Travis’ The Man Who box set returns

Four-disc box set available again • New ‘Live at Glastonbury 99’ release

Travis‘ box set of their 1999 album The Man Who came and went quickly back in 2017, with quite a limited production (thought to be no more than 1500 in two small runs). That scarcity has driven prices sky-high, so fans who missed the boat will be pleased to hear that the same 2LP+2CD super deluxe box is being made available again, for the album’s 20th anniversary, thanks to a deal with Concord Music in the US.

It will be available in June on the Craft Recordings imprint and as a reminder, the large format lift-off lid box contains The Man Who album on vinyl and CD along with a B-sides album also on vinyl and CD. There are 19 B-sides on the CD but a small selection of 10 ‘favourites’ on the vinyl LP. It also comes with a glossy 48 page photo book ‘The Man Who Photo Album’.

The 20th anniversary box set of ‘The Man Who’

One major difference is that the 20th anniversary box will not include the signed print/art card that was included in the 2017 set. There is now also a standalone two-CD deluxe with the B-sides on the second CD and a 20th anniversary vinyl (no bonus tracks).

These 20th anniversary editions of The Man Who will be released on 21 June 2019. Craft Recordings are also issuing a brand new release, Travis Live at Glastonbury ’99 on the same date.

The Man Who box set

The Man Who vinyl LP

Side A
Writing To Reach You
The Fear
As You Are
The Last Laugh Of The Laughter

Side B
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
She’s So Strange
Slide Show
Blue Flashing Light

The Man Who B Sides (as selected by the band) vinyl LP

Side A

Village Man
Only Molly Knows
Rock ‘N’ (Salad) Roll
The Connection
We Are Monkeys

Side B
The Weight
Baby One More Time (In Session)
Be My Baby

The Man Who CD
Writing To Reach You
The Fear
As You Are
The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
She’s So Strange
Slide Show

Blue Flashing Light

The Man Who B-Sides (as selected by the band CD)

Green Behind The Ears
Only Molly Knows
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
High As A Kite
Be My Baby
Where Is The Love
Village Man
Driftwood (Live)
The Urge For Going
Slide Show (Live)
Days Of Our Lives
We Are Monkeys
Baby One More Time (In Session)
Coming Around
Just The Faces Change
The Connection
Rock ‘n’ (Salad) Roll
The Weight

Travis Live at Glastonbury ’99

2LP vinyl

A1. Blue Flashing Light
A2. The Fear
A3. Writing To Reach You
A4. Good Feeling

B1. U16 Girls
B2. As You Are
B3. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
B4. Coming Around

C1. All I Want To Do Is Rock
C2. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
C3. Good Day To Die
C4. More Than Us

D1. Driftwood
D2. Slide Show
D3. Turn
D4. Happy

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Did anyone else order the 2CD version and end up with two copies of the b-sides CD, but no CD with the actual album? So disappointed.


I have to say, I do understand the comments that early buyers feel cheated. If they promise it is a limited edition then it’s ok to feel cheated in my book. I don’t have the first pressed box sets and may get the 2nd press if the price is right.

1st press buyers, don’t despair. This 2nd press will sell out at some point too. But yes, could be 5 years. Almost all box sets sell out eventually unless it’s Rod Stewart’s Storyteller. On Amazon.com the following 10 box sets are sold out. Especially the Howard Jones one went fairly quickly:

Paul, do you think any of these box sets will be printed again?:

1. David Bowie – 5 Years
2. Inxs – Kick
3. Heaven 17 – Play To Win
4. Howard Jones – Humans Lib
5. Stone Pilots – Core
6. Velvet Underground – Andy Warhol
7. Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells
8. Erasure – From Moscow To Mars
9. Marc Almond – Eyeliner…
10. Marillion – Misplaced Childhood

Ricardo Alonso

where is “When I’m Feeling Blue”?

Ross Baker

I do think it’s sad that some people care more for their own collection than letting a larger number of people own something. If exclusivity is more important than availability, and you collect stuff for the sake of having rare stuff, I think you’ve completely forgotten what music is actually about. Astonishingly selfish thinking.


I don’t really understand any of the moaning regarding the fact that the original was said to be a limited release.

