
11 (I Just Wanna) B With U (Dub Mix) 5:16


Guys Australia is not the only country discriminated against! They are doing the same to Switzerland except that nobody seems to give a toss. Also it’s also Amazon.com that refuses to do it. They basically deem it not worth it collecting import duties for Swiss VAT and rather stop shipping there.

Jendy Wames

After getting all the b sides on vinyl from all 8 singles from the first two releases when they were released there is almost no interest from me.I loved the pop art and velveteen CD releases with b sides. The velveteen has no artwork on this box set.


Hi, How does someone from Australia buy this ?? We are now “able” to buy from Amazon US, But for whatever reason we aren’t “allowed” to buy from any other overseas Amazon’s ??
I Love Transvision Vamp – I bought the Coloured Vinyl set ( off ebay !! ) – I’d really now like this CD & DVD set.
Why is it an Amazon UK exclusive ?


Australians are discriminated against by Amazon’s choice not to accommodate different tax jurisdictions. You need to buy this sort of thing through the more expensive route of a parcel forwarding service, such as Parcl. Or, if you don’t want a signed copy (which will be more expensive on Ebay anyway, even when the signature’s fake), you can wait for Amazon US to sell an unsigned copy.

Larry Davis

One last thing…I just realized there was this little-known record outside Sweden & Japan that I discovered by chance…it sounds like the lost 4th Transvision Vamp record!! It’s Swedish female singer known as Erika…she is the ex of Yngwie Malmsteen actually…she did a record called “Planet X” and it’s excellent, the Japanese version with a great Bside bonus track too…songs like “Super Sonic City”, “Neon City Lights”, the whole record, total TV…seek it out…


Brilliant! I have been hoping for a Remaster of Little Magnets for years – plus the bonus tracks!!!! I am definitely getting this set… if only I can find a seller that ships to Australia without charging a fortune!

Stephen K

I only know their two stateside hits, but this looks like a great set.

Charlie Waffles

Can I just get the print and without the heart on it? It is a great pic.

Mark G

That’s a decent set, signed pic and all!

I mean, I don’t want one, but good for those that do!

Liam Bastick

Zeus B. Held, the German producer associated with some of Transvision Vamp’s finest work, is highly underrated. If any of you don’t know his work, take a look around – but be careful a lot of websites about him seem to carry viruses for some reason. I didn’t even realise he was responsible for Spear of Destiny’s “Never Take Me Alive”. One of my guilty pleasures was the Marines “Say Goodbye” which was like Transvision Vamp went more pop, lol.

One of the best gigs I ever went to was in 1987 at Warwick University where Transvision Vamp were one of the up and coming bands. I (sort of) remember getting drunk with them in the bar afterwards. Who does that these days? Good times!


Zeus’s best work apart from the Gina X albums was his production on Fashion’s “Fabrique “ album from 1982 , which is soon due for a deluxe reissue.

Shai Navot

Zeus B. Held produced Dead or Alive’s finest work: Sophisticated Boom Boom, which I LOVE.
Check it out if you don’t know it.

Mike bonner

I just search Transvision Vamp and Warwick University as the just played “I don’t care” on the radio and I was at the gig so searched for when it was

Calico Moonchild

I’m quietly excited about this even though I got the Universal Remasters in 2013. I’m a bit disappointed they recycled the artwork from the vinyl boxset as I think there was a lot of potential for certain full colour shots from the archive. The third album was never on my radar but what I have heard sounds weak as water, however my mind is open to change with repeated listens and the DVD is definitely a must have. I wouldn’t have minded if they included Wendy’s solo debut and its B sides/ videos.

A. Vogt

Having heard all the albums, I actually think the 3rd album is by far the best, song good songs on there. The first album had a song called “Psychosonic Cindy” which is among the worst songs you will ever hear, ever! But it also had their only charting US single “Tell That Girl To Shut Up” which is okay. Funny how the songwriter guitarist never did anything in music again after this.

