Transvision Vamp / I Want Your Love

3LP coloured vinyl box set • All three albums

Transvision Vamp‘s three albums for MCA, including the unreleased-in-the-UK third album, are brought together in I Want Your Love, a new 3LP vinyl box set.

Fronted by the irrepressible Wendy James the band’s blend of pop-punk was successful for a while and both 1988’s Pop Art and the following year’s Velveteen (a number one album) spawned big top ten UK singles (‘I Want Your Love’ and ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ respectively).

When pre-album singles for third long-player Little Magnets Vs The Bubble Of Babble stalled at the lower reachese of the UK Top 40 in 1991, the UK arm of MCA Records decided against releasing the album in Britain, although it saw moderate success in Australia, New Zealand and Sweden. The band subsequently broke up in 1992.

This new vinyl box set has has the trio of albums pressed on 180g red, white and blue vinyl and these are housed in a rigid slipcase. It will be released on 7 December 2018 via Demon Records.

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Transvision Vamp

I Want your love - 3LP vinyl box


1. Trash City
2. I Want Your Love
3. Sister Moon
4. Psychosonic Cindy
5. Revolution Baby
1. Tell That Girl To Shut Up
2. Wild Star
3. Hanging Out With Halo Jones
4. Andy Warhol’s Dead
5. Sex Kick

1. Baby I Don’t Care
2. The Only One
3. Landslide Of Love
4. Falling For A Goldmine
5. Down On You
6. Song To The Stars
1. Kiss Their Sons
2. Born To Be Sold
3. Pay The Ghosts
4. Bad Valentine
5. Velveteen

1. (I Just Wanna) B With U
2. Ain’t No Rules
3. If Looks Could Kill
4. Every Little Thing
5. Twangy Wigout
1. Don’t Believe The Type
2. Pressure Times
3. Crawl Out Your Window
4. You Put A Spell On Me
5. Back On My Knees Again

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Ken Gillespie

Can anyone confirm if these have been remastered?

I was surprised by how tinny the original pressings I have of the first two albums are, the bass is there, but mixed way in the back… I know it was the late 80’s, but… Thnaks!

Patrick Hnidka

Why wouldn’t they include a bonus LP of B-sides?

I would love a deluxe (vinyl) version of Wendy’s first solo album with all of the B-sides included (and I seem to recall there were lots of them)!


This looks great, I dont even have a record player but might have to still get it!

I have seen Wendy perform live 18 times in the last 2 and half years! Any vamp fans should check out her solo stuff it is great!

A. Vogt

Interesting how the songwriter in the band, the guitarist, was the only one who went on to do absolutely NOTHING in music after this band. I mean you can find nothing on him at all. Some really good songs on the 3rd album, and some really bad ones on the first. I’d say a single-disc best-of is ideal for this band.


Australian fans: they changes the rules themselves. It is “correct” that you are no longer able to order from other sites. Really nasty decision but its been like that for months. There was a post on here about it. Paul?


Loved them. I have all 3 albums on cd and Pop art on picture disc which is still unopened. Had the privilege of seeing them live at Salford uni with Propaganda on the same bill. Still one of the best nights I’ve had at a gig. A comprehensive cd box would be most welcome though.

Paul Murphy

I saw them several times as well, and thought they were an excellent live act. In addition to the music, I fondly remember Wendy at Poole in 1989, handling heckler’s comments that would have them on the Metoo list today, with the ease of a seasoned stand-up comedian.

Graham Lusty

I get all my UK releases through importcds.com


I would like a DVD of their videos to watch and i could mute the sound.


