U2 / No Line On The Horizon 10th anniversary 2LP vinyl reissue

Remastered • Black and Clear vinyl options • Bonus tracks

U2 continue their vinyl reissue programme with a 2LP expanded edition of their 2009 album No Line On The Horizon.

The album was produced by Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Steve Lillywhite and features the singles ‘Get On Your Boots,’ ‘Magnificent’ and ‘I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.’

For this vinyl reissue No Line On The Horizon has been remastered and comes with two bonus tracks: ‘Magnificent (Wonderland Remix)’ (by Pete Tong and Paul Rogers) and ‘I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight’ (Redanka’s ‘Kick the Darkness’ Vocal Version).

This packaging replicates the original so you get the gatefold sleeve, 16 page booklet, printed inner sleeves and the heavyweight outer plastic sleeve. It’s available as 2LP black vinyl or 2LP ‘Ultra-Clear’ vinyl and both come with download codes.

No Line On The Horizon is reissued on 2LP vinyl on 22 February 2019.

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No Line On The Horizon - 2LP ultra-clear vinyl


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No Line On The Horizon - 2LP black vinyl


Side 1

1.     No Line On The Horizon

2.     Magnificent

3.     Moment Of Surrender

Side 2

1.     Unknown Caller

2.     I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight

3.     Get On Your Boots

4.     Stand Up Comedy

Side 3

1.     FEZ-Being Born

2.     White As Snow

3.     Breathe

4.     Cedars Of Lebanon

Side 4

1.     Magnificent (Wonderland Remix)

2.     I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (Redanka’s ‘Kick the Darkness’ Vocal Version)


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David Carter

Just given my clear vinyl a spin and it does sound incredible. Only gripe was that the seem of the plastic sleeve had a split in it. A shame also that the far superior Redanka remix of Magnificent was passed over in favour of the lame Pete Tong Mix.


NLOTH reissues seem to have March 29 as new release date according to amazon.de, thesoundofvinyl and udiscover store.


I’ll give them the 80’s, Achtung Baby, half of Zooropa, and maybe 4 songs off Pop.
For me, they’re now rock music for people scared of rock music.
The god Bono believes in is obviously short of cash, mister.


Not easy to pick up the worst U2 Album:

2) POP
3) October
4) SOI
5) SOE

There are not bad albums but they are not great either (great for U2 standars) yeah, they had courage to attempt something new i give them that.

For me SOE was strike 3, 3 bad albums in a row….time to retire said Bono…


smorrissey, you should come to my house to listen to music. We must have similar tastes; your list is mine as well. Although “Atomic Bomb” might be in there somewhere.


smorrissey, I would exclude October because it belongs to the good old days and is an acceptable (mis)step in an early career, but concentrating on the recent ones I would save SOI… Even though for me it’ s the PRODUCTION nowadays that is too wimpy and fearful and “muted”… Where’ s the meanness and tension of U2?

Plus Andy B (and others) I really don’ t understand the hostility towards Atomic Bomb, which for me is absolutely fantastic and the REAL return to the old U2 after the Achtung – Zoo – Pop parenthesis… certainly it wasn’ t ATYCLB which was the first attempt to do so but resulted in being soooo boooooring…

Plus plus: I recently “discovered” Zooropa during a long journey to Hungary in a friend’ s car. Welcomed it at the time as an unnecessary extension of the Achtung concept (little knowing that there would also be Pop with its even further extension…) I found it quite pleasant. Will check it out at home and see if the effect is the same or it was only travel weariness and enthusiasm.

Jef Van Eynde

In my opinion NLOTH is the last very good album in a great string of albums since Boy. They play it way too save since then. Business over artistic ambitions, it seems. Live though, they are still top of the world and worth every penny. I will certainly get NLOTH on vinyl. Looking forward to their next move : definitely live jukebox or do they still have a “Blackstar” up their sleeves.


Great album, especially if you ignore Boots, Crazy, and Stand Up Comedy. The original vinyl was over four sides, pressed at RTI and cut by Bernie Grundman. You can’t get better than that.

Here are my grades:


andyb in the place U2 are gonna b

I concur with rattle & Hum


Everything before this LP is almost flawless.

Hans (Utrecht, NL)

I think they should have put de DVD-version of the album on this reissue.
The order of the songs is better……and people who like the album already have got it.


I agree with the fact that the track order is better on the DVD, and the movie itself was really a worthwhile experience.
I don’t know if this is the exact same master as the original CD (which was really good BTW), but I have noticed that the vinyl masters used for Pop, Zooropa and “All That you can’t leave behind” sound way better than their original CD release counterparts.
I like this album, the title track, magnificent, and all that is after “get on your boots” is really good and deserves to be re evaluated in my opinion.
This one I will buy.


If you can find a copy, the first Satan & Adam CD (the blues street duo seen in the film) is most excellent.