Rare Glam

I am pleased to see this band get the box / book set treatment, they have long deserved. I thought a CD box might be on the cards once Edsel re-issued the vinyl albums box set that included Little Magnets not long ago. A big shout out to Nick Christian Sayer. I played (bass) in a band with him way back in 1978 called Fan Club. Most info about him on the net and in previous re-issues seems to suggest he disappeared off the face of the earth shortly after Transvision Vamp split up but as this book set has a new interview with him, I am very glad to find he is still in the world.

I have both the ‘Re-Presents’ 2x CD sets of Pop Art and Velveteen that carry a lot of re-mixes and 12” versions and an original German CD release of Little Magnets…’ So not sure how much (apart from the DVD) is extra to what’s on those. I want this anyway and pre-ordered it as soon as I saw it on Amazon.

As I recall Nick was very much into The Clash, (Johnny Thunders) Heartbreakers and Lou Reed back in the day. I do remember visiting him when he lived at the ‘band house’ in Sillwood Terrace, Brighton, where he seemed to live a hermetic life constantly demoing songs on to his porta studio. That obviously paid off when he met Wendy James and got the band together, they made a great commercial take on garage rock ‘n’ roll. The song structures and lyrics are simple (as are many great songs) and so allowed Sayer to add overdubs of guitar sounds or effects (rather than lead guitar) that give them an excitement and a straight forward platform for Wendy James’s assertive vocals.

I always felt the band had more potential to progress though. On each album they had one track that seemed to be reaching further. Listen to ‘Sex Kick’ on Pop Art, the title track from Velveteen and ‘You Put A Spell On Me’ from Little Magnets…’, they move beyond the basic r’n’r structure and point to something more experimental.

Anyway, great this is coming out and hopefully the band will gain more retrospective recognition. If you’re reading Nick, thanks for the music!


This site is most times really good, but sometimes…I don’t know. Not one word about the new Tool CD, but about plastic pop, like TV. SDE only for the eighties (I love them also, grew up then)? Also ok. But SAW productions and similarities…really? Next time Modern Talking is to order?

John 79

And Gary Numan / Tubeway Army also not to be forgotten…

Glen Buchanan

I think you have a great mix. Always fascinating reading. Even my fave, Marc Bolan, once in a while.

Stuart Ansell

With all due respect – that, sir, is cobblers. Paul runs a very broad church, and whilst he inevitably covers things which are to his personal taste (AND WHY THE HELL SHOULDN’T HE???), he covers a wide variety of stuff of interest to a wide variety of people. Which is surely why we all come here – because it’s a friendly site, with interesting articles and generally friendly, interesting comments.

Now, I like a bit of Tool myself, and I’ll be trying to order a copy of the deluxe CDs when they go on sale at 11am tomorrow. But please, have a little more respect and politeness please. There it’s room for Tool and Transvision Vamp in my heart (certainly was on my bedroom wall as a teenager…).

Be wonderful to each other.

Michel Kempes

Ive got Tool from Amazon.com for a normal price, but i also order this one…. Musical taste for me is not limited to one style… Free your mond and give it a chance….. Serms like nithing had changed since Beatles VS Stones

hendry doran

Have to agree with your first paragraph. I’m of the older generation (just turned 71) and many a time I have to google some of the featured artists on this website as i don’t know them from Adam. This site does not exist for me and me alone and The Beatles, Elvis , and Gerry Rafferty to name but a few of my favourites cannot appear every week. (Almost said McCartney but his record company certainly try their damnedest to have a near weekly reissue of some description).

I visit this site several times a day and enjoy reading the comments of a mostly well informed readership.
Keep up the excellent work Paul

Larry Davis

Ah yes, Tool and their fanbase…I’ve known about them since “Prison Sex” & “Sober”, A Perfect Circle too, but couldn’t give a toss about them, nor do I find the band important either…I do know where they fit into the history of rock and acknowledge that, how they made prog/metal fit into alternative rock…but would I ever buy a Tool record in my life?? Nope!! Why?? New album is too expensive, I don’t have the time to dig into it when I don’t care about the band in the first place & I’d rather spend $50 on CDs by artists I truly care about…second, the band has ZERO pop sensibility…Muse & Steven Wilson both at least do while also being prog…third, their fanbase is a condescending bunch of pricks who thumb their noses at bands like TV who are highly powerpop/punk/bubblegum…heck, Bowie, Blondie & the Ramones have pop sugary centers too and Bowie’s Ziggy played up the plastic in the best way possible…I refuse to be fans of bands whose fans are conservative and against bright pop hooks!!! If Tool never existed, would my life be empty?? Nope, even though a fave artist mentioned the band in a song, her being Canadian artist Amanda Marshall…great site Paul always…


A nice way to start off the week! I couldn’t resist pre-ordering this. I had the first two albums and stupidly parted with them years ago.

