Ultravox / Vienna 40th anniversary

Ultravox / Vienna 40th anniversary reissue

5CD+DVD box with 5. 1 Steven Wilson mix • 2LP vinyl

Ultravox‘s 1980 album, Vienna, is to be reissued for its 40th anniversary as an extensive 5CD+DVD box set that includes a plethora of unreleased material and Steven Wilson stereo and 5.1 mixes. Vinyl formats also available.

Produced by Conny Plank, the album was the band’s first for Chrysalis and the first to feature Midge Ure on lead vocals. It originally peaked at number three in the UK album chart, with its title track famously thwarted from reaching the top of the singles chart by that song by Joe Dolce. ‘All Stood Still’, the final of four singles followed ‘Vienna’ into the top ten in June 1981.

Vienna 40th anniversary 5CD+DVD box set (click image to enlarge)

The six-disc box set features 66 tracks, 44 of which are previously unreleased recordings or mixes. It comprises the following

  • CD 1 – Original 1980 album (newly mastered from production tapes)
  • CD 2 – New Steven Wilson stereo mix of album and B-sides
  • CD 3 – A-sides, B-sides, 12-inch mixes and live tracks
  • CD 4 – Cassette rehearsals
  • CD 5 – Live from St. Albans 1980 (newly mixed)
  • DVD – 5.1 Steven Wilson mix (+ 24/96 hi-res stereo of new mixes) + B-sides. Also hi-res stereo of original album and original mixes of B-sides!

This 5CD+DVD comes packaged in a 12″ x 12″ rigid slipcase and includes a 20-page large format booklet featuring notes from the band, unseen photos from Midge Ure’s and Chris Cross’ personal collection, four A4 art prints.

There is also a half-speed mastered 2LP vinyl set that features the original album on the first LP and a bonus LP that includes a pick ‘n’ mix selection of single versions, B-sides and live cuts. It also features a US promo edit of ‘Vienna’, never commercially released, which is exclusive to this vinyl (i.e. not on the CD box).

The official Ultravox store also features an exclusive 4LP clear vinyl box set, which is the 2LP package plus ‘Live from St. Albans’ across two further LPs.

Vienna is reissued across all formats on 9 October 2020. The 5CD+DVD box and the 2LP are available via the SDE shop using this link.

Compare prices and pre-order


Vienna - 5CD+DVD box set


Compare prices and pre-order


Vienna - 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl


Vienna 40th anniversary 5CD+DVD super deluxe

CD One: Vienna [Original 1980 Analog Master]

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Private Lives
04. Passing Strangers
05. Sleepwalk
06. Mr. X
07. Western Promise
08. Vienna
09. All Stood Still

CD Two: Vienna [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix] *

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Private Lives
04. Passing Strangers
05. Sleepwalk
06. Mr. X
07. Western Promise
08. Vienna
09. All Stood Still
10. Waiting
11. Passionate Reply
12. Alles Klar
13. Herr X

CD Three: Rarities: Singles/B-Sides/Live

01. Sleepwalk [Early Version]
02. Waiting
03. Face To Face [Live in St Albans 16/8/1980]
04. King’s Lead Hat [Live at The Lyceum 17/8/1980]
05. Vienna [Single Version]
06. Passionate Reply
07. Herr X
08. All Stood Still [Single Version]
09. Alles Klar
10. Keep Talking [Cassette Recording During Rehearsals]
11. All Stood Still [12” Mix]
12. Sleepwalk [Soundcheck, The Lyceum 17/8/1980]
13. All Stood Still [Soundcheck, The Lyceum 17/8/1980]
14. Vienna [Live Video Version, St Albans City Hall 16/8/80] *
15. Sleepwalk [Live Video Version, St Albans City Hall 16/8/80] *

CD Four: Cassette Recordings During Rehearsals 1979/80 *

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans (Instrumental)
03. Private Lives (Instrumental)
04. Passing Strangers (Instrumental 1)
05. Sleepwalk (Version 1)
06. Mr. X
07. Western Promise
08. Vienna
09. All Stood Still (Instrumental 1)
10. Sound On Sound
11. Animal
12. Sleepwalk (Version 2)
13. Sound On Sound (Instrumental)
14. Passing Strangers (Instrumental 2)
15. All Stood Still (Instrumental 2)

CD Five: Live in St. Albans 1980 (2020 Mix) *

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Passing Strangers
04. Quiet Men
05. Face To Face
06. Mr. X
07. Western Promise
08. Vienna
09. Slow Motion
10. Hiroshima Mon Amour
11. All Stood Still
12. Sleepwalk
13. Private Lives
14. King’s Lead Hat

DVD: Vienna
Vienna album – Steven Wilson Mix *
– 96/24 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
– DTS 96/24 5.1 Surround Mix
– DOLBY AC3 5.1 Surround Mix
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

B-sides – Steven Wilson Mix *
– 96/24 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
– DTS 96/24 5.1 Surround Mix
– DOLBY AC3 5.1 Surround Mix
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

Vienna album – 1980 Original Analog Master
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

B-sides – 1980 Original Analog Master
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

*Previously Unreleased.

