U2’s ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ is reissued for its 20th anniversary

Remastered • Five-CD box • 11LP super deluxe 

U2‘s tenth studio album, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, is being reissued next month to celebrate 20 years since the original release.

Released in 2000, the album features the UK number one single ‘Beautiful Day’ and three more top five hits (‘Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of’, ‘Elevation’ and ‘Walk On’).

For the reissue, the two major formats are a large format five-CD box set that features the album, B-sides and demos, two CDs of Elevation: Live in Boston and a disc of remixes. This box includes a book, Walk On: A Travelogue by Anton Corbijn, a large-format booklet and a poster. See image below.

Perhaps surprisingly, there is a vinyl super deluxe edition which contains exactly the same content as the CD set, so that’s 11 vinyl records in total, even if the last five aren’t exactly ‘LPs’ – more on that later.

All That You Can’t Leave Behind on vinyl is now a 2LP set and features ‘The Ground Beneath Her Feet’ for the first time (it was CD only, originally). The second record is the B-sides and demos. Three LPs of Elevation: Live in Boston follow, which take you to six LPs. Then what constitutes one single remixes CD in the CD box becomes FIVE vinyl records in the super deluxe! Although these are 180g vinyl, let’s be honest it’s five 12-inch singles and all but one contain two tracks each. Four of the remixes are new and previously unreleased. Photo of the vinyl super deluxe is below. If features the same book etc and comes with a download code.

A two-CD version doesn’t feature the B-sides and demos as disc two, as you might expect, but is a ‘highlights’ version of Elevation: Live in Boston. 13 tracks instead of the 19 tracks that feature on the two CDs in the box set. There is obviously also a standalone 2LP vinyl edition.

All the audio has been remastered and the All That You Can’t Leave Behind reissue will be released on 30 October 2020.

All That You Can’t Leave Behind 5CD box set

CD 1: The Album

  1. Beautiful Day (04:07)
  2. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of (04:32)
  3. Elevation (03:47)
  4. Walk On (04:56)
  5. Kite (04:26)
  6. In A Little While (03:39)
  7. Wild Honey (03:46)
  8. Peace on Earth (04:48)
  9. When I Look at the World (04:17)
  10. New York (05:30)
  11. Grace (05:31)
  12. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (03:43)

CD 2: B-Sides and Demos:

  1. Levitate (05:09)
  2. Summer Rain (04:07)
  3. Stateless (04:07)
  4. Always (03:48)
  5. Love You Like Mad (04:18)
  6. Big Girls Are Best (03:36)
  7. Don’t Take Your Guns to Town (04:13)
  8. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of (Acoustic) (03:44)
  9. Flower Child (04:55)

CDs 3 and 4: Live from Boston 2001

  1. Elevation (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:09)
  2. Beautiful Day (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (04:43)
  3. Until the End of the World (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:15)
  4. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:40)
  5. Kite (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:25)
  6. Gone (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (04:55)
  7. New York (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:51)
  8. I Will Follow (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:59)
  9. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (07:23)
  10. In A Little While (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (06:54)
  11. Desire (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (03:06)
  12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (04:50)
  13. Bad (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (06:22)
  14. Where the Streets Have No Name (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (06:31)
  15. Bullet the Blue Sky (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (06:18)
  16. With or Without You (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:31)
  17. The Fly (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (07:55)
  18. Wake Up Dead Man (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (01:25)
  19. Walk On (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (06:38)

CD 5: Remixes:

  1. Elevation (Paul Van Dyk Remix) (07:56)
  2. Elevation (Influx Remix) (04:03)
  3. New York (Carnegie’s Deli Remix) (07:05)
  4. New York (Superman Kicks Ativan Remix) (07:31)
  5. Beautiful Day (Quincey & Sonance Remix) (07:56)
  6. Beautiful Day (The Perfecto Mix) (07:50)
  7. In A Little While (Nightmares on Wax Remix) (05:15)
  8. Walk On (Wyclef Jean Remix) (04:43)
  9. When I Look at the World (Picante Remix) (05:14)
  10. Elevation (Escalation Mix) (07:05)
  11. Elevation (Quincey & Sonance Remix) (06:55)

All That You Can’t Leave Behind 11-disc vinyl box set

LP 1

Beautiful Day
Stuck in a Moment
Walk On
In A Little While

LP 2

Wild Honey
Peace on Earth
When I Look at the World
New York
The Ground Beneath Her Feet

LP 3 – B-sides and demos

Summer Rain
Love You Like Mad
Big Girls are Best
Don’t Take Your Guns to Town
Stuck in a Moment (Acoustic)
Flower Child

