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British prog rock group UK, who issued two albums at the tail end of the 1970s, are celebrated in Ultimate Collectors’ Edition, a forthcoming 16-disc box set compiled and curated by original band member Eddie Jobson…

Formed in England in 1977, the acclaimed supergroup was made up of keyboardist and electric-violinist Jobson (Roxy Music, Frank Zappa); vocalist and bassist John Wetton (King Crimson); guitarist Allan Holdsworth (Soft Machine); and drummer Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, Genesis).

This new box set boasts a wealth of material, the cornerstone of which is the two studio long-players, 1978’s UK and Danger Money from 1979 (the latter recorded as a trio with drummer Terry Bozzio) which are newly remastered at Abbey Road and presented on CD and 24/96 hi-res blu-ray audio.

Likewise, the other release of the original era, live album Night After Night, gets the same treatment and is expanded to include an additional 50 minutes of music newly mixed from the multitrack tapes. This new version now represents the full concert and therefore is issued on two-CDs and one blu-ray audio disc.

Night After Night is expanded with 50 mins of additional live performance

The 2011 Jobson-Wetton Reunion Tokyo concert, is previously unreleased outside of Japan but is presented in the new box set across two CDs and another hi-res Blu-ray audio.

That’s ten discs, so far but a further four CDs are included which feature full concert recordings (from newly discovered master tapes) of  Boston – Paradise Theater, Cleveland – Agora Ballroom and the last concert of 1979 with the trio, which was Nijmegen – Concertgebouw De Vereeniging. The Philadelphia – Penn’s Landing concert from 1978 is the fourth and final CD in this additional batch.

And there’s more! A bonus CD of interviews is included but then there’s the small matter of an ‘outtakes and extras‘ CD, which will feature audio such as Jobson and Terry Bozzio recording the drum parts for Danger Money, the whole UK album without vocals and the 3-minute version of In the Dead of Night and B-side When Will You Realize.

So if you’re keeping count, that’s 12 CDs and four blu-ray audio discs in this package. A 64-page book, UK – 1977-2015, completes this enormous box set with plenty of unseen photos and the story and history of the band.

UK: Ultimate Collectors’ Edition is released on 15 April 2016.

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Ultimate Collector's Edition

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Brian Stanbrook

” When Will You Realize” is included on the Danger Money extras disc.

The single edits of “In The Dead Of Night”, “Mental Medication” and “Rendezvous 6:02” are not. They’re on the 2014 SHM-CD re-issues.

The instrumental disc of the first album is amazing!!!


From what I’ve had the chance to listen to so far (debut and some of the live stuff) it all sounds as good as it looks!!! The bonus live disc from 1979 is bootleg quality, but bloody good bootleg quality and the rest is well up to scratch.

My oppo returns from holidays next week, so if I’m only doing one person’s work I’ll have the chance to listen to the enourmous pile of discs that are stacking up begging my attention, this being the most important of them!

Of course, my opinions may be coloured by the fact I ordered last July and paid the initial £75 including postage for the whole beautiful set………..


………………and mine has arrived!!!!!!!! Really lovely.


Hey Philip, can you write a little review about how the box set sounds? Thanks.

Ian Whiteford

This was available to preorder for £100 on WOWHD.com


Does anyone know when this box will be available?


There were different reasons for this box to be unavailable, the last one being a manufactured defaut on the boxset themselves.
From 23th September, they have been sent to custompers who first bought them through Jobson’s website, starting with American and european people. Then, it will be japanese people. And when all these box will be shipped, they will send the rest to Amazon and other sellers.
So don’t expect these before November if you’ve bought it through Amazon IMHO…

Philip Birtwistle

Disc are :

DISC 1 – U.K. (CD) – Remastered

DISC 2 – U.K. (CD Extras)

DISC 3 – U.K. (Blu-ray Audio) – High fidelity 24-bit/96k

DISC 4 – Live in Boston CD – Radio Broadcast

DISC 5 – Live in Philadelphia CD – Radio Broadcast

DISC 6 – Live in Cleveland CD – Radio Broadcast

DISC 7 – Danger Money (CD) – Remastered

DISC 8 – Danger Money (CD Extras)