Vienna 40th anniversary 2LP vinyl (half-speed mastered)

LP 1

Side A

1. Astradyne
2. New Europeans
3. Private Lives
4. Passing Strangers
5. Sleepwalk

Side B

1. Mr X
2. Western Promise
3. Vienna
4. All Stood Still

LP  2

Side A

1. Waiting
2. Face To Face  (Live in St Albans 16/8/80)
3. King’s Lead Hat  (Live at The Lyceum 17/8/80)
4. Vienna (US Promotional Edit)
5. Passionate Reply

LP 2

Side B

1. Herr X
2. All Stood Still (Single Version)
3. Alles Klar
4. Keep Talking (Cassette Recording During Rehearsals)

Vienna 40th anniversary 4LP clear vinyl box (official store exclusive)

Side A

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Private Lives
04. Passing Strangers
05. Sleepwalk

Side B

01. Mr. X
02. Western Promise
03. Vienna
04. All Stood Still

Side C

01. Waiting
02. Face To Face [Live in St Albans 16/8/1980]
03. King’s Lead Hat [Live at The Lyceum 17/8/1980]
04. Vienna [US Promotional Edit] *
05. Passionate Reply

Side D

01. Herr X
02. All Stood Still [Single Version]
03. Alles Klar
04. Keep Talking [Cassette Recording During Rehearsals]

LP 2: Live in St. Albans 1980 

Side A

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Passing Strangers
04. Quiet Men

Side B

01. Face To Face
02. Mr. X
03. Western Promise
04. Vienna

Side C

01. Slow Motion
02. Hiroshima Mon Amour

Side D

01. All Stood Still
02. Sleepwalk
03. Private Lives
04. King’s Lead Hat

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Dave Moore

Hi Paul,


Down to £39.94 on Amazon at the minute.

All the best,

Philip John Birtwistle

So, finally got my copy from Santa. It really is a thing of beauty, both in packaging and sound!

Kit Watson

I just received my copy of the CD/DVD box set. Steve Wilson’s mix of “Waiting” is completely different, with missing parts. Why would he do that?

Andre McPherson

Talk about selling people the SAME thing which they already over and over again,
Pink Floyd do this sort of thing all the time too!!
I was so excited when I heard there was going to be a five disc 4oth anniversary box set edition of ‘Vienna’ but I see this as a massive missed opportunity if I’m honest!!
I can’t believe these people think different mixes are going to be of any use to fans!!
If you have the ‘Rare’ volumes 1 and 2 which were released years ago like I do,
then you already have the ‘B’ sides on CD!!
The live recording is the only reason I bought this,
but why not include an actual DVD of the St Albans concert,
the footage is out there, a lot of it being on YouTube!!
I attended their show at the Liverpool Empire on a freezing cold Thursday night in early December of 1980 and it was fantastic!!
Vienna is one of my very favourite all time albums ever and in my opinion,
by far the best thing Ultravox ever did,
but the phrase ‘money for old rope’ certainly springs to mind here!!
Sad to hear that many fans are missing discs and booklets in their set,
that is sloppiness on a massive scale!!
Let’s hope they get it right next year when they probably release the ‘Rage In Eden’ 40th anniversary box set??


this year is also the fortieth anniversary of Visage first album and for obscure reasons of rights and disagreements there will not be a worthy reissue like Ultravox Vienna.


Just receive this package. It would seem that the DVD does not contain a separate 24/96 5.1 Surround Sound Mix. My Oppo BDP-105D (which is set to give DVD-A preference) only allows me to select DTS or Dolby AC3. Checking the contents of the disc on a computer confirms this omission.

Dave H

The back of the box is misleading with its layout.

It says:

24/96 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
DTS 24/96 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
Dolby AC3 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
24/96 LPCM Stereo Mix

I believe the first line is a clerical error as it doesn’t specify a format such as LPCM like it does for the stereo mix. It does make it look like there’s four formats on the disc.

The only 24/96 5.1 surround mix on the disc is the DTS mix.
The AC3 surround mix is 448kbps for those who can’t listen to DTS.

