U2 / Songs of Experience box set

All the formats of U2’s new album explained

U2‘s forthcoming album Songs of Experience, will be available as a three-disc box set and a trio of other physical formats.

Recorded in Dublin, New York and Los Angeles, Songs of Experience follows three years on from 2014’s Songs of Innocence and follows on from this summer’s The Joshua Tree reissue and tour.

The album is being released as a 13-track jewel-case CD, a 17 track deluxe CD edition which is packaged as a gatefold card wallet, and a 16-track 2LP gatefold cyan vinyl edition. The vinyl sounds very well spec’d and includes two black poly-lined sleeve, two printed inners and a six-panel oversized booklet.

2LP cyan vinyl edition of Songs of Experience

Additionally, there is a deluxe box set that gathers both the deluxe CD and the double cyan vinyl and packages them in a 12″ x 12″ rigid box. This is numbered and also comes with a fold-out poster and a “Songs of Experience Newspaper”. The box and the standalone 2LP cyan vinyl both come with a download code.

Two tracks from the album – The Blackout and You’re The Best Thing About Me – have already been made available. The latter has been remixed by Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo and features as the last bonus track on the deluxe CD (this is the one track not on the 2LP set, although it may well form part of the download).  The album has been produced by Jacknife Lee and Ryan Tedder, with Steve Lillywhite, Andy Barlow and Jolyon Thomas. The cover image (by Anton Corbijn) features band-members’ teenage children Eli Hewson and Sian Evans.

Songs of Experience is released on 1 December 2017. Best price on the box set (by a considerable margin) is currently JPC in Germany – Update: they are no longer taking orders for the box. The non-deluxe CD is only available in the UK.

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Songs of Experience 2LP+CD box set


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Songs of Experience 2LP cyan vinyl


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Songs of Experience deluxe CD


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Songs of Experience standard CD


U2 / Songs of Experience deluxe CD edition

Songs of Experience / CD

1.  Love Is All We Have Left
2. Lights of Home
3.  You’re The Best Thing About Me
4. Get out of Your Own Way
5. American Soul
6. Summer of love
7. Red Flag Day
8. The Showman (Little More Better)
9. The Little Things That Give You Away
10. Landlady
11. The Blackout
12. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
13. (There is a Light)

Bonus tracks on Deluxe CD

14. Ordinary Love (Extraordinary Mix)
15. Book Of Your Heart
16. Lights of Home (St Peter’s String Version)
17. You’re The Best Thing About Me (U2 vs Kygo)

Songs of Experience / 2LP vinyl

1. Love Is All We Have Left
2. Lights of Home
3. You’re The Best Thing About Me
4.  Get out of Your Own Way
5. American Soul
6. Summer of love
7. Red Flag Day
8. The Showman (Little More Better)
9. The Little Things That Give You Away
10. Landlady
11. The Blackout
12. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
13. (There is a Light)

+ Bonus tracks:

14. Ordinary Love (Extraordinary Mix)
15. Book Of Your Heart
16. Lights of Home (St Peter’s String Version)

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Songs of Experience / 2LP vinyl
Amazon.de now 14,99 Euro


Just bought the vinyl and delighted to find that the download is a set of Wav files and not the usual MP3s – result!! Wish more bands did that.


They make cheesy shite these days with putrid lyrics. Remember when people actually used to praise Bono for his lyrics? I bet those people cringe now. Pop is the last album I can play from beginning to end and enjoy it. I remember being so pumped when Discotheque came out. I remember thinking ‘What is this mysterious new music?’ The same with the Batman song. Each album since Pop has a max of two or three songs I like. The last one has The Landlady and Red Flag Day and that is all. Even my mates who are long term fans since the 80s and 90s just laugh at them. Maybe they’re picking up new young fans with each album or something.

David Carter

Having listened to this album a lot in the last few weeks I think it is their strongest since Pop.
I have to agree that they seriously went off the boil after the superb Actung Baby, Zooropa, Pop trilogy as Bonos ego went out of the roof but this is something of a return to form.