DISC 9 – Danger Money (Blu-ray Audio) – High fidelity 24-bit/96k

DISC 10 – Night After Night – Part 1 (CD) – Extended version

DISC 11 – Night After Night – Part 2 (CD) – Extended version

DISC 12 – Night After Night (CD) Original version – Remastered

DISC 13 – Night After Night ext. (Blu-ray). 24-bit/96k stereo and 5.1 surround

DISC 14 – Reunion part 1 (CD) – Remixed and Remastered

DISC 15 – Reunion part 2 (CD) – Remixed and Remastered

DISC 16 – Reunion (Blu-ray Audio) 24-bit/96k – Remixed and Remastered

DISC 17 – Interviews (CD) 1978 and 1979

DISC 18 – Live in Nijmegen (CD) – Final 1979 concert – Radio Broadcast

Philip Birtwistle

Latest news, more delays, BUT two discs more music in there………

“Continuing legal delays have caused the June 17th U.S. release date to come and go. This is a shame, because the box set is spectacular; the recordings sound great, the book came out really nicely, and the packaging is beautiful. I would love to have been able to ship them out to you sooner; but music business bureaucracies are tough to deal with sometimes. Ironically, the success of the project has also caused some funding difficulties, as we have had to manufacture more than twice as many box sets as originally planned, due to extremely strong pre-sales.

The good news is that the issues have almost all been resolved and the box sets are finally being compiled and made ready for shipment as I write this. The first shipments will go out to the Z-Funders and Zealots Lounge purchasers, hopefully in the next 10 days or so, then to U.S. and overseas distributors; so I am confident that the Japanese release date of July 8th will be met. I will write a new post when the first boxes are shipped out.

It is hard to believe, but it has taken an entire year to put the Ultimate Collectors’ Edition together. When I started the project, I planned to include just six CD discs; now, however, though the set is advertised as now containing 16 discs, I am actually including 18 discs, as I have recently added two additional bonus CDs. I will list the final contents in my next post.

Thanks for your continued patience, we’re almost there.”


Well, it appears that another delay has happened; the UK Amazon site lists the box as available July 15th. However Amazon US have yet to update that info but it seems logical that they will fall in line as well shortly.

Mark Penny

We’re getting very close to the Zealot’s June 10 mailing, but still no word if the box actually exists at this point. I’ve tried to leave messages on the EJ forum, but no one is responding to that question. Total silence; it doesn’t bode well at all. Universal London must be giving EJ a very hard time; I hope it’s not going to be cancelled.


The Latest :


Of all of the different challenges in producing the massive UK box set – retrieving the masters; remixing; remastering; funding; designing; manufacturing… the last area that I expected a delay was from the inner workings of the licensing department of Universal in London. Being one of the three music industry behemoths, Universal now “own” most of the original UK masters, after acquiring Virgin/EMI, and I must license my own albums and songs back from them. Unfortunately, after eight months of their bureaucratic machinery grinding away, we still don’t have all of the legal clearances to begin manufacturing.

This issue should be resolved this week, but has caused a three-week delay in the release. The new release date is June 17th, though I hope to ship Zealots Lounge orders by June 10th, barring no further delays.”


Juts found this on Eddie’s site. News on Night After Night (sorry fan, no vinyl mentioned), and a delay on release.

