Two Tone: The Albums / 8CD box

40th anniversary 8CD box set

Chrysalis Records will issue an Two Tone: The Albums, a new 8CD box set that marks the 40th anniversary of Specials found Jerry Dammers’ label.

This box collects the first eight albums issued on the label, with offerings by The Specials, The Selecter and Rico, along with live concert album ‘Dance Craze’ and the ‘This Are Two Tone’ which collects a host of non-album singles and B-sides.

Artwork has been overseen by Jerry Dammers and this features new sleeve notes by Jason Weir and Peter Walsh.

Two Tone: The Albums will be issued on 4 September 2020.

CD1: The Specials ‘Specials’

1. A Message To You Rudy
2. Do The Dog
3. It’s Up To You
4. Nite Klub
5. Doesn’t Make It Alright
6. Concrete Jungle
7. Too Hot
8. Monkey Man
9. (Dawning Of A) New Era
10. Blank Expression
11. Stupid Marriage
12. Too Much Too Young
13. Little Bitch
14. You’re Wondering Now

CD2: The Selecter ‘Too Much Pressure’

1. Three Minute Hero
2. Everyday
3. They Make Me Mad
4. Missing Words
5. Danger
6. Street Feeling
7. My Collie (Not A Dog)
8. Too Much Pressure
9. Murder
10. Out On The Streets
11. Carry Go Bring Come
12. Black And Blue
13. James Bond

CD3: The Specials ‘More Specials’

1. Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)
2. Man At C&A
3. Hey, Little Rich Girl
4. Do Nothing
5. Pearl’s Café ^
6. Sock It To ‘Em J.B.
7. Stereotypes Pt 1 / 8. Stereotypes Pt 2
9. Holiday Fortnight
10. I Can’t Stand It
11. International Jet Set
12. Enjoy Yourself (Reprise)

CD4: Various Artists ‘Dance Craze’

1. Concrete Jungle (Live) / The Specials
2. Mirror In The Bathroom (Live) / The Beat
3. Lip Up Fatty (Live) / Bad Manners
4. Razor Blade Alley (Live) / Madness
5. Three Minute Hero (Live) / The Selecter
6. Easy Life (Live) / The Bodysnatchers
7. Big Shot (Live) / The Beat
8. One Step Beyond (Live) / Madness
9. Ranking Full Stop (Live) / The Beat
10. Man At C&A (Live) / The Specials
11. Missing Words (Live) / The Selecter
12. Inner London Violence (Live) / Bad Manners
13. Night Boat To Cairo (Live) / Madness
14. Too Much Pressure (Live) / The Selecter
15. Nite Klub (Live) / The Specials

CD5: Rico ‘That Man Is Forward’

1. Easy Snappin
2. Fiesta
3. Chang Kai Shek
4. Stay Out Late
5. Red Top
6. X
7. Ganja
8. That Man Is Forward

CD6: Rico ‘Jama Rico’

1. Destroy Them
2. We Want Peace
3. Jam Rock
4. Some Day
5. Distant Drums
6. Love And Justice
7. Java
8. Do The Reload
9. Easter Island

CD7: Various Artists ‘This Are Two Tone’

1. Gangsters / The Special AKA
2. Madness / Madness
3. On My Radio / The Selecter
4. The Tears of A Clown / The Beat
5. A Message To You Rudy / The Specials
6. Too Much Pressure / The Selecter
7. Too Experienced / The Bodysnatchers
8. Rankin Full Stop / The Beat
9. Too Much Too Young (Live) / The Selecter
10. The Selecter / The Selecter
11. Stereotype / The Specials
12. Mantovani / The Swinging Cats
13. Do Nothing / The Specials
14. Jungle Music / Rico & The Special AKA
15. The Boiler / Rhoda Dakar & The Special AKA
16. Ghost Town / The Specials

CD8: The Special AKA ‘In The Studio’

1. Bright Lights
2. The Lonely Crowd
3. What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend
4. Housebound
5. Night On The Tiles
6. Nelson Mandela
7. War Crimes (The Crime Is Still The Same)
8. Racist Friend
9. Alcohol
10. Break Down The Door

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Tony crotty

Amazon refunded me £6.59 a fantastic deal for a 8 cd box set of quality music.

Matt Appleby

Received mine yesterday with t-shirt

It really is a beautifully packaged item with excellent attention to detail – much better than the flat photos can illustrate

Now £32 on Amazon is fantastic value


Hi Paul. I realise that you probably based this post on the press release for this set but doesn’t it actually comprise the first SIX albums plus Dance Craze and the compilation disc? Also, wasn’t Too Much Too Young (Live) on the compilation disc by The Specials?