Really enjoyed listening to the surround mix, hats off to Steven Wilson.

Christopher Minjoot

Very disappointed with this set – there is a listed 24/96 5.1 mix that is missing – available only in inferior DTS and AC3. The packaging also seems flimsy. Plus, my set which I ordered from Amazon UK is missing the booklet!


Not sure if my post got through, but on the box set, Western Promise is spelled incorrectly > Proimise


Hello All

Hope everyone is staying safe and well.
I received the Vienna box set (500 edition) in the post today and was quite excited as it’s an important record for me.
Unfortunately, one of the main Vienna records has two labels stuck together and one is raised with a bit of tearing. As well, some of the jackets and inserts are wrinkled. Quite disappointing considering the cost of the box. Do you think Townsend / Ultravox Store would consider getting me that one replacement vinyl and inserts ? Just looking for thoughts on this from you guys ?

mike williams

I got two copies of the double Live LP in mine. Correct sleeves but the Vienna half-speed had the Live LP again inside. There’s a replacement on the way from TMStores/Ultravox Shop.
Plus the wrong spelling of “western promise” on the sleeve, label and outer box is a bit shoddy.


I just received my set today, but the set has 2 of Disc 1 and is missing Disc 2. Is anybody else having issues with receiving a complete set of 5 CDs and DVD? I’d like to reorder, but if there is a broader manufacturing issue with the set, I might wait a bit to see if they get it sorted out.


No issues with my 5CD & DVD set, all discs were correct.


Is anyone else having trouble getting this. My pre-order is just sitting there. It also seems many US sites say its not in stock. Paul is there a stock shortage or delay that you know of. TIA.


OK, forgive me if I’m thick or it’s been mentioned before, but is one of the Steven Wilson mixes missing on the DVD? The slipcase lists:
Vienna album – Steven Wilson Mix *
– 96/24 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
– DTS 96/24 5.1 Surround Mix
– DOLBY AC3 5.1 Surround Mix
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix
but the disc menu only has the last 3. There’s no 96/24 5.1 Surround Sound mix that I can find. Or am I just being stupid? I know there’s greater things to worry about right now but I thought someone might know. It is a fantastic box set, by the way. Very happy with it.

Tom M

@Dan You need a player that specifically plays DVD Audio to see the first option I believe and the player needs to be set up to play those files. DVD-A mode vs DVD Video mode.


@Tom M just spotted your reply! Thank you for that.

Sean Daly

So please clear this up…
What length should the album version of “All Stood Still” actually be?
On this 40th Anniversary edition Track 9 is actually 3:43
… but on the 2018 deluxe edition it is 4:26
Which is correct?

Tom M

@ Sean Daly Which version did you get? 4:26 is the album version. I’ve read in other forums the iTunes download has single mixes for tracks 8 & 9 but the CD is okay.


I would like to know if the physical copy has the original album version of “All Stood Still” or the single version (and what that length actually should be – according to Wikipedia the album is 4:21, the single 3:40 and the 12″ 5:05). According to Daniel (from Berlin), under a different post, he says that CDs 1 and 2 have the shorter, single version. He did not confirm whether the DVD content also makes that mistake (in it’s various sound formats).

My copy has arrived in NZ, but is going to my parents house. I will be there on the weekend, but won’t be able to play it (and confirm any of this) until I am back at my place next week!


Disc 1: 1980 Analog Master All stood still 4’22
Disc 2: Steven Wilson Mix All stood still 4’34
Disc 3: All stood still (Single Version) 3’43
Disc 3: All stood still (12″ Mix) 5’07



Cheers! That bodes well for the DVD having the album version as well.

Blob McBlobface

iTunes and other streaming services had the last two tracks from CD1 as single versions. Thhe actual CD is fine.
On a side note the whole of CD 1 on streaming services doesn’t match the master of the Physical CD.


I received this today (a day late, via JPC)… hadn’t had full time to listen to the album in whole (John Lennos, also a day late was in the same box…), so I put “at least” the title track, that I’ve heard a thousand times and hoping for the full Wilsonseque wonders (I really loved his work on TFF and I do love all his Jethro Tull boxes) – but, one song, many mixing errors? On a prominent song like this?
After listening I stopped, played again and wrote down what distracted me:
On 2:33 something is wrong, where do these additional sounds come from?
On 4:00 the piano is nealy muted in the original mix but very (disappointingly) audible here (it is raised to full glory at 4:06 originally)
plus the piano gets too much prominence from 4:18 on till the end…

Dear Steve, you can do better!