I am pleased to announce the completion of the new Night After Night mixes; the entire concert-length recordings have been mixed from scratch by legendary mix engineer Bob Clearmountain. The newly extended 1979 live album is more than twice as long as the original release, coming in at 1 hour and 35 minutes, and will only be available in the Ultimate Collectors’ Edition box set as both a double CD and as a high-resolution Blu-ray audio disc in both stereo and 5.1 surround-sound.
Unfortunately, we have experienced a few delays, mostly with manufacturing issues, so I have moved the box set release date to May 20th, although we still hope to ship out the Zealots Lounge and Z-Funder orders before the Amazon street date.
I think you will enjoy Bob’s mixes of the Jobson, Wetton, Bozzio trio performing Thirty Years, Carrying No Cross, The Only Thing She Needs, Danger Money and more, along with new high-resolution remixes of the original Night After Night live tracks.”



fingers crossed that the complete Night After Night will get a vinyl print !

same for a gig in the bonus discs that would feature drummer god Bill Bruford

curtis j. newell

Does anybody know if either, or any of the studio albums are in 5.1 surround?

Patrick H

Got my answer!!!

Eddie Jobson stated: “I am also including four radio broadcasts – three of the original band performances with Bruford and Holdsworth, plus the final 1979 concert of the Jobson-Wetton-Bozzio trio performing in Holland; “

Patrick H

I would love to know how many concerts will be with the original line-up…

Patrick H

Hi. Here is the info I found on Burning Shed (Not that different from what you posted on SDE – But no info on who did the remastering):

16 disc box set – 12 CDs, and 4 blu-rays – including:

* U.K. remastered at Abbey Road from original analog masters. CD and lossless 24/96 high resolution audio Blu-ray.

* Danger Money remastered at Abbey Road from original analog masters. CD and lossless 24/96 high resolution audio Blu-ray.

* Night After Night complete 1979 concert remastered at Abbey Road from original analogmasters. 50 minutes of newly mixed material available only in the box-set collection. 2 x CDs and lossless 24/96 high resolution audio Blu-ray.

* Reunion, Jobson-Wetton 2011 reunion concert remastered from digital master. 2 x CDs and lossless 24/96 high resolution audio Blu-ray.

* Four CDs of ‘enhanced bootleg’ live recordings from both the original band and the trio, including concerts in Boston, Cleveland, and Philadelphia, and UK’s final 1979 performance in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

* Versions of Wetton-era King Crimson classics, Starless and One More Red Nightmare.

* New packaging and extensive notes including a 64-page book, UK – 1977-2015.

Mental Medication

A live set from the original four-piece would be nice.


Great news, but overkill and too much for me.

Isn’t this missing their last single “When Will You Realize”?

Also, single edits are absent, although that’s not a huge issue. Still, this isn’t complete, and why not the Philly show from the Spectrum which, as mentioned above was a radio broadcast?


In the video on his website, Eddie mentions the single edits and “When Will You Realize” will be included

Mike Ostrich

As someone who just spent $35 a year ago for the 3 Platinum remasters from Japan, as much as I want, unless I can find someone to buy those, this seems to be slightly out of reach…

Wayne Klein

If this is as badly mastered as the reissues of the studio albums that Jobson worked on, I’m not interested.

Johnny Tuscadero

Damn!! I hope that the Night After Night Blu-Ray is in 5.1


“Is this the same guy who played on Tulls A album ?”

Yes it is. Also played for Curved Air, Roxy Music, Frank Zappa and (very briefly) Yes.


is this the same guy who played on tulls A album ?


Right, we’ve established there’s a small but rabid market for these, including me. So, how about it, National Health? Hatfield And The North? Darryl Way’s Wolf? C’mon guys.

peter chrisp

Hmm ouch at the moment although it’s a few weeks off yet will the price decrease before it’s due date @ Amazon UK i do apologize if the UK stands out in more ways than one @ 167 pounds.
Hmmm i am glad there is plenty of time before it’s available.


Had mine ordered for an age at the $75, so really happy when it kept getting bigger!!!

For information on mastering, and a few video updates from Eddie, try :




Thanks for the link to the video – very informative. However, there is no mention of the remastering process, so still unsure who is handling that. If Eddie (again), hope he gets it right this time, it would be heartbreaking for a fantastic set like this to suffer from inferior mastering. Would also be great if he handed the first album masters to Steven Wilson for 5.1!