LP 4 Elevation: Live in Boston

Beautiful Day
Until the End of the World
Stuck in a Moment

LP 5 Elevation: Live in Boston

New York
I Will Follow
Sunday Bloody Sunday
In A Little While

LP 6 Elevation: Live in Boston

Where the Streets Have No Name
Bullet the Blue Sky
With or Without You
The Fly
Wake Up Dead Man
Walk On

12-inch #1

Elevation (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
Elevation (Influx Remix)

12-inch #2

New York (Carnegie’s Deli Mix)
New York (Superman Kicks Ativan Mix)

12-inch #3

Beautiful Day (Quincey and Sonance Remix)
Beautiful Day (The Perfecto Mix)

12-inch #4

In A Little While (Nightmares on Wax Remix)
Walk On (Wyclef Jean Remix)
When I Look at the World (Picante Remix)

12-inch #5
Elevation (Escalation Mix)
Elevation (Quincey and Sonance Remix)

CD 1: The Album

  1. Beautiful Day (04:07)
  2. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of (04:32)
  3. Elevation (03:47)
  4. Walk On (04:56)
  5. Kite (04:26)
  6. In A Little While (03:39)
  7. Wild Honey (03:46)
  8. Peace on Earth (04:48)
  9. When I Look at the World (04:17)
  10. New York (05:30)
  11. Grace (05:31)
  12. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (03:43)

CD 2: Elevation: Live (highlights)

  1. Elevation (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:09)
  2. Beautiful Day (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (04:46)*
  3. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (04:47)*
  4. Kite (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:22)*
  5. I Will Follow (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:09)*
  6. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (08:05)*
  7. Desire (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (03:06)
  8. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (04:50)
  9. Bad (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (06:22)
  10. Where the Streets Have No Name (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (06:06)*
  11. With or Without You (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (05:28)*
  12. The Fly (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (07:22)*
  13. Walk On (Live from the Fleet Center, Boston, 2001) (06:37)*


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I saw the CD edition in the record shop yesterday and hefted it a couple times–the damned thing is HEAVY. I’d love to have the b-sides, but this is the point where my interest in U2 started to wan. They just started to seem so self-important at this point. The irony that ruled in the 90s was gone. I wish they had done the 2CD version as just the album and the b-sides. I would have happily bought that. I can’t convince myself to pay over $100 for a huge box that I would have to find room for when most of the material in it I don’t really care about.

I’m sure this is a great item for the U2 die-hards and the fans of this era, but I would have preferred them either doing something with POP or putting together a proper, comprehensive b-sides compilation from across their entire career.


I would have liked to see U2’s performance of Beautiful Day and Elevation on the American sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live (SNL), included here as it’s a great performance (during Elevation, Bono walks out into the crowd and the boys bring the house down) and I used to be able to watch it on YouTube in the early 2000s but now it’s no where to be found. That alone might make it worth the purchase for me.

But yeah, would have liked to see Rattle and Hum in a SDE. That movie was epic when it came out in 1989.


As a completist I’m torn, but have decided to sit on the fence and wait for a price drop on the big vinyl one.

I know the band have very high standards in terms of what they deem as being suitable for release and they also hold on to song ideas for a while, so its difficult to know what else could have been included in terms of demos & unheard tracks. I still miss the days when a band would release a single with a couple of b-sides of this type.


I always thought the chorus was nicked from A-ha’s ‘sun always shines on tv’ :)


Is now the right time to say that “It’s a beautiful day” is a total steal of Mark Oliver Everett’s “Mr E’s Beautiful Blues” from the classic “Daisies of the Galaxy” album ?

Bugged me for ever


I always thought the chorus was nicked from A-ha’s ‘sun always shines on tv’ :)


You caught that too? Likely wasn’t on purpose but the melody… familiar.


Sorry. You’re wrong on that one. The bigger lift, if there is one, is the ‘Touch me” line… the melody reminds me a bit of Aha’s ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV”


Even a 3cd set, along the same lines of Bowie’s station to station reissue from a few years back, would be better (and shift more units) than this rubbish.
Disc 1: original album remastered, Discs 2 & 3: an UNRELEASED soundboard recording from the elevation tour.
Maybe the same on a vinyl set too, for fans who are that way inclined…

Alexandros Alexandropoulos

Very disappointing. First of all where’s the “pop” and “Rattle And Hum” special editions? And then, almost everything included here is known to the casual/loyal/whatever fan. No surprises except their greed, grit and no care for all those who follow them since day 1. (And i’m HUGE U2 fan, i even consider their last two albums almost masterpieces). And fianlly, extremely high priced. Shame.