I bought that album on vinyl upon release 10 years ago (a 16-page album-size booklet was included in this original 2 LP pressing) so I’m not interested in this reissue and I don’t like expanded reissues on vinyl anyway (especially with remixes). They shouldn’t tamper and just stick to the original, replicate the first issue and make bonus tracks available via download or extra CD or 7″. For Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions, it’s another story (I like vinyl versions) but for expanded reissues with bonus tracks and remixes , they should be made available on CDs, downloads or with a bonus 7″ or LP. That’s what record labels used to do 30 years ago. Some albums came with a bonus 7″ or LP. For example, first pressings of Bauhaus’ third album, Sky’s Gone Out, came) contained the live album Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape as a bonus LP.

About the album, it’s a fine but ordinary LP. Lots of good songs, enjoyable but not a very creative album. Achtung Baby was U2’s last great album. Some critics expected a Joshua Tree II and U2 did the opposite, they totally reinvented themselves with that album. If you put into context all the other biggest selling albums of the 80s : Thriller, Let’s Dance, Born in the USA, Brothers in arms, True Blue, Songs from the Big Chair, etc. U2’s probably the band/artist that made the best (and most creative) following album after making a huge hit with a 10+ million sales album.


I have the original too, but I hated how they split the tracks, only 2 tracks on the first side, then 3 across the others. Does my head in having to get up after 2 songs to turn it over, this is a much better split in my opinion, a good revision :D


To be fair to U2 they’ve made available all the hard to get 90’s onwards vinyl available over the last couple of years at reasonable prices , and the quality has been very good, the vinyl atomic bomb is a much better sonic experience than the cd , and with this release they’ve given a choice to fans for coloured or not after criticism of the coloured zooropa coming out after the regular rerelease.
I saw them on the 360 tour and as always with U2 the songs worked better live , even boots !
For me this album is frustrating, as it’s got the genesis of a classic experimental album (unlike passengers which is just pretentious and indulgent) , but the attempts at more commercial tracks just don’t work, and I think U2 have been second guessing themselves on every release since.
But compared to their peers of 1980 , you have to tip your hat to them , which other act of that era sells out stadium gigs to the size if U2 and still release new music that sells.


Everything that came after Pop is so hit or miss to me, and No Line is IMHO by far the worst. Perhaps I was immediately turned off by that odd-paced Boots song and finally sick of Bono’s antics. Either way, I haven’t listened to the whole album more than a handful of times. Magnificent is a good song but I still forget about it as I just skip over the album when looking at the CD rack.

After Pop, I’ve liked Atomic and Innocence. I tend to go for their energetic songs. With Innocence, it’s surprising that I really only dislike one track (the bland Song for Someone) given the band’s inconsistency. Rest of the album and B-sides are quite listenable (they should have made Invisible its own track). Jury is out on Experience still. Probably will give it an average rating.

Wayne Olsen

I’m one of those people who actually liked POP. Nobody asked for this, but here are my individual ratings of the Irish quartet’s oeuvre:
I would have walked over broken glass to see U2 in their first twenty years. I cannot remember one song from the last two albums. Maybe it’s me….


Zooropa only gets a C?

David Carter

GentleRabbit, yes I was surprised by that

I love Zooropa , the exprimental side of U2 is so more interesting than what they have done in the last 20 years

David Carter

I quite liked this album saw them twice on the 360 tour that followed this album and the songs thrived in that environment. It’s the only U2 album I lack on vinyl so a clear purchase for me


I see right through that pun.

Daniel from Adelaide

The last decent U2 album IMO. In fact, the only decent U2 album since Pop. The addition of Eno always makes U2 sound great.

Now if the band would only do a super deluxe of Pop, instead of utterly ignoring it as they’ve done since 2000. Twenty year anniversary came and went in 2017, and I don’t see them doing anything soon. But, wait for the 20th anniversary editions of the dross they’ve been pumping out (with the exception of NLOTH) since 2000.

Christopher A. Allen

There are some good songs on this and I don’t think any U2 album has been terrible, but from Pop on they are very labored, overproduced and overly concerned with chart success and being everything to everyone. I’ll Go Crazy, where they teamed with an already-peaked Will.I.Am, is one of their most embarrassing would-be chart-toppers, so having an extra remix is odd and sort of reinforces the idea there will be a more thorough reissue down the road. Agree the No Line version 2 should have been included.


Nicely put – if Bono would stop being concerned about being hip, album sales and extravagant arena tours that need to sell out to recoup their costs, he might be able to pull off some interesting stuff. Post the excellent ‘Pop’ it’s been more of the same but not as good! Bono solo with some experimental producers – now that has potential. Still love ‘In the Name of the Father’ . . . what a track.
I still remember seeing Daniel Lanois on tour at Shepherds Bush early 2000s, when an overweight intoxicated Bono waddles on for a duet, which he didn’t remember the lines too. His hair was also a full grey. Obviously rock stars have an off season look as well 

Kevin Galliford

By coincidence, I played this last week before this was announced & for me it’s still a really good album.It’s much better than the steaming pile that was the “Attomic bomb” album & easily stands the test of time. I even bought it twice because I found the A4 magazine Ltd edition for a bargain somewehere. What I really want though is the anniversary of “Pop” done to the standard of the “Achtung Baby” one a few years back with maybe an unseen concert, from the tour too because I know they film every concert. Get on with it lads!