They missed a trick with the spelling of the title there: Ultimate Kollector’s Edition


My oldest working cassette has been U.K. live at PENN’s Landing, Philadelphia – August, 1978. Philly rock radio station WIOQ broadcast that concert over the air that day. WIOQ also did a live feed for MARCH 24,1979 UK live at the Spectrum Philadelphia,Pa., with Irish rockers HORSLIPS, who were also broadcast. Thar concert, and especially U.K. ‘s performance, was spectacular !!


Very excited about this, especially the extended Night After Night! Any mention who did the remastering this time? I don’t remember anyone being happy with the job Eddie did a few years back.

Nicholas Love

Yes please let me know if you find out about who is remastering. I held off buying the last remasters because of the horrible reviews they were getting and I’ve been hanging on to the original EG CD’s that are just “ok” hoping for a better mastering to come out someday.


Wow… this is overkill… and I pre-ordered it on the spot. :)

I’m becoming an easy target for these prog reissue boxes.

Michel D.

Really happy with this, the two studio albums are now difficult to find at reasonable prices; I saw them live a couple of years ago and they were sold out of those albums at the merch table!!

Barrie Sillars

I was in on this when it was part of EJ’s crowd funding campaign at the end of last year. Then the price was $75, which was fixed whatever the size of the box. That is now a very good deal indeed!


Rendez-vous 6:02 was a great track. But I won’t be buying this for one track… ;-)

Adam shaw

Although a 16 cd box is great its not for me , but would like the new version of Night After Night to be released on its own .


Overkill for me. I’d be happy with just the two studio albums and the live album.


Wow.. I am VERY on board for this! Great news all around!

Chris Squires

This is the dream isn’t it. There is a 16 disc set coming out from a group I have never, ever heard of. It gives us all hope that our slightly better known groups whom we love might get around to giving something similar. It’s not for me but I applaud the effort and guess the “UK” fans will lap it up. A 16 CD / DVD / Blu-Ray set of the Lilac Time would send me into an immediate coma.

Nicholas Love

Wait, someone named Chris Squires prefers Lilac Time to UK? In all seriousness The Lilac Time is an excellent band and I would lap that up too – I was just thinking when I saw your name “Progressive Bass Virtuoso from Yes —> John Wetton Progressive Rock Virtuoso from King Crimson/ UK”

Tim McDonnell

NEVER heard of? I had to Google who The Lilac Time was so I suppose that evens things up.

Chris Squires

I know, I am punishing myself as I type. It’s when you are talking to someone and you say you are “A big fan of David Sylvian” and they go “Who?”. What do you mean WHO? I know (now) there is even a link through Fripp to UK, but still never heard of ’em until this. I am saddened by my ignorance.

Dave James

Even more of a link to Zappa, with Jobson & Bozzio, who had been in his band the previous year. Also, Holdsworth was one of the few guitarists Zappa praised, along with Jeff Beck


Superb! A little much maybe, but I’m guessing Eddie thinks this will sell to the King Crimson crowd…


If only all box sets were curated this this (or King Crimson) collecting absolutely everything together in one place – so no fretting about “January 2017 super duper box set” and then yet another one the following year.
Although the price is pretty steep (compared to the KC boxes) but when you are fairly certain that there wouldn’t be more variants to be issued it’s not too bad.

Tim McDonnell

Hello – Actually it is about the same as the Crims; it’s less expensive than the recent Starless or Road to Red boxes, about the same as THRAK and maybe a little more than the Lark Tongues In Aspic box.

The only thing missing is surround mixes of these classic albums. Eddie says (to me in person May 2015 Philadelphia UK show) this is about money and time, so maybe down the road. I did namedrop Steven Wilson in a hopeful manner…

I was one of the faithful Zealots who blindly put up $75 last year to “get a box set at a future date.” Just learned that my reward is that I won’t have to pay anything additional to get this expanded package! Psyched, stoked and gratified….


What the….. !
I just can’t believe this. 16 disc ?
What an incredibly pleasant surprise. Bring it on !
Thanks for the news.