Yeah where is Pop reissue? It’s the last good album by U2, after this they went completely sell out trying to record copies of Joshua Tree sound like albums but not as good as Joshua. Bono forgot how good Pop is

Matt Rauch

Have been a big fan for most of 35 years, and my list of grievances could fill a book that just got a new chapter.
This was a good album, not a great one. I somehow managed to fork over the bucks for the last JT set, and this is twice the price, and loaded with filler. All I really want is the b-sides on vinyl, but it’s not gonna happen.
Hard to believe the band would give the OK to this, particularly when most everyone is having a hard, pandemic year.


Albums get reissued every week.That’s why we visit here…
This particular one sold 12,000,000 copies.
You making it sound like it’s an immoral cash grab is a bit daft to be fair.


I think the band have shown on many, many occasions over the years that they seem to live in an isolated bubble away from the views of their fans. Ironically for a band who were very aware of what the internet would mean for digital media back in the early 90s, they’ve been incredible slow to actually embrace any of the positives of it as a distribution platform. They seem entrenched in their approach to recording & releasing music in a way which really seems alien now.

Given their age, I thought they’d maybe relax and give fans a bit more of a peek behind the curtain so to speak and also be starting to think about their legacy and body of work but I guess not.

Phew, I managed to not use the words “cash” or “grab”.

Geoff G

Interesting. I guess this will be more difficult as the albums become newer. I already have everything. The Boston DVD concert hasn’t been issued on CD before, but a lot of the songs are already out on singles. Besides owning the DVD I probably have quite a few of the songs already on singles (pulled up two cd’s and I came up with 5 songs). A different show from the tour would have been nice.

I’m in the group who likes Pop more too, but I hate to say I’d probably have most of the Pop stuff too. I bought all the singles and different versions of the singles. Although, I’d love that stuff to get remastered.

Nice set and I agree that it’s needed, but hard but for hardcore fans, there’s nothing new here.


The astonishing level of greed that drives any record company to do this crap is off the charts. Any record company releasing such bloated packages like this should be banned from selling recordings.
But I am sure is no shortage of fools who will purchase this ridiculously bloated package.


All That You Can’t Leave Behind is just one of those albums that took on a life of it’s own after it’s release. Hints of “Beautiful Day” were heard as far ahead as the 2000 Olympiad on US TV, then the release (Oct. 30th – 20 years ago to the day)…by the time the ELEVATION TOUR began, the album was two singles in, and the hype was unbelievable. New/Old ideas were back in the forefront (standing room floor on the tour), singles & b-sides (aka bonus tracks) etc. Then 9/11 happened and emotionally the album took on so much more. “Walk On” live from London (during AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES) went from one meaning to another – turning into a healing anthem. For sure the emotional attachment to the album was secure.
Sadly I was at my collecting prime at that time, and no U2 material was going to go by without my hands on it. Therefore this collected 20th anniversary album really only has “new” remixes to me (and for the last 20 years since the album came out, remixes have never really held up so much….). Don’t get me wrong – LIVE FROM BOSTON is a fantastic example of the band firing on all cylinders – and a great cross-section of old/new songs. The bonus tracks are all amazing steps into the writing process as well as just after (“Always” is a embryonic version of “Beautiful Day” etc., and “…..Guns To Town” ((Johnny Cash cover)) and the acoustic “Stuck In A Moment” are prime events after the albums release ) but I wanted to go deeper – the rumored unused vocal by Mick Jagger on “Stuck In A Moment” (later live at the Rock Hall’s 25th Anniversary Concerts)… unreleased demos before the tapes got stolen….. etc etc. Instead the greatest new insight will probably come from Anton Corbjin’s photo book. Maybe this is all that was left behind.

CJ Feeney

This is the best critique so far on this thread.

I wasn’t collecting much music at this point – toddler and baby in the house, lots of expense, lots less time and money for my own leisure pursuits. So I have little of the material here, I had a VHS with highlights of Boston, but didn’t buy any singles. I think I picked up the album in a sale after buying the Best of 1990-2000. It was definitely a step back for the band after the 90’s, but Beautiful Day still sends a tingle down my spine when I hear the intro.

I’d love this without the remix albums/singles, but I doubt anyone would buy them if I put them on ebay.


Just a quick aside to all who own one of the Uber Deluxe Boxes from Achtung Baby’s 20th Anniversary (the big trunk with the magnetic tiles on the cover)… has anyone had any issues with the sliding drawer getting stuck inside the box? For some reason, mine refused to slide out years ago (after being opened only a handful of times) and will not budge, making it impossible to reach the contents contained within. Not quite sure what to do, as I obviously don’t want to damage the big, beautiful thing…


You’re not alone! Mine does begrudgingly open with some delicate manoeuvres .

Perry Lewis

Another dumb movie by U2. Should of taken a different show for the CDs. Then release Boston and the 2CDs as a separate package – finally on Blu-ray.
We would assume they had demos that they kept in storage, but who knows.
CD #2 doesn’t even clock in at 38 minutes.
What’s with the asterisks for the second CD of the 2 CD set?