Is this edition the Deluxe one a limited numbered version ? Mine is to be delivered in a day or so .



I made the mistake of ordering from the official store, paying extra as the website indicated that the deluxe box set would ship so that it would arrive “on or near the street date” (i.e. 01 Dec). As of the 05 Dec, I have yet to have a shipping confirmation email. Many people are complaining over at the official u2.com message forum with no indication when the box sets will arrive.

I’d recently made the same mistake of pre-ordering Sting’s new blu-ray from his official store and that shipped a week after the release date.

Both are run by fanfire / Live Nation. Avoid at all costs.

Andrew Roberts


Hello from Amazon.ca.

We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on November 02, 2017 (Order #701-2186239-6089002):

U2 “Songs of Experience (Super Deluxe 2LP Vinyl + Deluxe CD)”


28€ for 2LP…let’s wait a bit


Based on the info at u2.com it appears the vinyl itself is different from the regular vinyl to the deluxe. More than just packaging the same vinyl in a box.


Yeah I really like it too.
Just have to wait for the box set to come down in price before I buy the physical thing :)

Donal Murphy

Having had mustiple full album listens, since last Saturday, I can say without doubt, this album is absolutely stunning. Certianly their best, since Achtung Baby, and I don’t say that lightly.

I can hardly believe how good it is, but it got me immediately, and that hasn’t happened, to me since Achtung Baby. I like all U2 albums for different reasons, but this one is just superb, from start to finish.


Pop is sublime; their best album.
Certainly their last great album (unless I change my mind).


the only time U2 was interesting to me was in the early/mid 90s when they released the “achtung baby”, “zooropa” and to a lesser extent the “pop” album. after that i think their albums got more and more boring and irrelevant… i think their time is over, they are the new rolling stones in a way, it seems they are just putting out new albums to be able to tour them. sadly, in contrast to the rolling stones, who seem to know that their albums are irrelevant and just serve this touring purpose, U2 really seem to believe that their albums are still good… which is both sad and megalomaniac. and what i heard from the new album so far (the four songs they already released) i think i don’t need to change my opinion.


Michael: What are you smoking? All U2 albums are fantastic…All

Wayne Klein

Hate the cover.


My early JPC order was just cancelled among with 3 others items I added with this. Ok, now they can keep, all of it. Not gonna re-order a single thing..


I think “No line on the horizon” is so much better than SOI. The title track is great, especially the fast version´that was released as a bonus track. Magnificient is one of their best pop songs and I´ll go crazy is catchy as hell. There is nothing to rival those songs on SOI and the production sounds lifeless and artificial.


I’d like to purchase the deluxe box but can’t justify spending €90 when I can pick up the vinyl and cd separately for € 45 .Why would anyone pay an extra €45 for a box and ‘newspaper’? The deluxe box should be no more than €60. I expect it will be available for that in January.
Regarding the music,I suspect that the band have allowed Ryan Tedder to airbrush and polish the life out of the record.I’m expecting catchy,pro tools pop songs with lashings of synths and drum machines…. Still looking forward to it though,they don’t really owe their fans anything at this stage.


I will never again buy an U2 product. Not willing to pay Bonos tax fraud…


It’s old news. U2 shifted their finances away from Ireland to Holland years ago for tax avoidance purposes before Ireland started to develop it’s own tax avoidance schemes, lately so beloved by Apple and Google (before they were closed down by EU and new avoidance rules were created again by Ireland to keep the business in the country). As ex-manager Paul McGuiness once said “we are good at music, so why be bad at the business…”. You don’t really think Bono was that saintly did you? He is a major investor / partner in Elevation Partners venture capital investment company. Does that sound like a business that does not minimise it’s tax liabilities?