Steve (Not Wilson)

“After listening I stopped, played again and wrote down what distracted me:
On 2:33 something is wrong, where do these additional sounds come from?
On 4:00 the piano is nealy muted in the original mix but very (disappointingly) audible here (it is raised to full glory at 4:06 originally)”

You have way too much time. :) :) :)


Too much time?
No, it absolutely doesn’t sound right, it hit (and hurt)
me on first listen. I didn’t want to tell “there’s something wrong”, it should be precise when someone tells it.


Indeed, the additional bass note is interesting at 2:33, although you never know what the original masters did contain. Personally, I love the 4:00 sequence – and that is true for the whole Steve Wilson mixes, because I can suddenly hear instruments which were burried on the originals (probably one of the important reasons for doing a new mix).
And regarding 4:18: Not only the piano but also Midges voice is louder, that this is IMO very well balanced – but of course, sounds different.

Martin York

Ooh ooh! 5CD+DVD box arrived in the post this morning. I’m SO looking forward to listening to the surround version of this superb album – that’s my focus for the weekend.

Great packaging and delivery as usual – thanks Paul, a pleasure to support SDE.


Is this almost sold out then at most places – or can we expect additional stock?


Re-listening to the 2008 remaster of Vienna I was underwhelmed. Comparing the 2008 12″ of ‘All Stood Still’ with the 2018 version on ‘Extended’ shows that there is potential to extract more out of the tapes. But £50+ means it will have to join a long queue…


Hi paul do you still have plenty of the cd box sets left?


Well paul thats it i’m broke! Just ordered ultravox as well as prince and tears for fears this week! My wife is upstairs packing her case as i send this email!! I do hope she does’nt take my cd player :)


As much as Vienna is my favourite album of all time, what I’d really like to hear is a remix of Quartet. Unfortunately of the four classics UreVox produced it’s the least impressive sonically, with a somewhat lifeless and uneventful mix. Mr Wilson, I’m sure, can do it justice – and, seeing how its the band’s biggest US seller (and one of the best European ones, too), its DE seems feasible financially. Hopefully that’ll enter the minds of decision-makers.

All other albums are perfect they way they are. Need not bother.


While I’d love SDEs of all the Ure-era Ultravox albums, I’m most hopeful that Steven Wilson works his way up the Ultravox catalog to “Lament”. That’s one of my favorite albums of the early 80s. An SDE with remastered audio and remixes and B-sides would be a dream come true.


Hey guys. How is JPC shipping & packaging? Any horror stories?


Never encountered any problems with JPC. Have ordered from them maybe 10 times.

Gary Tilford

The 4 LP clear vinyl set has now sold out, glad I ordered mine early. Paul, have you (or anyone else) any idea of the number of these sets issued?


Gary Tilford – it states 500 on the Townsend site. Glad I ordered mine early too and really looking forward to the half speed master and the live set


Missed opportunity – why not rename it “Torque Point”?!?
Jokes aside – a must buy for me, and the true “Definitive Edition” ;)


Love this, looking forward to the cassette rehearsal recordings and Live at St. Albans (so young and eager) very very much, loved Steven Wilson’s work on the Tears For Fears SFTBC album, looking forward to his informed vision towards the Vienna Conny Plank recording.

I would love a Rage in Eden package on the same level of quality even more, that album was truly built inside the Conny Plank Studio, it has so many facets, more even so than Vienna, so go ahead and find all recording rehearsal cassette tapes (Warren Cann had loads), make a fine Dolby Surround version, exhume all those rich sounds and deliver UV Mk2’s best album to us in a similar format, that would be awesome!

John 79

I could be wrong but I’m sure I’ve either had an email or I’ve seen that the new Ultravox Vienna CD/DVD boxset is limited to 500 units,can anyone confirm this ?

John 79

Thanks Paul for putting that right,I did get a promo email from Townsend Records about this Ultravox CD/DVD set and it was available,I have just checked their website again(5.50 am 13/8/20 and its saying that this was limited to 500 units but would I be correct in thinking that must be their own personal allowance of this item?

PS, Love the site


The official Ultravox store shows VIENNA [Deluxe Edition] 5CD/1DVD Boxset as limited to 500 units, ( https://ultravox.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=67596&affcode=superdelux ).

BUT… The store also lists the 4LP Clear Vinyl Box Set as limited to 500 units, and currently shows as ‘sold out’.

So I think that the limited text on the 5CD/1DVD may just be a copy/paste error. At least I hope so!


I so hope that Steve Wilson will be doing the same for 40th super deluxe reissues for Duran Duran’s first two albums next year and the year after!