Mark Reed

A woefully incomplete, nonsensical track selection, missing many B-sides and rare tracks, such as the re-recorded/remixed mix of “Walk On”, the 2000 Rai Uno Italian radio session, as well as the rare live b-sides from Manray and Farmclub, let alone any alternate mixes, versions, or demos. There’s no alternate mixes, no demos, no unreleased songs, no radio sessions, not even the main ‘hit’ single mixes. More than flawed. It’s lazy.

The live discs are utterly useless, as its just the audio from the Boston DVD on 2CD’s, and missing several songs performed at the actual shows in question. It makes no sense to choose Boston. The show was woefully incomplete when released 19 years ago, and all they have done for this is put the DVD soundtrack onto CD. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Boston is not well regarded. At the time of issue there was a lot of noise that four songs – “Mysterious Ways”, “Pride, “One” and “People Get Ready” – were removed. There are something like 102 live shows from this period they have recordings and video of they have chosen *not* to release, including Irving 2000 which has a unique nontour setlist including rare performances of “I Remember You”, “11 O Clock Tick Tock”, and “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, as well as South Bend from October where they also opened with “Beautiful Day” for the only time on the tour, and features performances of “When Will I See You Again?” and “What’s Going On” and was webcast. There’s worthwhile stuff literally sitting on the shelf that could have made this release more interesting. They could’ve even put the first and last tour shows, both from Miami, with rare live performances of “Please”, “In Gods Country”, “Knocking On Heavens Door”, “Discotheque/Staring At The Sun”, and similar. But no. Lets put out the DVD soundtrack you all bought 19 years ago, suckers.

They could at least put an extra few discs in there – Irving on CD, South Bend on DVD, alongside a DVD full of various TV appearances, videos, and so on, let alone even an upgrade of Slane or Boston on BluRay. What a catastrophically insulting tracklisting.

Someone, somewhere sat down, threw a bunch of random and incoherent rubbish into an expensive and well designed box, the band carelessly signed it off without thinking ; because they have subcontracted important decisions to largely ignorant administrators who have demonstrated no knowledge, care, or artistry in their work because they think the fanbase will buy any old tat they put their logo onto. The band probably spend more time thinking about their very expensive house renovations than they do a £200 box set fluffed up with 5 pointless vinyl 12″ remixes so they can charge more money. If the band had chosen to not put out 5 12″ singles to plump up the box, they could have instead have 5 LP’s. It feels like someone sat down and went “OK, for a £200 vinyl set, we’ll need… (counts on fingers)…. 11 vinyl discs? Lets put the remixes on fake 12″s.”

It’s a demonstrably awful reissue. I expect hefty reductions in January. Its more than flawed, it’s shoddy, and feels like U2 just wrote their name on the exam paper then walked out 15 minutes into their finals.


Wasn’t the tour opener in Sunrise Florida ? I was at that show and Im pretty sure that was the opening. That was my last time seeing U2, after seeing them 5 or so times in the past.

Terence Delaney


Henrik Kirkegaard

Most awful is the robbing of fans again.
Seem the band dont give anything for their releases or the fand payment
So sad


Nobody’s being robbed, mate. Fans can either buy or not, and I’m a fan too. Shortchanged is different from “robbed”.

Stop being so flipping overdramatic, everyone. There’s people out there with actual problems!


Exactly what you said. Disappointed doesn’t even come close.

Martin Carritt

Beautifully written.
I posted a response which having reread, I wasn’t happy with. You have nailed it.
I’d love to copy and paste that into the official fan club forum.
Well written. I, for one, will not be buying even if significantly reduced, as there’s nothing on there I don’t have.

Darren Brett

Totally agree, still waiting to hear Mick Jagger on Stuck in a Moment, and it would have been nice to have the official versions of the Rai Uno sessions amongst others.

Oh well maybe they’ll see light of day on the 50th anniversary re-remaster, if I’m alive and can afford it. Maybe I’ll just leave this one behind.

Paul Berney

The price of the 5 CD set in Ireland is listed at €110. Absolute insanity. For 5 CDs of mostly already released music and a book. Ridiculous. The Police Studio Albums CD box set released last year cost €20. And the complete Phil Collins Take A Look At Me Now with his 8 solo albums cost €19. Staggering value. I don’t know who prices these so called deluxe sets, but they oughta be ashamed of themselves robbing fans like that. The 2 CD of this is appealing, but using highlights from the Boston DVD for the live CD and big set is silly, considering the Slane Castle Ireland show from the Elevation tour was a better release with more hits like One, Pride (In The Name Of Love) and New Year’s Day (also had Mysterious Ways as a bonus track). The Boston show had those songs, but the DVD didn’t and no one made an effort to fit them back in for that set. Such an iconic band deserve far better.