If you order through the link on u2.com you get access to pre-sale of 2018 tour tickets. A very attractive proposition were it not that on the dutch suppliers page (bol.com) the vinyl version is missing…)


Vinyl is not really missing on the Bol.com page, just a bit more difficult to find. After you click on the CD or CD Deluxe item and get to the product page, you can select if you want the CD or the vinyl (option above the mention of the price). Not logical at all, but at least it’s possible to order the vinyl if you want to.



Alan B

The pre order price (up to £80) for the box set is a joke. Basically an additional £40 for a box and a small newspaper if you buy the LP and CD separately. The record label executives must be licking their lips at the profit margin on that one. Assuming anyone buys it of course.

Kevin S

The Sound of Vinyl says the deluxe set includes ‘translucent cyan-blue vinyl’ whereas the stand-alone vinyl is ‘cyan-blue vinyl’.

Anyone know if this right?


Thank you TomDM
Great news!!!


At this moment you can order Songs Of Experience (180g) (Numbered-Limited-Deluxe-Box-Set) (Cyan Blue Vinyl) by JPC for eur 86,99


Another pop meaningless u2 album. What a dissapointment. They didnt record any good, rock album in 20 years. Another cash grab, joshua tres cliche connections crap…Its almost unbelievable they recorded something so good like Achtung baby….Theyre finished . Only past albums left to listen


Everyone knows at least two songs from the album. You dont expect that rest of album gonna be experimental, avantgarde or revolutionary? No way. Cash grab ? Yeah od course. Its another album that sounds like joshua tree and You know that u2 fans are loving joshua more than Pop for example. Ignoring 20 th anniversary of Pop means something right?
Really i used to wish that u2 would be such an artists like Bowie. Bowie after few bad albums could record such an masterpiece and anti commercial album like Outside but its not that case with u2. Of course people gonna love this new album but its not rock .


U2 sitting around the kitchen table talking about what type of album to record:

Bono – “if we do a rock record we’ll be hated and slated by x% of our fanbase”
Edge – “and if we do an experimental record then Bart won’t like it…..”
Larry – ” ….. ”
Adam – “F*ck ’em all. Let’s just make a record we want and like. Who gives a sh*t if they don’t like it”

I actually thought SoI was middling. The Miracle…. was Vertigo / Boots redux (seems a 3 chord 3 minute crunchy guitar song is obligatory now to have as a U2 1st single?), and someone should have been brave enough to tell Bono that however personal to him Iris was filler and not good enough for the final cut. But it was free, had some interesting stuff on it and included one masterpiece in Every Breaking Wave.


‘Pop’ hasn’t been re-released because ‘Rattle & Hum’ is next in line, Both haven’t actually been addressed for anniversary releases simply because of scheduling difficulties, the new album sounds nothing like The Joshua Tree, nor is it trying to. Anti-Commercial album by U2?….have you heard ‘Passengers?’, not that anyone purposely releases an ‘anti-commercial’ album anyway, Bowie’s ‘Outside’ is a poor example given that it was well received (Earthling is a truer example perhaps?), you could have went with Terence Trent D’arby ‘Niether fish nor flesh’ now that would have been a better example?


agreed….U2 is fabulous & I loved the last album & I also loved No Line On The Horizon which I have in the super box set & still listen to it all the time. I am sure this will be fantastic

Mike the Fish

I really like Iris on Songs of Innocence. It’s one of my favourites on there at the moment.


I ordered the vinyl-edition from Media Markt (in Germany, living there myself) and will get a Songs Of Experience T-Shirt for free.


RSD in the USA will have a 12″ vinyl version of The Black Out on black vinyl (Jack Knife Lee remix on the Bside (I suspect). Pressed by Third Man Records.
At Third Man Records stores in Nashville and Detroit you can get a colour vinyl version (has a white splatter centre).

Ron Martin

I liked almost 50% of the last album (which is great for almost any album) and I am looking forward to this one.