Come on let’s have 24/96 S Wilson remix plus original mix (both flat transfers please) including singles and B- sides


There is a great deal of comfort in knowing who is in control of a project like this – Steven Wilson in this case – but in my opinion Rubellan Studios and Miles Showell have also pushed digital mastering into a trusted realm.
There won’t be that moment of dread as the disc disappears into the player waiting for the possible over compressed distortion, lack of dynamics and 4khz boost.
In Wilson’s case, I think the mixes will be a little drier, dynamic and separated than the originals, and I can’t wait to hear what he does with them.
I want that wicked solo in All Stood Still to throttle me like Ure meant it to !


Still don’t understand why bands/record companies go to the trouble of paying out for a surround mix, hi rez etc, and then stick it on a DVD rather than a blu ray.


The DVD has hi-res audio (96/24) on it so you’re not missing out on anything a blu-ray disc will give you. If you look at these as storage devices a dual layered DVD can hold 8.5GB of data and a dual layered Blu-ray can hold 50GB.

Since there’s no added video’s or concert footage, I imagine all the data can fit on a DVD.

James Beresford-Wylie

The DTS 5.1 mix is lossy, so it is not at the same quality as a Blu-Ray. It does seem mad to mix an album in lossless 96/24 and then release it in a lossy format, however it’s all about authoring costs and licensing costs. I had a brief message conversation with Bruce Soord (pineapple thief) well respected 5.1 and on his first album they did release the full 96/24 version as a download, he confirmed the authoring/licence fees as being the sole reason . It’s a shame and for me bundling a file only full res version would be fine as I can stream it through my Oppo.


If AdrianW (see below) is right, the DVD contains the 5.1 mix in a lossless codec.

Steve Burke

The dts mix is lossy, but the listing also separately lists “5.1 24/96 Surround Sound” which is often how DVD-Audio nomenclature goes, as well as sometimes “5.1 24/96 Advanced Resolution”. As long as there are three surround tracks, two would be in the VIDEO_TS folder and one would be in the AUDIO_TS folder and it would be a DVD-Audio disc, not long to wait to find out but it would be great to get clarification.

Just for correct terminology, lossless refers to compression so nothing is actually mixed “in lossless” but rather mixed in PCM (uncompressed) and THEN compressed to MLP (for DVD-A).

Jim Beam's Wee Brother

The high rez Steve Wilson Stereo Mix tests as upsampled with Lossless Audio Checker 2.0.7.
While the CD 2, 3, 4 and 5 all test as Mpeg with TLH.
All a bit strange.
Love this album as much as the Ultrafoxx stuff.

Steve Burke

Because if they stick it on a DVD-Audio they’ve saved money overall and it’s likely anyone with a Blu-ray player that cares about high resolution surround will either be able to play DVD-Audio or know how to rip it to 24/96 5.1 FLAC which they could then play via USB on their Blu-ray player.


What`s wrong with DVD ? , old format yes , but Blu-Ray players are backward compatible .


There’s also the plain and simple fact that human ears cannot hear “hi res” music, even if your system is actually capable of reproducing it in the first place. Even high end speaker manufacturers don’t often list frequency response of their kit now because no-one will buy them if they don’t go up to the 48 kHz that they can’t hear, will they? I’d be willing to bet that not a soul commenting here would be able to accurately tell apart a BD disc from a DVD.

The Emperor’s new clothes and you’re all wandering around in the nuddy. Even Steven Wilson himself poo-poos hi res music in this interview before very quickly changing the subject once he realises what he said. Don’t tell them, Pike!



‘sigh’ yes you can tell the difference between hires and standard audio. Years ago the AES did a test, which is oft quoted by hires deniers as ‘proof’ you can’t hear it. Years later, the testers admitted that, ‘cough’ they used a high end, two box CD player v a low end multi format player, and ‘surprise’ very few people could tell the difference. Later tests (again by the AES and others) have shown, actually, yes you can. As for standard DVD v Blu ray, the bandwidth difference between the two (and DVD v DVD-Audio) is enormous. As such if you can’t hear a difference, get ’em syringed..

Steve Burke

You’re only commenting on “high resolution”, I find it pretty easy to tell the difference between 448 Kbps Dolby Digital 5.1 for studio material with an adventurous surround mix over a lossless version regardless of what format it’s on. The very opening of Tubular Bells sounds wrong with paltry DD and the 5.1 24/48 download Bowers & Wilkins offered (FLAC) resolves the sibilants more pleasingly. Of course Mike’s creative team for packaging can’t even label the discs correctly, putting “DVD-Audio” on several titles that are DVD-Video only like Discovery and Return to Ommadawn but that’s another story.