How does someone from Australia buy this ? I have had NO luck pre-ordering anything from Amazon Australia – I’ve had 2 Pre-Orders actually cancelled by Amazon ?? One was the Michael Jackson picture disc’s & One was the last David Bowie vinyl Box > My only other pre-order was for a local release BluRay & even that showed up 3 weeks after the release date ?? I have got to the point of just Not ordering from them. I was able to get the Michael Jackson Picture disc’s from a local JB HiFi ( the Manager gave me a discount ) :: IF anyone from Australia can point me in the right direction to get this / orders from the UK, Please let me know. Its going to be interesting to see what happens with a pre-order from Amazon Japan I have – they are for some mini LP CD’s that were due out before Amazon stopped us from buying from their International sites – But their release date has been pushed back twice now. I am currently “trying” to get the 2 Leo Sayer coloured Vinyl releases – Have tried ebay, but the seller is in the US and just keeps saying they are pre-ordered and will show up soon ?? Thanks.
As far as Transvison Vamp is concerned, I’d love a BluRay or will settle for a DVD of all the Video’s etc. They were amazing Live – especially when they had Velveteen out.

David Backhouse

Why are Amazon stopping you from buying from other sites?
Is it something they have against Australia?


Amazon have stopped anyone from Australia buying from their international websites ever since the Government asked them to start adding GST to their deliveries. Plus, I think it was to “try” to get us buying from their Australian website. But as I said – I’ve done the right thing & placed pre-orders – But, everyone has been cancelled By them. I’ve given up – I have resorted to ebay & pay for ebays Global Shipping Program.


The Australian Government recently required GST (our VAT / sales tax) to be paid on pretty much anything bought online.
Previously it was great because Amazon.co.uk purchases were essentially tax free as the VAT was not included and no GST was charged at this end. Clearly this was not a level playing field when high street stores here had to tax included in the sale price.
Following the change, Amazon had a tantrum and said they would no longer ship here, instead claiming things are available on the “global store” aka amazon.com.au.
It’s a nightmare because items are generally priced higher here, way above the exchange rate, and Amazon exclusives such as the Suede coloured vinyl boxed set are UK only.
So for ex-Londoners like me used to everything being on the doorstep, it is very frustrating.

Stephen Strahan

That was the big problem for the local industry. It wasnt the GST, it was the fact that local prices – especially for SDE – were just ludicrous. I could order overseas and including the postage etc I could still end up paying almost half what the local price was for the same box. The McCartney Tug of War box is AU$155 from JBHifi online. The same box is AU$75.36 from Amazon Canada. Even with postage AND the GST included it would be way more than the local cost. Which is why all my McCartney boxes up until now have been ordered overseas.
The whole thing about Amazon Australia is ridiculous. It was supposed to be this big giant killer in the market and its been pretty lousy from what I can tell. Poorly set up, poor performance, and even the other wholly owned Amazon subisidiaries like Book Depository still ship to Australia, so why cant they? Its a marketing ploy that is just forcing me to shop elsewhere because I might as well shop at JBHifi or the like since none of them have the depth of catalogue to justify it. Its just pathetic.
What they should have done is let us by everything through Amazon.AU and have the others ship to them and reship to us or something like that.

In the meantime, Im still looking around.


I know Amazon UK were honouring any pre-orders placed before the cut-off date for goods released after the cut-off date. If you want mini-lps, just go through CD Japan, they still ship to Australia.

Jason Brown

Have to say, loved Wendy James as a teenager (obviously) but more than that : Velveteen is a fantastic album. As late 80’s pop-rock goes, really good – and the title track is their absolute zenith.

That said, £58 for 31 tracks? Nah, no chance. Bought the reissues about three years ago, £16 the pair (Pop Art & Velveteen) with about 30 bonus tracks between them (ranging from pointless to brilliant) included. Great for those who want it though…


They should have issued this boxset signed or something in order to sell it well.I liked velveteen and the third one at the time, I still have them on cassette somewhere. Maybe they should try to reunite and make a comeback tour, just to enjoy playing that music and us, listening.


I saw Nik Sayers’s live debut in 1977 as a member of Plastix (Bexhill Grammar School July 1977).