Lee Realgone

In what sense are Dance Craze and This Are 2 Tone NOT albums? Yes, one is a compilation album and one is live, but they’re still albums, just not albums containing (at the time) all new material.

Since it contains all EIGHT of the full length releases issued during the 2 Tone label’s original life-span, it’s pretty much the perfect box set.

Still hoping for some kind of 2 Tone visual history on DVD someday, featuring The Specials promo clips, the Dance Craze film and other relevant bits.


It looks like some of these CD’s are coming from the recent half speed masterings now making releases on vinyl for the 2 Tone 40th. Confusingly, Specials get a vinyl two 45rpm release whilst Dance Craze is released on RSD but remains as one album. So although I own most of this material I may opt for this set to see what the Abbey Road mastering is like, then pick up the vinyl releases If it’s good. It would have been nice to see the boxset as vinyl as well. I guess this may happen but who knows as the releases seem to be Dammers centric to say the least. This boxset offers great value though and seems to offer at least new masterings for some of the material. Great to have the Rico records and Dance Craze on cd. DC was the very first record I purchased on tape cassette! Hopefully a nice 2 Tone documentary will appear including the Dance Craze movie.


I just want Dance Craze on CD, I have it on vinyl! I have the rest… as well….


Dance Craze and JamaRico have both been released in their original format on CD. Both are more rare than hens teeth though. Dance Craze appeared very briefly with the Madness tracks on but was pulled pretty fast over copyright. The US version is available with replacement tracks, ie, Selecter , carry go bring come and Special aka skinhead symphony. Jama Rico was released in Japan as a double CD with that man is forward, but again is almost impossible to find.

Ed Bliss

This is worth buying for the Jama Rico album alone – an absolutely belter and criminally under-rated. Its first time on cd to my knowledge. A warm, melodic, mysterious, woozy dub album.


Did anyone else go to Dance Craze at the cinema and dance around at the front? Think that is the only time I’ve danced in a cinema, and I’ve seen La LA Land!

John W

jama rico was released in japan in a 2disk with this man is forward. hard to find but it exists.

ryan evans

yes. didn’t see too much of the film at the cinema! waited until it came out on vhs. sat down with me mates to watch it, and ended up dancing round the living room.
finally got a bootleg copy of it on dvd, a few years ago,and i’m still dancing round the living room at the age of 52!
still don’t think i’ve ever managed to sit down properly and watch it the whole way through.

scott truelove

Great to see Dance Craze on cd at last.
Had it on vinyl back in the 80s,Fantastic album!
I’ve got The Specials and Selecter albums on cd already
So would have preferred Celebrate The Bullet.


Good collection and resonable price, unlike so many CD sets recently.
Personally I would have liked if it had included the rest of the “Ghost Town” EP tracks, as I see “Why” and “Friday Night” along with the title track as complinenting each other.


I will buy this only for the Rico albums which are the only ones missing in my collection. Maybe they will be released seperately. Would be nice.


I think I might just get this. As if I’m not settled with what I’ve got already. I’m surprised actually that a vinyl version hasn’t been released of this. Just goes to show. The CD isn’t being killed off just yet!

Dave H

There is a vinyl reissue for RSD.



Bought. Want Dance Craze and Rico Jama. The rest l have in numerous formats. I do have the US version of Dance Craze on CD with the Madness Tracks ommited. I heard a remixed version of Too Much Pressure by Selecter is being released at some point on Vinyl as the group never liked the original mix. I always thought it was fine. No mention of a release of Celebrate the bullet though. I’m lucky, l have it on both vinyl and CD.


Would love to have this ,but why no vinyl?


Ooh, instand order. Back in ’79, Two Tone was the first time I became aware there was a thing called a record company.


The marketing was genius – the excellent logos, the artwork, the clear social statement across the label, the direct link to fashion (loafers, pork pie hats, white socks, Fred Perry shirts, sta-prest trousers etc.)
I always thought Dammers was probably impressed by Crass Records subtle but powerful marketing and curation style and reflected it with 2 Tone.


I think Dammers modeled 2 tone on Motown. That was where he got the idea of new acts performing a style of music all under one banner.


You’re right of course that curation labels existed long before Crass records (Stax, Motown, Trojan etc), but the overt political messaging and design aspects of 2 Tone which lead to a cohesive label image on many levels is quite a rarity, and is therefore more reminiscent of the Crass label than its prescedents.


Think Dammers has even said he got the idea for the label through the Motown success. Never any mention of the crass label. Pretty sure 2 tone and crass label have never been mentioned in the same breath until now.