I’m fine with late-period U2 – the songwriting still speaks to me. I would put “Unknown Caller,” “Ordinary Love,” “City Of Blinding Light,” “The Blackout” and “Iris (Hold Me Close)” up against any older U2 song, and I think they hold up pretty well. Let’s just say I appreciate the effort.

This is an underrated album – perhaps not a great one, but better than you remember. And the “Crazy” remix here is pretty good (the “Magnificent” one not so much). I agree with @Shingouz that “Winter” and “No Line 2” would have made this a better offering than the remixes, but there you go.

Kevin Galliford

“Cedars of Lebanon” is one of my favorite songs by anyone & checking my iTunes “25 most played” is the proof in the pudding for this. The only songs which let the album down are “Boots” & the stodgy album version of “Crazy” but I”ll let them off that as the live version is much better.


I remember putting it on my iPod and accidentally having the track listing reversed. It was a much better listen for some reason. I really liked it.

Ben Williams

Scary how this is 10 years old already. Love this album though, some good solid songwriting IMO.

I remember biking down to Morrisons on the release day to buy this on CD (for just £6!) on a lunchbreak during my first year in sixth form… happy days!


Pop was re-released on vinyl last year, it was a standard reissue, no extras. As for a 20th anniversary box set, they have only done that for the big albums, and Pop, Zooropa, R & H doesent fall into that category. In fact they did Joshua Tree annoversary box sets twice, 2007 & 2017.

All of U2’s vinyl albums from Achtung Baby, were commanding high prices, so its a good move. The only album not reissued on vinyl after this latest one, is Passengers-Original Soundtrack 1, the U2 side project, and Rattle & Hum did get a limited vinyl reissue in 2002, and is long gone.


Rattle And Hum is still very easy to get. I got it new via Walmart online for $10.65 during some bizarre price war they were having with Amazon or something. Anyway you can get it from 3rd party retail on Amazon, new, for less than $18 (in the US at least)


Sorry- meant to mention that the Walmart deal was just like 2 weeks ago. They had some great stuff for RIDICULOUS prices.


Rattle and hum on vinyl is readily available new from Amazon and HMV rereleased a couple of years ago by universal


After Pop, U2 lost its edge. With All That You Can’t leave Behind, the decline set in. From that album on it was all mediocre. Nothing great, nothing bad. All straight forward rock albums without any surprises or brilliance. It’s good they gave Songs Of Innocence away because it’s not a horrible album. I would have never listened to it otherwise. When U2 experimented with synthesizers in Germany, it became very interesting. Once they chose for their regular rock sound and settled on that for the rest of their career, it was all over for me personally. Just plain boring.


… and fantastic, though where oh where is Passengers?


Stunned that they haven’t included the brilliant Version 2 of the title track at the end…

angus young

great album but this is far too expensive


magnificent is a well named song but as an album it was quite bland, i have the original vinyl release so i doubt I’ll buy this unless its at a big sale price

David Johnson

someone did a mash up of I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight and I Travel by simple minds (on youtube). That’s the best thing i can say about this album and the songs to be honest!


Real question is where is 20 th anniversary edition of Pop?? And instead 10 th anniversary edition of No line?? Hilarious


Pop was re-released on vinyl last year, so a 21st anniversary edition. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pop-VINYL-U2/dp/B079VD4L57
And probably also in your local record store.

Bruno MacDonald

Couldn’t agree more. Pop has great songs, interesting remixes and a tremendous live video that would justify a deluxe on its own.

No Line has… er… Nope, I’m stuck.


A remastered 10 year old album?! Should keep the fans happy until the inevitable re-remastered 15th anniversary edition!


People complain about the rerelease of a 10 year old album, well this hasn’t been on vinyl in a long time. This is getting it back into stores. How is that not a good thing? A lot of U2 has been missing on vinyl for years so these rereleases are way overdue. IF people have the original issues they don’t need these but a lot of people probably haven’t got U2 on vinyl and second hand U2 is usually at a premium.


I wasn’t complaining, just passing comment!


It seems like it was only yesterday when this came out. Is a 10 year special edition warranted? I mean, I guess it’s gone out of print anyway and the Discogs prices on it have gone mad. Will be a great opportunity for folks to fill in a gap if they missed out the first time I suppose.

Ultra clear vinyl must be something like those Rolling Stones ABKCO reissues that came out a few years ago. Those were super nice. Crystal clear! Tempted to pick this up. I have it already. I don’t need it, but I kind of want it. :)


Always thought this album was a snooze fest. This was where I got off the U2 bus. Glad I was around during their 80s climb. They owned that decade.


I got off that bus in year 2000. Everything after Pop is pure copy/paste sell out and in fact more pop than Pop.


You guys are diehards compared to me. I got off when the bus started to rattle and hum…


Prepared to be wrong but I can’t really imagine there being a line around the block for this. Has this become a “fan favourite” or suchlike over the years?


Too bas this doesn’t include Winter and No Line On The Horizon 2 as bonus tracks instead of these questionable remixes that really don’t fit the mood of the album. Missed opportunity.


Amen !

Mike the Fish

Agreed about Winter and No Line 2 rather than the remixes.


10 years already? Jeez.