Underworld / Beaucoup Fish box set

Universal Music are to reissue Underworld‘s 1999 album Beaucoup Fish in August, and like the previous reissues, this will be available as a multi-disc super deluxe edition box set.

The album was a critical and commercial success and features the singles Push Upstairs, Jumbo, King Of Snake and Bruce Lee.

The new super deluxe edition box set is a four-CD package that includes the original album, related B-sides/mixes remastered for 2017 (by Rick Smith at Abbey Road Studios) and unreleased tracks and alternate versions.

As with the dubnobasswithmyheadman (2014) and Second Toughest In The Infants (2015) reissues, the Beaucoup Fish super deluxe edition comes packaged in a hard case 12″ x 12″ box set and includes a 60-page booklet with a new essay on the album. All packaging and artwork has been created by long time Underworld collaborators tomato.

The Beaucoup Fish super deluxe edition will be released on 25 August. A 2LP vinyl edition will also be available (although no pre-order links for that as yet).

CD 1

1 Cups
2 Push Upstairs
3 Jumbo
4 Shudder / King Of Snake
5 Winjer
6 Skym
7 Bruce Lee
8 Kittens
9 Push Downstairs
10 Something Like A Mama
11 Moaner

CD 2

1 Nifter – 5 A1317 Nov 97
2 Bruce Lee – Ricks 1st Dobro Mix
3 UW Orange Bed – Sept97
4 Skym – A A1317 Nov 97
5 Jumbo – Diff Bass 2 A1317 Nov 97
6 Push Upstairs – Alt 1 A1336 July 98
7 King Of Snake – Garage Mix A1313 Set 97b
8 Something Like A Mama – Alt Mix A1340 July 98 A Upstairs)
9 Please Help Me
10 Yeah Plan – From A1385
11 Ramajama

CD 3

1 Cups – Salt City Orchestra Remix
2 Jumbo – Jedi’s Sugar Hit Mix
3 Jumbo – Futureshock Vocal Mix
4 Push Upstairs – Darren Price Remix
5 King Of Snake – Slam Remix
6 King Of Snake – Fatboy Slim Remix
7 King Of Snake – Dave Clarke Remix
8 Bruce Lee – Micronauts Remix
9 Bruce Lee – Buffalo Daughter Remix

CD 4

1 Bruce Lee – DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Vocal Mix
2 Bruce Lee – DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Instrumental Mix
3 Bruce Lee – Futureshock Remix
4 King Of Snake – Claudio Coccoluto Remix
5 King Of Snake – Martinez Remix
6 King Of Snake – Dave Angel Remix
7 Jumbo – Rob Rives & Francois Kevorkian Dub
8 Push Upstairs – Roger S Narcotic Haze Dub
9 Push Upstairs – Adam Beyer Rmx 2

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For some reason that deal alert for Spandau Ballet directs you here.


Pretty disappointing compared to the other sets, but on its own it wouldn’t look quite as lacking. A few things stand out: lack of any live material, missing some key versions that should have been rounded up for posterity (barking, straight mate, etc), and including so little unreleased/enticing material that a trimmed 2CD set doesn’t make sense for the label (whereas previous sets the SDE still had plenty left over). Considering how long it’s been since the last one, it’s disappointing if it was indeed a “rush job.” Perhaps (being hopeful here) any live material was saved for a next reissue (Everything Everything) but I worry that diminishing returns here (due to their own choices) may doom any upcoming releases.


I will definitely get the 4 disc version. I liked the packaging of the first two deluxe editions, and background info on the tracks. I have some of the remixes already, but I had just about all the b-sides from dubno and 2nd Toughest.

Beaucoup Fish was the first Underworld record that I bought day one. I had become a new fan in ’97/’98 and played catch up. Plus I was able to see the band live twice in 1999 and it was like nothing I’d seen before.


Indeed a 2×CD set with a version of each track, combined with a few of the best demos and B-sides would be welcome. The 2×CD versions of DNBWMHM and STITI were excellent in that respect.


A bit unfair its a 4 disc OR a basic 1 disc. Surely a two disc would’ve been more effective: the album and a remix of each track with a b-side or two to mix thing up a bit.

This remains my favourite Underworld album but a 12×12 featuring a mile of mixes is a bit much for my taste. Too each their own. Very happy for the ecstatic fans though.