This looks like a great introduction to the Two Tone stable of artists for someone like me who missed them the first time around. Seems very well priced as well for an 8 CD set.

Robert Hay

Brilliant, I’ve got them all on vinyl, original, will probably buy them again as 40quid is reasonable, the best time and music of my youth.

Dave H

There’s a good article about the Dance Craze movie here. https://www.in70mm.com/news/2011/dance_craze/index.htm

It’s a pity there hasn’t been a blu-ray release because it looks as though technology has caught up with the way the director wanted it to be seen and heard.

I have an old VHS copy which is pre-nicam stereo. It is also 4:3 aspect ratio with black bars at top and bottom of screen. It would be great to see a blu-ray at close to 16:9 aspect ratio.

David M

4:3 would mean black bars at both sides of the screen, assuming you have a 16:9 TV. Anyway it should be presented in the way it was filmed, not artificially stretched to fill a screen.

Dave H

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear that the video was released before the advent of widescreen TV’s. So, back in the day on a 4:3 TV the black bars would be top and bottom of screen.

The actual image would look like 16:9 or as close to widescreen. This is why I say technology has caught up with the directors vision as it could be released on blu-ray or 4k in 16:9 as filmed and isn’t being stretched.


Cracking, collection,But what Appened to Swan Lake by Madness , on the Dance Craze CD

Dave H

Hi Rich,
Swan Lake, the Dance Craze live version was issued on the 12″ of The Return Of The Los Palmas 7.


It wasn’t on there.


Swan Lake was never on the sound track.


Looking forward to this. Great to get Dance Craze on CD with the Madness tracks included (unlike the prior US reissue) as well as the Rico albums of which only That Man Is Forward has been reissued on CD but by a third party label.

Would be great if they finally released Dance Craze on DVD.


A reasonable price but what ska (or Specials) fan doesn’t already have all of the The Specials releases (which have been released in various multiple CD / 2 CD formats) along with most of the others listed above? Hoping that the Rico CDs will be issued separately and agree that Celebrate the Bullet should be reissued, now that would be something new! I’m not going to lie, I may still buy the box just for the Rico CDs.

Putit Inder

Ugh i LOVE Celebrate the Bullet!

Kevin Wollenweber

Well, since I missed those Specials reissues, and believe me, I wish they’d reissue those again so I can have another crack at it, I’ll want this box for those first two albums.


The original version of Dance Craze was very briefly released on CD with the Madness tracks on, but was very quickly withdrawn over copyright. Finding one is more rare than finding hens teeth though.

Rare Glam

It wasn’t on Two-Tone, it was on Chrysalis who are the reissuing label here, so why can’t they put out The Selector’s second album ‘Celebrate The Bullet’ on CD? Some of it appeared on an old ‘Best of Selector’ CD years ago and as an album it was very briefly reissued by Captain Oi (look at the ebay Prices – the one for a tenner currently on offer there also wants £24 postage!) also years ago. About time it got a proper CD reissue. It was, along with their debut album slated for release as a Japanese mini LP CD a few years back but got withdrawn without explanation. Too much pressure perhaps?


Here it is on Discogs… not cheap, mind you… but, at least, available… https://www.discogs.com/The-Selecter-Celebrate-The-Bullet/release/2315011


It’s The Selecter, not Selector. A real fan knows that. The times it gets spelled wrong really annoys me. Especially when the music press do it too.


Acoording https://recordstoreday.nl/album/dubs-rsd-10/ the 10” will be released in the third RSD drop on October 24th, 2020. Hope this will be true. I want one too.


That is tremendous value and looks like a nice set. Purchased.


Brilliamt! – worth every penny just for the two Rico albums alone (apparently I sold my Jama Rico vinyl just in time!)


Excellent. Been after Too much pressure and Dance craze on cd.


They seem to have reinstated the Madness tracks to ‘Dance Craze’

Getting greedy but would have loved to have seen DVD/Blu-ray of Dance Craze movie (although technically it came out on Chrysalis when the VHS was released)

also would love to see a Bodysnatcher compilation released
be a short album – 4 tracks from two 7″ singles, one track from Dance Craze soundtrack, and an unreleased Peel session = 9 tracks


This looks great, instant preorder. Very reasonable price as well. The first box set this year to get me really excited without any reservations.


Lovely, great price. I’ve not heard any word on the RSD dub album being rescheduled?


What dub album is that?


The Specials Dubs 10″ is in the October 24 RSD list.


Specials dub 10” is out in September’s RSD drops.