Does anyone know how many copies of the box will be pressed?

elliott buckingham

pre-ordered the vinyl. I think innocence was the best thing they had done since achtung the singles from pop sounded better in the re-recorded form for the best of dbl cd


The Japanese CD also features The Blackout (Jacknife Lee Remix) as a bonus track.

Mathew Lauren

Will U2 EVER embrace discrete, surround-sound for their studio album releases a.w.a. their re-releases? What a constant missed opportunity, time and again by these guys :(


You were not wrong.

Japanese Deluxe CD bonus track is …
18. The Blackout (Jacknife Lee Remix)


I bet a tenner that track 17 on the cd will have a proper seperate 12″ release,rsd style


30€ 2LP ? WTF? I’ll wait a reconditionned one or a regular black repress

Marc K.

Songs of Innocence used to be 30 euro’s as well and can now be bought for 21 euro’s at Amazon.de…..so best to wait, I guess


The single CD is now up on Amazon Canada. $15.25.


Shame on U2 – an album without a 5min track!!
Hope for the Japan bonus track!!


Get Out Of Your Own Way is also available as download.


Marmite springs to mind

Miguel Rocha

The year of they were released, No Lines was one of the soundtracks to my family Portugal vacation while Songs of Innocence was one of the soundtracks to my family Iceland/Faroe Islands vacation. U2 is one of the few bands we (my kids, my wife and I) can all agree on in the car! Love both albums (however, Boy and Unforgettable Fire are still their greatest, in my humble opinion).


I agree on this


Just be clear.
The official site says: 12” x 12” laminated cyan-blue rigid box (limited and numbered)
So it’s the cardboard box that is limited rather than the contents. LOL.


whilst i agree that songs of innocence is a fine album i have to admit none of the new songs so far have set anything off inside me, the singles have been quite dire, ‘The Blackout’ is U2 trying to be Kasabian, ‘You’re the best thing about me’ sounds like a cumbersome/clumsy B-side from a former U2 incarnation, ‘The little things that give you away’ isn’t bad but is definitely an album filler track, ‘Get out of your own way’ is a re-write of Beautiful day but is still a catchy track and a grower, Can only hope the rest are a step up from what is already out there or this will be a very disappointing album indeed.

To say they haven’t released anything good since pop or previous is a bit blinkered, i personally see only ‘no line on the horizon’ as a significant dip in quality, if you write off every release then you’re just allowing narrowmindedness to cloud your judgement.

I’m a huge U2 fan and collector so it’s going to be an expensive lead up to xmas for me as i will buy all of the above, renew my fan club membership and buy tickets for the upcoming tour.

Henrik K

I back you on this
Great band Ready for the tour
The new songs are just ordinary
Hope the rest is better

Phil B

Worst poem ever.


surely you mean haiku? :-p

Michael Fortin

I agree with you about ‘No Line On The Horizon’. It’s my least favorite U2 album besides maybe ‘October’. ‘Songs of Innocence’ was a return to form.

Andrew B

Were a really exciting rock band with fantastic early LP’s, now on a unstoppable collision course with old age releasing laughable middle of the road bollocks. I used to love U2 up to Achtung Baby, then it just nosedived into drivel and nappy contents.

Roberto R

The Deluxe box will be numbered… to 9.999.999 …..


Universal/Sound of Vinyl has these for similar prices to Amazon (UK). Plus you get 10% off next order, which is better than a poke in the eye ;)
I think giving away Songs of Experience actually turned many people off it, it’s not their worst album by any means!

Mike the Fish

I didn’t really listen to it much until I got it on physical format. Then I appreciated it a whole lot more for some reason.

Hans Jörg

@Antonio: This is just your opinion.

Antonio Cunha

Obviously is my opinion, Hans Jörg. I can only talk for myself. :)

I do prefer The Knife, Fever Ray or Björk, for example, if I want exciting music.
U2 are dead creatively, no matter what – like a lemon without juice! ;)


Loved Songs of Innocence and No Line deserves another listen.
Can’t comment on this album as I’ve only heard 3 tracks.
And of course if you don’t like the v. Expensive box you can save yourself 30+ quid and just buy the album.


