Ultravox / Extended 12-inch remix compilation more widely available

Updated availability • Listen to exclusive ‘megamix’

Both the two-CD and four-LP vinyl editions of Ultravox‘s forthcoming Extended compilation are now available outside the official store.

If you aren’t bothered about bundles, T-shirts, test pressings and the like then there are some small savings to be made. The four-LP vinyl box is £47 via Amazon UK compared to £55 via the official store, although you do have to bear in mind that you don’t get the bonus seven-inch single.

Likewise, the two-CD edition is £11 and not £13, but again you will forego the ‘instant grat’ download of edits of the Blank and Jones remixes of ‘Brilliant’.

Meanwhile, Chrysalis have commissioned a couple of special 30 minute megamixes 30min featuring extracts and samples from the forthcoming compilation. Listen to part one, above.

Extended will be released on 16 November 2018

Compare prices and pre-order


Extended 2CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order


Extended 4LP vinyl box


Official Store highlights

Extended: 2CD edition

CD 1:

1. All Stood Still (Extended Version) [05:04]
2. I Never Wanted To Begin (Extended Version) [06:19]
3. Reap The Wild Wind (Extended Version) [04:45]
4. We Came To Dance (Extended Version) [07:58]
5. One Small Day (Special Re-Mix) [07:50]
6. One Small Day (Special Re-Mix Extra) [08:31]
7. White China (Special Re-Mix) [08:24]
8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Special Re-Mix) [10:02]
9. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (US Extended Re-Mix)* [07:44]
10. One Small Day (US Club Version)* [07:48]

CD 2:

11. Lament (Extended Version) [08:02]
12. Heart of The Country (Special Re-Mix) [11:03]
13. Love’s Great Adventure (Extended Version) [05:40]
14. One Small Day (Final Mix) [07:45]
15. Serenade (Special Re-Mix) [06:03]
16. Same Old Story (Extended Version) [06:58]
17. All Fall Down (Extended Version) [07:40]
18. Brilliant (Blank & Jones Extended Remix)** [07:02]
19. Brilliant (Blank & Jones Club Mix)** [06:33]
20. Brilliant (Blank & Jones US Club Mix)** [06:49]

* = First time being released outside North America.
** = First time being released on vinyl.

Extended: 4LP vinyl edition

Side 1:

1. All Stood Still (Extended Version)
2. I Never Wanted To Begin (Extended Version)
3. Reap The Wild Wind (Extended Version)

Side 2:

4. We Came To Dance (Extended Version)
5. One Small Day (Special Re-Mix)
6. One Small Day (Special Re-Mix Extra)

Side 3:

7. White China (Special Re-Mix)
8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Special Re-Mix)

Side 4:

9. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (US Extended Re-Mix)*
10. One Small Day (US Club Version)*

Side 5:

11. Lament (Extended Version)
12. Heart of The Country (Special Re-Mix)

Side 6:

13. Love’s Great Adventure (Extended Version)
14. One Small Day (Final Mix)
15. Serenade (Special Re-Mix)

Side 7:

16. Same Old Story (Extended Version)
17. All Fall Down (Extended Version)

Side 8:

18. Brilliant (Blank & Jones Extended Remix)**
19. Brilliant (Blank & Jones Club Mix)**
20. Brilliant (Blank & Jones US Club Mix)**

* = First time being released outside North America.
** = First time being released on vinyl.

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Hello . Could anyone kindly advise whether or not any of the tracks have never before been released on CD format ? .
Many thanks

Daniel Harris

On a tangential note, I saw the Midge Ure/Paul Young tour last Saturday in Orlando, and Midge was stunning live! He does not shy away from the big notes, and in original key. Vienna, Hymn, and Fade to Grey gave me chills… they sounded so good!! I was glad it was an electric set and not the acoustic or orchestral set.

Chris Squires

How was Paul Young? Every single time he is on the TV he always comes across as just about the nicest bloke you could possibly meet.

This box set on Vinyl would be ideal for Paul’s back catalogue. Basically the Remixes and Rarities set on Vinyl, if you are watching Sony…


Highly recommend anyone interested in Ultravox tries to see the Conny Plank documentary film by his son. Great footage, brilliant stories.


Price is right but the content is not. Not interested in late Ultravox material. I’d be interested in John Foxx’s Era or the early Midge Ure Era (Vienna is a masterpiece for example).

Mark Jensen

Why would anyone care about the ability to order the cd version from Amazon US? Would anyone actually order the vinyl version of Amazon US? If so, why? It would be way cheaper from someone in the US to order from Amazon UK even with higher shipping costs, as is the case most of the time for UK imports. I’m in the US and I almost never buy UK imports from Amazon US because it is usually cheaper to order directly from Amazon UK, and that works great – they even usually bill my credit card in dollars, though it’s also easy to find a credit card with no extra fees for currency conversion.

Derek Langsford

By the time you take off VAT and with £3.08 international shipping being close to the $3.99 from Amazon US. it is often much cheaper to just order it from Amazon UK of you live in the US. I have been doing it for years. And boxed sets are far cheaper as they are shipped for the same £3.08 be it a cardboard CD single or the massive and very heavy boxed sets with thick, hardback books inside.


still looking forward to it.

yes, the vinyl prices are high, but hopefully will come down
in the future.

the mix is decent, and it’s just a promo, so don’t need to
criticize it too much. it gives people a good overview of some
of the tracks.


not buying a compilation because you don’t like some songs is
odd. unless you’ve liked every song you’ve ever heard, its easy
to skip songs (unless you’re playing vinyl), so whats the issue.



The problem with post Foxx Ultravox comps, in my humbly, is that after Quartet they started losing the edge.
The 12″ mix of All Stood Still is one of my favourite tunes. Midge Ure had that rock streak in his guitar playing which set Ultravox apart from the keyboards only crowd.
Slowly but surely, his hip wobbling took over from his silver strat and it all got a bit too anaemic and anthemic for my taste. Which was a shame. You can still get the flat remasters of the first 3 Ure era LP’s on CD and these include the remixes per album, which works better for me.


Much as i’m very pleased to have at long last remastered 12″ versions available, i’m sure any causal buyer may baulk at having 4 versions of ‘One Small Day’ – I know its completist to have all the versions but even me as a fan really despises one of these mixes (the stuttering version!).

Otherwise great comp and price for 2x CD, not fussed for vinyl as I have them on original (and in most cases clear vinyl) so not needed again, CD will be more than welcome.

Now, if they could get around to doing a remastered CD of Japan 12″ vinyls/extras that would be a peach!

Mike the Fish

I like One Small Day! I’m not keen on the stuttering version, but haven’t heard the U.S. mix and would like better sounding versions of the other two.

elliott buckingham

that re-mix is absolutely awful did some kid with mixmeister fusion whip it up in his bedroom


No US CD availability????

Come on…


this is actually good value, even for the vinyl. the reason i want to buy it – the great blank and jones remixes of brilliant. reason I won’t buy it – the song ‘we all fall down’. i don’t want this in my collection. one of the most annoying song ever (comes close to the frog song by paul mc cartney – sorry nothing against him in general). i would buy a deluxe version of the brilliant ‘brilliant’ album with these mixes included.


Mmm…a bit like the DM boxes, the cost of vinyl editions are horrendous. I bought this stuff at the time, so I will probably give these a miss.


I think a 20 track 4LP box set for £47 is a good price. Whereby, the DM ones were 7 or 8 songs over 4 vinyl? I think that’s vastly overinflated and cheating fans.


waiting for the German price to drop…