That record did come out in the UK on MCA! And on cassette too!


mhhh, it’s kind of agreed knowledge that their third album “little magnets…” was not released in the uk back then…? the fact that it’s not available on spotify/streaming/download suggests that there is something with this album…

@paul: would you be interested to find out what really happened here? was it released in the uk? why is it the only TVV album not available digitally? why was it not included in the 2013 deluxe 2CD editions?

Joe Gibbs

they always seemed a bit manufactured. I preferred The Primitives or All About Eve from that period.

Larry Davis

I don’t get it…why people hear the sound TVV had and think manufactured?? It was a perfect, exciting sound…powerpop, Glam, punk, and some dance elements…like an updated Blondie or something… Used to play the crap out of the 1st 2 albums…never had the 3rd…Wendy’s first solo album was cool too… All Elvis Costello covers if I recall… The band should reunite for this box and tour… I do know one of the members joined Bush in the 90s as well, but yes, CD box please, with all B-sides, 12″S, demos, unreleased, etc…that would be instant purchase for me…Demon c’mon!!…or wait for serious price drop on this thing…oh and their cover of Holly & the Italians’ “Tell That Girl To Shut Up” was brilliant, exciting, fun & inspired…it was my into to both TVV and the ace work of Holly Beth Vincent and her amazing NYC band…


“… CD box please, with all B-sides, 12″S, demos, unreleased, etc…that would be instant purchase for me…Demon c’mon!!…”

couldn’t agree more! make it a 6CD box – take the already released deluxe 2CD editions of the first two albums, add an 2CD deluxe edition of the third album (b-sides, mixes, demos) and wait for the TVV fans to hand over the money. vinyl looks nice, but overpriced – would buy a 6CD box anytime but will miss out on the vinyl.


Talk about shamelessly making very little go a very long way.

Paul Murphy

Well, I think the Pistols have made ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ go a lot further. [Yet still I buy ’em].


I am actually glad record conpanies are flooding the market with colored vinyl that has no added value. At a high price to boot. This inevitably makes them less desirable. I actually can survive without them. Thank you!

John Orr

Yep, like others have said, no extra content other than the records being coloured vinyl. Will keep an eye on it dropping in price a little hopefully.


£65! I’ll be in when it hits something more realistic.


No remixes,demos,live, videos,exclusives…. A chance to celebrate the great and diverse work of TVV and this is it…? Shame.. looks nice but not for me.


nice! but i would prefer a deluxe 2CD edition with all the era’s b-sides and mixes. they did this for the first two albums a few years ago, would love to see the same treatment for their third album.


If anybody of the record company is reading this: this would be nice bonus content for a 2CD deluxe edition of their third record “Little Magnets…” >

B-Sides and rare stuff:
01. Child Of The Age
02. Swamp Thang
03. Straight Thru Your Head
04. Punky Says
05. My Friend The Tom Cat
06. Puppy Dog Tails

07. (I Just Wanna) B With U (7″ Version)
08. If Looks Could Kill (7″ Version)
09. Twangy Wig-Out (7″ Mix)

10. (I Just Wanna) B With U (Night Tripper Mix)
11. (I Just Wanna) B With U (Alternative Single Mix)
12. (I Just Wanna) B With U (Alternative 12″ Mix)
13. (I Just Wanna) B With U (Club Mix)
14. (I Just Wanna) B With U (Dub Mix)
15. (I Just Wanna) B With U (Sunsonic Edit)
16. If Looks Could Kill (Vooddo Hipster Mix)
17. If Looks Could Kill (2 Go Mad In The E.3 Mix)
18. If Looks Could Kill (12″ Remix)
19. If Looks Could Kill (12″ Remix Instrumental)
20. Twangy Wig-Out (Extended Version)
21. Twangy Wig-Out (12″ Mix)


No poster of Wendy ? Shame…


You could have got one with her last solo LP,i which is quite a good record.

Martin Stacey



No cd box planed?


Awesome!! I will preorder