No Line on The Horizon deserves many more listens..it is great! I love it all the way through. same with Songs of Innocence


and the boxset is back on jpc… with the correct price, 87€

Antonio Cunha

I wonder who still buy these U2 pastiche music albums? Odd to me!

Their last – not perfect but, still – good album, ‘POP’, is 20 years old. Everything they recorded ever since is so little interesting – save for the singles ‘Electrical Storm’ and ‘The Hands That Built America’ – full of Ohohohos and Ahaaaaas and a no longer desirable rock sound?
Where are the U2 that used to bring exciting songs and full amazing albums?
Plus, I regreted to buy their new bigger ‘Joshua Tree’ vinyl box. Everything now has to be boxed and big. To get the homes with dozens of boxes, many of them so ugly, such as this new one! :|
I now only stick to their new SHM mini lp Japanese CD’s.

Songs Of Excellence

Agreed Paul. After all the flack they received for giving the album free to undeserving people I decided to not hear a single track until I had a physical copy in my hand. I thought SOI was one of U2`s best album since The Joshua Tree and IMHO they have recorded some fine albums in-between.
Yeah Bono is a prat but it`s the music that I want. If you don`t like them, first, why are you reading this, second…er, well do one.

Tony Orwell

The JPC price has now shot up so not sure if they sold any at the low price

Michael Reumann

Yep, they did! Just arrived… I ordered early at JPC when the price was 48,99 €… shortly after I ordered the price went up to what it’s now (something around 86,99 €).

Was wondering what would happen… BUT now I’ve got that numbered box for 48,99 €… hooray!!

Chris Woods

I would rarely buy a U2 album however the fact Songs of Innocence was given away free on iTunes encouraged me to listen to it. Have to say I agree, I thought it was a brilliant record.

DJ Control

Me too!


So did I ! A renaissance, and they have been awesome live these last 2 tours.

Mike the Fish

I really like Songs of Innocence too. Haven’t managed to get into Pop yet

Jeff M

Do yourself a favour, take a listen to Pop without expectations of a usual U2 album. It is a fantastic album especially from the middle to the end. I know they were disappointed in the mix and how the songs came out but I think it is one of their best albums along with Acthung.

johnny feathers

I like your enthusiasm–I think “fabulous” might be overstating things a bit, but I did think it was their strongest since Pop.

Mike the Fish

It’s four sides on old money, Paul!


ATYCLB was great, the first half is U2 at its (pop) best…
SOI is weaker in my opinion


Agreed. ATYCLB is a storming record except for Elevation, which is just bombastic nonsense (alveit a gig favourite).


Two ships passing mate, No Line and Songs were great, No Line close to a masterpiece. Pop is probably my least fave of theirs. To each his own!


I’m always kind of confused by these “no, THIS one was great and THAT one was crap” arguments. Everyone has different tastes, and it’s not like there is an objective measure for what makes a “good” album. I totally get defending why you think something is great and why you enjoy it, but to flat out say it simply is good or bad is a bit ridiculous. It just didn’t connect with you, or it did.


It took a while after Pop, agree, but No Line on the Horizon and the Corbijn film Linear was a return to form. Being around the same age as the boys, I found Songs of Innocence a beautiful look at life at 50; where do you come from, what made you what you are, what, and who, matters? The tour was great, so I am looking forward to this.

Mike W.

Agreed. U2’s work for the past 20 years(!) or so has been phenominally bad. Self-conscious nonsense.

Tony Orwell

I cant seem to pre order the box set from JPC but I can pre order the other formats, is it out of stock already?

Marc K.

JPC.de must have found out they were mistaken……price has gone, can’t order

Mike the Fish

Thanks for this – I’ve been looking forward to this info for a while! Shame the vinyl doesn’t have everything the deluxe CD does, but at least it only takes one format to get all the tracks for now.