I would rather see rattle and hum, as a 5 or 6 disc boxset, with complete shows and a disc of outtakes/ b sides/ unreleased tracks…

Frederick Schweig

Yes! I was disappointed that U2 ignored ‘Rattle and Hum’ after they put out the ‘Unforgettable Fire’ and ‘The Joshua Tree’ box sets.
Speaking of those, I wish they had continued releasing ‘Rattle and Hum’, ‘Achtung Baby’, and other subsequent albums in the same type of box, even as one of a few box set options.


I remember watching them on the elevation tour at the manchester arena, when myself and an ex girlfriend left U2 behind, before the end of their set, to get at the front of the queue for the carpark. A lot of other people had the same idea too (this is what happens when a band is past their sell-by date and decide to drop classic encores such as “40” in favour for lame tracks from a lame album)
Imho atyclb is mainly filler, apart from the first 3 tracks, a bit like those ministry of sound rip off compilations from the 90s

Paul Redman

I was at that show. You probably very likely, therefore, missed Bono balls-up “One” and so they didn’t come back to do “Walk On” either.


I remember watching them on the elevation tour at the manchester arena, when myself and an ex girlfriend left U2 behind, before the end of their set, to get at the front of the queue for the carpark. A lot of other people had the same idea too (this is what happens when a band is past their sell-by date and decide to drop classic encores such as “40” in favour for lame tracks from a lame album)


U2 clearly one of the laziest groups in terms of “deluxe editions”. Their creativity went to end right after the “Melon” and “Propaganda” projects. They could do dozens of great live albums but all they did in this direction was just copies from live DVDs (OK, with great excerptions of U22 and From the Ground Up in 2010s (sic!)).
90% of announced ATYCLB anniversary material is yesterday news.


Zooropa+Pop my absulutuly favs . I’m with them since my teen years and the last 2 albums are not THAT bad. But… Atyclb + Atomic bomb are what master Bowie would call “Phil COLLINS albums”. For my personal taste not even that, since that period of David was at least funny, and after that we had Tin machine and then great experimental records. After Pop we have nothing I’m afraid. POP is a record with depth and for me Gone is an ignored gem, also Mofo,Miami, even the b sides like pop music and the rmxes. POP MART was massive. I have read their book and i know their thoughts about that period. And it makes me mad. Do yourself a favor and instead of that pretty nothing box, buy the remastered vinyl editions of Actung /Zooropa/Pop. They will remind you that they were huge before Bono choose the Messiah instead the MacPhisto persona.

Wayne Olsen

I agree with you 100 percent about POP.?a brilliant record followed by fair-to-middling mainstream albums.
As for this reissue, 5 CDs for $140? Need the money, guys? Not our fault that Spider-Man Turn off the Dark stiffed.

Daniel from Adelaide

5 CDs for this shit and still nothing for POP? That’s what’s wrong with this band in the shell of a nut.


I have the vinyl reissue which came up a year or two ago. I love side A, not a weak song that side in my opinion. But I mostly never play side B.
That’s the advantage of vinyl, when songs are dispatched like that on a record, you don’t play the weak side, and you get a strong EP.
I can not really find a good reason to put that much money in either set, with all the good expensive stuff which is coming our way (Prince, Tears For Fears, King Crimson, Tangerine..). However, at 39.99€ or so for the CD set, I would indulge..

Jarmo Keranen

That don’t work for me. There’s always song or two on the b-side you like and you have to turn the record for them!


It happens indeed. “Meddle” is a good example of an album with a couple of good songs on side A but only one good song on side B…

Stevie B

All that vinyl! Hope you are using recycled, Bono… Save the Planet and all that… remember? ✌


Bono’s activism has actually focused on causes like stopping the spread of AIDS in Africa and debt relief for poorer countries in the ‘third world’, rather than things like ‘recycling’ and general environmentalist causes. Best to do a few seconds worth of research before indulging in the inevitable cynical jibes ;)

Andrew S

Looks nicely designed in terms of packaging, but the actual content looks phoned in with nothing that we haven’t heard before. Taking audio from a DVD release is par for the course with U2 as they do that with their fan club releases, which they also phone in these days to0 (for example, their last club “gift” was a DVD of a concert filmed in 4K and used 4K content for their massive 4K video screen, of which you could stream the film in HD on their website if you paid $60 to renew your membership).

Just seems like a cash grab to pay their employees as it takes them 4 years to make each album (they have only made albums since this release originally came out) and they can’t tour at the moment.

As a u2 fan this is more of a shrug than a day one purchase, so the completist in me will pick this up when Paul does one of his deal alerts. Their other box sets are still easily available, so no rush.


