Universal to issue ‘lost’ Marvin Gaye album, ‘You’re The Man’

A few days before what would have been Marvin Gaye‘s 80th birthday, Universal Music will issue You’re The Man, the album that was supposed to be the follow-up to the classic What’s Going On.

15 of the 17 tracks that feature on the two-LP vinyl set are new to the format and three have been newly mixed by SalaAMi ReMi. While most of these have ended up somewhere – collections and deluxe editions and the like –  but the record label stress that “this is the first time they have been placed in their proper context.”

Amongst the selections, the album also includes the rare long LP version of ‘I Want To Come Home For Christmas’ Gaye’s Christmas single from ’72 (that remained unreleased until 1990) as well as an unreleased mix of its instrumental B-side.

This comes with a new essay by Marvin’s biographer, David Ritz and is issued on 29 March 2019. It can be pre-ordered on the SDE shop and via the usual channels.

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Marvin Gaye

You're The Man [VINYL]


SDE shop pre-order:

LP 1

Side 1

  1. You’re The Man
  2. The World Is Rated X
  3. Piece Of Clay
  4. Where Are We Going?

Side 2

  1. I’m Gonna Give You Respect
  2. Try It. You’ll Like It
  3. You Are That Special One
  4. We Can Make It Baby

LP 2

Side 1

  1. My Last Chance
  2. Symphony
  3. I’d Give My Life For You
  4. Woman Of The World
  5. Christmas In The City (instrumental)

Side 2

  1. You’re The Man (Version 2)
  2. I Wan’t To Come Home For Christmas
  3. I Going Home (Move)
  4. Checking Out (Double Clutch)

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Marvin Gay

How about this they hardly made any vinyl for this release 80 percent of the sites INCLUDING AMAZON USA sold in three days…. Many have to wait for a new back order… That was a shocker… Did many purchase the vinyl… Or did they make 1000 copies to go round… So stupid ….


Thank god common sense prevaled and there is going to be a cd release.


I’m a huge Marvin Gaye fan. However, the release of this album seems like a non-event since, as the article pointed out, most of it has been previously released. Seems more like a marketing ploy by the label to trick people into thinking it’s something new. Still, I’m sure people who aren’t super-fans & don’t have the music on other releases will enjoy it.


CD release now set for 26th April



I’m curious if you can find out if these tracks are analog or digital sources?

Stevie B

By nature people never seem to be happy. Surely if are you are really into an artist the fact that a ‘new’ LP is released in any format should be welcome?

This particular artists output would have been released on vinyl, the planned follow-up would also have been released on vinyl. I don’t get all the gripping about most of the tracks having already being released, the record company are replicating what COULD have been as a tribute for his 80th birthday. If it’s SO inconvenient burn the tracks to CD or make up your own compilation from the tracks you already own.

I never thought I’d live to hear music fans moan about CD not being an option, how times have changed. So if you’re not happy with the format don’t buy it. To wait a few more months for a CD release having waited decades for a vinyl follow-up. Has anyone actually reviewed this release? Is it terrible musically?
Any physical release should be welcome.


“Any physical release should be welcome”

Nonsense. Why would anybody welcome a release that they don’t have the equipment to play it?

Chris Squires

Because not everybody here thinks like you RJS. Some people have an open mind and are not bitter about what other people can access or how they spend their money.
The worst negatives on this site only ever come from unilateral CD users. Rarely from vinyl only or mixed media users. Digital fundamentalism posts go right against the ethos of this site. I can’t recall a release where the Vinyl version has MORE music than the corresponding CD release. It’s always the other way around. But the moment something comes out as vinyl only (even if only for a short period before the CD is released or where the digital already exists on various historic releases) then the toys come out of the pram. Again.
Live and let live, not “attack the different” who exhibit free will in a way *I* can’t understand.

John NB

Stevie. I guess you’ve heard the album by now? I’ve only recently heard about it and listened to it today on you tube, and, in my opinion, like most posthumous releases, it was not released for very good reasons. This is a mediocre set of songs that sound like studio warm ups. If this was recorded after What’s Going On then some of Marvin’s best work was yet to come – Let’s Get It On, Here My Dear and Trouble Man are tremendous albums that do justice to his legendary status. I prefer to remember him for those albums, not this one.


The deluxe cd edition of “Let’s Get It On” has all but 3 of the trax from this release (track 3 “Piece Of Clay”, track 9 “My Last Chance” and track 12 “Woman Of The World”. I’m guessing many of you already have that release and if not, it’s easy to lay your hands on. Yes, the song are in a different order but nothing programming the disc or a playlist or a CDr can’t fix. Good enough to hold us over until an official CD release that’s for sure.

Phil Fogel

Paul does this come with a download code? I don’t understand not having a CD release, however if it comes with a digital download I might consider it, I do buy vinyl but I do not own any of these tracks, paying for it twice to play on my phone which is how I listen to most of my music, is not worth it, and makes no sense. I refuse to use or pay for spotify.


Don’t worry, CD fans, maybe it’ll be on a picture disc come Record Store Day! Everyone loves those!


Sure, cd sales are, in general, plummeting. But this release is aimed at who exactly? Millenials? I would think not. Marvin Gaye fans are largely from which generations? My guess is they are the folks who bought vinyl in years past and later cd’s. And count collectors among them. So failing to offer the formats that appeal to those music fans – those who want more Marvin Gaye -is poor marketing.

paul wren

It is almost certain that this will receive a CD release in due course – be patient.


No CD but yes vinyl? Are you serious? Screw you Universal. What is this 1970?
I should have not contributed to keeping vinyl alive these 25 years. Stupid me.


Hello Paul. You’ve put an erroneous i on the end of Salaam Remi’s forename.


