U2 / iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris super deluxe edition


U2 are to release iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris next month on blu-ray, DVD and a lavish super deluxe edition box set.

The core of all three editions is U2’s 30-song concert performance in Paris in 2015 where they played much of their most recent album Songs of Innocence as well as a healthy selection of classics such as Where The Streets Have No Name and With or Without You. This is the performance where they are joined by Eagles of Death Metal at the end.


iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE is available on standard DVD, while a blu-ray and two-DVD edition adds plenty of extra content including extra live material (including being joined on stage by Patti Smith) and all the promo videos from the Songs of Innocence album.

super deluxe edition (pictured above) contains the blu-ray and both DVDs and includes a 64-page hardback book, along with a plethora of bits and bobs, such as postcards/art prints, sticker sheet, stencils, badges, a dog tag (individually numbered) and a USB lightbulb.

iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE is released on 10 June 2016.


1. People Have The Power
2. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
3. Vertigo
4. I Will Follow
5. Iris (Hold Me Close)
6. Cedarwood Road
7. Song For Someone
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
9. Raised By Wolves
10. Until The End Of The World
11. The Fly
12. Invisible
13. Even Better Than The Real Thing
14. Mysterious Ways
15. Elevation
16. Every Breaking Wave
17. October
18. Bullet The Blue Sky
19. Zooropa
20. Where The Streets Have No Name
21. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
22. With Or Without You
23. Stephen Hawking ‘Global Citizen’
24. City Of Blinding Lights
25. Beautiful Day
26. Mother & Child Reunion
27. Bad
28. One
29. People Have The Power (With Eagles Of Death Metal)
30. I Love You All The Time (Eagles Of Death Metal)

Bonus Material (2xDVD, blu-ray and super deluxe only)

  • 1. Cedarwood Road – A Gavin Friday Narration
  • 2. Out Of Control (December 6th 2015 – Paris)
  • 3. The Future Better Hurry Up
  • 4. The Electric Co. (November 11th 2015 – Paris)
  • 5. i + e – Behind The Scenes With The Director
  • 6. Bad / People Have The Power (With Patti Smith – December 6th 2015 – Paris)
  • 7. The Wanderer
  • 8. The Troubles
  • 9. Music Videos
    • 1. Ordinary Love
    • 2. Invisible
    • 3. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
    • 4. Every Breaking Wave – A Film By Aoife Mcardle
    • 5. Song For Someone (Directed By Vincent Haycock)
    • 6. Song For Someone (Behind The Scenes)
    • 7. Song For Someone (Directed By Matt Mahurin)

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Guillermo E

Fyi. Right now the bluray version is 7. 50 in Amazon Mexico.

Michel D.

Now down from $175 to $126 (Canadian dollars) at Amazon Canada.

peter chrisp

Looks like i am a fraction too late on the super deluxe edition U2 box set, oh well each European
Country have now put up their prices to over 113 Euro’s or more. France & Germany are now 113 & 114 and no doubt the rest will be similar missed it by that much, better luck next time.


I imagine there wouldn’t be enough music to make a full cd of the show. If you took out all the bits where bono is asking the crowd to hold their phones up and “text this number” etc etc lol


I don’t see the value in the super deluxe version.
The DVDs (please kill that format, Blu-ray players can be bought for a few tenners nowadays) have the same content as the Blu-ray so you pay almost £70 extra for a box, a book and some silly stuff.


Just what we need! More landfill from forcing people to throw electronics that they are happy with and have years of life left in them. Not everybody cares about the latest, fastest, best quality etc. Some people doubtless are perfectly happy with their upscaling DVD players…. Which is why the format lives on.


Errr. I’ll stick with the “regular” Blu-ray. Don’t need the SDE with the same stuff twice on DVDs abd BR plus a pile of stuff.

William M

as discussed re the U2.com store , I tried my 25% discount code and it is not available for this item….that’s RUBBISH!!

Jesper Hall

I will buy the Super Deluxe Edition. It seems the Edge needs the Money.

William M

I’m sure the 25% discount code will be excluded from the dvd/bluray deluxe etc, it’s usually only available for clothing and lithographs.

Dave H

If only I had kept my 25% off coupon from the U2 website to buy the box set instead of using it on some tour clothes! Doh!


Always carry a lightbulb


Good point, I’ve ordered a copy, should fit into the very large holdall I’ll have to carry with me from now on.


USB lighbulb, badges, postcard, dog tags – They package some gimmicky and useless junk inside these box sets nowadays in an attempt to justify the exorbitant price tag.


It’s strange that they have only ever released one live album Under A Blood Red Sky and that’s more like an EP. I know somebody will probably mention Rattle & Hum but that was made up of mostly studio tracks.


It’s a USB lightbulb so you can still have some light at home after you have spent all your money on a box of badges and bits and can’t afford the leccy bill


So why isn’t the lightbulb available as a stand alone item! Does it project Bono’s face across the room? Oh, hold on, I’ve got quite a few lightbulbs already so probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway.

Paul Edwards

Chances are the live Audio will come out via the fan club. I’m not a member but the material always finds a way to get out there


It already is via u2start website. As long as no money changes hand they have never cared about live bootlegs. Bootleg being misleading as it infers poor quality, but what with FM radio and digital broadcasts / rips there are now A – grade recordings of a lot of U2 gigs at aforementioned website. The website moderators take down any recordings that clash with U2 official releases if the band ask them to, but so far they have not done so for this Paris show. A high quality recording from a radio broadcast of the entire Paris show featuring EoDM as guests has been available since a few days after the concert.