I think the comments about it being predictable & disappointing have covered my reaction.

I think we should also by now have realised that U2 either don’t have anything in their “vaults” or there’s nothing in them that they’re willing to share. That could be because, as we know, they love to hold on to song ideas for future albums, or that there’s nothing which meets their standards for releasing. Its been well publicised for years that they over-analyse and tweak stuff to the nth degree in a quest for perfection, whilst struggling to agree on stuff, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their re-releases end up like this.

I really wish they’d relax a bit and not agonise over stuff for years, just cut loose a bit and get more stuff out there. It might not all hit the mark, but what have they honestly got to lose? At their age I thought they’d be wanting to crank out a lot more music, and get away from the traditional album & tour cycle.


They could easily have asked the u2.com subscribers for feedback before pressing go on this. A bit of quick research would have told them their fans want all the remixes, and alt versions of songs (there’s room on the vinyl and CDs) and a different live show to the one on dvd already. I really don’t know why they don’t know this already, but it would have stopped all the negative comments here and on various U2 boards.

I was disappointed with the Achtung box because they just stuck Live in Sydney in there when they could have used something from the first leg of the ZOOTV tour. Sweden and Washington were filmed and broadcast. It was just laziness in my opinion. Same here.
But at least we did get a lot more unreleased stuff including the baby aching baby disc which I love.


I agree Steve.

Would’ve been much better. They record practically everything so there is a huge amount of visual content they could’ve used.

I’ll probably buy the 2 CD version. I’m not going to buy the box, for the content, it’s not worth it. Those Concerts are on you tube but the quality is not there. Thats why it’s important they tart them up & put them in these SDE’s!!

Paul Wren

That demo version of “Stuck In A………………..” is absolutely wonderful, light years ahead of the “real” thing.

Paul Redman

I am also disappointed that the live CDs appear to be just a straight rip of the audio of the DVD. I guess this may be because of Bono often adding in snippets of songs from other artists into his vocal and if they don’t want to stump up the cash to pay for using said “snippet”, they certainly don’t want another ‘Under A Blood Red Sky’ scenario.

Troy in Colorado

I’ve been listening to the excellent U Talking U2 2 Me podcast the last few weeks and have worked through U2’s catalog again for the first time in years. I recently read that this set was likely coming out in the fall was really looking forward to it. What a disappointment!

What has made the better box sets so appealing (see Prince, Bowie, McCartney) is that they’ve brought together all of an album’s or era’s respective b-sides, edits, extended mixes, etc. for completeists and have also offered previously unavailable material providing better insight into an album’s evolution. Across 5 CDs, this set does neither. Several single mixes are missing (seriously, no Walk On-Video Version or Elevation-Tomb Raider Mix!?) and only four tracks are previously unreleased. After picking up previous super deluxe editions from the lads this one will unfortunately be a hard pass.


Crazy prices (what is going on with the huge leaps in prices for SDEs lately?). I picked up the Joshua Tree vinyl box set for slightly over 50 quid 2 years ago – that’s less than a third of the cost of this release. I’m only a fan of U2’s earlier stuff, so this wouldn’t tempt me even if it was appropriately priced.


Zooropa, Pop and Passengers are (along with Achtung, of course) are deeply meaningful records to me personally, as they seem to be with many other on here.

Completely agree with the sentiment expressed by some here that U2 were always at their very best when they were pushing themselves. It hurts as a fan to see them repeatedly ignored in favour of their bigger-selling, more chart-friendly siblings.

I certainly fell in love with (most of) this at the time (as I tend to with all new U2 albums in some way), but honestly felt that it of a temporary doff-of-the-hat to their more mainstream, anthemic sound of earlier albums rather than the beginning of an almost permanent return to that sound and approach – leaving the glorious, technicolor 90’s work as more of a career blip/outlier than continue in down that path.

They’ve seemed, more recently, to equate sales/popularity with true success and artistic satisfaction than with breaking new ground and creating exciting new sounds. And that’s ok, it just makes me a bit sad knowing what they are capable of when they’re truly taking risks.

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this down the track once it hopefully drops in price, but I too definitely think that SDEs of Pop, Passengers and the almighty Zooropa are their albums most deserving/in desperate need of the deluxe treatment. That news would really blow my mind and be a beautiful surprise. Still, the more U2, the better :)


PS apologies for the rather haphazard grammar/syntax etc of the previous post, was rushing it out on a tiny phone before heading off to work *slaps own forehead*

Ron Martin

Well, once again, I just want the music, and they are trying to sell me printed material I don’t want to pay for. So, I’m not paying over $100.00 for 5 discs. Maybe one day they will issue the live 2-CD set separately.


And still there is no Rattle and Hum. Absolutely scandalous.