I really should write a “No CD; no sale!” post which I always find mildly amusing. I might buy this on MP3 from Google Play Music (£8.99). On the rare occasion I buy MP3, they always sound better from Google who provide 320kbps as opposed to Amazon’s VBR which always sounds a bit hollow in comparison. I listen to all my CDs ripped and haven’t played a CD directly for years.


I have been through several format changes, and don’t want to go through another one, especially a reversion to one I changed from. I don’t like feeling forced to change, and I’m not, at my advanced age, going to cave in. It’s very disappointing that Universal feels that it is not worth their while to issue this on CD. Like Golden Age…I have most of the tracks on other CDs, but I would have bought this one too. I will stream this if I want to listen to these tracks in their context, but I am not buying the vinyl.
Could this be a ShopSuperDeluxe opportunity to source CDs otherwise not easily available if they are issued, say, in Japan? Would record companies be interested in supplying you with a stock when you have an interested demographic? Would you be interested?!


Maybe they are taking Sony’s route; hostility to the compact disc (which is ironic since they co-developed it with Phillips) as their soundtrack division isn’t willing to license out any releases and doesn’t want to release stuff unless it’s download only or LP.

[…] two of Sony’s Bruce Springsteen‘s album collection box set and yesterday’s Marvin Gaye announcement from Universal) or putting out a CD so lacklustre in terms of packaging and presentation, that even […]

The Golden Age Of Ignorance

I have all the tracks on CD apart from the Christmas single. I’m just gonna make my own CD version, this is an option for everyone who are MG fans on here. If they are the fans they proclaim to be they should also have the tracks. Why the need to spend more money.

I would have bought the LP but storage constraints dictate that if I already have the tracks on CD it’s no buy. Unless it’s one of a list of around 20 bands/artists.

Paul, take no notice of ignorant disgraphians, it’s your site and if you have the right to say what is available in your shop. If people don’t like it why do they come on the SDE site. I’d cancel their offer alerts.

Charlie Waffles

My favorite singer is Marvin Gaye. I need this on cd, Motown.

I am still waiting for the Rick James Motown albums collection on cd.


I know right? Where in the world are “Bustin’ Out Of L Seven”, “Throwin’ Down” & “Glow”? I know an edited version of Throwin’ Down was on an early 2 for 1 cd w/ Street Songs (and I have that one) and that all 3 were on Japanese releases long ago but to never have official stand alone domestic CD releases of those albums is just crazy. Come to think of it, my cd version of “Cold Blooded” is an import too!

Wolfgang Mintrop

Absolut interesting issue. But: no cd – no way.

Jarmo Keranen

Vinyl, vinyl and more vinyl. Pretty soon i don’t have to buy records at all because it beginning to looks like there’s no chance to buy cd’s at all. I’m gonna be a rich man when i die because i don’t have a chance to spend my money on cd’s!


LOL same here, not rich when i die but at least i’m saving more money this year, no cd’s no deal.

Ian Smith

I don’t know, it does seem that record companies are endeavouring to finally kill that once-golden goose that was the CD. I read today that Sony Music has sent letters to the film score speciality labels La LA Land, Intrada etc that Sony has no further interest in licencing soundtracks to them for CD release in future. Are we really approaching the time that CD becomes a dead format?


US CD sales were down over 20% in 2018, for a total of around 70 million units. Keep in mind that in 2005, US CD sales totaled 700 million units. Even that was was down from the turn of the century peak of 943 million, but the point is, it’s been a continuous drop for over a decade now and CDs are selling almost as few units as the mid-‘80s when the format was still new.


>>US CD sales were down over 20% in 2018, for a total of around 70 million units.

Where are you getting that number from?. The RIAA hasn’t released full year numbers yet, but the first half was only 18.6 million units. The full year will probably be around 35 million units. (Unless the RIAA got the first half number wrong.)

Mike the Fish

Does anybody know how much of this is the original album? Are there bonus tracks or was it meant as a double to begin with?

Rodolfo Martin

There will be a Jpanese CD edition maybe. The only country where still CDs are desire and appreciated. Let’s see.


As this album should have been released in 1972 (before Trouble Man) and obviously there was no CD back then, I understand why the label wanted to release it on LP first. Not sure it deserves a CD release because most of these tracks have already been released on CD. Most of it on Let’s Get It On Deluxe Edition in 2001.

Almost all Marvin Gaye’s Motown catalogue has been remastered and reissued on vinyl and CD. You have three box sets 1961-1965, 1966-1970 and 1971-1981. His last album, Midnight Love, was released by CBS.

As there were 3 box sets released (covering his back catalogue from 1961 to 1981), I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fourth box set 1982-2019 with Midnight Love, his 3 posthumous albums, this unreleased album You’re the man and maybe demos, lost tracks, alternate takes and material previously released on compilations and deluxe editions.


Here we go again…


I know a lot of these tracks are on the deluxe editions of his albums but a CD still would be nice. What’s going on Motown?

Bibby McGrue

It starts to feel like everything you post has the alterior motive of your selling it on your site


What an asinine comment.

Pádraig Collins

Paul is entitled to make a living. This site costs nothing and gives me, and a great many others, a lot of pleasure. He provides a great service to serious music fans.

Glen Buchanan

I agree- I love Paul’s postings. Although my primary collection is Marc Bolan and T.Rex and not a lot is featured on SDE I’m still very interested in other music. I read every post as each one is a wealth of information. Don’t throw shade at Paul!


No CD?????? Honestly these record companies are asleep at the wheel. I guess I will not be buying this then.

Philip Birtwistle

A CD would have been nice, but no. So, no sale here!


I was ready to place my order. But no CD. Really? What can you do… but walk away.