Although far from being a complete archive of Underworld circa 1998-99, this 4xCD set has for me a lot to offer.
1.The album is remastered.
2.There is a near entire disc of previously unreleased demos.
3.Amongst the more familiar / easy to get period mixes, there is a good amount of previously unreleased versions and hard-to-get versions.
4.The set is sized 12″×12″, and includes a new Fomato designed book.
So plenty of good reasons to buy it!

I hope it will be released on SHM-CD format in Japan, as with the two previous box sets.


…I meant “Tomato”…


Moaner is probably the only track of interest for me and there is not even a second version of it across 4 discs? I really don’t get the point of such a release if you leave out SO MUCH directly related material.


as far as moaner goes:

these are all basically the same
moaner (cd single album version) 10:17 v, cd, dig
moaner (long version) 07:37 v, cd
moaner (short version) 04:08 v, cd

this is the only one that is actually different
moaner (relentless legs mix) 10:04 v, cd



there’s already been a long debate about this on the underworld forums.

thanks for posting this paul. i did tip it a few days ago when the news broke,
so nice to see it come up here.

the general consensus was this is a rush job, and most people probably
aren’t going to get it.

it’s missing a live disc, which would have helped.

i’ll get it anyway to be complete, but it’s probably the last superdeluxe they will do.
the 4th disc has quite a few rare remixes, but that’s about it.

the 2nd disc of demos is about the only interesting thing on it.

a lot of people were disappointed with the second toughest one, and this doesn’t
help either.

sorry to see that underworld has lost the plot, and that these deluxe editions
could have been a lot better, but they aren’t making the effort to fill them out.



The b-sides and remixes from the original UK CD singles that are missing as far as I can see are:

Moaner (Short Version)
Moaner (Long Version) (mislabeled on single as Album Version?)
Moaner (Relentless Legs Mix)
Push Upstairs (Roger S. Blue Plastic People Mix)
Push Upstairs (Adam Beyer Mix 1)
Push Upstairs (The Large Unit)
King of Snake (Straight (Mate) Mix)
King of Snake (Barking Mix)
King of Snake (Ashley Beedle’s Save Our Discos Re-Edit)
Bruce Lee (Short)
Cups (Salt City Orchestra’s Vertical Bacon Vocal)
Bruce Lee (Dobropet)
Jumbo (Edit)
Jumbo (Rob Rives & Francois K Main Dish)
Jumbo (Jedis Electro Dub Mix)

As a big classic era Underworld fan, I’ll still buy this boxset to go along with the previous 2. I’d like to see a box for Everything, Everything as well as A Hundred Days Off. The singles for AHDO are quite expensive compared to the previous album’s singles.

Gary Russell

The “album” version of Moaner means the Batman soundtrack album rather than the BF album


There are a more tracks from the era that are not featured:
Push Upstairs (Radio Edit)
Push Upstairs (The Full Length Of It)
King Of Snake (Dino Lenny Remix)
King Of Snake (Rick’s Bungalow Remix)
Jumbo (Edit)
Jumbo (Rob Rives & Francois K Prelude)

Matthew McKinnon

Oof. That’s a shame.

I was hoping for a lot more original material, especially since this album was effectively recorded twice after Rick Smith played a few tracks out in 97, hated them, and went back to the drawing board.

And this album is sadly where Underworld started farming out their remixing to all and sundry, rather than doing their remixes and b-sides themselves. And two discs of that suff is not something I’m interested in.

No sale.


The remastered vinyl release was already sold briefly in the U.S. earlier this year. I have a copy.

Paul E.

I did my own “Deluxe” version of sorts years ago and have 34 tracks that gather proper album tracks, b-sides, and remixes. That said, I see some important omissions: “8 Ball” [from “The Beach” OST – understand it was released in 2000 but it fits nicely with this album], “Moaner (Restless Legs Mix)”, “Push Upstairs (Roger S Blue Plastic People Mix)”, and “King of Snake (Ashley Beedles Save Our Disco Re-Edit)”. I’ll need to grab this for the songs I don’t have.


4 cd’s is too much …not for me this time


Seems like Universal has given up on the blu ray audio releases, that’s too bad, the one for dubnobasswithmyheadman was fantastic.

Peter Muscutt

The Dobropet version of ‘Bruce Lee’ and the Barking Mix of ‘King of Snake’ were both wonderfully surreal as I recall!!!