Original album remastered. B-Sides, movie DVD and Bluray, outtakes (film and album), the 88/89 four 12′ singles, Lovetown film and audio, promo videos, movie poster, the original 1988 book, the Desire and God Part II remixes, Smile Jamaica with Keef, a full Sun Devil Stadium or McNicols Arena gig, the Sun Studio sessions, Save The Yuppies gig. The wealth of quality material is vast. And even without the movie it could be done and done well.

What a set a deluxe R&H could be. But instead we get this load of knackers. ‘A mole, digging in a hole?’ Bloody Nora…


That’s it Albert, plenty of worth material but then what we have !!?? What a waste !!!!!

Michael in Sydney

I could not agree more with most of the comments here about the included content, the lack of love for ‘Pop’, the turning point in creative output etc. I’ll add just two thoughts:

– I reckon they’re getting in early before the campaign for ‘U2 Best of 2000-2010 (Plus 8 Other Songs)’

– I’ve never been able to look at this album the same way – the title, the cover photograph, the suitcase logo – since that time Bono lost his luggage from a plane over Germany!


Not sure if they are doing a 2000-2010 set. They were contracted to release 3 greatest hits packages with their label and they settled that deal with U218.

Jeff brace

Remember, all of those missing tracks, another version of the live disc, remixes, and unreleased material is fodder for the 25th, 30th, 35th, and 40th anniversary box sets….

As for Rattle, the project was seriously planned by the press as being completely egotistical and self promoting. Not the best time for the band-they may be avoiding it on purpose.


It’s funny. The consensus seems to be that this was a return to form? Decent enough album of course and still holds up alright, but a return to form? Yeah, for everyone who doesn’t ever want U2 to even remotely experiment. Pop is for me by far their most interesting release and their best by a mile. That and Zooropa before it. Achtung Baby is ace of course, but everyone thinks that. No, the real gems of U2’s catalogue are the more experimental ones (as much as one can call anything they’ve done as experimental): most of Pop and Zooropa. And even when they did quite straight up rock numbers on these albums they produced gold: I still think ‘Please’ is the best thing they’ve ever done – a true masterpiece. So if they’d done a deluxe box of Pop I’d be on it in a heartbeat! This I think I’ll skip.


I strongly agree with your opinion on POP!!


Me too! Pop is also my favourite U2 album, and Please my favourite U2 song. Lots of other great stuff on there and some good b-sides and remixes ended up on the singles. I’d take a special edition please! U2 in the 90s is their best period.

I feel like the dismissal Pop started getting years later is rather revisionist. I remember it being popular at the time, the singles were all quite successful in the UK, Discotheque a no.1. Huge tour. A grand madness!

ALYCLB is decent but, as others have reflected, it’s a shame that it’s success meant they then spent the bulk of the second half of their career overworking less interesting material in the studio, for glossy albums with little depth. This set is vaguely interesting but could have been so much more. I do love The Ground Beneath Her Feet though.


I remember a lad at work years ago worked out how to transfer audio from a DVD & burn it onto a cd, we spent ages making our own live albums from our DVDs, I still have my Boston boot, I saw this tour in Vienna, they were magnificent, I think it’ll be a long time before there’s a big opening up of the U2 vault, no TFF type boxes from U2 that’s for sure, their box sets always come down so I’ll keep my eye out here. Ealing Oxfam always have a ridiculously large amount of U2 CDs, apparently the staff call the guy who donates them Mr FU2, I work on the big site opposite & they are allowed to use our bin for recycling, they always used to bring loads of this album in along with Pop.

Enn Morales

Just got the box set preordered at $185 USD from Amazon UK. It’s a good album, I only buy the vinyls, so it’s all good. Wait until next year when they release the 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby. You know it’s coming with the same format they released Joshua Tree and now this with the live show, remixes, etc.

Paul Redman

I loved ATYCLB when it was released. I even went as far as copying the CD onto a TDK-60 so I could listen to it in the car (which I did almost continuously). On reflection, I don’t think it’s an album that has stood the test of time so well in my opinion. Only the singles that were released plus “New York” do it for me now. Given the price, I think I will wait for a future bargain …. that’s if I decide to get it at all. Pity the “Remix CD” misses off David Holmes’s remix of “Beautiful Day”, because that is a corker. The B-Sides didn’t make an impression on me back then; suffice to say, I can barely remember how any of them sound. Like others have said, I really would like a “POP” SDE release. Belting album!

Dave Brealey

They should have retired years ago . This will be in the bargain bins within 6 months imo. Not done a good lp for decades. Use to think they were excellent and they are still worth watching live .