I don’t care whether it’s on Blu-ray or DVD-Audio, as long as it’s not just DVD-Video. That’s nothing to do with high res vs CD quality but rather lossy vs lossless/uncompressed.


Cost I think. For DVD-Audio you have to pay for the rights to MLP and the authoring software (which isn’t cheap) and for Blu Ray you have to pay for the more expensive Dolby and DTS formats. Otherwise, as you say, I can’t think why you wouldn’t?

Steve Burke

The cost of the dts/Dolby can be avoided by using LPCM 5.1, Blu-ray supports 5.1 PCM up to 24/192 and 7.1 PCM up to 24/96. However you still have BD licensing fees, AACS fees, etc., so BD is still quite a bit more expensive than DVD.

Dave H

Reading all the comments regarding Blu-ray costs, it just shows how amazing the XTC and Yes reissues have been in terms of value for money.

I really hope the multi-tracks of some of the early XTC albums are around to be mixed to 5.1 surround. It’ll be nice to hear something from XTC mark I.


I know this is OFF topic but….

Great news for all you Doobie Brothers fans…..the Doobie Brothers – Quadio Box Set is now available for pre-order direct from UNIVERSAL…


and if you use this following discount code you get 20% off



I love Ultravox. I have all their stuff. But it feels like this album has been re-issued many times in the past. As well as their other albums. I’ve purchased their past reissues, and it seems this album has been released a few times with bonus disc and bonus tracks. I could be wrong, as I’ve been wrong before, but this seems like the fourth or fifth time this album has been re-issued with extras over the past ten or fifteen years. It’s a great album. Just not sure if I need to buy it again. The past reissues sounded great to me. It seems the basic 7″ singles and 12″ remixes have all already been re-issued. On compilations and deluxe album reissues. I wonder if they will be doing their whole 80’s catalogue. Again.


I think this deluxe is kind of anniversary edition and people here are waiting or dreaming for the back catalogue to get the same treatment which I doubt a lot. Since Chrisalys/EMI now belongs to Universal and Island Records also it woulnd’t be a bad idea to happen but…
I love both Ultravox John Foxx and Midge Ura era so both deserves deluxe editions to me. Many years ago when Universal released remastered versions of the first 3 albums Midge Ure himself wished to make it as 2cds set which the label decline and I think it’s the time to fix it now although I repeat I doubt something to be release beyond Vienna album. I just lament !!!

Simon Musselle

Chrysalis are no longer owned by Universal, Warners, EMI or anyone else that has messed things up in the past. They are now a subsidiary of Blue Raincoat, set up by the original Chrysalis team.

John McCann'

Mr Terry Ellis of don’t look back fame?

Gary Tilford

Why are so many people dismissing the dvd because they are not interested in surround sound? I have always listened to my music in stereo and have never been interested in a surround version of my favourite albums. I am, however, really looking forward to listening to Vienna in 96/24 stereo on the dvd. Major bonus for me.


I’ve got some desire to one day get surround sound, but as I barely watch any films it seems a significant investment just to listen to music. That said, I’ve bought plenty of music bluray sets with surround sound, with the optimism I’ll not have another drain on our money one day to go and buy a system. How do I argue that the kitchen that needs replacing isn’t the financial priority, then it’ll be something else! I did buy cds without the capability to play them in the 80’s, but it was inevitable that the cd was becoming the major music format, so it was only a question of time and money before I got a cd player.

The other motivation not to get surround sound capability is the stereo system sounds fantastic, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out too much.


Same here although i have just bought a cheap second hand 5.1 set up of Ebay to see what the fuss is all about , and i always rip the Hi-Res tracks off the DVD`s for my DAP to listen on the go.

Craig Hedges

Interesting how an artist and their material gets treated over the years. Ultravox (Mark ll) we’re signed to Chrysalis in 1980, that label was then sold to EMI in 1992, initially they released some compilations (rare 1 & 2 and the Midge comp If I was) then nothing. The Ultravox fan club Extreme Voice campaigned really hard to get EMI to remaster the albums in the late 1990s and won BUT at the time EMI only deemed these releases worthy of release as a single CD on their budget EMI Gold label, including the 20th anniversary release of Vienna. The music press have always given Ultravox Mark II a hard time so it great to see the positive response to this release and the interest in their other albums getting the same treatment.