Kind of disappointed that the main concert seems to be the TV version shown around Christmas time, and i am probably not alone in still having this on the hard drive recorder. With known complete show pro shots from the Paris gigs in the vault it would have been a real opportunity to add one of these to the second disc add an audio cd and give a real incentive to buy something I already had. But in truth I still bought a SOI even after the download:)


No c.d.s? I guess they are more of a dog and pony show than a live act, eh?


Is that a Talking Heads/Eurythmics style long/wide box?
If so these boxes are a nightmare to display on shelves.


I believe it’s a “USB lightbulb” (a lightbulb you can plug into a USB port to run) as opposed to a “lightbulb USB” (which people here are taking to mean USB storage with video/audio content on it and a lightbulb designon the end).

Or maybe it’s both. But since they don’t mention whether it has any contents or not, I don’t think it’s storage.

Frenchy Eric

Heard from some friends of mine who saw all the U2 gigs in Paris last year that the one with the EODM was the best of them!
Thanks to Bono and the rest of the group to release a great concert…
Decent starting price on Amazon.fr for a super deluxe box set too !


These are all cheaper on HMV if you can call them cheap that is lol. Paul why don’t you add HMV to your widget to give people a better choice ?


Paris was a great concert if your saw it on the TV. I went to one of the O2 London shows, but the problem for a large part of the audience is that the ‘revolutionary’ mid-stage video screen was almost unseeable for everyone at 90 degrees to it – and that was a LOT of people. It’s all very well playing in the round, as yes everyone is closer to the band. But when you put so much emphasis on a video screen and it’s content as this show did (what with Bono’s image being projected ‘into’ the video in real time and all that…) it really messes up the concert if you can’t see it! Those of us at 90 degree angles had to make do with a tiny little video screen at the end of the runway. Oh well, at least this release will let me see in close up what the £60+ ticket didn’t!

Btw, Bono and lads… £85 for the SDE is a scandal. It’s near £70 extra over the standard deluxe for the box, book, other tat and the USB lightbulb. Not good value at all. U2 don’t care about audio bootlegs of their concerts, so for those annoyed that there is no audio download in the standard or standard deluxe editions there is a well known U2 fan site with a grade A FM radio broadcast recording of the Paris show which you can download as mp3 or FLAC. Head over to U2start.com. Don’t worry, it’s all safe non-torrent, non-virus, non-russian and U2 approved :) Happy days.

Dave H

I was also at the first and last concerts at the O2.

If you went for the cheap tickets (or least expensive), you got a close up view of the band. If you went for the more expensive and we’re talking over £150 tickets, you were further away from the stage in seats but the advantage was that you got to see the show as a whole including all the screen effects.

I thought the band did well to compensate for those people who couldn’t see the screen by facing them at times at both ends of the arena but it wasn’t until I went to the shows that I understood why tickets prices were higher for those further away from the stage.

After attending the first night, I bought a standing ticket for the last night to get a different feel for the concert, getting close to the round stage. I did see the little monitor that Daran mentions, I also thought it was a little strange that it was the only view from behind the stage and that it could have been much larger.

I had hoped that the extra’s could have included some of the specials guests that joined U2 on stage through the tour.


Ha, we must have been sitting very close! My first ever U2 live show (long time listener) and I was over the moon to get a seat centre to the stage (though far away) at the O2 assuming it would be one of the better seats. I was so centred that during the show I had no idea what they were up to when they disappeared within this box down the length of the stage for a great many songs, and strained my neck looking up at the tiny screen (which for the most part didn’t even capture much of what was going on). Drove all the way down from Birmingham for that “experience” and with the nightmare of actually getting to the O2 from outer London it all ruined the experience for me, despite the band being on top form and my love of the new material. I was a bit worried when I heard Bono’s voice on TFI Friday but needn’t have worried.

It was only when I watched the Paris show on TV when I actually realised how much of the concert I missed by being “lucky enough” to get a centre-stage seat!!! Wow, was I ripped off! There was no way of knowing through the booking agent how the stage was going to be set up and like anyone I assumed I was selecting a great seat. It should have been sold as one of those “obstructed view” seats at a discount price for all the show that I missed. Unbelievable. Everyone around me seemed to be enjoying themselves, and I did too, a little, but I could tell I was missing something, though that little view screen didn’t really let me know just how much. I am so glad you wrote this so I no longer feel I was the only one that felt this way. I actually considered writing some form of complaint to someone to try and get some compensation. Maybe a better set at their next appearance.

And now while I enjoyed the Paris gig shown on TV, knowing all that I missed did leave a fairly bitter taste in my mouth. And so now I’m not even sure I want to buy this release wondering if watching it again will only continue to “twist the knife” and remind me how the band I waited 30 years to see play live, for the most part, I didn’t actually “see”.

Apologies for the vent, I’ve been holding it in for a good long while and it was great to find out I’m not alone in my U2 “experience”. :)


Nice to see that one seems to get all the videomaterial with the blu-ray/2x dvd and is not forced to buy the massive deluxe box unless their is exclusive content on the usb-stick.
Always love it, when the promo videos for all ‘singles’ of the album are included with such a release (hello Depeche Mode…)


So does the usb contain audio files or just videos?


I assumed it just contained “light”. ;)

elliott buckingham

why no cd release they haven’t released a live album in decades this would hve been a prime opportunity


Ha Ha Ha – A Light Bulb – Take that Clapton


£123 (UK) for 3 discs, a book, postcards, usb and some badges – jeez you gotta love U2 enough to want that version – its Pink Floyd marbles all over again!

David Hollis

Paul, it is £85 from U2.Com but £12 for postage!

I ordered mine from Universal Music for £85 plus £6.95 postage which makes a considerable difference. Still a lot but had to be purchased.


Interesting to see that JPC is far cheaper than U2’s official shop for the super deluxe, which i’ve ordered earlier today at 99 squid