Ben Williams

As much as I adore U2, there isn’t really anything to get too excited about with this release sadly – the Boston concert has been out on DVD for years, as have the B-sides (the demo tracks also have been previously released and most die-hards have them already) and a few new remixes aren’t enough to get me to buy an £85 CD box set.

But it is a very nicely designed box, I’ll give them that.

Sheldon Cole

Not having the B sides on the 2CD is a cynical move to encourage people to buy the 5CD.

Joe Donato

I agree and am disappointed in this release. This is a no sale for me. Back in 2001 I picked up a Target exclusive named ‘7’ that had a few of those b-sides. Essentially, I am missing five songs that are on the 5CD (not including the live and remix tracks).

Jimmy Ringland

Would have rather they did “Rattle & Hum”. I’d get the two disc version if it had the b-sides and not the live tracks.


the title saids it all,,,all you can leave behind.


Why no Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix)??? I can’t recall every hearing the album version on the radio etc only the mix

What? Bumo? Worry?

U2 for me stopped at Unforgettable Fire, after that it was too Americanized and big stadium rock, very much how Simple Minds ended up like. And Bumo turned into a bit of a got as well.


Totally agree. After that, they came U2SA


I would rather have an expanded ‘Wide Awake In America’ set than ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’. If various live tracks were recorded from the ‘Unforgettable Fire’ tour like ‘Bad’ and ‘Homecoming’ were on that EP, U2 would have an album that would top even ‘Under a A Blood Red Sky’.


The last album I purchased by the band. It’s an ok album.


Sorry U2, this set is not worth the money…by a long way, still never mind,I can save the cash, wait & dream for The Stranglers to release the full “Dead On Arrival” live album which was the proposed first LP back in 1977 , that along with a totally remastered Rattus Norvegicus + single B-Sides and the freebie Choosey Susie would probably give me a heart attack, been waiting for years.


The album that U2 ditched the ground breaking stuff & returned to being oh so earnest!!!

To be fair, it’s a very good album, apart from the dull “Stuck in a moment” dross BUT I’m very disappointed we have not yet had a “Pop” SDE. Years overdue but we had to have the “Joshua Tree” redone twice!!! Come on!! “Pop” is where it’s at, before they returned to playing it safe. There’s masses ofd potential stuff audio & visual for “Pop” so come on U2,pull your fingers out!!

I saw this tour & it was excellent to see them so close in an Arena.


Couldn’t agree more. Pop is for me by far their best album. Stunning really.


Long time U2 fan and have I have 8 discs full of non-lp tracks I’ve compiled. One thing I have never understood about many bands and U2 more specifically is the lack of interest releasing songs we have never heard. This band is legendary for talking about dozens to hundreds of songs being recorded during album sessions and when they do a reissue, virtually no truly unreleased demos on any package. A few exceptions but outside of AB, almost 0. Why is that. If you really want to move expensive units, seems like that would draw a lot of interest. Personally, I could care less about live discs and remixes. I don’t think I’m alone in that. Especially with the rumored treasure trove of unreleased songs out there. Cmon guys, I would pay $200 for 11lp’s of unreleased songs but not $200 for everything I already have.


I’m willing to wager that out of “hundreds” (or even dozens) of unreleased U2 songs very few will be worth forking out for, and I speak as someone who stuck with them up until the No Line On The Horizon album. Over the years I’ve bought a few singles from most of the albums and from each album session there are maybe 1 or 2 songs which were B-sides which could maybe have been included on the album but most of the B-sides are pretty weak and there are tonnes of remixes or live recordings filling up B-side slots.

U2 have released 6 new studio albums in the past 23 years – Pop was released late and the band admitted it was never preoperly finished and they have re-recorded and remixed hlaf of the album since. They’ve released just over 70 album tracks in 23 years (averaging 3 released songs a year) and most U2 albums these days seem to need 4 or 5 producers and mixers and remixers.

Oh and the creativity issue seems to have got even worse since No Line On The Horizon – a grand total of 2 albums released in 11 years. As a point of comparison, Deacon Blue have released 60 new songs (unique – not including remixes, demo versions or alternate mixes) since 2012 when they released “The Hipsters” and 3 other studio albums, 2 EPs, a live album and main songwriter Ricky Ross has also released 2 solo albums outwith the band in this time frame as well.


But Comparing U2 to Deacon Blue is a bit like comparing diamonds to frosted glass. The thing about U2 is they will hold onto every demo and outtake until they decide to revisit it or use part of it in a new song, once that route has been exhausted they will then consider releasing it or it goes right into the edges archive. I’m still amazed they have never released ‘wild Irish rose’ or ‘North Star’ or even the original version of ‘Mercy’ all of which are very strong songs.


I think it’s a nice set. but the vinyl version is very bloated with the 12″ that only have 1 song on each side. It makes it unnecessarily expensive.