Paul Murphy

Would Alan R or anyone be able to shed light on why the live tracks from the singles are absent?


A small quibble, but the deluxe sets a few years ago had totally essential BBC sessions that this set lacks (Andy Warhol is Dead is a killer version particularly) – would love to have that all in one place, maybe in place of some of the mixes that could have stayed in the dust bin of history.

Paul Murphy

Possibly leaving the room open for a Vamp At The BBC release – in addition to their radio sessions there were two rather fine BBC ‘In Concert’ shows by TV [1988 and 1991], plus some wonderful TOTP appearances and elsewhere that would make a very nice DVD.


Ordered it right away from Amazon UK.
Hope they can still ship to Germany after the Brexit.


Can anyone just list who remixed the remixed tracks and extended versions, even just off the top off your head?

Larry Davis

Wow, been waiting for a set like this since the vinyl sets were released…been a fan since Pop Art when I was DJing college radio & my girlfriend at the time, Lenka, & I flipped over it, as the band checked all the boxes of influenced we loved…Bolan, Blondie, Joan Jett & bubblegum & punk, their Holly & the Italians cover of Tell That Girl To Shut Up kicks arse… ordered…a bonus woulda been Wendy’s solo album of Elvis Costello songs he wrote for her, but no biggie, I’ll find it used…signed Wendy pic too, noice!!!

Joe Mac Pherson

Ordered and done!
Total cost, in British Pounds: 59.74
And, according to xe.com, the free, always reliable, world’s largest foreign currency conversion site, I spent $73.84. Considering what I’m getting for my Dollars, shipped from the UK to North Hollywood, California, this is a bargain. Plus! That signed photograph! All those bonus tracks!
Every album!
Thank You again, Paul!


wow! i’m really impressed! even the “child of the age” track is there!!

i posted some comment here when the 3LP version came out, making a list with possible bonus tracks and they put even more onto this box set!

the only missing mix is the 7″ version of “if looks could kill” but who cares?! there is so many nice stuff here and i will buy this for “child of the age” alone.

thanks to the people who were involved and made this possible! it’s great to see such release in today’s time.

already ordered it – of course with the signed print! :-)


i have to correct myself: everything is here! the 7″ mix i mentioned is just labeled as such but actually the normal album version. so apart from some live b-sides really everything is included here! :-)


Are these brand new remasters?


Saw them live in August 1989 at St Austell. A good concert.

Are they the only act to have a UK No. 1 Album, with ‘Velveteen’, and then have their next album denied a release in the UK by their record company?


Natalie Imbruglia had no 1 album with Counting Down The Days, the follow up Come To Life never had an official release in the UK despite featuring Chris Martin.


Awesome package! Not a bad price too.

Alan Robinson

I wrote the notes for this. Wendy and Nick are really great people, very helpful and funny. This set is a MONSTER!


Hi Alan

Thanks for letting us know. It looks like a lovely package.
I bought the recent vinyl box so I’m buying this.


Wow. I still have my CD copy of Little Magnets Versus The Bubble of Babble I bought on sale back in the early 90s. Would love this collection, but it is really pricey for us in the states.


Brilliant box set! – I just hope Edsel do not go and balls it up like other releases they have issued.


Actually want this, but can’t order it because I’m in Australia and Amazon are too useless when it comes to different tax jurisdictions.

Bruce Butler

Agree, although AmazonUS have backed down and now ship to Oz again. Apparently it’s not too difficult to just add 10% tax at checkout after all.
Amazon UK however are pathetic.