Surround Man

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new batch of reissues with a 5.1 surround mix from the same era.
Off the top of my head, I’m thinking
The Human League – Dare
Duran Duran – Duran Duran
David Bowie – Scary Monsters
OMD – Architecture & Morality
Simple Minds – Sons And Fascination

Chris Squires

It’s a shame that the process of getting a good 5.1 remix is prohibitively expensive for so many albums that just wouldn’t sell in significant enough numbers. I think of albums like Steps in Time, The Ups and Downs, Human Racing, Human’s Lib, Alf. None have a snowballs chance (unless I’ve missed something). You need something with the cache of those mentioned above or Welcome to the Pleasuredome to get the accountant interested I suppose.


The powers that be should try Bruce Soord instead of the go to of the moment Steven Wilson. They’d get just as good as a job but for less money. Maybe…??

Paul Taylor

I think there will be a bit of activity around Dare next year. You probably know they’re touring the album, so I’d be surprised there wasn’t some SDE issued to shackle the interest that will undoubtedly be generated.

Michael McA

Interesting to note I have bought all of the above – between original release vinyl and CD and remastered CD and remastered CD with extra tracks and remastered CD with different extra tracks – and special box set and extra special box set – (and on) – far too many times!

Dare – at least 5 times!


……. mind you – a very special stand alone Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call would be a joy. Often wondered if there were other instrumental versions (like This Earth That You Walk Upon and Seeing Out The Angel) kicking around.

All the above tremendous albums.

Bopping to Planet Earth in 1981 in my new romantic gear! Happy days.


Great idea, Surround Man.

U2- Boy
Japan – Tin Drum
Teardrop Explodes – Kilimanjaro
Associates – Sulk
ABC – The Lexicon Of Love
Simple Minds – New Gold Dream 81, 82, 83, 84


New Gold Dream 5.1 already exists on DVD-A and Blu-ray

Surround Man

Teardrop Explodes – Kilimanjaro is a good shout. I can just imagine how good Reward would sound with the brass section coming out of the rear speakers. There were also extra guitar parts on the US album version that weren’t on the UK mix.

There’s plenty of albums from the 70’s that have been released in surround format, some of them as quad mixes since they already existed from back in the day. I think most Prog Rock albums have been re-released as 5.1.

In contrast the 80’s seems to be the forgotten decade even though I imagine most albums were being recorded on at least 24 tracks so there’s more scope for a decent surround mix. I say in contrast because I have approx. 200 surround releases from the 70’s but only 100 from the 80’s.

John 79

Gary Numan’s TELEKON album would sound amazing in 5.1 surround sound but for its 40th Anniversary just gone Beggar’s Banquet didn’t release anything to acknowledge the anniversary of Numan’s No 1 album, Even the basic 5.1 surround sound would have been appreciated by Numan’s cult fan base, oh well, we can dream :((


Extra track not on the 6-disc box and instead only in the two-vinyl version: are you kidding me?
If that doesn’t reek of desperation to make fans double-dip! They should be ashamed.


Really??? The should be ashamed??? Good grief!!!


I have to excuse for my former silly comment: the information I was asking for is clearly declared in the product description here: CD 1 – Original 1980 album (newly mastered from production tapes).

So, yes, a new remaster 2020 of Vienna. Hopefully better than the 2000 one.
And together with the Steve Wilson Remix (CD2) for me the only reason to buy Vienna again. CD3-5 and the DVD do not have any value at all for me.

As I said already: the half speed mastering on vinyl could be the most interesting sound experience ….


Really looking forward to this, particularly the rehearsal stuff. Other record companies should take note of the generous pricing, I would imagine it will be rewarded with healthy sales which will hopefully prompt a similar release project for Rage In Eden


Fantastic album, saw Midge Ure play this in full last year as well. Loads of content at a sensible price. Ordered from SDE

Gary Hunter

Good to see one of the greatest albums of all time getting the super deluxe treatment at a very reasonable price, virtually every track could have been a single :)

Rob S

Nik, looking at the Passing Strangers 12″ which feature both Face to Face and Kings Lead Hat they were recorded on different nights. The blurb for this release states the St Albans show is from 16th August 1980 so only Face to Face will be a duplicate. In fact the earlier Kings Lead Hat is from a Lyceum show on 17th August. So a bit more interest to hear a different version in this set

Patrick Gleeson

Ordered via SDE Shop – one of my favourite early 80’s synth albums :-) As box sets go these days, not too expensive either. Compare this to the just announced New Order ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ set.

Tom from FIN

Is there information about reissuing Rage in Eden as such deluxe package? Instant googling did not amount to anything.

Though RIE was remastered only two years ago and as 2CD set with bonuses.


Wasn’t that just a reissue of the 2008 release?