Unlike most on here, the sis actually my favourite Underworld album, BUT I’m underwhelmed (see what I did there) by the bonus content. I think I’ll join the others and play the waiting game on this one as much as I love the original album.

Ross Baker

I expected one disc of remixes – they were a pretty fundamental part of the CD singles at the time – but two discs is overkill. They could have at least stacked one up with the band’s own remixes of the tracks (Push Upstairs – The Large Unit, Bruce Lee – Dobropet), and the unique edits like the short Bruce Lee and the wonderfully bonkers Barking Mix of King of Snake. Instead, two-thirds of the bonus material is effectively by other producers. Especially bad given some known unreleased live tracks from the period and the 128kbps Lemonworld mp3s that were on their website at the time. They really could have filled out a 4CD with their own unreleased stuff.

Live-wise, I’m still holding out for a deluxe Everything Everything next, rather than shifting straight on to A Hundred Days Off. A 4 disc set of three complete gigs plus an extended version of the original DVD would be incredible.


I really hope that’s the full length Futureshock mix of “Jumbo” and not the 6min edit one that’s on every other single!


The timing is 8:08.


No 2CD no sale and as for those mixes i have most of them on CD singles the best one being the Salt City Orchestra Remix of Cups. I see no point in the 1 disc remaster as you can pick up the original new for next to nothing and there is nothing wrong with the sound on it.

Peter Muscutt

I guess the draw with the ‘Second Toughest…’ disc devoted to ‘Born Slippy’ showed the evolution of the track from an early version, through how they were manipulating it and playing it live. Having the third party remixes lined up next to each other on a CD is good for completists I guess, but gets a bit “samey” when you stick it on in the car! I expect this will go on sale in months to come. I wonder if the albums after this such as ‘Oblivion with Bells’ and ‘Barking’ will get similar super-deluxe releases? There was a ton of stuff Underworld seemed to release only through their website as EPs that would make interesting appendices there…

John Hirst

The last two I got in the sale – Guess I’ll take a chance on this one being in the sale too.

I don’t get why they stack up four remixes of the same track next to each other. Does anyone actually listen to all of them?


Yeah, I do. I really enjoyed the disc of Born Slippy versions on the Second Toughest box. It’s a bit like those CD singles with forty minutes of remixes of the same track that we used to get in the old days. I never had a problem with that and I don’t on these SDE reissues either.

Bit disappointed that there are a few remixes I got on promo 12″ from this album that weren’t released officially that could have been on here.


Having said that I wasn’t aware of those DJ Hype/Zinc remixes so that’s nice.

Matt Wells

These were unreleased mixes, and imo are better than the official mixes.

Gary Russell

Shame not to put the Moaner mixes on there

Matt Wells

I think this was due to licensing as this was released by WB for the release on the Batman and Robin soundtrack rather than JBO, hence no Moaner remixes.


Agreed, think I’ll play the waiting game and see if this gets reduced to a tenner on the ‘Great Offer Store’ website at some stage, like the ‘Second Toughest…’ SDE did. Two discs of remixes is a bit much for me…


Yes agreed, was worried they might do this, v disappointed that they have chosen to include a lot of mostly substandard remixes instead of more unreleased or live stuff.
What made the first two albums and related releases so great was that they were untouched by anyone else’s hand and made them so unique compared to rest of dance scene.
This was the first time they released a sub par album despite a handful of killer tracks. They were also still amazing live and so seems a real shame not to include alive set from this era.

Peter Muscutt

Hmm, I was stoked to see this was coming out – even though I like ‘Dubnobass…’ and ‘Second Toughest…’ more; however I was hoping for a bit more from the additional material – the demos/alternate versions look interesting, but then to stuff two discs of remixes on seems a bit lazy to me. I realise there might not be that much alternate/unreleased stuff in the vault, but perhaps some live versions/concert recordings we’ve not heard before could have been included, or some visual content? Saying that, I’ll probably grab one but maybe not immediately – I might wait for a price reduction first!


You echoed my thoughts almost exactly.

Fred Holmes

Just reading back on this having picked it up at the HMV sale for 30 – as I did for the other 2. Well worth it for that price, not 60 though.


There is not 2cd edition ???


But there was a 2CD edition of _Beaucoup Fish_ that came out when the original album did, and it had a lot of remixes on it. My copy is at home so I don’t know if there’s overlap with this, or how much.