It clearly states in the article that the content of this set is different to the original box. Therefore, not the same release…

Don Schouest

Completely missed this the first time so happy for the re-issue!


It seems to me that lots of collectors in here are more concerned about values than they are about the actual music contained within. I just buy stuff to listen to, not because it’s 1 of 500 and it’s (hopefully) gonna be worth something later so I can tell people who don’t care that I have an LP worth £250.

As you said, Paul, if you’re not going to sell it you shouldn’t be bothered about how much it’s worth…

Cosby Sweater

I own the box already (1st edition, signed and numbered) and can only recommend it. Great album and b-sides and beautiful photos from back in the days when they (and I) were so young and Travis was actually bigger than Coldplay.
The live album will be worth it alone for the stunning Blue Flashing Lights – which was only a hidden track on TMH – as first song of the concert.

Andrew M

Hearing both sides.

The queen coloured studio albums box was a very limited edition. As soon as it sold out they repressed, and when that sold out they repressed again.

It does make a mockery.

Liam Bastick

If “Baby One More Time” isn’t the best cover version / session / hilarious B-side of all time, then I’m Paul’s uncle…


not sure that repress devalues the original vinyl release – there are occasions when it will increase!!!


i was only looking for this the other day – glad its getting a release the original vinyl is going for a lot
if only we can get a re-release of rialto !!!

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Rialto Super Deluxe Edition would be the best ! Very underrated band and songwriter in Louis Eliot. His other bands Kinky Machine and The Embers are great too.

Agreed – I’d say Rialto were easily one of the best bands of the late ’90s and their first album deserved far more attention.

‘Monday Morning 5:19’ – what a song!

Dirceu Guerra Martins

Love this album!

Paul, any information about remastering?


I’ll happily score that 2CD edition – an excellent album that has become an unfairly neglected IMO. And don’t start me on the brilliant “The Invisible Band”, a superb record that seemingly hexed itself with that title.



Completely agree, ‘The Invisible Band’ is a brilliant album. ‘Side’ might be their best-ever track.

Richard McAllister

i’m a huge Travis fan , but this is way overpriced, im out

andrew R

Too much of this going on .Sell you an item which is very limited
the real fans get in early .They then do another run .( Example the bobby gentry set)
there are plenty of others , makes a mockery of collecting anything. One run should be one run .

andrew R

Paul everything gets sold eventually and maybe you overpaid
to access it on the understanding that it was this item or nothing.
The problem is, with something like vinyl it ‘s providence is it’s first stamper
or matrices .With a digital format the ease with which you can do another”run”
makes a mockery of collecting. This was the point i was trying to make and it’s becoming
ever more common . “We underestimated demand print another 1000is the record companies cry ” So why did i get in early? is my response.

O(+> Peter B

I have some vinyl reissues by Craft Recordings that were originally on Delicious Vinyl (Tone Lōc, The Pharcyde, Young MC) and they have the Craft Recordings logo with no sign that these albums were ever on Delicious Vinyl. Good quality though.


There is a period in the early-mid 2000’s where vinyl was pressed in very low numbers and never reissued since. I think circumstance has been kind to those who have collected that era – I’ve paid many £100+ price tags recently for some of my favourite albums that I never bought on vinyl in that period.

Not because they are necessarily a 1st press or just because they are rare, but because there is no other option if you want them on vinyl.

Though you run the risk of a repress (and they are coming thick and fast now) that will reduce the value – it’s a conundrum especially for folks like me who have a lot of favourite bands from that era.

Wayne C

I agree with everything you say, I have all the Doves albums – first pressings. “Lost Souls” was incredibly rare demanding over £150, being a fan I wouldn’t consider selling it but temptation is there – now the first three albums are coming out again ( I’ve preordered again ) and prices of originals will no doubt drop as a consequence. Mind you many first pressings maintain their prices even after repress, for example Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack which has still maintained a high used price.


Demand will course determine the price the first pressings. In many cases later pressing are deemed inferior so do little to the future value of first pressings.
All that aside, we should be happy that others get the opportunity to purchase albums we like, and bands that now rely heavily on back-catalogue sales, are making enough to keep them from having to take up part time employment at your local 711.