CJ Feeney

I’m not in the market for this, but as with the Marillion Brave set, it is annoying to have two stereo mixes of the original album.

Steven Wilson’s method (stated in several places including on this website) with stereo is to create a mix as close to the original as possible as a reference point on the way to the 5.1. It won’t be all that different to the original mix, so why waste a disc by having both?

At least this set appears to have more than decent archive material for the fans. I didnt buy that Brave set due to the lack of archive material beyond yet another live show .


Very excited to hear this further period material. I got into UVox only after appreciating Mr. Ure’s solo career, and before that – just as the Band Aid/Live Aid guy. I guess the best part is discovering the band en mass – what an amazing ride. Saw the band open for Simple Minds in 2013 at the O2 – was amazing. One of the last concerts I got to see prior to C19 lockdowns was the Motels/Bow Wow Wow/and When In Rome II. WIRII brought out “All Fall Down” in their set, as singer Tony Fennell was singing for Ultravox prior to the classic line-up reunion. A kind nod to a great band, and some wonderful music.


Love Ultravox and such a great album. Astradyne may be the greatest instrumental I’ve ever heard. I’m really interested to hear the 1980 concert version compared to the fantastic one on Return to Eden.


Loved the single but never bought the album. But judging by the comments it’s one that should be in most people’s collections. Given the more than reasonable price I’m leaning heavily towards buying it, especially given that Steven Wilson has worked on the project.

On a side note, I was gutted when I ordered the stereo vinyl mix of Tears For Fears’ SFTBC and was sent the standard issue from the Universal website instead. When I explained the error to them they informed me that they’d sold out. Adding lemon juice to the wounds is when I read comments saying how good it sounds. Grrrrrrr.

Not sure if this has been posted but came across an excellent Wilson interview from the Sounds website. I have to say I love his philosophy and approach to music. Was very excited to hear that his work with Tears For Fears’ TSOL was completed in 2019. Surely the Deluxe Edition release must be very, very close now.



Wha!? No VHS, cassette deluxe, 8-track or reel to reel! What a missed opportunity *smirk*

How very cool is this release!! I’m only a casual fan but will pick up the deluxe CD set & double vinyl. As a collector of physical media it’s always great fun when these types of sets get released. Even though admittedly being a music hoarder I don’t get around to too many repeat listens before something shiny & new pops on the player!

We are pretty spoilt these days for reissues. Of course we don’t always get the ones we want – but we can only live in hope. Speaking of which …I’m amazed Pat Benatar hasn’t had an reissue campaign *hint hint* ha.

Paul: any word on the Blondie albums box set? Last I heard they were gathering memorabilia images from fans…but all has been quiet.

Marc Carter

I lost interest with Ultravox following Mr Fox’s departure and was originally very dismissive of the album ‘Vienna’ but I do believe it’s grown in stature and stood the test of time.
I’m surprised to see that Ultravox Mk II played both ‘Slow Motion’ and ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ live…am very curious to hear Midge Ure’s interpretation.

Mark Calvert

I was thinking exactly the same thing. Midge covering John Foxx vocals. Did you but it marc? if so what is your verdict?


I’ve a copy of the “Echos Of Pleasure” from 13/12/1980 which have versions of Quiet Men, Slow Motion and a nearly 10 minute version of Hiroshima Mon Amour, musically similar to Ultravox I but with Midge doing vocals as per Ultravox II so they still sound excellent. Looking forward to hearing an official version of an early ish concert.


is anybody having issue with amazon now not delivering to the us region



Just a comment about the pricing widget, and I know you can’t do anything about this. With the Amazon Canada price, tax is not included and is added during the checkout process. With the Amazon UK price VAT is included and is removed at during checkout process if shipping outside the EU (back when that was possible to do). Just pointing out that that needs to be taken into consideration when comparing prices.


Brian Smith

So frustrating that they only release the 5.1 within a boxset. Why not have it as a stand alone? or at least with the CD only.

Phil Marsh

I too will be ordering through the site to show support. Interesting to me that people are looking forward to different things. I don’t have a 5.1 set up and never had a great interest in having one, so the DVD is a waste (for me…at least for the time being) – but clearly others are looking forward to that alone! Others have no interest in the live gig – but that to me is the main draw, along with the unreleased stuff FINALLY coming to release.

Having seen the Sleepwalk video promo filmed at the St Albans gigon youtube it’s a real shame the whole gig isn’t available on this set on video (or even any of it) as they were most certainly at their most dynamic live when young and hungry (IMO). But still plenty to enjoy here and great news that a version of Vienna is finally coming out with all this stuff on it.