Trevor Horn Japanese edition offers bonus CD of instrumentals

Trevor Horn‘s forthcoming Reimagines The Eighties album is being issued as a special 2CD set in Japan, which includes instrumental versions of the songs on the album.

The record is not out until February next year, but if you aren’t keen on Robbie Williams, All Saints, Matt Cardle et al, then this Japanese edition at least gives you the opportunity to hear the Trevor’s production skills and ‘The Sarm Orchestra’ without the vocals! It’s also packaged in ‘paper sleeve’ stylee (‘vinyl replica’ seems inappropriate terminology, since no vinyl edition of this album has been announced).

If you’re not bothered, then you can still pre-order a SIGNED standard CD from Trevor’s official store.

Trevor Horn Reimagines The Eighties is released on 1 February 2019.

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Trevor Horn

Trevor Horn Reimagines The Eighties (feat. The Sarm Orchestra)


CD 1

1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Robbie Williams
2. Dancing In The Dark – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Gabrielle Aplin
3. Ashes To Ashes – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Seal
4. The Power Of Love – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Matt Cardle
5. It’s Different For Girls – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Steve Hogarth
6. Slave To The Rhythm – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Rumer
7. Brothers In Arms – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Simple Minds
8. Girls On Film – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and All Saints
9. What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Tony Hadley
10. Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra
11. Take On Me – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra
12. Blue Monday – Trevor Horn Featuring The Sarm Orchestra and Rev Jimmy Wood

CD 2 


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Ordering this only for the Rumer track.


It was mainly the singers that put me off this album originally and I’m now actually quite interested in hearing the instrumentals.


Robbie track as bad as I imagined it would be. Staying well clear of this barrel scraping unoriginal 80s revisit. Now if it had been the original artists …..
Best 80s covers album would be the Grant Lee-Phillips one from a few years back. Amazing stuff.


As far as the UK is concerned the price of this is £20 + postage so you will be hit import duty. I have ordered a lot of things from cdjapan and their service is great but i keep my purchases to below £15. One last thing i cannot see a link to cdjapan on this page or i must be blind.

Chris Squires

I have never ordered from CD Japan…can anyone give a quick review…reliable? Will I be hit with border charges or do some get through….. I guess I should expect a hit there…

I must admit it is Trevor’s orchestration that I love so the instrumental disc would be a key reason to order….

CJ Feeney

It’s about one in six hit rate for customs/carrier charges, and if you are hit it can double the cost of a single item order. CD Japan package items beautifully and safely.

Robert Morgenstern

Hi Chris, i have ordered there many times in the last few years and everything came well packaged (typically japanese) to me. I live in germany and the customs sometimes charge me. It depends on how much you order there. They accept paypal and credit cards. For shipping there are many ways, from cheap to expensive. Depends on what your favorite. I normally used airmail and it took sometimes only one week. Depends although how fast it slips through costums.


Hi Chris

I placed my first order in CD Japan back in 2010. Every single order out of the 86 that I have placed so far have safely arrived. I wish all the retailers would pack CDs as CD Japan does. I´ve never paid a single penny in import fees ever since (I´m based in Madrid). All the orders that I´ve placed in Amazon.co.jp have included insane import fees.


As CJ FEENY says cdjpan.co.jp are the best..I have used them since 2002, ordered over 700 paper sleeves from them..got a customs hit a few times on larger orders, but now its only single orders now. I focus on the black stuff now

Chris Squires

My Thanks to all above. Ordered with confidence….

Fingers crossed that Dick Turpin is having a day off….

Luigi F

None of links are for the double CD


I must be getting a bit slow in my advancing age, but I don’t see the link anywhere on this page.


Ah… I thought it was because I was looking in Chrome that I couldn’t see it but it turns out it was because of my ad blocker. I’ve turned that off for SDE and now the link’s there.


Ditto i switched my ublock off and the link appeared.

alan hansen

unless there are instruments replacing the vocals/melodies, I’m not interested. I’ve always found ‘karaoke’ versions rather banal. but as always, I hope this is great news for some fans.

Jussi Pukkila

Cool addition. “Forthcoming album is being reissued” doesn’t make sense though. ;-)